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Patience is a process of perfection. The Savior Himself said that in your patience you possess your souls. Or, to use another translation of the Greek text, in your patience you win mastery of your souls. Patience means to abide in faith, knowing that sometimes it is in the waiting rather than in the receiving that we grow the most. This was true in the time of the Savior. It is true in our time as well, for we are commanded in these latter days to "continue in patience until ye are perfected. ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Guys Use You quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Great advantage is drawn from knowledge of your adversary, and when you know the measure of his intelligence and character, you can use it to play on his weakness. ~ Frederick The Great
Guys Use You quotes by Frederick The Great
You can't use your camera as a shield against human suffering ... ~ Zana Briski
Guys Use You quotes by Zana Briski
When Marilla took Anne up to bed that night she said stiffly: "Now, Anne, I noticed last night that you threw your clothes all about the floor when you took them off. That is a very untidy habit, and I can't allow it at all. As soon as you take off any article of clothing fold it neatly and place it on the chair. I haven't any use at all for little girls who aren't neat. ~ L.M. Montgomery
Guys Use You quotes by L.M. Montgomery
Recondition your reactions to dominant people. Try to visualize yourself behaving in a firm manner, armed with well-prepared facts and evidence. Practice saying things like "Hold on a minute - I need to consider what you have just said." Also practice saying "I'm not sure about that. It's too important to make a snap decision now." Don't cave in for fear that someone might shout at you or have a tantrum. Have faith that your own abilities will work if you use them. Non-assertive people are often extremely strong in areas of process, detail, dependability, reliability, and working cooperatively with others. These capabilities all have the potential to undo a dominating personality who has no proper justification. Recognize your strengths and use them to defend and support your position. ~ Dale Carnegie
Guys Use You quotes by Dale Carnegie
We went far down the garden to the farthest end, where the children and the nurse and the puppy and I used to play in the summer in the shade of a great elm, and there the footman dug a hole, and I saw he was going to plant the puppy, and I was glad, because it would grow and come up a fine handsome dog, like Robin Adair, and be a beautiful surprise for the family when they came home; so I tried to help him dig, but my lame leg was no good, being stiff, you know, and you have to have two, or it is no use. When the footman had finished and covered little Robin up, he patted my head, and there were tears in his eyes, and he said: Poor little doggie, you saved HIS child! ~ Mark Twain
Guys Use You quotes by Mark Twain
If you need me, use me. Don't you see? ~ Haruki Murakami
Guys Use You quotes by Haruki Murakami
An enormous urn of coffee was being put to use by both cops and servers. One of her own uniforms was helping himself to a tray of fancy finger food and another was already hitting the dessert cart.

It only took her presence to have the room falling into stillness, and silence.

"Officers, if you can manage to tear yourselves away from the all-you-can-eat buffet, take posts outside the doors of both kitchen exits. As cause of death has not yet been officially called, I'll remind you that you're stuffing evidence in your faces. If necessary, I'll have you both cut open so that evidence can be removed. ~ J.D. Robb
Guys Use You quotes by J.D. Robb
Every life force has a color and a tone. Many in your world would call this an aura, but it's much more complicated than that as anyone who could see would be able to tell you. Every life force carries a certain amount of power. Only those with the ability to use magic can draw upon the force of nature. And even that isn't accurate. The ability to use nature as the driving force behind your own power is a very intricate magic. ~ Jessica McQuay
Guys Use You quotes by Jessica McQuay
I can't ask you to banish your fears, your anxiety or your anger...But don't let them use you up. ~ Christopher Brookmyre
Guys Use You quotes by Christopher Brookmyre
We spent a long time learning the craft of songwriting, Roger Glover and I, for a few years before we joined Deep Purple. You learn about the percussive value of words, and you learn about rhyme and meter. You learn that you can't transform a poem into a song lyric, mostly because the spoken shape of words is different than the sung shape of words. You wouldn't use the vowel 'U' or the vowel sound 'ooo' for a high note for example, its very difficult. ~ Ian Gillan
Guys Use You quotes by Ian Gillan
God," I moaned. "Do they use that stuff as rocket fuel?"
"No one made you keep drinking it."
"Hey, don't get preachy. Besides, I had to be polite."
"Sure," she said. ~ Richelle Mead
Guys Use You quotes by Richelle Mead
Is there a phone I can use? (Talon)
In the kitchen. (Sunshine)
Could you please bring it to me? (Talon)
It's not cordless. I always lose those things or I drop them someplace and break them. The last one I had ended up drowning in the toilet. (Sunshine) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Guys Use You quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The basic principle of structural analysis, I was explaining, is that the terms of a symbolic system do not stand in isolation - they are not to be thought of in terms of what they 'stand for,' but are defined by their relations to each other. One has to first define the field, and then look for elements in that field that are systematic inversions of each other. Take vampires. First you place them: vampires are stock figures in American horror movies. American horror movies constitute a kind of cosmology, a universe unto themselves. Then you ask: what, within this cosmos, is the opposite of a vampire? The answer is obvious. The opposite of a vampire is a werewolf. On one level they are the same: they are both monsters that can bite you and, biting you, turn you, too, into one of their own kind. In most other ways each is an exact inversion of the other. Vampires are rich. They are typically aristocrats. Werewolves are always poor. Vampires are fixed in space: they have castles or crypts that they have to retreat to during the daytime; werewolves are usually homeless derelicts, travelers, or otherwise on the run. Vampires control other creatures (bats, wolves, humans that they hypnotize or render thralls). Werewolves can't control themselves. Yet - and this is really the clincher in this case - each can be destroyed only by its own negation: vampires, by a stake, a simple sharpened stick that peasants use to construct fences; werewolves, by a silver bullet, something literall ~ David Graeber
Guys Use You quotes by David Graeber
If you are guided toward a faith, use it as a stepping stone to God, not as a barrier between yourself and God's other children or as a tower to hold you aloft from others. If you are not guided toward a faith (or even if you are) seek God in the silence - seek within. ~ Peace Pilgrim
Guys Use You quotes by Peace Pilgrim
Tits. Ass. Cock. I know those words, Mason, and I know you think I'm so deeply prissy and vanilla but I'm actually a big girl, so you can go ahead and use them on me."…
"You want it then?" His mutter was raspy and low and his eyes burned so deep into mine I felt paralyzed before he even spoke. "Fine, Taylor," he whispered, pressing his hand down hard on my thigh. "You walked in here and the first thing I thought of was how goddamned good you looked and how bad I wanted to rip that dress off those perfect tits of yours. I thought about what you'd look like in those boots and those boots alone and it turned me into a fucking crazy person for a second because I had some very real thoughts about grabbing you, taking you home and fucking you on my bed till I could hear those pretty lips screaming my name. does that get the point across or do you want to hear just how hard and deep I imagined my cock inside you."
Holy fuck.
Just like that, panties ruined. ~ Stella Rhys
Guys Use You quotes by Stella Rhys
There is an underlying rhythm to all text. Sentences crashing fall like the waves of the sea, and work unconsciously on the reader. Punctuation is the music of language. As a conductor can influence the experience of the song by manipulating its rhythm, so can punctuation influence the reading experience, bring out the best (or worst) in a text. By controlling the speed of a text, punctuation dictates how it should be read. A delicate world of punctuation lives just beneath the surface of your work, like a world of microorganisms living in a pond. They are missed by the naked eye, but if you use a microscope you will find a exist, and that the pond is, in fact, teeming with life. This book will teach you to become sensitive to this habitat. The more you do, the greater the likelihood of your crafting a finer work in every respect. Conversely the more you turn a blind eye, the greater the likelihood of your creating a cacophonous text and of your being misread. ~ Noah Lukeman
Guys Use You quotes by Noah Lukeman
As you work more and put more energy into spreading your light and helping others, your life will begin to change and you will become more comfortable with your Sensitive Intuitive self. Ultimately, you will understand your gifts and how you were meant to use them here. ~ Lauren Sapala
Guys Use You quotes by Lauren Sapala
Everybody is gonna die from something. And so the deal is how to use each day to move things forward for both you and the people you love and the country you love. ~ Tom Coburn
Guys Use You quotes by Tom Coburn
So, this is what it feels like," she said a bit wonderingly.
"That - " He kissed her neck as she squeezed him gently and he saw stars. "Is what it feels like."
Hesitantly, she stroked her hand along the length of him. "Why does touching you here make me feel liquid and hot?"
"Because your body wants it."
"I know," she whispered. "At least, I suspected."
She had suspected him into a frenzy several mornings while reading her diary. And now she was putting her suspicions to expert use.
Tentatively her hand explored and his cock jerked beneath the caress. He pressed into her palm, needing her to touch him harder. He could not endure another moment of this teasing. He hadn't sufficient self-control. He never had, but he'd never before put himself to the test.
Grasping her hand gently he removed it from him. But he could not tear himself away. Not just yet.
"I can give your body what it wants without assailing your virginity."
"I know that too," she admitted.
He knew she knew it, but he was not certain to what extent. "You know quite a lot for an unmarried girl."
"I read."
"I'd like to borrow your books."

-Jacqueline & Cam ~ Katharine Ashe
Guys Use You quotes by Katharine Ashe
Anger can be used for destruction and construction, It will be your decision that how you will use it. ~ Jignesh Ahir
Guys Use You quotes by Jignesh Ahir
Don't lose yourself to anger. It's gasoline. You can burn it as fuel, or you can use it to torch everything you care about and end up standing on a scorched battlefield, with everybody dead, even you-only your body doesn't have the good grace to quit breathing ~ Karen Marie Moning
Guys Use You quotes by Karen Marie Moning
A picture is a picture, it doesn't matter what camera you use! ~ Chris Geiger
Guys Use You quotes by Chris Geiger
Doesn't the seventeenth-century use of the measurement yard for penis strike you as a bit of an exaggeration, unless the yard then was not the yard now? ~ Siri Hustvedt
Guys Use You quotes by Siri Hustvedt
As a cop trying to anticipate how burglars might use the city, you have to think three-dimensionally. Volumetrically. You have to think in a fundamentally different spatial way about the city laid out below, including how neighborhoods are actually connected and what the most efficient routes might be between them. After all, this is how criminals think, Burdette explained, and this is how they pioneer new geographic ways to escape from you. ~ Geoff Manaugh
Guys Use You quotes by Geoff Manaugh
Use me. You've done so much for us-" Marissa said.
"Not ... for you." V said.
"He's alive because of you. So that's everything."
V shook his head and turned away from the wrist. "Can't."
"I need you. I'm sick from what I do. I need you." Butch whispered.
Vishous fixated on Butch. "Only for ... you ... not me."
"For both of us"
"All of us," Marissa interjtected.
V took a deep breth and bit into the wrist. ~ J.R. Ward
Guys Use You quotes by J.R. Ward
Are you for LSD?" "I don't use it." "Don't you think it's a passing fad?" "Nothing that is against the law ever ceases to exist." "Whatcha mean?" "Forget it." "Whatcha think of the hippies?" "They don't harm me." "Their hair stinks," he said. "They don't take baths. They don't work." "I don't like to work either." "Anything ~ Charles Bukowski
Guys Use You quotes by Charles Bukowski
Doing voice work is more like recording music that people are going to listen to. You're creating an oral experience using whatever bells and whistles you have in your voice, and you can shut your eyes and use your imagination and nobody's going to see if the faces you make don't match the voices you make. That's a lot of fun. ~ Nick Offerman
Guys Use You quotes by Nick Offerman
My grandma always said, "Trouble is what God uses to prepare you for better things!" If you have trouble in your life, you are in a valley. If you are in a valley, you are being prepared for something bigger, better, greater; something you probably could not handle now. ~ Iyanla Vanzant
Guys Use You quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
And what made these heart-to-hearts possible
you might even say what made the whole friendship possible during that time
was this understanding we had that anything we told each other during these moments would be treated with careful respect: that we'd honor confidences, and that no matter how much we rowed, we wouldn't use against each other anything we'd talked about during those sessions. ~ Kazuo Ishiguro
Guys Use You quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
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