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How old are you Cam?" "Old as my tongue, bit older than my teeth," he says with a shrug and looks away from me. ~ Lesley Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Lesley Jones
[Freud] "sat in his quiet cozy study in Vienna, glad to be back. He said to Ernest Jones, America is a mistake, a gigantic mistake." Ragtime ~ E.L. Doctorow
Hongry Jones quotes by E.L. Doctorow
The pop world is cool, but I never really thought of myself as part of it or wanting to be a part of it because I'm on a label that's not really like that. They're not trying to dress me up, they're not trying to do things like that. I feel like I'm sort of separate from that, actually. ~ Norah Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Norah Jones
After a geological epoch passed in which single-celled organisms evolved into talk show hosts, Mr. Coffee was still holding out on me. ~ Darynda Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Darynda Jones
You reach a point in your career when the weeks turn into a month or more of the phone not ringing. ~ Sam J. Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Sam J. Jones
Writing becomes a really good creative outlet when you're sitting there and feeling creatively frustrated or stilted, but also you then get to write parts for yourself. ~ Zoe Lister-Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Zoe Lister-Jones
I think the first time I ever wore a tuxedo was when I played at the Talk Of The Town in 1967, because it was a nightclub and that was the thing to do. ~ Tom Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Tom Jones
When the depths are upheld by the Holy Spirit, then the reaction is Christian. ~ E. Stanley Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by E. Stanley Jones
I keep
holding up
the mirror of the sun,
so you can see the stunning
reflections of everything
you're becom-
ing. ~ Curtis Tyrone Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
Success for me is to go out there and dominate. ~ Jon Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Jon Jones
It's better for us all to die together, proud, than have them discredit us and take us apart and make us look like a bunch of crazy people," he said. "What do you think everybody committing suicide will look like?" Stephan wanted to know. "Well, at first, maybe they'll think we're crazy," Jones said. "But it's going to go down in history as a great act. ~ Tim Reiterman
Hongry Jones quotes by Tim Reiterman
The anticipation of the loss hurts nearly as much as the loss itself. You find yourself trying to hold on to every detail, because you'll never have them again. ~ Emily Lloyd-Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Emily Lloyd-Jones
I wanted some family structure and stability, and that's what The Partridge Family afforded me, not only financially but in the fact that I could be at home with my kids. ~ Shirley Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Shirley Jones
For the most part, having more money and more fame make your life harder. It just does. I've seen it happen with people. You know, it's so hard to stay normal. It's so hard to stay happy. It's hard to remember why you were doing what you did in the first place. ~ Rashida Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Rashida Jones
I have a father who came from nothing and conquered the world. The last thing I'm going to do is sit here and spend his money and try to look pretty. That's not interesting to me at all. ~ Rashida Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Rashida Jones
Those final moments, while horrific in one sense, were intimate in another. Perhaps when you finally realized were beaten - that there really was no hope - something was triggered in the mind, allowing you to expunge, accept. ~ Stephen Lloyd Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Stephen Lloyd Jones
Are you ready for the God that dwells in your heart ? ~ Roxana Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Roxana Jones
You still owe me a million dollars." I'd presented him with a bill for proving his innocence and getting him freed from prison. He had yet to pay. Couldn't imagine why.
"Yeah, I was hoping we could work that out."
"The interest alone is going to kill you."
"What do you charge?"
"Three hundred eighty-seven percent."
"Is that ethical?"
"It's as ethical as my dating the son of Satan. ~ Darynda Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Darynda Jones
I wish we had rocket launchers. ~ Allan Frewin Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Allan Frewin Jones
Of everything I have done, 'The Archers' always gets the most excitement; there's a sort of uncontrollable joy from fans of the program. ~ Felicity Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Felicity Jones
I had a brother six years older than me, so I wasn't just listening to teenybopper stuff. My brother had the cooler music, but my parents had the Burt Bacharach, Tom Jones, the Association, the Fifth Dimension; these groups were un-cool, but I secretly loved them. ~ Jill Sobule
Hongry Jones quotes by Jill Sobule
The only thing keeping this scary world from getting in... is your ability to scare it right back! Be fierce, little girl, even if it is all just a mask. ~ Joëlle Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Joëlle Jones
I saw it on the Twitter of today, on the online boards. There was a huge amount of negative reaction that's been forgotten because the quality eventually shined through. But usually it takes people a while to see what they've got on their plate. And I think, with "Jessica Jones," it's this anomalous thing where, and because of the original property being so good, people saw it right away, which is very unusual. ~ Jane Espenson
Hongry Jones quotes by Jane Espenson
"That's sweet."
I am sweet. My heart flip-flops and I bite my lip a little bit. Sweet as in a lollipop, or sweet as in a girl you wold like to kiss passionately in the stacks? That's the question. ~ Carrie Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Carrie Jones
The problem a guy who lies all the time faces is he never can tell when anybody else is telling the truth. ~ Deacon Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Deacon Jones
Unreadable. I've always said my mother is the biggest bitch on the hill, and the kindest flower in the garden. ~ Lisa Renee Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Lisa Renee Jones
Every instance in my life, I've felt like the exact opposite of Superman. Except this time, this moment right now. I don't care. I don't feel like a weak, insipid sissy. Because right now I know I would save the girl. I know that I would rather risk the planet than let harm befall Eliza Wishart. I would save her in a second. Because I can imagine her and me huddled safe together while the earth falls under evil designs, but I can't imagine the world without her in it. ~ Craig Silvey
Hongry Jones quotes by Craig Silvey
I wish I was born in that era: dancing with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, going to work at the studio dressed in beautiful pants, head scarves, and sunglasses. ~ Catherine Zeta-Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Catherine Zeta-Jones
His mouth comes down on mine, harder now, more demanding, a raw, hungry need in him rising to the surface. "You belong to me," he growls. "Say it."
"Yes. Yes, I belong to you." His mouth finds mine again, demanding, taking, drawing me under his spell.
"Say it again," he demands, nipping my lip, squeezing my breast and nipple, and sending a ripple of pleasure straight to my sex.
"I belong to you," I pant.
He lifts me off the ground with the possessive curve of his hand around my backside, angling my hips to thrust harder, deeper. "Again," he orders, driving into me, his cock hitting the farthest point of me and blasting against sensitive nerve endings.
"Oh … ah … I … I belong to you."
His mouth dips low, his hair tickling my neck, his teeth scraping my shoulders at the same moment he pounds into me and the world spins around me, leaving nothing but pleasure and need and more need.
I am suddenly hot only where he touches, and freezing where I yearn to be touched. Lifting my leg, I shackle his hip, ravenous beyond measure, climbing to the edge of bliss, reaching for it at the same time I'm trying desperately to hold back. Chris is merciless, wickedly wild, grinding and rocking, pumping.
"I love you, Sara," he confesses hoarsely, taking my mouth, swallowing the shallow, hot breath I release, and punishing me with a hard thrust that snaps the last of the lightly held control I possess. Possessing me. A fire explodes low in my belly and spira ~ Lisa Renee Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Lisa Renee Jones
Prayer is aligning ourselves with the purposes of God. ~ E. Stanley Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by E. Stanley Jones
duties. Cooking duty. Dead guy duty. Maybe it's time for me to get a better duty. Nacho Libre, Nacho Libre ~ Peyton Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Peyton Jones
You're not swimming in glory until you find someone to swim with you. Glory isn't glory if you don't have someone to share it with. It's just pride and bullshit on your own.
Unbelievable. Will Jones wasn't only one badass cowboy; he pretty much could have been the love child of John Wayne and Yoda. ~ Nicole Williams
Hongry Jones quotes by Nicole Williams
We are part of each other and part of something bigger than our own egos. An artist should ... bring into the world some vision. Dancers should ask, "What is their work in the service of?" ~ Bill T. Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Bill T. Jones
Stop using your phones and laptops as toys and use them to start a revolution. ~ Van Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Van Jones
There's so much of a desire in the entertainment industry for newness, a desire to build somebody up and then treat them as old news within six months. I think you'd be naive if you didn't try to hold on to your own way of doing things. ~ Felicity Jones
Hongry Jones quotes by Felicity Jones
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