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#1. Keep windows of your mind always open, and let the breeze of peace come in with the fragrance of happiness. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Debasish Mridha
#2. We came to this world with love and hope to bloom like a flower, to beautify this garden we call earth, and spread the fragrance of happiness. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Debasish Mridha
#3. Some think their only hope of happiness lies in being someone else, and spend their whole lives traveling place to place. - Author: Michael Ende
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Michael Ende
#4. Shame is the undercurrent that keeps you living in the belief that you are unworthy of all the bounty life has to offer. Somewhere along the way, we have internalized the belief that we are - in our deepest selves - defective and wrong. Shame is not a natural emotion. Babies aren't born feeling shame. We manufacture it within ourselves, as punishment for not adhering to the norms of society…Just for today, see what it feels like to open those clenched fists - that clenched heart - and receive every good thing - Author: Panache Desai
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Panache Desai
#5. If we allow the love of Christ to change our heart, then we can change the world. This is the secret of authentic happiness. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#6. Happiness is the result of a life well lived - Author: Danny Dover
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Danny Dover
#7. Stephen watched the three glasses being raised from the counter as his father and his two cronies drank to the memory of their past. An abyss of fortune or of temperament sundered him from them. His mind seemed older than theirs: it shone coldly on their strifes and happiness and regrets like a moon upon a younger earth. No life or youth stirred in him as it had stirred in them. He had known neither the pleasure of companionship with others nor the vigour of rude male health nor filial piety. Nothing stirred within his soul but a cold and cruel and loveless lust. - Author: James Joyce
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by James Joyce
#8. Frustration... when our happiness or sadness looses control. The blissful intensity of sensations, the disappointing realisation that dissatisfaction is not enough. - Author: Strohberry
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Strohberry
#9. A solution exists for every challenge to our peace of mind. There is always a way, somehow. What holds us back from happiness is our lack of faith in the mighty power of the Holy Spirit to address our most humble needs. - Author: Harold Klemp
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Harold Klemp
#10. He dreams he is happy; that his corporeal nature has changed; or at least that he has flown off upon a purple cloud of another sphere peopled by beings of the same kind as himself. Alas! May his illusion last till dawn's awakening! He dreams the flowers dance round him in a ring like immense demented garlands, and impregnate him with their balmy perfumes while he sings a hymn of love, locked in the arms of a magically beautiful human being. But it is merely twilight mist he embraces, and when he wakes their arms will no longer be entwined. Awaken not, hermaphrodite. Do not wake yet, I beg you. Why will you not believe me? Sleep ... sleep forever. May your breast heave while pursuing the chimerical hope of happiness - that I allow you; but do not open your eyes. Ah! do not open your eyes. - Author: Comte De Lautreamont
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Comte De Lautreamont
#11. It seemed to Alabama that, reaching her goal, she would drive the devils that had driven her - that, in proving herself, she would achieve that peace which she imagined went only in surety of one's self - that she would be able, through the medium of the dance, to command her emotions, to summon love or pity or happiness at will, having provided a channel through which they might flow. She drove herself mercilessly, and the summer dragged on. - Author: Zelda Fitzgerald
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Zelda Fitzgerald
#12. Every living being longs always to be happy, untainted by sorrow; and everyone has the greatest love for himself, which is solely due to the fact that happiness is his real nature. Hence, in order to realize that inherent and untainted happiness, which indeed he daily experiences when the mind is subdued in deep sleep, it is essential that he should know himself. For obtaining such knowledge the inquiry 'Who am I?' in quest of the Self is the best means. - Author: Ramana Maharshi
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#13. The most intelligent people have learnt the art of ignoring what does not make them feel good - Author: Sanchita Pandey
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Sanchita Pandey
#14. The nine millimeter? Don't you think that's a little much for her?" Henry asks. His happiness is all gone. Now he just looks worried. I frown at him. "Of course it's not too much for me. I hold blow-dryers and flat irons all day long. Have you ever done a two-hour blow-out? Because I have. Without breaks." I snort. "Trust me, I can handle it. - Author: Elle Casey
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Elle Casey
#15. LOVING KINDNESS The first element of true love is loving kindness. The essence of loving kindness is being able to offer happiness. You can be the sunshine for another person. You can't offer happiness until you have it for yourself. So build a home inside by accepting yourself and learning to love and heal yourself. Learn how to practice mindfulness in such a way that you can create moments of happiness and joy for your own nourishment. Then you have something to offer the other person. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#16. Real pain can alone cure us of imaginary ills. We feel a thousand miseries till we are lucky enough to feel misery. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#17. Whatever the internal mechanism that moderated the human capacity for joy, mine had long been broken beyond repair. And I knew this was a poor substitute, a base shadow cast on the cave wall, a reflection in a tarnished mirror of ordinary things like happiness, love, and hope. But there were moments, fleeting moments, lost in the responses of my body to his, when it was almost enough. And, God, I wanted, I wanted. These crumbs of bliss. - Author: Alexis Hall
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Alexis Hall
#18. It doesn't matter how long we may have been stuck in a sense of our limitations. If we go into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn't matter if the room has been dark for a day, a week, or ten thousand years - we turn on the light and it is illuminated. Once we control our capacity for love and happiness, the light has been turned on. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#19. I'm homesick all the time," she said, still not looking at him "I just don't know where home is. There's this promise of happiness out there. I know it. I even feel it sometimes. But it's like chasing the moon - just when I think I have it, it disappears into the horizon. I grieve and try to move on, but then the damn thing comes back the next night, giving me hope of catching it all over again. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#20. What I'm feeling, I think, is joy. And it's been some time since I've felt that blinkered rush of happiness, This might be one of those rare events that lasts, one that'll be remembered and recalled as months and years wind and ravel. One of those sweet, significant moments that leaves a footprint in your mind. A photograph couldn't ever tell its story. It's like something you have to live to understand. One of those freak collisions of fizzing meteors and looming celestial bodies and floating debris and one single beautiful red ball that bursts into your life and through your body like an enormous firework. Where things shift into focus for a moment, and everything makes sense. And it becomes one of those things inside you, a pearl among sludge, one of those big exaggerated memories you can invoke at any moment to peel away a little layer of how you felt, like a lick of ice cream. The flavor of grace. - Author: Craig Silvey
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Craig Silvey
#21. When you have a purpose of life it becomes the light to show you the path toward your destination. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Debasish Mridha
#22. There are men who have suffered and who have not only gone on living, but even built a new fortune on the ruins of their former happiness. From the depths into which their enemies have plunged them, they have risen again with such vigor and glory that they have dominated their former conquerors and cast them down in their turn. - Author: Alexandre Dumas
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#23. To be truthful i am not entirely sure what people mean when they talk of happiness. There are moments of joy and laughter, the comfort of friendship, but enduring happiness? If it exists i have not found it - Author: David Gemmell
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by David Gemmell
#24. ...happiness is by no means the invariable attendant of wealth. - Author: Hannah Webster Foster
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Hannah Webster Foster
#25. It is by studying little things, that we attain the great art of having as little misery and as much happiness as possible. - Author: Gretchen Rubin
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#26. I am constantly asked: What can you, with your cold rationalism, offer to the seeker after salvation that is comparable to the cozy homelike comfort of a fenced-in dogmatic creed? To this the answer is many-sided.
First, I do not say that I can offer as much happiness as is to be obtained by the abdication of reason. I do not say that I can offer as much happiness as is to be obtained from drink or drugs or amassing great wealth by swindling widows and orphans. It is not the happiness of the individual convert that concerns me; it is the happiness of mankind. If you genuinely desire the happiness of mankind, certain forms of ignoble personal happiness are not open to you. If your child is ill, and you are a conscientious parent, you accept medical diagnosis, however doubtful and discouraging; if you accept the cheerful opinion of a quack and your child consequently dies, you are not excused by the pleasantness of belief in the quack while it lasted. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Bertrand Russell
#27. There's not a wind but whispers of thy name; And not a flow'r that grows beneath the moon, But in its hues and fragrance tells a tale Of thee, my love. - Author: Bryan Procter
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Bryan Procter
#28. What happiness there had been at that time, what freedom, what hope! What an abundance of illusions! Nothing was left of them now. She had got rid of them all in her soul's life, in all her successive conditions of life, maidenhood, her marriage, and her love - thus constantly losing them all her life through, like a traveller who leaves something of his wealth at every inn along his road. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#29. I had never seen anything like New York, and its newness held the promise of my future: dense with the experience I craved - romantic, urbane, intellectual. Looking back on that moment, I believe I was saved from disappointment by the nature of my "great expectations." I honestly wasn't burdened with conventional notions of finding security and happiness. At that time of my life, even when I was "happy," it wasn't because I expected it. That was for characters less romantic than myself. I didn't expect to be rich, well fed, and kindly treated by all. I wanted to live deeply and fully, to embrace whatever the city held for me. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#30. I think people like him think work is supposed to be drudgery punctuated by very occasional moments of happiness, but when I say happiness, I mostly mean distraction. You know what I mean?"
"No, please elaborate."
"Okay, say you go into the break room," she said, "and a couple people you like are there, say someone's telling
a funny story, you laugh a little, you feel included, everyone's so funny, you go back to your desk with a sort of,
I don't know, I guess afterglow would be the word? You go back to your desk with an afterglow, but then by four or
five o'clock the day's just turned into yet another day, and you go on like that, looking forward to five o'clock and
then the weekend and then your two or three annual weeks of paid vacation time, day in day out, and that's what happens to your life."
"Right," Clark said. He was filled in that moment with an inexpressible longing. The previous day he'd gone into the break room and spent
five minutes laughing at a colleague's impression of a Daily Show bit.
"That's what passes for a life, I should say. That's what passes for
happiness, for most people. Guys like Dan, they're like sleepwalkers," she said, "and nothing ever jolts them awake. - Author: Emily St. John Mandel
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#31. The secret of happiness is to face the fact that the world is horrible, horrible, horrible. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Bertrand Russell
#32. We are one of those couples i used to watch, thinking to myself that I'd never be on the inside of something so special. I remember reassuring myself that it probably looked nicer than it actually was, I am happy to be wrong about that. - Author: Emily Giffin
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Emily Giffin
#33. I think I feel most like a princess when I'm sort of bursting with happiness and love, so whether that would be, like, with my boyfriend or my family or at a really fun party - just when you're full of life. - Author: Lily James
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Lily James
#34. Happiness isn't something you have to search for in life. Happiness is a way of life you choose to have. - Author: Javy Galindo
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Javy Galindo
#35. A little sadness in your happiness is nothing to be scared of. It brings out the happiness even more" -Aunt Sunny - Author: Leila Howland
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Leila Howland
#36. I have heard about a patient - the psychiatrist was bored with him. Of course, he was getting enough money out of him, but he was getting bored by and by - three, four, five years of psychoanalysis, and the man was repeating the same again and again and again. The psychiatrist said, 'Do one thing: go to the mountains for a few days. That will be very helpful.' - Author: Rajneesh
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Rajneesh
#37. And it is because you don't know the end and purpose of things that you think the wicked and the criminal have power and happiness. - Author: Boethius
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Boethius
#38. The Keys To Happiness
1.Finishing the Grave Digger's Handbook.
2.Escaping the ire of Santa Maria.
3.Recieving two books for Christmas. - Author: Markus Zusak
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Markus Zusak
#39. A man that is of Copernicus' Opinion, that this Earth of ours is a Planet, carry'd round and enlightn'd by the Sun, like the rest of them, cannot but sometimes have a fancy ... that the rest of the Planets have their Dress and Furniture, nay and their Inhabitants too as well as this Earth of ours. ... But we were always apt to conclude, that 'twas in vain to enquire after what Nature had been pleased to do there, seeing there was no likelihood of ever coming to an end of the Enquiry ... but a while ago, thinking somewhat seriously on this matter (not that I count my self quicker sighted than those great Men [of the past], but that I had the happiness to live after most of them) me thoughts the Enquiry was not so impracticable nor the way so stopt up with Difficulties, but that there was very good room left for probable Conjectures. - Author: Christiaan Huygens
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Christiaan Huygens
#40. Being loved sounds good in the movies, in books, in the memories of people who've survived the rough beginnings of their love. In real life, in the very beginning? It's every deep fear you've ever wanted to avoid all wrapped in the most intense happiness and pleasure you've ever dreamed possible. - Author: Steph Campbell
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Steph Campbell
#41. When love has left us in the lurch and nothing ever strikes a chord anymore, we may come to realize a vacuum of the lost vibrations of happiness and an absence of the ethereal and exalting feel of harmony that we only become aware of, after time passes by and everything has expired. ("Amour en friche") - Author: Erik Pevernagie
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#42. If kings would only determine not to extend their dominions until they had filled them with happiness, they would find the smallest territories too large, but the longest life too short for the full accomplishment of so grand and so noble an ambition. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#43. Naw, it's real. Ah couldn't stand it if he wuz tuh quit me. Don't know whut Ah'd do. He kin take most any lil thing and make summertime out of it when times is dull. Then we lives offa dat happiness he made till some mo' happiness come along. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#44. All happiness is a form of innocence. - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#45. Sky is not a limit for me; because I have no limit for myself in life. Because life is a world full of risk taking and possibilities. No matter how hard or easy life is; I will always find a way to enjoy myself; even in the mist of circumstances; because problems is a sense of adventure in sheep's clothing. - Author: Temitope Owosela
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Temitope Owosela
#46. Outside, she thought that there ought to be a word for it: the air temperature that was perfectly neither hot nor cold. One degree lower, and she might have felt a faint misgiving about not having brought a jacket. One degree higher, and a skim of sweat might have glistened at her hairline. But at this precise degree, she required neither wrap nor breeze. Were there a word for such a temperature, there would have to be a corollary for the particular ecstasy of greeting it - the heedlessness, the needlessness, the suspended lack of urgency, as if time could stop, or should. Usually temperature was a battle; only at this exact fulcrum was it an active delight. - Author: Lionel Shriver
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Lionel Shriver
#47. Please remember this, no additional power or endeavour is required to command abundance and happiness than is required to accept misery and scarcity! It's your mind that makes it so. - Author: Wayne Joe Evans
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Wayne Joe Evans
#48. My visitors say they noticed perfumes from different companies in my fridge, and ask what I need these for. I explain that they are mainly there as historical benchmarks of quality, below which I must not and would not want to fall. - Author: Jean-Claude Ellena
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Jean-Claude Ellena
#49. I saw what a mess a lot of people could make of their lives when they're smitten. Some of them go temporarily insane. They find a person who they think holds the key to their happiness-the only key to their happiness ... My work has always been my greatest happiness - Author: Mae West
Fragrance Of Happiness quotes by Mae West

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