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Maintaining order in the classrooms has never been easy and it is evident that the school setting requires some easing of the restrictions to which searches by public authorities are ordinarily subject. ~ Byron White
Gaulier School quotes by Byron White
Let's see if I remember all of this - born in Charlottesville, Virginia, but raised in Salem by her mother, Susan, a teacher, and her father, Jacob, a police officer. Attended Salem Elementary School until your tenth birthday, when your father called into his station to report an unknown child in his house - "
"Stop," I muttered. Liam looked over his shoulder, trying to divide his attention between me and the boy reciting the sordid tale of my life. " - but, bad luck, the PSFs beat the police to your house. Good luck, someone dropped the ball or they had other kiddies to pick up, because they didn't wait around long enough to question your parents, and thus, didn't pre-sort you. And then you came to Thurmond, and you managed to avoid their detecting you were Orange - " "Stop!" I didn't want to hear this - I didn't want anyone to hear it. ~ Alexandra Bracken
Gaulier School quotes by Alexandra Bracken
I went to University of Illinois. Big school. 35,000 students. 800 black ... I was the only black in every class. Hard to be absent. ~ Godfrey
Gaulier School quotes by Godfrey
We go old-school during the summer, like swimming or setting up lemonade stands. I try to teach my kids to make their own fun. ~ Gail Devers
Gaulier School quotes by Gail Devers
The bus driver gave me a why-the-hell-aren't-you-at-school look and I gave him a shut-up-you're-a-bus-driver-so-bus-drive look right back. ~ Daniel Handler
Gaulier School quotes by Daniel Handler
I attend film school, my background is acting and directing. But the acting does best, I like to work on the stage. ~ Tommy Wiseau
Gaulier School quotes by Tommy Wiseau
I just ... I understand you might want to start dating more seriously, and that means dating someone from town. But if you're going to do that ... " This time he took a long drink of coffee, and the mug was still at his lips when he said, "I like Daniel. He takes care of you."
I blinked. "Oh my God. Did you really just say that? He takes care of me?"
Dad flushed. "I didn't mean it like-"
"Takes care of me? Did I go to sleep and wake up in the nineteenth century?" I looked down at my jeans and T-shirt. "Ack! I can't go to school like this. Where's my corset? My bonnet? ~ Kelley Armstrong
Gaulier School quotes by Kelley Armstrong
As an actress, I never went to film school, and I think if I had gone to film school, I would have started with a great advantage. If you have a strong intent to do anything in life, you can do it, but it always helps to have formal training. ~ Preity Zinta
Gaulier School quotes by Preity Zinta
Madam Yennefer, Forgive me. I'm riding to Hirundum because I want to see Geralt. I want to see him before I start school. Forgive my disobedience, but I must. I know you'll punish me, but I don't want to regret my indecision and hesitation. If I'm to have regrets, let them be for deeds and actions. I'm an enchantress. I seize life by the scruff of the neck. I'll return when I can. - Ciri ~ Andrzej Sapkowski
Gaulier School quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
Oh," Jace said carelessly, as if he hadn't been waiting out here for the express purpose of seeing Simon off. He looked up, golden gaze casual, then looked away. "You."
Being too cool for school was Jace's thing. Simon supposed he must have understood and been fond of it, once.
"Hey, I figured I wasn't going to get the chance to ask this again. You and me," Simon said. "We're pretty tight, aren't we?"
Jace looked at him for a moment, face very still, and then bounded to his feet and said: "Absolutely. We're like this." He crossed two of his fingers together. "Actually, we're more like this." He tried to cross them again. "We had a little bit of initial tension, as you may later recall, but that was all cleared up when you came to me and confessed that you were struggling with your feelings of intense jealousy over my - these were your words - stunning good looks and irresistible charm."
"Did I," said Simon.
Jace clapped him on the shoulder. "Yeah, buddy. I remember it clearly."
"Okay, whatever. The thing is … Alec's always really quiet around me," Simon said. "Is he just shy, or did I tick him off and I don't remember it? I wouldn't like to go away without trying to make things right."
Jace's expression took on that peculiar stillness again. "I'm glad you asked me that," he said finally. "There is something more going on. The girls didn't want me to tell you, but the truth is - ~ Cassandra Clare
Gaulier School quotes by Cassandra Clare
My message to a lot of guys is, if you like school and you like education, baseball is gonna be there, and you can get some of the same great competition in college that you do in the low minor leagues. ~ Barry Larkin
Gaulier School quotes by Barry Larkin
Integration my undead ass. Did they teach you about the Great American Melting Pot in grade school?" she asked. "Some of us don't like the idea of being melted down and blended into stew for the rest of you to devour. ~ Jim C. Hines
Gaulier School quotes by Jim C. Hines
So I want my kids to go to public schools because I think it's a better education overall. ~ Chuck Schumer
Gaulier School quotes by Chuck Schumer
There's a high school in Camden, New Jersey, I call the Jill Scott School. It's the Camden Creative Arts High School. Those teachers and kids are so passionate about what they do, and 98 percent of the senior class went on to college. ~ Jill Scott
Gaulier School quotes by Jill Scott
Pantaenus was one of these and is said to have gone to India. It is reported that among persons there who knew of Christ, he found the Gospel according to Matthew, which had anticipated his own arrival. For Bartholomew, one of the apostles, had preached to them, and left with them the writing of Matthew in the Hebrew language, which they had preserved till that time. After many good deeds, Pantaenus finally became the head of the school at Alexandria, and expounded the treasures of divine doctrine both orally and in writing. ~ Eusebius
Gaulier School quotes by Eusebius
When I was about 12, I spent the summer writing four plays on my dad's old typewriter for a school play competition. And I wrote little comic bits at secondary school and at university. ~ Rory Kinnear
Gaulier School quotes by Rory Kinnear
It is largely because the free-thinkers, as a school, have hardly made up their minds whether they want to be more optimist or more pessimist than Christianity that their small but sincere movement has failed. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Gaulier School quotes by G.K. Chesterton
The child to be concerned about is the one who is actively unhappy, [in school] ... In the long run, a child's emotional development has a far greater impact on his life than his school performance or the curriculum's richness, so it is wise to do everything possible to change a situation in which a child is suffering excessively. ~ Dorothy H Cohen
Gaulier School quotes by Dorothy H Cohen
But most critically, sweet, never try to change the narrative structure of someone else's story, though you will certainly be tempted to, as you watch those poor souls in school, in life, heading unwittingly down dangerous tangents, fatal digressions from which they will unlikely be able to emerge. Resist the temptation. Spend your energies on your story. Reworking it. Making it better. ~ Marisha Pessl
Gaulier School quotes by Marisha Pessl
Schools should take an active part in directing social change, and share in the construction of a new social order ~ John Dewey
Gaulier School quotes by John Dewey
One of the most consistent findings about low performing schools and students is that "home variables" (parental income and education, etc.) are more predictive than "school variables." But, having said that, we as a society can have much more effect on the school variables than on the home variables, so it's important and valuable to focus on the question of which interventions in schools are most effective and which are least effective. ~ Nicholas Lemann
Gaulier School quotes by Nicholas Lemann
There are many schools of painting. Why should there not be many schools of photographic art? There is hardly a right and a wrong in these matters, but there is truth, and that should form the basis of all works of art. ~ Alfred Stieglitz
Gaulier School quotes by Alfred Stieglitz
The public schools are supported entirely, in most communities, by public funds-funds exacted not only from parents, nor alone from those who hold particular religious views, nor indeed from those who subscribe to any creed at all. ~ William J. Brennan
Gaulier School quotes by William J. Brennan
My last bedside conversation in the hospital just a few weeks before Allen Ginsberg died was 'please take care of so and so. And the legacy of the Kerouac school. ~ Anne Waldman
Gaulier School quotes by Anne Waldman
He's met someone," she said during one of our Skype calls in my second year of medical school. "Another demon?" "I think he really likes her." "Watch out for a lobotomy scar, or the mark of the devil. It might be tucked beneath her hair." "They're coming home at Christmas so he can introduce her to our parents." "Hold a mirror up to her and see if she has a reflection." A ~ R.S. Grey
Gaulier School quotes by R.S. Grey
I find Indian music very funky. I mean it's very soulful, with their own kind of blues. But it's the only other school on the planet that develops improvisation to the high degree that you find in jazz music. So we have a lot of common ground. ~ John McLaughlin
Gaulier School quotes by John McLaughlin
I was lucky. My grandmother stepped up for me and said she would take responsibility for me and a compassionate juvenile judge took a chance and gave me one. They were getting ready to send me away to do real time, but they sent me instead to a juvenile alternative day school. And I guess that was the beginning of my turnaround. ~ Bob Beamon
Gaulier School quotes by Bob Beamon
I didn't know much about Texas when I moved there for graduate school. In my first or second semester, I took a class in life and literature of the Southwest, and that's where I first heard about these events along the border in 1915-1918, what Anglos called the Bandit Wars. ~ Philipp Meyer
Gaulier School quotes by Philipp Meyer
How often we use this word reminiscing about the past - our childhood, school days, college days..
We feel nostalgic, we dwell in the memories of the past, we talk about how great those days were and how we would do anything to just go back in time and live those days again..
Perhaps we fail to realize the fact that tomorrow we will say the same things about today, about the days we are living in now, about the emotions we are feeling now, about the time we are spending now..
I love this day. I love this weird feeling I feel today. I belong here. ~ Sanhita Baruah
Gaulier School quotes by Sanhita Baruah
These pieces, he already realised, were merely stepping stones at the start of a journey towards something - some grand artefact, either musical, or literary, or filmic, or perhaps a combination of all three - towards which he knew he was advancing, slowly but with a steady, inexorable tread. Something which would enshrine his feelings for Cicely, and which she would perhaps hear, or read, or see in ten or twenty years' time, and suddenly realize, on her pulse, that it was created for her, intended for her, and that of all the boys who had swarmed around her like so many drones at school, Benjamin had been, without her having the wit to notice it, by far the purest in heart, by far the most gifted and giving. On that day the awareness of all she had missed, all she had lost, would finally break upon her in an instant, and she would weep; weep for her foolishness, and of the love that might have been between them.

Of course, Benjamin could always just have spoken to her, gone up to her in the bus queue and asked her for a date. But this seemed to him, on the whole, the more satisfactory approach. ~ Jonathan Coe
Gaulier School quotes by Jonathan Coe
Comparing and contrasting is a valuable human skill - and not just during high school English exams. Our ability to rank-order things is invaluable in making choices and setting priorities. ~ Martha Beck
Gaulier School quotes by Martha Beck
Helena paused. "Lucy?"
She ran a hand over my hair and kissed my cheek, just like she kissed Solange's cheek when Solange was little. "We love you very much. But your mother and I will both lock you in a basement for the rest of your life if you try to follow us." She speared Kieran with the kind of look that made us all squirm even though it wasn't even aimed at us. "We're trusting you to take her back to school where it's safe."
He nodded. "Yes, ma'am."
"Kiss-ass," I muttered.
"Hell, yeah," he muttered back. "Like you're any braver. ~ Alyxandra Harvey
Gaulier School quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
I was never too much into school. I liked lunchtimes and breaks, but nah, I hated sitting at a desk. I was always looking out of the window, looking at my watch, thinking about when I could play football. ~ Gareth Bale
Gaulier School quotes by Gareth Bale
I would leave school every day and walk to my grandparents' house under the El because everyone worked. I was 6 and walking home alone from school. It was a different city and a different time. ~ Joe Lhota
Gaulier School quotes by Joe Lhota
When I got into high school and I was rapping, it was the attention I was loving. It was so hype. ~ Eve
Gaulier School quotes by Eve
I wish I could say we all lived happily ever after. I can't. But I can say we lived. Our love for Nate lives, and he's left us this piece of himself in his art; it was his gift to us. We know him through his art, and I can take comfort in that.
I guess the thing about high school is, it's the moment when you start to cross from a being a kid to being an adult, and this journey to know yourself begins. Nate's journey ended to early, and I thought I had to run away to some far-off land to start mine. But, for now, it seems to me that I have enough to explore right here. There's a whole continent to discover in myself, and I know that it's love - love for my parents, my friends, my brother, and my art - that will guide me. Love will be my map. ~ Lisa Ann Sandell
Gaulier School quotes by Lisa Ann Sandell
I had a number of teachers who hated me. I didn't do well in school. ~ Francis Ford Coppola
Gaulier School quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
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