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I'll buy you a blow-up doll. I'm sure my mate won't mind when I explain how hard up you are."
She didn't bother to punch him this time, just glared with promise of future retaliation. "Very funny. You wouldn't be laughing if you knew how sexually frustrated I am right now." [ ... ] "The last time was when that SilverBlade sentinel was in town for a communications meeting."
All amusement left Dorian's face. "You serious? That was months ago." A very long time to go without intimate touch. "Merce, that could get dangerous."
"I know. Do you think I don't know?" She thrust her hands through her hair. "Damn it Dorian! It's getting to the point where I'm starting to wonder if some of the wolves would be good in bed. [ ... ]
"Cat and wolf isn't a ... um ... normal combination."
"And Psy and cat is?" She made a face at him. "Yeah, yeah I know. Cat and wolf is strange." [ ... ]
"How about one of the Rats?" Dorian's eyes gleamed. ~ Nalini Singh
Endangered Wolf quotes by Nalini Singh
At the rate science proceeds, rockets and missiles will one day seem like buffalo - slow, endangered grazers in the black pasture of outer space. ~ Bernard Cooper
Endangered Wolf quotes by Bernard Cooper
It is the way of the people," he responded again and again. "I will not interferre.Howling Wolf did what he thought would keep his wife."
Jesse was outraged, "And if I looked at another handsome brave,would Rides the Wind cut off my nose?"
Rides the Wind stared at her solemnly. "God's book has said that you must be faithful to me.We do not live as Howling Wolf and Prairie Flower." After a moment he added, "And if you were unfaithful to me, I would cut off your beautiful red hair, not your nose.For it is your hair that makes you beautiful."
Jesse refused to be distracted from the conversation. Finally,Rides the Wind became exasperated with her insistence. "Walks the Fire,it is enough," he almost shouted. "You say that Howling Wolf must be punished. He will bepunished. For all the days of his life he will have to look at the scar where he has hurt his wife.All the days of his life he will have to endure the sadness he has caused. And all the days of her life, Prairie Flower will remember when she was young and beautiful. White EAgle has left.It is over. We must pray for them, for they do not have God to help them. But I will not punish Howling Wolf for going what is his right among the Lakota. He will answer to God for what he has done. He does not have to answer to me. ~ Stephanie Grace Whitson
Endangered Wolf quotes by Stephanie Grace Whitson
It was awful," I tell Luke at his locker. It's on the other side of the hall and I really feel like the air is cleaner over here or something. I almost suffocated trying to stuff my book bag into my own locker, squeezed right between Kimi and her voluptuousness and Wolf and his sexual-awakening-me-ness. ~ Alecia Whitaker
Endangered Wolf quotes by Alecia Whitaker
But once you fully apprehend the vacuity of a life without struggle you are equipped with the basic means of salvation. Once you know this is true, that the heart of man, his body and his brain, are forged in a white-hot furnace for the purpose of conflict (the struggle of creation) and that with the conflict removed, the man is a sword cutting daisies, that not privation but luxury is the wolf at the door and that the fangs of this wolf are all the little vanities and laxities that Success is heir to
why, then with this knowledge you are at least in a position of knowing where the danger lies. ~ Tennessee Williams
Endangered Wolf quotes by Tennessee Williams
I mean, we don't have to worry about it until winter, anyway," she said. "I was just wondering if you felt cured."
I didn't know what to tell her. I didn't feel cured. I felt like what Cole said - almost cured. A war survivor with a phantom limb. I still felt that wolf that I'd been: living in my cells, sleeping uneasily, waiting to be coaxed out by weather or a rush of adrenaline or a needle in my veins. I didn't know if that was real or suggested. I didn't know if one day I would feel secure in my skin, taking my human body for granted.
"You look cured," Grace said. Just her face was visible at the end of the shower curtain, looking in at me. She grinned and I yelled. Grace reached in just far enough to shut off the tap.
"I'm afraid," she said, whipping the shower curtain open all the way and presenting me with my towel, "this is the sort of thing you'll have to put up with in your old age." I stood there, dripping, feeling utterly ridiculous, Grace standing opposite, smiling with her challenge. There was nothing for it but to get over the awkwardness. Instead of taking the towel, I took her chin with my wet fingers and kissed her. Water from my hair ran down my cheeks and onto our lips. I was getting her shirt all wet, but she didn't seem to mind. A lifetime of this seemed rather appealing. I said gallantly, "That better be a promise. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Endangered Wolf quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Sheep can befriend a hungry wolf only for briefly. ~ Jim Butcher
Endangered Wolf quotes by Jim Butcher
And evolution wasn't even properly invented until the late 1800s. Is that enough time to get a Labrador retriever from a dire wolf? I think not. ~ Bobby Henderson
Endangered Wolf quotes by Bobby Henderson
I'm not talking to you from the point of view of wishful thinking or imaginary craziness. i'm talking to you from a deeper, basic understanding. ~ Fred Alan Wolf
Endangered Wolf quotes by Fred Alan Wolf
But at that moment all I could see was the wolf in the white van, so alive, so strong. Hidden from view, unnoticed, concealed. And I thought, maybe he's real, this wolf, and he's really out there in a white van somewhere, riding around. Maybe he's in the far back, pacing back and forth, circling, the pads of his huge paws raw and cracking, his thick, sharp claws dully clicking against the raised rusty steel track ridges on the floor. Maybe he's sound asleep, or maybe he's just pretending. And then the van stops somewhere, maybe, and somebody gets out and walks around the side to the back and grabs hold of the handle and flings the doors open wide. Maybe whoever's kept him wears a mechanic's jumpsuit and some sunglasses, and he hasn't fed the great wolf for weeks, cruising the streets of the city at night, and the wolf's crazy with hunger now; he can't even think. Maybe he's not locked up in the back at all: he could be riding in the passenger seat, like a dog, just sitting and staring out the open window, looking around, checking everybody out. Maybe he's over in the other seat behind the steering wheel. Maybe he's driving. ~ John Darnielle
Endangered Wolf quotes by John Darnielle
I expected it would be the same for me, and I wouldn't show up as a wolf in black tights and a lacy pair of underwear - as amusing as that would be. No way was I going to show them I was a nasty pasty color with freckles. ~ Kim Harrison
Endangered Wolf quotes by Kim Harrison
The truth is ladies ... Good men are an endangered specie. So if you have a good man dont shuffle your KING for a JOKER. ~ Crystal Evans
Endangered Wolf quotes by Crystal Evans

Memories are all that I have to anchor me,
Yet they're often what leaves me unhinged,
Falling from that could I thought was so safe.
You came to a place, where – besides me –
You were uninvited.
Leaving, you promised me I could always
Count on you.

I especially miss that.

My kindred spirit,
The one who promised to love me,
Only to prove yourself a liar –
Going from Prince Charming
To the Big Bad Wolf,
Truly thinking only of yourself

Leaving me
With empty promises, alone in the dark,
Burnt from the initial spark
Of what I mistook for love,
Making my memories a false refuge.

(full poem) ~ Jenn Waterman
Endangered Wolf quotes by Jenn Waterman
Peaceful, lawful protest - if it is effective - is innately disruptive of 'business as usual.' That is why it is effective. ~ Naomi Wolf
Endangered Wolf quotes by Naomi Wolf
Nothing like an endangered pocketbook to help a businessman find his conscience. ~ Susan Carol McCarthy
Endangered Wolf quotes by Susan Carol McCarthy
Just like the most beautiful symphonies my words are my piano keys. ~ J.WOLF
Endangered Wolf quotes by J.WOLF
Why are you talking to the King Loser Dork? You want to talk about ugly? Look at what he's wearing. (Stone) I like a man who takes fashion chances. It's the mark of someone who lives by his own code. A rebel. A real lone wolf is a lot sexier than a pack animal who follows orders and can't have an opinion unless someone else gives it to him. (Nekoda) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Endangered Wolf quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Here's the thing, as long as you're there with me, wolf scout, it's impossible for our wedding day not to be perfect. ~ Krista Ritchie
Endangered Wolf quotes by Krista Ritchie
I knew Otto Kahn [According to the Figaro, Mr. Kahn on first going to America was a clerk in the firm of Speyer and Company, and married a grand-daughter of Mr. Wolf, one of the founders of Kuhn, Loeb & Company], the multi-millionaire, for many years. I knew him when he was a patriotic German. I knew him when he was a patriotic American. Naturally, when he wanted to enter the House of Commons, he joined the 'patriotic party.' ~ Denis Fahey
Endangered Wolf quotes by Denis Fahey
My foot slips on a narrow ledge; in that split second, as needles of fear pierce heart and temples, eternity intersects with present time. Thought and action are not different, and stone, air, ice, sun, fear, and self are one. What is exhilarating is to extend this acute awareness into ordinary moments, in the moment-by-moment experiencing of the lammergeier and the wolf, which, finding themselves at the center of things, have no need for any secret of true being. In this very breath that we take now lies the secret that all great teachers try to tell us ... the present moment. The purpose of mediation practice is not enlightenment' it is to pay attention even at unextraordinary times, to be of the present, nothing-but-the-present, to bear this mindfulness of now into each event of ordinary life. ~ Peter Matthiessen
Endangered Wolf quotes by Peter Matthiessen
Scars are just a treasure map for pain you've buried too deep to remember. ~ Jodi Picoult
Endangered Wolf quotes by Jodi Picoult
Imagine having sex with a vampire."
"Imagine going to church and praying to your lord and savior," I offer. ~ Sara Wolf
Endangered Wolf quotes by Sara Wolf
He drew her into his arms, gathering her close, and dusted kisses over her cheek, her hair. Wrapped in his embrace, Laurien closed her eyes, murmuring a sigh of exquisite satisfaction. A delightful drowsiness overtook her and she gave in to it, snuggled securely against Darach's chest, lying on a stolen wolf pelt, in the hold on a ship of thieves. ~ Shelly Thacker
Endangered Wolf quotes by Shelly Thacker
We have the wolf by the ears, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Endangered Wolf quotes by Thomas Jefferson
Are women beautiful or aren't we? ~ Naomi Wolf
Endangered Wolf quotes by Naomi Wolf
Not easy when you can't talk, is it?" I grinned. "Well, not easy for you but I could get used to it."
He grumbled, but I could see relif in his eyes, like he was glad to see me smile.
"SO i was right, wasn't I? It's still youm even in wolf form."
He grunted.
"No sudden uncontrollable urges to go kill something?"
He rolled his eyes.
"Hey, you're the one who was worried." I paused. "And i don't smell like dinner, right?"
I got a real look for that one.
"Just covering all the bases."
He gave a rumbling groul, like a chuckle, and settled in, lowering his head to his front paws, gaze on me. I tried to get comfortable, but the ground was ice-cold through his swearshirt, and i was wearing only my new pajamas, a light jacket, and sneakers.
Seeing me shiver, he stretched a front leg toward the swearshirt, pawing the edge and snarling when he realized he couldnt grab it.
"The lack of opposanle thumbs is going to take some getting used to, huh?"
He motioned me closer with his muzzel. When I pretended not to understand, he twisted and gingerly took the hem of the swearshirt between his teeth, lips curled in discust as he tugged it.
"Okay, okay. I'm just trying not to croud you."
That wasnt the only reason i was uncomfortanle getting too cozy with him now, but he just grunted, again seeming to say it was fine. i moved over beside himm. He shifted, his torso making a partial wind block, the boddy heat fro ~ Kelley Armstrong
Endangered Wolf quotes by Kelley Armstrong
Wren, in her sleeping robe, standing close to a tall wolf demon, her head craned back to face him. The wolf: Moon caste, marbled ash-gray fur flowing silkily over angular features, a diamond-shaped patch of white on his long, muzzlelike jaw. He's dressed in soldier's clothes. One pawed hand is lifted to cup Wren's face, like the beginning of a kiss. ~ Natasha Ngan
Endangered Wolf quotes by Natasha Ngan
Wyoming, to Annie, was represented by a blank, bleak space in her imagination. It was a place she could hide. The worst that could happen would be that she would sleep with Daniel and then get eaten by a wolf. She could live with that. ~ Kevin Wilson
Endangered Wolf quotes by Kevin Wilson
Family doesn't have to be blood. ~ Lisa Kessler
Endangered Wolf quotes by Lisa Kessler
Little Red Riding Hood drove me nuts; she should have pulled a gun out of her handbag and just shot the damn wolf. ~ N.L. Wilson
Endangered Wolf quotes by N.L. Wilson
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