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You can't tell what's in a person's heart until you truly Know them. ~ Belle
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Belle
100% of the people who get the magazine say they read the cartoons first - and the other 2% are lying.100 ~ David Remnick
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by David Remnick
I know not all people with scars are evil," I snap. "I'm not living in a cartoon. ~ Ally Carter
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Ally Carter
Blows the lid off a decades-long conspiracy to secretly educate cartoon viewers ~ David X. Cohen
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by David X. Cohen
When I was first painting the Monopoly guy I received a criticism. People said, "You're just painting cartoon characters, anyone can do that," but I'm actually a very skilled artist. That's why I released a Jack Nicholson portrait right after that that was very detailed in the face to show my skills. ~ Alec Monopoly
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Alec Monopoly
I found out Si was taking naps every day on Kay's couch! I went to Phil and told him it was a problem.
"Look, I know he's your brother and he's my uncle, but he's not the kind of worker we need to have," I told Phil, while trying to make a good first impression.
I was trying to instill a new work ethic and culture in Duck Commander, and I couldn't have Si sleeping on the job!
"Don't touch Si," Phil told me. "You leave him alone. He's making reeds and that's the hardest thing we do. Si is the only guy who wants to do it, and he's good at it. Si is fine."
Amazingly enough, in the ten years I've been running Duck Commander, we've never once run out of reeds. Six years ago, Si suffered a heart attack. He smoked cigarettes for almost forty years and then quit after his heart attack, so we were all so proud of him. Even before his heart attack, I wasn't sure about putting Si on our DVDs because I thought he would just come across too crazy. He cracked us up in the duck blind and we all loved him, but I told Jep and the other camera guys to film around him. Honestly, I didn't think anyone would understand what he was saying. When we finally tried to put him on the DVDs, he clammed up in front of the camera and looked like a frog in a cartoon just sitting there. He wouldn't perform. Finally, we put a hidden camera under a shirt on Si's desk. We were near the end of editing a DVD and showed a shooting scene to Si. He always takes credit for shooting more ducks than ~ Willie Robertson
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Willie Robertson
I am definitely not scared of Mike Tyson. I am at the top of the food chain and he is looking to knock me off. Mike's an arrogant imbecile. He sounds like a cartoon character. ~ Lennox Lewis
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Lennox Lewis
My grandmother was probably the first person who I thought was beautiful. She was incredibly stylish, she had big hair, big cars. I was probably 3 years old, but she was like a cartoon character. She'd swoop into our lives with presents and boxes, and she always smelled great and looked great. ~ Tom Ford
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Tom Ford
The nice thing is that, at least in Los Angeles, I'm known as a character actor and I do auditions for other things besides just cartoon shows. ~ Dan Castellaneta
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Dan Castellaneta
I like a strange, wide range of stuff. I like classical music and industrial noise bands. John Waters films and Peanuts cartoons. Barry Manilow and GG Allin. I should have my head examined. ~ Brian Pinkerton
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Brian Pinkerton
I'm the kind of girl who wants to get married in a big, white dress, wearing my grandma's pearls. I want a husband who loves me and is faithful to me. I want him to come home to me every night, and I don't want to have to worry if he's doing his secretary, because he's the kind of man who has too much honor to do that. I want to wait a year and then I want to start trying for the two kids that we'll eventually have, a girl and a boy. And when we have those kids, I do not want, one day, to have to look in their little faces and explain why their daddy is on the internet having relations with everyone from College Honeys to Cougars Gone Wild for money. I want to throw a cartoon themed birthday party at a jump house for my six year old, not mark the occasion by explaining what a "money shot" is. I have a feeling your life goals are somewhat different than mine. And by 'somewhat,' I mean, utterly and completely. Does that explain why it would be a waste of time for both of us to continue being in each other's presence? ~ Mia Sheridan
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Mia Sheridan
I wanted to become a cartoon artist, a portrait artist, and an illustrator. This was my first idea. ~ Karl Lagerfeld
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
I've never canceled a subscription to a newspaper because of bad cartoons or editorials. If that were the case, I wouldn't have any newspapers or magazines to read. ~ Richard M. Nixon
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Richard M. Nixon
When I started everything, and by everything, I mean life, suicide was a joke. If I have to ride in that car with you, I'll slash my wrists with a butter knife. It was as real as a unicorn. No, less than that. It was as real as the explosion around an animated coyote. A hundred thousand people threaten to kill themselves every day and make a hundred thousand other people laugh, because like a cartoon, it's funny and meaningless. Gone even before you turn off the TV.

Then it was a disease. Something other people got, if they lived someplace dirty enough to get the infection under their nails. It was not a pleasant dinner table conversation, Cole, and like the flu, it only killed the weak. If you'd been exposed, you didn't talk about it. Wouldn't want to put other people off their feed.

It wasn't until high school that it became a possibility. Not an immediate one, not like It is a possibility I will download this album because the guitar is so sick it makes me want to dance, but possibility in the way that some people said when they grew up, they might be a fireman or an astronaut or a CPA who works late every single weekend while his wife has an affair with the guy who drives the DHL truck. It became a possibility like Maybe when I grow up, I will be dead. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
I'm a human being, I'm not anyone's mascot! And I am America's conscience. And that's what they don't want to look at. They would rather look at a cartoon character than at the deceit of this country and this government. ~ Russell Means
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Russell Means
Partially undermining the manufacturer's ability to assert that its work constituted a meaningful contribution to mankind was the frivolous way in which it went about marketing its products. Grief was the only rational response to the news that an employee had spent three months devising a supermarket promotion based on an offer of free stickers of cartoon characters called the Fimbles. Why had the grown-ups so churlishly abdicated their responsibilities? Were there not more important ambitions to be met before Death showed himself on the horizon in his hooded black cloak, his scythe slung over his shoulder? ~ Alain De Botton
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Alain De Botton
The fascinating thing about the studio was that there was no story department. They would put a little notice up on the bulletin board saying: 'The next Oswald will take place at the North Pole. Anybody having any gags, please turn them in before such a date.' If you turned in gags regularly, the way Tex Avery, Cal Howard, Jack Carr and two or three others of us did, you'd be called into the gag meeting. The group would go into Walt's office and talk about whatever the subject of the cartoon was. Walt would put it into some kind of form and that was the story
no scripts, no storyboards. ~ Walter Lantz
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Walter Lantz
Muslims insult all other religions. The Quran is an insult to the Jews, the Christians and everyone else. It calls the Jews apes, pigs and rats. All the non-believers are najis (filthy, impure) and hell bond. The Quran even instructs the Muslims to fight the unbelievers, chop their fingertips, behead them, crucify them and deal with them harshly. 5:33, 9:14, 9:73 However, Muslims went berserk when a Danish Newspaper published a few cartoons of Muhammad. ~ Ali Sina
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Ali Sina
My parents didn't hide reality. I watched cartoons and the news with equal fascination. ~ Jello Biafra
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Jello Biafra
The only cartoon I ever liked was 'Fantasia.' ~ Margaret Weis
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Margaret Weis
A question I have often asked is, 'What would an inoffensive political cartoon look like?' What would a respectful cartoon look like? The form requires disrespect and so if we are going to have in the world things like cartoons and satire, we just have to accept it as part of the price of freedom."

(Interview, The Hindu, 2012) ~ Salman Rushdie
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Salman Rushdie
I was deeply distressed that the cartoons were seen by many Muslims as an attempt by Denmark to mark and insult or behave disrespectfully towards Islam or Mohammed. ~ Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Anders Fogh Rasmussen
I'm fully aware that not every cartoon is Pulitzer material. That said, I'm proud of my Pulitzer portfolio, the 20 that got judged. ~ Steve Breen
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Steve Breen
Because good writing in a TV cartoon is so rare, I think the animation on The Simpsons is often overlooked. ~ Matt Groening
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Matt Groening
The Dallas Times Herald ran a cartoon mocking the [Reagan] administration's position. "We don't oppose the extension of the Voting Rights Act ... but we think the test of discrimination should be intent not effect," a fictional Smith said at a press conference. "Won't that cripple enforcement of the Act?" a reporter asked. "That is not our intent," Smith responded. ~ Ari Berman
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Ari Berman
They wanted to make her less rural, less of a cartoon. Not that Southern woman are cartoonish - they're the strongest women in this country, but with Val they wanted to take the stereotypical things out. ~ Joan Van Ark
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Joan Van Ark
Rabbi Heskel Shpilman is a deformed mountain, a giant ruined desert, a cartoon house with the windows shut and the sink left running. A little kid lumped him together, a mob of kids, blind orphans who never laid eyes on a man. They clumped the dough of his arms and legs to the dough of his body, then jammed his head down on top. A millionaire could cover a Rolls-Royce with the fine black silk-and-velvet expanse of the rebbe's frock coat and trousers. It would require the brain strength of the eighteen greatest sages in history to reason through the arguments against and in favor of classifying the rebbe's massive bottom as either a creature of the deep, a man-made structure, or an unavoidable act of God. ~ Michael Chabon
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Michael Chabon
I feel like my music is just an extension of my acting. I treat the songs like scenes that tell a story ... it's very similar. My favorite thing is when cartoon fans show up to my live gigs! They are always the most kick-butt audience members 'cause they're not trying to act all cool like a lot of the music fans do! It's refreshing!! ~ Grey DeLisle
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Grey DeLisle
I loved 'Dungeons & Dragons'. That was actually a good cartoon to me. ~ Jim Rash
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Jim Rash
I'm Vane Weston: The Last Westerly
Great- it sounds like something out of an anime cartoon. ~ Shannon Messenger
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Shannon Messenger
All the cartoonists at heart liked him, and there was seldom or never anything bitter or really unfriendly in their portrayals of him; they were uniformly good-natured." Caricatures even transformed his failure during a mid-November bear hunt into a triumph, conjuring an image of the president steadfastly refusing to shoot a small bear furnished for the occasion. As renditions of the original Clifford Berryman cartoon proliferated, the bear dwindled in size until he appeared as a tiny cub, prompting toy store owners to market stuffed bears in honor of Teddy Roosevelt. Soon the Teddy bear became one of the most cherished toys of all time. ~ Doris Kearns Goodwin
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
My dream was to draw for 'The Beano.' When I was 10 years old, I started drawing cartoon strips with 'The Beano' in mind. I lived in that world. You own a comic, it's yours and adults don't understand it. You could pile them up under the bed, and if you were off school ill, you'd go through them all. ~ Nick Park
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Nick Park
Yet this rumble is cartoon thunder. ~ Richard Powers
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Richard Powers
I was from such a large family that when I first met my wife, I told her: 'You can go work outside of the house and I'll stay home and continue making my cartoon strips. Maybe I'll make some commercials nearby, you know I'll do anything locally, but I would love to just stay at home and raise the kids like I did when I was growing up.' ~ Robert Rodriguez
Dogshit Cartoon quotes by Robert Rodriguez
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