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I was stuck in traffic one day and just kinda thought it would be funny to masturbate. It was sunny and clear out, so I was worried one of the other drivers would see me, but my jeep is pretty high off the ground, so I think no one noticed. I busted a nut and aimed it down, ruining my tweety bird floor mat. I felt kinda stupid after and my mom kept silent the rest of the drive home. It was awkward and I regret it. ~ Zach Braff
Deluca Jeep quotes by Zach Braff
I was 17 years old when I built the first store ... A very simple, basic store with a basic counter - not very much equipment, all purchased second-hand. And the menu was very simple. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
There's more to her, I know there is. I saw it in her eyes when she laughed with me in the Jeep. Felt it in her touch as we danced. ~ Katie McGarry
Deluca Jeep quotes by Katie McGarry
Now, get in the damn jeep. It is, as you know, very, very rude and usually unnecessary to use profanity, but the Baudelaire orphans were too terrified to point this out to Stephano. Taking one last look at their poor Uncle Monty, the three children followed Stephano to the door of the Reptile Room to get in the damn jeep. ~ Lemony Snicket
Deluca Jeep quotes by Lemony Snicket
Most of the people we sign on as development agents commit to goals they don't believe are possible. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
This is another dream, isn't it?"
"Perceive it as you like. I've been trying to tell you things, but you're allowing the dark things-him-to invade your thoughts and feelings. ~ Sandy DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Sandy DeLuca
You start a business, and you really don't have much of a budget. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
Marcus DeLuca had to be a dangerous man because I was caving in too soon; it was just too soon to feel this attachment, to feel and want him so desperately. When something seems too good to be true, it's exactly that. - Mia ~ E.L. Montes
Deluca Jeep quotes by E.L. Montes
Birthday wishes were allowed to be lofty. I blew out the candles and let those wishes fly away with the wisps of smoke. The ones that were meant to be would come back. ~ Jen DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Jen DeLuca
Be safe on this wicked night. ~ Sandy DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Sandy DeLuca
A couple times a year, I get in the car, and I'll drive 1,000 miles cross-country, going through side streets. I'll stay off the highways as much as possible. And I realize it's a huge country, and for us to be in so many places in the country is an amazing thing. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
I pushed him against his Jeep, looked him dead in the eye and kissed him. He asked if he could come up, and I just walked up the steps and said, not yet. That was the moment I knew I loved him. ~ Dominic Riccitello
Deluca Jeep quotes by Dominic Riccitello
I remember that my mother had always said to be polite and finish my meal. At last he gave no more struggles. The deed was done. Now the boat contained four men, not one heartbeat among us. The fate they had destined for another claimed them as well. The irony of it all was more delicious than the blood consumed.
Quote by Lane DeLuca ~ Wynter Wilkins
Deluca Jeep quotes by Wynter Wilkins
For a franchise system to work well, you really need people with an entrepreneurial mind-set because, while you have a large, overarching system that everybody has to work with, a lot of local issues have to be handled. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
...while the stony bones of the world tore past and the air grew dark and howling. The last thing he saw as the gulley became a torrent of dust and rock was the Jeep, plucked backwards into space. ~ A. Ashley Straker
Deluca Jeep quotes by A. Ashley Straker
To a large extent, we're working hard to fulfill the consumer demand for Subway sandwiches. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
I was halfway out the door before Daniel had even stopped. I slipped off his coat and gloves. "Thanks," I told him.
"Hey." Quick as a snake, he leaned across the passenger seat and thrust out his hand, stopping the door from closing. "Hey! I have something to say here."
"You're welcome," he said.
"That's the something?"
"Nope.That's a something. This is the something..." He pinned me with those almost-black eyes, and I had absolutely no doubt as to why his invisible girl climbed happily into the back of the Jeep with him. "You listening?"
"Sure." A little hypnotized, maybe, but functioning.
"There is not a single ordinary thing about you,Loco Girl." He pulled the door closed with a snap and was gone. ~ Melissa Jensen
Deluca Jeep quotes by Melissa Jensen
We thought we should list all legendary animals," Nigel explained – apparently without
realizing it – why they had visa problems. "Can't hurt to ask. Dragons are real, right?"
"Elves say they are." Jane desperately wanted a scotch but if she had one, Hal couldn't resist
needing one, and she didn't want go back down that road. "This list is suicidal if you're not
willing to defend yourself. This isn't Earth, where you can sit in your Jeep and take picture of
lions, or go sit in the middle of a bunch of apes. Most of these things will peel open an SUV like
it's a can of sardines and make a snack of everything inside."
"It would be amusing to watch but it would end badly for you," Hal murmured. It was hard to
tell if he was making a play on his previous statement or if he didn't realize he was repeating
"The list is a starting point." Nigel leaned forward, face lighting up with inner fire. "To get us
in the door. What we want is all of Elfhome. To revel in all that it has to offer. The virgin iron
wood forest. The beautiful immortal elves. The strange and magical beasts. And the humans that
live peacefully side by side with all this."
Jane shook her head, trying to resist the power of a TV host beaming at her one-on-one.
"Don't snow job me."
"I've seen this kind of shit before," Taggart said with quiet intensity. "When a country goes
dark, its means someone has something it's trying to ~ Wen Spencer
Deluca Jeep quotes by Wen Spencer
Unfortunately, the Best Lord had condemned both vehicles as unsafe and instead I now leased a Pack Jeep I called Hector. Equipped with dual engines, Hector worked during magic or tech. He didn't go very fast, especially during magic, but so far he hadn't stalled on me either. As long as our high-speed chases stayed under forty-five miles an hour, we would be all set. ~ Ilona Andrews
Deluca Jeep quotes by Ilona Andrews
Maj Thapa rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and served till he retired. He continued to attend almost all the Republic Day parades from 1964 to 2004. Sick and undergoing dialysis for kidney failure in Delhi, Lt Col Thapa would slip in and out of consciousness in his last year. Poornima, who was taking care of him, pleaded with him to not attend the parade that year, but he refused gently yet firmly. 'When I wear my uniform and go for the parade, I represent my soldiers; those men who fought a war with me. I cannot let them down,' he told her. Though he could hardly stand for long or even stay alert, he put on his uniform, pinned on his PVC, tilted his Gorkha hat at the perfect angle and went for the parade, remembers Poornima. Through sheer willpower, he managed to stand in the jeep till he had saluted the President. After that, he sat down. That would be the last Republic Day parade he would attend. On 5 September 2005, Lt Col Thapa died of kidney failure. He was 77 years old. ~ Rachna Bisht
Deluca Jeep quotes by Rachna Bisht
He leaned back against the Jeep and smiled. "More orders for your CEO, Madam President?"
Her eyes were huge and solemn with concern. "I want you to be very careful tonight."
"I will," he promised.
"Joel, I love you. You know that, don't you?"
For an instant he was stunned at the admission. Then elation soared in him. For the moment, at least, it blotted out all the other things he had been
feeling since he'd walked into his apartment and seen the evidence of Victor Copeland's ungovernable rage. He reached for Letty.
"Damn, Letty," he muttered thickly, "you've picked a fine time to tell me." He pulled her into his arms, fumbling for the feel of her through the plump
layers of her Thornquist Gear down coat. "You know I love you, too, don't you?"
"Well, you hadn't actually said so," she reminded him. The comment was tart, but her eyes were brimming with delight. "However, I have been
extremely optimistic."
"Don't ever forget it." He kissed her mouth, the only part of her that was not swallowed up by her voluminous jacket. Her lips were warm in spite of
the cold air. Joel groaned and pulled her closer. ~ Jayne Ann Krentz
Deluca Jeep quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
When you're invested in your own business, you're going to run it better. When people are financially responsible for whether their store succeeds, they're going to have that kind of entrepreneurial spirit that's harder to get if headquarters is running things. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
I tell everybody there are only three things that we do. We build sales at the store level, we build profits at the store level, and we build more stores. The first two things go in tandem, of course. It's pretty tough to build profits without sales. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
If someone wants to eat healthy, they can do that and get the sandwich exactly right. I'm so pleased we're able to influence so many people and their eating habits. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
We need to talk," he insisted, opening the door to his jeep that was parked next to my car. I was still holding out hope this would end and I would see his smile soon.
"What's wrong?" I retaliated before I go in.
"There's something you need to know, something I haven't told you," he said, taking my backpack from me. ~ S.G. Holster
Deluca Jeep quotes by S.G. Holster
I know a lot of people at some point in their business careers decide they'll just cash in and do something else, but for some reason, I've never had that feeling. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
With my Jeep running on fumes, we stopped for gas. I filled the tank, then pulled a twenty out of my wallet and handed it to Bastian.
"Get us a couple bottles of water and some food, would you? I'm famished."
Bastian cracked a grin. "That's my line. ~ Veronica Rossi
Deluca Jeep quotes by Veronica Rossi
Everybody who goes through the business will make mistakes. The big question is how big will the mistakes be? How fast will they learn from the mistakes, and how quickly will they get the business in the correct direction? ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
Jeep is America's only real sports car. ~ Enzo Ferrari
Deluca Jeep quotes by Enzo Ferrari
His beard was nonexistent, except for a carefully trimmed goatee that met his mustache on both sides of his mouth.
The overall effect was decidedly villainous. He needed a black horse and a barbarian horde to lead. That or a crew of cutthroats, a ship with blood-red sails, and some knucklehead heroine to lust after.
"Look, I've had a bad day. How about you just walk away from my Jeep?"
The volhv smiled wider, flashing even white teeth.
If he started stroking his beard, I'd have to kill him on principle."He raised his hand to his goatee.
That does it.
"Yeah. And what's with the beard and the horse mane? You look like Rent-a-Villain. ~ Ilona Andrews
Deluca Jeep quotes by Ilona Andrews
In subtle ways, Professor Vaughn showed us how to pay the land its due respect. He was patient with us if we tied an inept half hitch or ran the jeep into quick mud, but he bristled if we complained too much about the heat, or the smell of the cattle tank we used for a bath, or joked sarcastically about the social life of some small town. At the university, he lectured with such precision and speed that two students often teamed up for note taking. But stopped out on some two-track road in Jornada del Muerto, he could chew on a shaft of grass for an hour, languidly exchanging philosophy with a local cowboy. The professor even adopted a slower, lulling speech pattern in the field, and used local phrases liberally.

Time moved slowly in the desert and we were expected to fall into that rhythm. ~ Michael Novacek
Deluca Jeep quotes by Michael Novacek
I didn't want to answer any weird questions about Ren. I knew he'd probably tell his side of the story when he became a man again, but I didn't care. I kept my version of the trip factual, unemotional, and, more importantly, Renless.
Mr. Kadam said we'd be stopping at a hotel soon, but he wanted to find a good place to leave Ren first. I demurred, "Of course," and smiled a sickly sweet smile back at the attentive tiger.
Mr. Kadam worried, "I hope our hotel won't be too far away for him."
I patted Mr. Kadam's arm and reassured him, "Oh, don't worry about him. He's very good at getting what he wants. I mean…taking care of his needs. I'm sure he'll find his long night alone in the jungle extremely enlightening." Mr. Kadam shot me a puzzled glance, but he eventually nodded and pulled over near a forested area.
Ren got out of the Jeep, came around to my side of the car, and stared at me with icy blue eyes. I just turned my body away so I wouldn't have to look at him. When Mr. Kadam got back in the Jeep, I peeked out my window again, but Ren was gone. I reminded myself that he deserved it an sat back against the seat with my arms folded over my chest and an intense expression on my face.
Mr. Kadam spoke softly, "Kelsey, are you alright? You seem very…tense, since I last saw you."
I muttered under my breath, "You have no idea. ~ Colleen Houck
Deluca Jeep quotes by Colleen Houck
He felt the heat blasting from the vents of the Jeep and he gave a lot of grateful thought to the fact that he was finally in a comfortable enough place to fall asleep, not driving a stolen car and not sleeping in said stolen car in a copse of trees in twelve-degree weather; not in an unfamiliar bed that smelled like someone else; not in the series of try-hard cots in the Interim Room at Lathrop House but instead in the soft bucket seat of a Jeep that smelled like someone he knew; homeward bound, God what a queer thing to say but he hardly had the wherewithal to correct himself, so heavy were his eyelids, his head full of newfound knowledge, his belly full of egg rolls, and he didn't even notice falling asleep; he just drifted off, Wendy to his left, because he knew, somehow, that she'd get them home. ~ Claire Lombardo
Deluca Jeep quotes by Claire Lombardo
He gave Marcie a spare to the Jeep - I should park this thing in the ocean, twenty feet under. ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
Deluca Jeep quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
Is that permanent?" I ask, reaching out to touch her new pink hair before she slaps my hand away.
"I'm trying something new," she says, undaunted. She points to Barbie's Dream House and says, "We enter through the sky-light in the master bedroom. Here."
Rosie points to the Barbie jeep and says, "Where are we going to get our mobile observation unit?"
"Noah's going to borrow his mom's van," Megan says.
Rosie nods, but Noah just says, "I am?"
"You are," Megan says. ~ Ally Carter
Deluca Jeep quotes by Ally Carter
I don't think I ever dreamt of going into business. No one in my family was in business. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
We're very much in the people business in that there are two important groups you have to work with: customers and employees. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
You could have everything right but be in the wrong place. You think your business is no good, but really, the problem is your place is no good. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
Higher unemployment generally bodes well for franchising. People are looking for a new opportunity, and people who have jobs are a little less confident they'll always have a job. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
There is a machine-like quality to Joe, as if he had tuned his body the way he might tune his Jeep, and, as the Jeep was perfectly tuned, so was his body. It was easy to imagine him doing a thousand pushups or running a hundred miles, as if his body were an instrument of his mind, as if his mind were a well of limitless resource and unimaginable strength. If the mind said start, the body would start. When the mind said stop, the body would stop, and whatever it would do, it would do with precision and exactness. Dees ~ Robert Crais
Deluca Jeep quotes by Robert Crais
I went to school because I was supposed to. I did pre-med because my mum thought it was a good idea. ~ Fred DeLuca
Deluca Jeep quotes by Fred DeLuca
We hopped back into the Jeep, and he drove us along a back road, which changed to a dirt road, which changed to gravel, which changed to two lines in the dirt, and then disappeared altogether. ~ Colleen Houck
Deluca Jeep quotes by Colleen Houck
He yelled at the kid: "Stay here, don't go anywhere." He came out, said everything was okay, called over the squad commander from the checkpoint, stood facing the kid and told the squad commander, "That's how you deal with them." Then he gave the kid another two slaps and let him go. It's a crazy story, I remember sitting in the vehicle, looking on, and telling myself: I've been waiting for a situation like this for three years. From the minute I enlisted, I wanted to stop things like this, and here I am doing nothing, choosing to do nothing, is that okay? I remember answering myself: Yes, it's okay. He's hitting an Arab, and I'm doing nothing. I was really aware of doing nothing because I was scared of the company commander, and what could I do? Jump off the jeep and tell him to stop, because it's stupid, what he's doing? ~ Breaking The Silence
Deluca Jeep quotes by Breaking The Silence
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