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Ah, the truth, what a thing it is! I sacrifice so much for it, with people: I forego, for truth's sake, discretion, loyalty, diplomacy, tact, polite manners, elegance, grace, poise, balance, good taste, conformity, image-role, fashionableness, polish, confidences, promises, ambition, consistency, identity, clarity, comprehensibleness, good will, hypocrisy, and lots of other things
amass sacrifice, at truth's altar. God! is truth worth it? I hope it is. It better be, in fact. ~ Marvin L. Cohen
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Marvin L. Cohen
Christianity taught us to see the eye of the lord looking down upon us. Such forms of knowledge project an image of reality, at the expense of reality itself. They talk figures and icons and signs, but fail to perceive forces and flows. They bind us to other realities, and especially the reality of power as it subjugates us. Their function is to tame, and the result is the fabrication of docile and obedient subjects. ~ Gilles Deleuze
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Gilles Deleuze
Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving. ~ William Shakespeare
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by William Shakespeare
Fashion is a reflection of our times. Fashion can tell you everything that's going on in the world with a strong fashion image. ~ Anna Wintour
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Anna Wintour
Design is all about desire, but strangely this desire seems almost subject-less today, or at least lack-less; that is, design seems to advance a new kind of narcissism, one that is all image and no interiority - an apotheosis of the subject that is also its disappearance. Poor little rich man: he is 'precluded from all fuure living and striving, developing and desiring' in the neo-Art Nouveau world of total design and Internet plenitude. ~ Hal Foster
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Hal Foster

U are a dot
A point
A speck
An image
A stillness
A shadow
A centrifugal force
Turning into itself
Emanating heat
Emanating light
You are a transient warmth
Wave like u exist
Resonating properties
As body
As mind
As heart
As human
You are
One dot in trillions exponentially
Sifting through motion
Expressed as e=motion
You are engulfed in water
From the inside out
Wrapped in the Arms of giver of air
Held ephemerally by the heart of sky
In suspended attraction to the wooing of earth
You are reflecting ash taken to travel
Bathing in sun rays
Resting as moonlight
You are a resonant echo
Given to name matter
Bouncing dot like
You are a distance timber
Specified to forms
A mountain
A valley
A hill
A meadow
A dune
A desert
Exacting measure
You Are
A magnitude of existences

© Olivia Chumacero ~ Olivia Chumacero
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Olivia Chumacero
Islam's prohibitions against pictoral representation of the human being have prevented the ubiquitous spread of the use of the female body for corporate purposes. Advertisements do not feature superfluous female body there to titillate potential buyer. In advertisements...image is not advanced as an ideal to which other women should aspire. Hence the use of images of women (and men) does not promote the phenomenon of self-correcting and self-policing, as is the case with the use of images in the mainstream Western culture. ~ Katherine Bullock
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Katherine Bullock
once a person's self-image is altered, all sorts of subtle advantages become available to someone who wants to exploit that new image. ~ Robert B. Cialdini
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Robert B. Cialdini
Nefertiti Speaks:
Sands of time released my ancient image
to awaken you to the artistry and splendour
of Egypt's Camelot

No mystery am I
A modern woman trapped in an old time

Go forward beautiful ladies and create
new worlds of artistry and beauty
out of the sands of time ~ Ramon Ravenswood
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Ramon Ravenswood
Reverence for the natural environment, and experiencing the interconnectedness between all things has long guided me to create watercolor paintings of beauty and spirit. Life's continuing adventure has led me into an exciting exploration into the wisdom and symbolic imagery of Sacred Geometry. These paintings act as a bridge between this reality and a metaphorical world of healing, continuity, and transformation. I use multiple transparent watercolor glazes coupled with image overlapping techniques, and sacred geometry to produce visions of a multi-dimensional reality. It is my intention to create art that embodies the vibration of Universal Love and expresses the joy and gratitude I feel for the honor of being part of this earthwalk."
~Blessings, Francene~ ~ Francene Hart
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Francene Hart
How we diminished her and in turn ourselves. Turned parts of her body into heavy burdens to carry. Watching. Tittering (we no longer laughed, from then on it was tittering). Commenting. Losing our composure. Falling in love, developing obsessions, and growing resentful when our shallow affections were ignored. ~ Rion Amilcar Scott
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Rion Amilcar Scott
Words present us with little pictures, clear and familiar, like those that are hung on the walls of schools to give children an example of what a workbench is, a bird, an anthill, things conceived of as similar to all others of the same sort. But names present a confused image of people
and of towns, which they accustom us to believe are individual, unique like people
an image which derives from them, from the brightness or darkness of their tone, the color with which it is painted uniformly, like one of those posters, entirely blue or entirely red, in which, because of the limitations of the process used or by a whim of the designer, not only the sky and the sea are blue or red, but the boats, the church, the people in the streets. ~ Marcel Proust
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Marcel Proust
I- I. Sorry. This is what my father would call a fucking unfortunate image. ~ Erin Bow
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Erin Bow
Our horses plunged up the trail.
"Go on…Go!" Bran jerked one hand toward the mountains, then swayed in his saddle.
Another arrow sang overhead.
"I won't leave you," I snapped.
"Go. Our people…Carry on the fight."
In answer he yanked the reins on his terrified horse, which lunged toward mine. Gritting his teeth, he leaned out and whipped the ends of his reins across the mare's shoulder. "Go!"
My mount panicked, leaped forward. My neck snapped back. I clutched to the horse's mane with all my strength. The last glimpse I had of Bran was of his white face and his anxious eyes watching me as he and his mount fell back.
And then I was on my own.
For a time the mare raced straight up the trail while the only thought I could hold in my mind was, A trap? A trap? And then the image, seen endlessly, of Bran being shot.
Then a scrap of memory floated up before my inner eye. Again I saw the elegant Renselaeus dining room, heard the Marquis's refined drawling voice: My people are taking and holding the Vesingrui fortress on your border. For now they are wearing the green uniform…
A trap. Cold fury washed through me. They have betrayed us.
It was then that I recovered enough presence of mind to realize that I was in my home territory at last, and I could leave the trail anytime. The horse had recovered from the panic and was trotting. So I recaptured the reins, leading the horse across the side of the mountain toward the ~ Sherwood Smith
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Sherwood Smith
We should not regard what a man is and what he deserves: but we should go higher – that it is God who has placed us in the world for such a purpose that we be united and joined together. He has impressed his image in us and has given us a common nature, which should incite us to providing one for the other. The man who wishes to exempt himself from providing for his neighbors should face himself and declare that he no longer wishes to be a man, for as long as we are human creatures we must contemplate as in a mirror our face in those who are poor, despised, exhausted, who groan under their burdens . . ~ John Calvin
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by John Calvin
When you say, "I need more confidence," what you're really saying is, "I need those people over there to approve of me."
That is the desire to control other people and what they think. The first person who figures out how to do this owns the world. ~ Augusten Burroughs
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Augusten Burroughs
Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, wishes. Who looks inside, finds infinite wisdom. ~ Sereda Aleta Dailey
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Sereda Aleta Dailey
I got bloopers, loopers and droppers. I got a jump ball, a be ball, a screw ball, a wobbly ball, a whipsy-dipsy-do, a hurry-up ball, a nothin' ball and a bat dodger. My be ball is a be ball 'cause it 'be' right were I want it, high and inside. It wiggles like a worm. Some I throw with my knuckles, some with two fingers. My whips-dipsy-do is a special fork ball I throw underhand and sidearm that slithers and sinks. I keep my thumb off the ball and use three fingers. The middle finger sticks up high, like a bent fork. ~ Paige
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Paige
A woman is always beutiful to the one who has fallen in love with her, nothing can dampen her image before his eyes. ~ Paul Bamikole
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Paul Bamikole
And I know the past isn't a mirror image of the future, but it's a reflection of what can be; and when your first love breaks your heart, the shards of that can draw blood for a long, long time. ~ Elizabeth Acevedo
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
I reluctantly soldiered on to the raccoon. It actually would have tasted quite good had I not had the image of a raccoon rummaging through the garbage stuck in my head. ~ Lester Holt
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Lester Holt
People look up to me as somebody who is able to switch the image of our country from negative to positive. ~ Novak Djokovic
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Novak Djokovic
There is something else I must confess about Tata Boanda: he's a sinner. Right in the plain sight of God he has two wives, a young and an old one. Why, they all come to church! Father says we're to pray for all three of them, but when you get down to the particulars it's hard to know exactly what outcome to pray for. He should drop one wife, I guess, but for sure he'd drop the older one, and she already looks sad enough as it is. The younger one has all the kids, and you can't just pray for a daddy to flat-out dump his babies, can you? I always believed any sin was easily rectified if only you let Jesus Christ into your heart, but here it gets complicated.

Mama Boanda Number Two doesn't seem fazed by her situation. In fact, she looks like she's fixing to explode with satisfaction. She and her little girls all wear their hair in short spikes bursting out all over their heads, giving an effect similar to a pincushion (Rachel calls it the "haywire hairdo.") And Mama Boanda always wraps her pagne just so, with a huge pink starburst radiating across her wide rump. The women's long cloth skirts are printed so gaily with the oddest things: there is no telling when a raft of yellow umbrellas, or the calico cat and gingham dog, or an upside-down image of the Catholic Pope might just go sauntering across our yard. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
I think what we are seeing is a vicious circle: by covering the controversies and the conflicting realities, it creates a much distorted perception of Islam and Muslims. When a minority is being taken as a majority, it creates a wrong image. ~ Tariq Ramadan
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Tariq Ramadan
Any photographer worth his/her salt - that is, any photographer of professional caliber, in control of the craft, regardless of imagistic bent - can make virtually anything look good. Which means, of course, that she or he can make virtually anything look bad - or look just about any way at all. After all, that is the real work of photography: making things look, deciding how a thing is to appear in the image. ~ A. D. Coleman
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by A. D. Coleman
The Zen Master was constantly attempting to break up concepts that people had about what it was like to be a spiritual teacher. We have a traditional image. Each Zen master was a complete character. ~ Frederick Lenz
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Frederick Lenz
I want to contrast this ceramic image of the world with the distinctly different dramatic image that is the presiding image of the Hindus. Their idea is that God did not make the world, but acted it. That is to say, every person and every thing is a role or part that the Godhead is playing. ~ Alan W. Watts
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Alan W. Watts
When a worldview exchanges the Creator for something in creation, it will also exchange a high view of humans made in God's image for a lower view of humans made in the image of something in creation. Humans are not self-existent, self-sufficient, or self-defining. They did not create themselves. They are finite, dependent, contingent beings. As a result, they will always look outside themselves for their ultimate identity and meaning. They will define human nature by its relationship to the divine - however they define divinity. Those who do not get their identity from a transcendent Creator will get it from something in creation. ~ Nancy Pearcey
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Nancy Pearcey
Open your eyes to new opportunities ~ Sunday Adelaja
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Sunday Adelaja
An image from one of the photographs comes back to him. He tries to push it away and focus on the present, but he sees the past. ~ Renée Knight
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Renée Knight
They made it so that we can't change it from within. They made it so we must kill to break it. If we be monsters, we're monsters made in their image. ~ Brent Weeks
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Brent Weeks
But I think that this apparent desire to be a victim cloaks an opposing dread: that Americans are in truth profoundly, neurotically terrified of being victims, ever, in any way. This fear is conceivably one reason we initiated the particularly vicious and gratuitous Iraq war―because Americans can't tolerate feeling like victims, even briefly. I think it is the reason that every boob with a hangnail has been clogging the courts and haunting talk shows across the land for the last twenty years, telling his/her "story" and trying to get redress. Whatever the suffering is, it's not to be endured, for God's sake, not felt and never, ever accepted. It's to be triumphed over. And because some things cannot be triumphed over unless they are first accepted and endured, because, indeed, some things cannot be triumphed over at all, the "story" must be told again and again in endless pursuit of a happy ending. To be human is finally to be a loser, for we are all fated to lose our carefully constructed sense of self, our physical strength, our health, our precious dignity, and finally our lives. A refusal to tolerate this reality is a refusal to tolerate life, and art based on the empowering message and positive image is just such a refusal. ~ Mary Gaitskill
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Mary Gaitskill
It was an image Melody would never forget. Or was it the emotions the image conjured - hope, excitement, and fear of the unknown, all three tightly braided together, creating a fourth emotion that was impossible to define. She was getting a second chance at happiness and it tickled like swallowing fifty fuzzy caterpillars. ~ Lisi Harrison
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Lisi Harrison
It had been one of the biggest landgrabs in the city's history and Bosch knew the story well, having tried all his life to counter his love of baseball and the Dodgers with the ugly story buried beneath the diamond where, as a boy, he watched Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale pitch. It seemed to him that every gleaming success in the city had a dark seam to it somewhere, usually just out of view. ~ Michael Connelly
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Michael Connelly
You know, Piggly Wiggly never could hang on to a night stock manager. Your math skills would be a plus, maybe even your Spanish, and you don't mind staying up late."

"Piggly Wiggly, wow. I hadn't thought about that. I'll swing by, pick up an application tomorrow. But if it doesn't pan out maybe ... Never mind, it's a crazy idea."

"No, tell me. I want to hear it."

"Well, just as a backup plan, I did hear that Sony has an opening. They're, um, they're looking for a rock star. The hours suck, but it's no worse than night stock manager at Pigs. I bet it pays better too."

Isabel stopped in her tracks, playfully slapping his arm. "Aidan, that's genius! That's what you should do! I've heard you sing, you can carry a decent tune." She looked him up and down. "With a little work, you can probably pull off the image."

He tugged on her arms until she was in his. "Only if you're sure. Only if it's what we want."

"Aidan, it's who you are. I've known it since the day we brought that first guitar here. I'd never want to take that away. ~ Laura Spinella
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Laura Spinella
There was something really great about being able to put something out into the world - a song, an introduction, even my voice - and let people make of it what they wanted. I didn't have to worry about how I looked, or if the image of me people had fit who I really was. ~ Sarah Dessen
Dodgers Image Dodger quotes by Sarah Dessen
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