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After all, he put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden naked as jaybirds! ~ Bettie Page
Eden Munoz quotes by Bettie Page
How many of us are dead because of their potential unleashed? Your calorie masters showed us what happens. People die."

"Everyone dies." The doctor waves a dismissal. "But you die now because you cling to the past. We should all be windups by now. It's easier to build a person impervious to blister rust than to protect an earlier version of the human creature. A generation from now, we could be well-suited for our new environment. Your children could be the beneficiaries. Yet you people refuse to adapt. You cling to some idea of a humanity that evolved in concert with your environment over millennia, and which you now, perversely, refuse to remain in lockstep with.

"Blister rust is our environment. Cibiscosis. Genehack weevil. Cheshires. They have adapted. Quibble as you like about whether they evolved naturally or not. Our environment has changed. If we wish to remain at the top of our food chain, we will evolve. Or we will refuse, and go the way of the dinosaurs and Felis domesticus. Evolve or die. It has always been nature's guiding principle, and yet you white shirts seek to stand in the way of inevitable change." He leans forward. "I want to shake you sometimes. If you would just let me, I could be your god and shape you to the Eden that beckons us."

"I'm Buddhist."

"And we all know windups have no souls." Gibbons grins. "No rebirth for them. They will have to find their own gods to protect them. Their own gods to pray for thei ~ Paolo Bacigalupi
Eden Munoz quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
I wonder what God must have thought then / When He saw the work of Cain's hand / That the first baby born on the planet / Grew up to kill the third man. ~ Brian M. Boyce
Eden Munoz quotes by Brian M. Boyce
You're home." A grin lights up his face. ~ Eden Finley
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Finley
Because he'd learned as a child that the ones in this world who were really strong, they knew how to fear - and how to keep going even when that fear rose like a howling beast inside. ~ Cynthia Eden
Eden Munoz quotes by Cynthia Eden
People like you to be something, preferably what they are. ~ John Steinbeck
Eden Munoz quotes by John Steinbeck
She gave him a small laugh, but it didn't sound genuine. "Sorry to burst your bubble, Prince Charming, but Eden and I are self-rescuing princesses. ~ Leah Clifford
Eden Munoz quotes by Leah Clifford
I dont want to return to France, because Ive won everything there - league title, cup, best player, best young player ~ Eden Hazard
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Hazard
She had something Adam didn't. Curiosity. First step to growth
and if it wasn't for Eve's Adam would still be sitting by the side of the pool picking his nose and scratching his scalp, bamboozled by his own reflection. Off in her part of Eden, Eve hadn't bothered naming the animals. On the other hand she'd discovered how to milk some of them and how best to eat the eggs of others. She'd decided she wasn't overly keen on torrential rain and had built a shelter from bamboo and banana leaves, into which she'd retire when the heavens opened, having set out coconut shells to catch the rainwater with a view to saving herself the schlep down to the spring every time she wanted a drink. The only thing you won't be surprised to hear about is that she'd already domesticated a cat and called it Misty. ~ Glen Duncan
Eden Munoz quotes by Glen Duncan
On June 22, 1793, Vancouver's Discovery and Chatham anchored in Klekane Inlet. Archibald Menzies, the ship's botanist, wrote that on the evening of June 28, they were visited by eight natives in two canoes who brought them two large salmon. This is the first known published encounter with the Haisla people. ~ Eden Robinson
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Robinson
The main reserve of the Haisla Nation hugs the northwest coast of British Columbia, about 500 miles north of Vancouver. The government docks sprawl on the south end of the reserve, nestled in a bay. As children, we swam at the docks and ran to the nearby point to pick blueberries and huckleberries when we were hungry so we wouldn't have to go home. ~ Eden Robinson
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Robinson
She picked up a handheld grenade launcher, cradling it like a baby. ~ Kimberly Derting
Eden Munoz quotes by Kimberly Derting
It wasn't love at first sight. They ran into each other one morning in a sunny clearing in the forest. A few moments of stunned silence. `Glockenspiel,' Adam pronounced, thinking (but with terrible doubt) he'd found another animal in search of a name. When Eve approached him, proffering a handful of elderberries, he threw a stick at her and ran away. ~ Glen Duncan
Eden Munoz quotes by Glen Duncan
... and her name was Freedom. ~ Pam Munoz Ryan
Eden Munoz quotes by Pam Munoz Ryan
If, as a Spaniard, I am so often offended by the stereotypes that abound regarding my country, how can I accept and repeat the ones that fall even more heavily upon Israel? ~ Antonio Munoz Molina
Eden Munoz quotes by Antonio Munoz Molina
You know why they call it the Garden State, don't you? It's like the Garden of Eden-- everyone is from there originally, but no one you meet actually lives there anymore. ~ Irina Reyn
Eden Munoz quotes by Irina Reyn
Her heartbeat began to pound faster. Thirteen's eyes were sweeping over her body. A slow, deliberate glance. "Can he - can he see through the mirror?" His gaze felt like a hot touch on her skin.
"Of course not" was Dr. Wyatt's instant response. The doc sounded annoyed with her.
Her shoulders relaxed.
Subject Thirteen smiled.
Damn. ~ Cynthia Eden
Eden Munoz quotes by Cynthia Eden
Our bodies should be seen as temporary sacred temples of the soul and our duty to keep our individual one clean. Both internally and externally. Internally this is done by eating the right food; fruit. Thus avoiding any foods that sludge and sully the interior (especially animal products and cooked foods of any kind!). Externally, regular bathes in water will normally suffice, but all fruits can also be massaged into the skin with benefits. The skins of mangos and papaya feel especially pleasant, as does a head/hair bath in lemon juice ~ Mango Wodzak
Eden Munoz quotes by Mango Wodzak
away from Eden. She's mine. ~ Karen Witemeyer
Eden Munoz quotes by Karen Witemeyer
The person my heartache would spit out wouldn't be Ellie Watt and she wouldn't be Eden White. I didn't know her name, but I knew she wouldn't possess a heart.
I was fucking scared of her. ~ Karina Halle
Eden Munoz quotes by Karina Halle
It's full of festering poison, this place, and it looks as peaceful and as innocent as the Garden of Eden."
"Even there," said Owen drily, "there was one serpent. ~ Agatha Christie
Eden Munoz quotes by Agatha Christie
Fawcett once described fear as the 'motive power of all evil' which had 'excluded humanity from the Garden of Eden. ~ David Grann
Eden Munoz quotes by David Grann
In addition to Ameslan, chimpanzees and other nonhuman primates are being taught a variety of other gestural languages. And it is just this transition from tongue to hand that has permitted humans to regain the ability-lost, according to Josephus, since Eden-to communicate with the animals. ~ Carl Sagan
Eden Munoz quotes by Carl Sagan
To beguile is to deceive or lead astray, as Lucifer beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden. ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin
Eden Munoz quotes by Joseph B. Wirthlin
It's not broken
"It is now." What? Had it not been gentlemanly to tear up her motor? ~ Cynthia Eden
Eden Munoz quotes by Cynthia Eden
Six crows sit in our greengage tree. Half awake, I hear them speak to me in Haisla. ~ Eden Robinson
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Robinson
Her body went into meltdown, overwhelmed and unsure whether to heat up in arousal or panic under his scrutiny. Bloody hell. Nobody should be that sinful. A rich, talented, bad boy all rolled up into a package of I-don't-give-a-shit, I-know-how-good-I-look. ~ Eden Summers
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Summers
Tavish could tell he was being sized up. And by the narrowing of Joseph's eyes, he recognized Tavish's intent as well. They stood, eyeing one another for several long and silent moments. Tavish had not intended to pursue Katie in the least. Now, it seemed, he had a rival. Joseph Archer was infuriatingly difficult to read. Was it confidence that kept him so at ease? Joseph did have the advantage. Katie lived in his house. He could see her, talk to her every day. Joseph was wealthy, with the air of class and money about him. Tavish had none of those things. And though Katie had warmed to him a bit, he didn't yet feel she'd entirely shed her wariness of him. ~ Sarah M. Eden
Eden Munoz quotes by Sarah M. Eden
We are people-trees. Our roots are hidden in Earth .The branches spread out on Heavens.
The fruits are our energy.
Two different energies: The positive and negative ones.
The balance of both carries the progress.
Article by Author Katerina Kostaki :The Tree of Gnosis in the Garden of Eden ~ Katerina Kostaki
Eden Munoz quotes by Katerina Kostaki
And then all that has divided us will merge
And then compassion will be wedded to power
And then softness will come to a world that is harsh and unkind
And then both men and women will be gentle
And then both women and men will be strong
And then no person will be subject to another's will
And then all will be rich and free and varied
And then the greed of some will give way to the needs of many
And then all will share equally in the Earth's abundance
And then all will care for the sick and the weak and the old
And then all will nourish the young
And then all will cherish life's creatures
And then all will live in harmony with each other and the Earth
And then everywhere will be called Eden once again. ~ Judy Chicago
Eden Munoz quotes by Judy Chicago
Soundings must be made at all three mounds. We make a start with Tell Mozan. There is a village there, and with Hamoudi as ambassador we try and obtain workmen. The men are doubtful and suspicious.

"We do not need money," they say. "It has been a good harvest."

For this is a simple, and, I think, consequently a happy part of the world. Food is the only consideration. If the harvest is good, you are rich. For the rest of the year there is leisure and plenty, until the time comes to plough and sow once more.

"A little extra money," says Hamoudi, like the serpent of Eden, "is always welcome."

They answer simply: "But what can we buy with it? We have enough food until the harvest comes again."

And here, alas! the eternal Eve plays her part. Astute Hamoudi baits his hook. They can buy ornaments for their wives.

The wives nod their heads. This digging, they say, is a good thing!

Reluctantly the men consider the idea. ... ~ Agatha Christie
Eden Munoz quotes by Agatha Christie
When a person is dying inside, she doesn't need a jester." Biddy set the bandages in his hands. "She needs a champion. ~ Sarah M. Eden
Eden Munoz quotes by Sarah M. Eden
You are words," the fireflies said. "Your soul is the poem. The struggle to make mortal words say the infinite unsayable is the struggle that defines sentience. ~ Eden Robinson
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Robinson
And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual. ~ John Steinbeck
Eden Munoz quotes by John Steinbeck
At last, I came to the Lost Dog's Home which my map told me marked teh turnoff to Shelly Beach.
You could hear some of the dogs barking, calling out for their owners to come and get them away from there ...
I hated going to those places because I always wanted to take all the dogs home or let them go free, even though I knew most of them would go straight out and be hit by a car or starve to death. I sometimes wished I could have a place where I could take those dogs and let them live. The Phantom had this sanctuary called Eden and all the animals there lived together, even tigers and baby deer, because they'd never learned it's kill or be killed. The maneaters ate fish out of the lagoon and the island was protected by the Bandar poison pygmies and by the piranha fish in the lagoon. I would have liked there to be such a place for pets who had been dumped of abandoned. They could feed the owners to the piranha. ~ Isobelle Carmody
Eden Munoz quotes by Isobelle Carmody
Truth, simplicity and love. These are the three main aspects of Eden Fruitarianism which the acolyte seeks to embrace, expand and better understand. ~ Mango Wodzak
Eden Munoz quotes by Mango Wodzak
Although [in 1937] we might still hope to prevent the divisions of Europe into Fascist and anti-Fascist camps, our real affinities and interests, strategic as well as political, lay with France, a fact which some of my colleagues were most reluctant to realise. ~ Anthony Eden
Eden Munoz quotes by Anthony Eden
You saved my life. I never want to forget that. Even when I'm old and senile. Even if we drift apart. No matter what happens, I will always hold you close to my heart. ~ Eden Summers
Eden Munoz quotes by Eden Summers
When a good man loves a good woman, God smiles. When a good man loves a good woman, God smiles so broad and bright that the angel guarding the gate to Eden puts down his fiery sword. I've been to busy to get to Eden. What kind of man is too busy to make God smile? ~ Alice Randall
Eden Munoz quotes by Alice Randall
Christian attempts at social witness have often swung wildly back and forth between chest-beating optimism to withdrawal and despair. One minute we are "reclaiming America for Christ," the next we pronounce that American culture is "slouching toward Gomorrah." We lose sight both of the fact that all of human history - from Eden onward - is a war zone, and that God's kingdom triumph is proven not by our electoral success or our cultural influence - as important as that is in being obediently "salt" and "light" in our culture. Our triumph is proven in the resurrection of the world's rightful ruler. ~ Russell D. Moore
Eden Munoz quotes by Russell D. Moore
Observe the persistence, in mankind's mythologies, of the legend about a paradise that men had once possessed, the city of Atlantis or the Garden of Eden or some kingdom of perfection, always behind us. The root of that legend exists, not in the past of the race, but in the past of every man. You still retain a sense - not as firm as a memory, but diffused like the pain of hopeless longing - that somewhere in the starting years of your childhood, before you had learned to submit, to absorb the terror of unreason and to doubt the value of your mind, you had known a radiant state of existence, you had known the independence of a rational consciousness facing an open universe. That is the paradise which you have lost, which you seek - which is yours for the taking. ~ Ayn Rand
Eden Munoz quotes by Ayn Rand
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