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Don't cry. Carry what you love about me with you; leave the pain behind. ~ Lauren Kate
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Lauren Kate
Say that you love me. Please. Because I am so goddamn in love with you that I can hardly breathe when we're apart …."
… "I do love you. I don't remember what not being in love with you feels like. ~ Jessica Park
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Jessica Park
Yesterday you were riding on my shoulders," he murmured. "The house was full of noise. Clomping up and down the steps,doors slamming. Scattered toys. I don't know how many times I stepped on one of those damned little cars of Brady's/"
Turning back, he ran a hand over her hair. "I miss that.I miss all of you."
"Daddy." In one fluid movement she rose and slid her arms around him.
"It's the way it's supposed to work. Three of you off at college, Brendon moving around to get a handle on the busines of things.It's what he wants. And you, building your own.But..I miss the crowd of you."
"I promise to slam the door the very first chance I get."
"That might help."
"Sentimental softie.I love that about you."
"Lucky for me. ~ Nora Roberts
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Nora Roberts
I love movies, of course. 'Terminator 3' and 'Bad Boys II' - lots of action. Sports movies, action movies, comedies - I'll go to those, but not 'las de amor.' Not romance. It's not that I don't like love, but on the screen it bores me. ~ Sergio Garcia
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Sergio Garcia
Your crazy makes my crazy make sense."
"That makes absolutely no sense at all."
"So ... you love me? Like, love me like you want me to have your babies."
I grin, knowing that'll spook him. He is exceptionally mature about it , only going a little white.
"Yeah. Like that. What about you?"
"I don't want you to have my babies. Men aren't cut out for that. Wimps."
Zart, Lindy (2014-11-20). Roomies (p. 212). Kindle Edition. ~ Lindy Zart
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Lindy Zart
When people are in love, I don't see anything wrong with it in the world. If they choose to live their lives and get married, why should we interfere? A lot of people don't agree with me, but that's how I feel. ~ LaToya Jackson
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by LaToya Jackson
I don't care anymore! I tried so hard! It's like the more I keep tryin' to be here the more people keep treating me like I don't belong here! ~ Randolph Randy Camp
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Randolph Randy Camp
If I Ain't Got You"

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power
Some people live just to play the game

Some people think that the physical things
Define what's within
And I've been there before
But that life's a bore
So full of the superficial

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you, baby
If I ain't got you, baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

Some people search for a fountain
That promises "forever young"
Some people need three dozen roses
And that's the only way to prove you love them

Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be?
With no one to share
With no one who truly cares for me


If I ain't got you with me, baby
So nothing in this whole wide world don't mean a thing
If I ain't got you with me, baby ~ Alicia Keys
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Alicia Keys
I think the love between a child and parent is wonderful. You know, Mei ... I haven't seen my mother for over two years. I used to live with her ... but now I live with my father. I used to be sad and wonder why it happened ... but parents have a lot of things they have to deal with too. I saw how they were suffering ... and I know they both love me a lot. You can't let loneliness harden your heart. Mei, you know ... Misuzu loves you, don't you? ~ Bisco Hatori
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Bisco Hatori
Two- to four-finger waves are commonly used between fast-moving vehicles, but the nicely executed single-finger wave is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. To me, it perfectly sums up the Minnesota character that I love so much. The finger wave from the steering wheel: when you get it right, you'll know you've arrived and you don't ever have to leave again if you don't want to. ~ Howard Mohr
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Howard Mohr
I really don't know what "I love you" means.
I think it means "Don't leave me here alone. ~ Neil Gaiman
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Neil Gaiman
But what about Cody? you want me to marry you but you love Cody and in fact Perry loves you too? " -- "Sure but what's wrong with that or all that? there's perfect love between us forever there's no doubt about it but we only have two bodies" -- (a strange statement) -- I stand by the window looking out on the glittering San Francisco night with its magic cardboard houses saying "And you have Elliott who doesnt like me and I dont like myself either, how about that? " (Billie says nothing to this but only stores up an anger that comes out later) ~ Jack Kerouac
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Jack Kerouac
Our love was dangerous.
It was asking me to come with him.
It was "South it is, brown eyes."
It was dancing in the rain on the hood of his car.
It was making dents that only we knew.
It was living in the moment and making memories and deals.
It was being in love and having your heart ripped from your chest. Here you take it, I don't want it anymore. It was that kind of shit.
It was "Please don't do this, not here."
It was here now, listen to me.
It was waiting, I water, and we waited. Nothing.
It was remembering every detail, everything that made him Dylan Wade and remembering nothing at all. ~ Shey Stahl
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Shey Stahl
You almost hold up your piece of paper and say, 'The girl I like just gave me a treasure map to herself.' But you don't. You just don't. ~ Laini Taylor
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Laini Taylor
Jack, I know I'm not perfect, but I'm really hoping you're not ready to give up on me yet. I don't have gifts or love letters or anything like you had. But what I can give you is my word, my promise, my vow to you. Which I will back up with actions, by the way. ~ J. Sterling
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by J. Sterling
Ray ... I don't know if you can hear me. I don't know if you're in there. But you need to know ... that I love you. I love you, and I want you home with me. Please come back, Ray. Please wake up. ~ Charles Sheehan-Miles
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Charles Sheehan-Miles
... family men, Claude."

"Then why aren't they home with their families?"

"You haven't been listening to me, Claude. It takes lots of honey to raise a family these days..." No, it isn't even that, these teddy bears don't like honey as much as they think they do. They think they're supposed to like it, the way they're supposed to like women and children. They think they're supposed to act like real grizzlies, but they don't feel it. You can't blame them, they just don't have it inside them. What they have, what they love most, is their memories: how the Coach used to shout niceworkpal whenever they caught the big ball or somehow hit the little one, how Dad used to wink when they caught one of his jokes, how when they repeated them he almost died laughing, so they told them and told them - if they told one really well he might do it. They memorized all the conversations verbatim, that about the pussies and the coons, the homers and the balls, the cams and the bearings. They're still memorizing. You can see them almost anytime you're out driving, there in the slow car just ahead, the young man at the wheel, the old man talking, the young man leaning a little to the right in order to hear better, the old man pointing out the properties, the young man looking and listening earnestly, straining to catch the old man's last word, the last joke verbatim, the last bit of know-how about the deals and the properties and the honey. When he thinks he's learned all he ~ Douglas Woolf
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Douglas Woolf
Education is free. Though the education I refer to is not confined to a stuffy old building that still manages to retain its charm – don't get me wrong, I love my school – but it's out there in the real world. Waiting to be experienced. Waiting for the curious young minds of tomorrow to free themselves from the shackles of ignorance and transcend above everyday like-minded thoughts and uncover the mysteries of tomorrow. ~ Anika De Souza
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Anika De Souza
Still perfect," he said. "Read to me."
"This isn't really a poem to read aloud when you are sitting next to your sleeping mother. It has, like, sodomy and angel dust in it," I said.
"You just named two of my favorite pastimes," he said. "Okay, read me something else then?"
"Um," I said. "I don't have anything else?"
"That's too bad. I am so in the mood for poetry. Do you have anything memorized?"
"'Let us go then, you and I,'" I started nervously, "'When the evening is spread out against the sky / Like a patient etherized upon a table.'"
"Slower," he said.
I felt bashful, like I had when I'd first told him of An Imperial Affliction. "Um, okay. Okay. 'Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets, / The muttering retreats / Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels / And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells: / Streets that follow like a tedious argument / Of insidious intent / To lead you to an overwhelming question . . . / Oh, do not ask, "What is it?" / Let us go and make our visit.'"
"I'm in love with you," he said quietly.
"Augustus," I said.
"I am," he said. He was staring at me, and I could see the corners of his eyes crinkling. "I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our l ~ John Green
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by John Green
You mean you really want to marry me?" she asked with the air of one getting a thing perfectly clear.
"More than anything in the world," I said - and I meant it.
"You mean, you're in love with me?"
"I'm in love with you."
Her eyes were steady and grave. She said:
"I think you're the nicest person in the world - but I'm not in love with you." "I'll make you love me."
"That wouldn't do. I don't want to be made. ~ Agatha Christie
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Agatha Christie
And they had no idea what lives inside me, what I can do."
"I know what you do to me," Kyle said, finding his eyes. "It's everything right, honest, and good." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips.
"Kyle, I'm intense and devoted, and I need a lot of direction just to get through my day."
"Cole, I'm impulsive and devoted and hopeless. I have a filthy mouth, and I don't see it cleaning up anytime soon."
"I would like to make love to you. Here. Right now," Cole said, continuing his confession. "But I'm afraid I'll lose you, that you'll leave your body and go somewhere else. Will you stay with me?"
"I'm your shadow now, Cole. I'll be where you are." Kyle set her jaw, determined.
"Okay," he said. "This is how it'll go. I'm going to give you pleasure. And you're going to take it. No reciprocating." He instantly saw doubt in her face. "Please, this time - which will be the first of so many - let me make you happy. Let my touch cleanse you. When I'm done, I want your body to belong just to us." He could feel himself smiling, just thinking about it. ~ Debra Anastasia
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Debra Anastasia
Earlier tonight, when we you were telling me that story with your hands…"

I grinned, and my cheek spread into his chin. Using the paper was easy enough and got us through most of the evening. But at one point he had insisted I try to tell him something using only hand gestures to see if he could keep up. I told him about discovering Miaka without him having any clue what the big motions of my hands meant. Every once in a while he would interject with a silly comment like "I love jelly, too." I finished with a flourish, to which he said "jazz hands." I didn't know what it meant, but it made me smile all the same.

"I just want you to know, that's the best conversation I've ever had," he whispered. "You probably feel like you don't communicate much, but I think you say a lot. Your eyes, your posture. There's a world of words around you, Kahlen. And you may not be able to express it all as easily as you'd like, but I can tell that you understand things. And not just the surface of things… if that makes sense. ~ Kiera Cass
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Kiera Cass
Women are sewers just like we are, the once pure boys recognize with a start; it's raw sewage that produces fertilization; once you understand that you can be fond of yourself and members of the Opposite Sex, but you can never quite see them again as ice cream bars. I, the author, don't really mind this, for I love all girls and love to hug and kiss them and cheer them up when they cry, and have them perform all the same services for me; and a woman's saliva is certainly a miracle, think of all those enzymes and germs; and if I took and wrote the chemicals down on a sheet of paper, all COOOHs and sighs, it would look pretty, just like a face all pretty, like the dear round moon-face of her who loves you or the creamy-freckled skin and blue eyes and heavenly hair of that Irish beauty back in college, so don't think I'm complaining. ~ William T. Vollmann
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by William T. Vollmann
You have fought for and claimed your names, and though you may be struck, you will never fall. And that ... " His eyes moisten, fear tingeing his voice, no, it's apprehension. He takes a breath, steels himself. "And that is why I love you."
Seconds pass as his words settle in. I know what he wants to hear, what he aches to hear, what his eyes plead me for. But I can't tell him that because he wants to hear it back. I can't tell him that because it might be what he's pinning his hopes on, a bulwark he'll set against madness. I can't tell him that because Heath could never get a guy like him. I can't tell him that because I don't want him to be alone, or because I don't want to be alone. I can't tell him that because of a million stupid reasons that he would eventually see through, and resent me for. I can't lie to him.
"I love you, Cale."
I tell him because I mean it. ~ Vaughn R. Demont
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Vaughn R. Demont
Don't go far off, not even for a day,
because I don't know how to say it - a day is long
and I will be waiting for you, as in
an empty station when the trains are
parked off somewhere else, asleep.
Don't leave me, even for an hour, because then
the little drops of anguish will all run together,
the smoke that roams looking for a home will drift
into me, choking my lost heart.
Oh, may your silhouette never dissolve
on the beach, may your eyelids never flutter
into the empty distance. Don't LEAVE me for
a second, my dearest, because in that moment you'll
have gone so far I'll wander mazily
over all the earth, asking, will you
come back? Will you leave me here, dying? ~ Pablo Neruda
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Pablo Neruda
She actually said with an emotion that she seldom let appear, "Let me come with you," and he laughed. He meant yes or no - either perhaps. But it was not his meaning - it was the odd chuckle he gave, as if he had said, Throw yourself over the cliff if you like, I don't care. He turned on her cheek the heat of love, its horror, its cruelty, its unscrupulosity. It scorched her ... ~ Virginia Woolf
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Virginia Woolf
When he starts to fall asleep, he keeps his arms around me fiercely, a life-preserving prison. But I wait, kept awake by the thought of bodies hitting pavement, until his grip loosens and his breathing steadies.
I will not let Tobias go to Erudite when it happens again, when someone else dies. I will not.
I slip out of his arms. I shrug on one of his sweatshirts so I can carry the smell of him with me. I slip my feet into my shoes. I don't take any weapons or keepsakes.
I pause by the doorway and look at him, half buried under the quilt, peaceful and strong.
"I love you," I say quietly, trying out the words. I let the door close behind me.
It's time to put everything in order. ~ Veronica Roth
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Veronica Roth
If I stopped loving Him, I would cease to believe in His love. If I loved God, then I would believe in His love for me. It's not enough to need it. We have to love first, and I don't know how. But I need it, how I need it. ~ Graham Greene
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Graham Greene
I don't want to love you," I forced out through the thickness in my throat.
"God, I hope you do, because you own me completely," he whispered. ~ Abbi Glines
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Abbi Glines
If you love me, Henry, you don't love me in a way I understand. ~ Richard Siken
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Richard Siken
The Apache don't have a word for love," he said.
"Know what they both say at the marriage? The squaw-taking ceremony?"
"Tell me."
"Varlebena. It means forever. That's all they say. ~ Louis L'Amour
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Louis L'Amour
I left my heart in San Francisco, high on a hill, it calls to me. To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars, the morning fog may chill the air, I don't care. My love waits there in San Francisco, above the blue and windy sea, when I come home to you, San Francisco , your golden sun will shine for me. ~ Tony Bennett
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Tony Bennett
You love me because you see me every day. You don't love me for who I am, you love me because of what I do or don't do. You don't know who I am. ~ Jose Saramago
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Jose Saramago
I don't think I will ever believe I deserve you, but I love you more than I can even describe. I don't know if I can ever ... be better for you, but it you're willing to keep forgiving me for being a complete idiot, I'm willing to keep trying. ~ Shay Savage
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Shay Savage
Look, I've already fucked you twice. You don't have to flatter me. Besides, I love my friends way too much to trade them in for the sake of looking hotter."
"Yeah. I mean, Casey has been my best friend since, like, forever, and she's the most loyal person I've ever met. And Jessica… well, she has no idea about me and her brother. We weren't friends back then. In fact, I didn't want to know her after Jake and I split, but Casey said it would be good for me, and she was right… as usual. Jessica can be a little ditsy, but she's the sweetest, most innocent person I know. I could never give either of them up just to look good. That'd make me a real dumbass."
"Then they're lucky to have you."
"I just said not to flatter-"
"I'm being honest." Wesley frowned at the mirror. "I have only one friend-one real friend. Harrison is the only guy who will be seen with me, and that's because we aren't trying to attract the same audience, if you know what I mean." A small smile spread across his lips when he turned to face me. "Most people will do anything to avoid being the Duff."
"Well, I guess I'm not most people. ~ Kody Keplinger
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Kody Keplinger
The trees reminded me of unity, all lined up peacefully. I thought about who we all are as people, how we come together in moments we need hope. I thought about how we draw inspiration from each other, how we long to be in love with another. I wondered how many of us have someone else to rely on, what happens when we don't. The nightmares that play over and over again when the days seem like they are running out of hope. And I wanted to stretch my arms out wide, welcome the hopes and dreams of others, nurture them, support them, remind you that things keep moving no matter how strange and difficult the world seems. The trees will continue to line the roads; the sun will shine through the clouds; and despite a very real feeling of doubt, just know that of you, I'll always be proud. ~ Courtney Peppernell
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Courtney Peppernell
Nobody knows what horrors I have saved the world from 'cuz people can't see what never happened. All evil flows from independence, and independence is your choice. If I were to simply revoke all the choices of independence, the world as you know it would cease to exist and love would have no meaning. This world is not a playground where I keep all my children free from evil. Evil is the chaos of this age that you brought to me, but it will not have the final say. Now it touches everyone that I love, those who follow me and those who don't. If I take away the consequences of people's choices, I destroy the possibilities of love. Love that is forced is no love at all. ~ Wm. Paul Young
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Wm. Paul Young
For the first time in my life as a flirt - as something more than just a girl - I found the words. They didn't simply appear. I reasoned them out. I spoke them. Because they were true, and I didn't need anything more than that. "She doesn't deserve you," I said, and before he could dispute it, I continued. "She takes and takes and takes, but she doesn't take the right things. And she doesn't give the right things back. You're going away now. You don't need her. You probably never needed her. She's going to make it hell for you, but it's over. You know that. Free yourself."
He looked at me like I was some kind of oracle. In the best of all worlds, it would've been a look of love, an understanding that I was the one, I was it. But it wasn't that. Instead it was something almost as sweet - that mix of recognition and appreciation. That gift of worth. ~ David Levithan
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by David Levithan
I love you, Vicki!" Kennedy slurs.
"I love you, Ken-ken!" Vicki returns.
Then Vicki pokes my shoulder. "And you! You take good care of my Kenny! Don't make me hafta kick (poke) yer (poke) ass (double poke)!"
I give her a nod. "The ass-kicking days are behind us now."
"Good! Then there's somethin' you should know." Vicki's expression sobers, and she gestures me closer before ruining the effect by whispering loudly, "Kennedy hasn't had an orgamsum . . . orgamsam . . . Kennedy hasn't come in a loooong time. Like, years. At least, not with a guy."
"Shhhhhhh!" Kennedy swats her best friend like a fly. "Tha's a secret!"
"Maybe Brent can help you wif it?"
I give Vicki the thumbs-up - and it's not the only thing that's up, that's for sure. ~ Emma Chase
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Emma Chase
His eyes ran over her hungrily. "I couldn't get it out of my mind," he said, almost to himself, "the way it felt, back at my mother's house. I was never so hungry for anyone, but it wasn't completely physical, even then." He frowned. "I want you, Cecily, and I hate myself for it."
"What else is new?" She gestured toward the door. "Go home. And I hope you don't sleep a wink."
"I probably won't," he said ruefully. He moved toward the door, hesitating.
"Good night," she said firmly, not moving.
He stood with his back to her, his spine very straight. "I can trace my ancestors back before the Mexican War in the early 1800s, pure Lakota blood, undiluted even by white settlement. There are so few of us left…"
She could have wept for what she knew, and he didn't know. "You don't have to explain it to me," she said solemnly. "I know how you feel."
"You don't," he bit off. He straightened again. "I'd die to have you, just once." He turned, and the fire was in his eyes as they met hers, glittering across the room. "It's like that for you, too."
"It's a corruption of the senses. You don't love me," she said quietly. "Without love, it's just sex."
He breathed deliberately, slowly. He didn't want to ask. He couldn't help it. "Something you know?"
"Yes. Something I know," she said, lying with a straight face and a smile that she hoped was worldly. She was not going to settle for crumbs from him, stolen hours in his bed. Men were devious when desi ~ Diana Palmer
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Diana Palmer
You want to beat Peter?" she asked "No," he answered "Beat the buggers. Then come home and see who notices Peter Wiggen anymore. Look him in the eye when all the world loves and reveres you. That'll be defeat in his eyes, Ender, thats how you win" "You don't understand" he said "Yes i do" "No you don't. I don't want to beat Peter" "Then what do you want?" "I want him to love me ~ Orson Scott Card
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Orson Scott Card
Yep I feel it, is it love, is it hate, it is it's pain. Pain from love, pain from hate, pain from sadness. No matter what I feel it. Oh be happy they say, well how can I when I am always sad. Oh that is not true love they say, how would you know it's not true aren't me. Don't hate they say, how can I not hate when others around me hate and abuse me. All this brings pain, pain that doesn't come from the body, but of the soul and heart. ~ Maranda Kuhl
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Maranda Kuhl
I didn't want to love you," Anthony whispered. "It was the one thing I feared above all. I'd grown rather used to my rather odd little outlook on life. Almost comfortable, actually. But love - " His voice caught; the choking sound seemed unmanly, it made him vulnerable. But he didn't care, because this was Kate.
And it didn't matter if she saw his deepest fears, because he knew she'd love him no matter what. It was a sublimely freeing feeling.
"I've seen true love," he continued. "I wasn't the cynical jade society made me out to be. I knew love existed. My mother - my father - " He stopped, sucking in a ragged breath. This was the hardest thing he'd ever done. And yet he knew the words had to be said. He knew, no matter how difficult it was to get them out, that in the end, his heart would soar.
"I was so sure that it was the one thing that could make this . . . this . . . I don't really know what to call it - this knowledge of my own mortality . . ." He raked his hand through his hair, fighting for words. "Love was the only thing that was going to make that unbearable. How could I love someone, truly and deeply, knowing that it was doomed?"
"But it's not doomed," Kate said, squeezing his hand.
"I know. I fell in love with you, and then I knew. Even if I am right, even if I'm fated to live only as long as my father did before me, I'm not doomed." He leaned forward and brushed a feather-light kiss on her lips. "I have you," he whispered, "and I' ~ Julia Quinn
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Julia Quinn
I always tried to keep him within my field of vision. I never let him drift away from me except when he wasn't with me. And when he wasn't with me, I didn't much care what he did so long as he remained the exact same person with others as he was with me. Don't let him be someone else when he's away. Don't let him be someone I've never seen before. Don't let him have a life other than the life I know he has with us, with me. ~ Andre Aciman
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Andre Aciman
Don't throw petals on the floor if they have no meaning. I would rather have a fun, casual relationship than have someone pretending they're completely in love with me. ~ Ashley Greene
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Ashley Greene
Nestled next to me, she nodded. "I'm fine. As long as I take the medicine. So don't worry." She leaned her head back against my shoulder. "But don't ask me anything, okay? Why that happened."
"Understood. No questions," I said.
"Thank you very much for today," she said.
"What part of today?"
"For taking me to the river. For giving me water from your mouth. For putting up with me."
I looked at her. Her lips were right in front of me. The lips I had kissed as I gave her water. And once more those lips seemed to be seeking me. Slightly parted, with her beautiful white teeth barely visible. I could still feel her soft tongue, which I'd touched slightly as I gave her water. I found it hard to breathe, and I couldn't think. My body burned. She wants me, I thought. And I want her. ~ Haruki Murakami
Husband Dont Love Me quotes by Haruki Murakami
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