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Sir, I did not count your glasses of wine, why should you number up my cups of tea? ~ Samuel Johnson
Count Muppet quotes by Samuel Johnson
Dear Livia McHugh
I'll be your husband. I'll be nothing but yours for the rest of forever. A single, simple day with you is something I'll refuse to take for granted. You have been the reason my heart beats since the moment I saw you, long before your hands actually had to do the job for me. Sleep in my arms. Wake up by my side. My beautiful love, be my wife and make me the happiest man. And I will never, ever lose count. Love always, Blake Hartt ~ Debra Anastasia
Count Muppet quotes by Debra Anastasia
No questions. No strings. You were right: it's the only way it'll work."
Dismayed, I stare at him. "But James--"
"Until September comes and you walk out of my life forever, we're going to spend every day as if its out last. No regrets. No looking back or forward. Just being in the moment. Making every minute count. Making memories we both can treasure after we go back to our real lives. ~ J.T. Geissinger
Count Muppet quotes by J.T. Geissinger
Tizzie, count the number of fucks I give on my fingers. Oh, I managed to conjure one just for you. ~ Kurtis J. Wiebe
Count Muppet quotes by Kurtis J. Wiebe
I'd never really done Christmas. The years I'd spent with Akil didn't count. The only religion he got behind was the worship of his own ego. ~ Pippa DaCosta
Count Muppet quotes by Pippa DaCosta
Kami wondered if she should count it as a victory that he did not seem to be actively attempting to foil her plan of going out with him. Of course, he wasn't actively participating in it either, so maybe it was a draw. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Count Muppet quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
How long have you been here? (Jericho)
Don't know. Again, tried to count once, got depressed so I stopped. I find it easier to just go with the flow. Ease with the peas. (Asmodeus)
Ease with the peas? (Jericho)
Yeah, that's not a happy memory, either. Let's forget I mentioned it. (Asmodeus) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Count Muppet quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Merit should count more than academic background. ~ Lee Myung-bak
Count Muppet quotes by Lee Myung-bak
It is not enough that we express our gratitude, we must experience it. We truly honor the must think about our blessings, separately and cumulatively It is not enough to count our blessings and express our gratitude if we don't truly feel grateful. ~ Michael Josephson
Count Muppet quotes by Michael Josephson
RVM's Thought for the Day - Everybody Counts- the Happy ones Count their Blessings and the sad ones Count their Troubles. ~ R.v.m.
Count Muppet quotes by R.v.m.
We're never inside someone else's head. We can never really know someone else's thoughts. And it's thoughts that count. Thought is reality. Actions can be faked. I ~ Iain Reid
Count Muppet quotes by Iain Reid
You have twenty-four hours, horseguy, to kill your betrayer any way you see fit and to take your revenge. Make them count. Oh, and know that you can't let daylight touch you. If you do…Well, you don't want to die without your soul. It's highly unpleasant. Sometime in the next few days, a man named Acheron Parthenopaeus will find you and teach you everything you need to know about being a Dark-Hunter. If you're smart, you'll listen to him. Welcome to the madness." – Artemis ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Count Muppet quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Planting is one of my great amusements, and even of those things which can only be for posterity, for a Septuagenary has no right to count on any thing but annuals. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Count Muppet quotes by Thomas Jefferson
They all count, even the wrong turns; they all add more to who you become. Nobody wants to be a one-way street. There are signposts if you cared to look. ~ Vikki Wakefield
Count Muppet quotes by Vikki Wakefield
When you reach our age, Vasily, it all goes by so quickly. Whole seasons seem to pass without leaving the slightest mark on our memory." "How true…, " agreed the concierge (as he sorted through an allotment of tickets). "But surely, there is comfort to be taken from that," continued the Count. "For even as the weeks begin racing by in a blur for us, they are making the greatest of impressions upon our children. When one turns seventeen and begins to experience that first period of real independence, one's senses are so alert, one's sentiments so finely attuned that every conversation, every look, every laugh may be writ indelibly upon one's memory. And the friends that one happens to make in those impressionable years? One will meet them forever after with a welling of affection."… "Perhaps it is a matter of celestial balance," he reflected. "A sort of cosmic equilibrium. Perhaps the aggregate experience of Time is a constant and thus for our children to establish such vivid impressions of this particular June, we must relinquish our claims upon it." "So that they might remember, we must forget," Vasily summed up. "Exactly!" said the Count. "So that they might remember, we must forget. But should we take umbrage at that fact? Should we feel short-changed by the notion that their experiences for the moment may be richer than ours? I think not. For it is hardly our purpose at this late stage to log a new portfolio of lasting memories. Rather, we should be dedicating ourselves t ~ Amor Towles
Count Muppet quotes by Amor Towles
There's no telling what might have happened to our defense budget if Saddam Hussein hadn't invaded Kuwait that August and set everyone gearing up for World War II. Can we count on Saddam Hussein to come along every year and resolve our defense-policy debates? Given the history of the Middle East, it's possible. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Count Muppet quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
Each say following another, either hastening or putting off our death
what pleasure does it bring? I count that man worthless whois cheered by empty hopes. No, a noble man must either live or die well. ~ Sophocles
Count Muppet quotes by Sophocles
The ones who count are those persons who - though they may be of little renown - respond to and are responsible for the continuation of the living spirit. ~ Martin Buber
Count Muppet quotes by Martin Buber
Things to Do in the Belly of the Whale"

Measure the walls. Count the ribs. Notch the long days.
Look up for blue sky through the spout. Make small fires
with the broken hulls of fishing boats. Practice smoke signals.
Call old friends, and listen for echoes of distant voices.
Organize your calendar. Dream of the beach. Look each way
for the dim glow of light. Work on your reports. Review
each of your life's ten million choices. Endure moments
of self-loathing. Find the evidence of those before you.
Destroy it. Try to be very quiet, and listen for the sound
of gears and moving water. Listen for the sound of your heart.
Be thankful that you are here, swallowed with all hope,
where you can rest and wait. Be nostalgic. Think of all
the things you did and could have done. Remember
treading water in the center of the still night sea, your toes
pointing again and again down, down into the black depths. ~ Dan Albergotti
Count Muppet quotes by Dan Albergotti
Einstein's remark on the limitlessness of human stupidity is made even more disturbing by the discovery that infinity comes in different sizes. Answering 'How much stupider?' or trying to measure the minimal idiocy bounded by an IQ test are mysteries which are themselves infinitely less alarming than simply attempting to tally the anti-savant population. One can count all the natural idiots (they're the same as the even number of idiots – twice as many), but the number of real idiots continues forever: all the counting idiots (finger reckoners) plus all the fractional idiots (geniuses on a bad day) plus all the irrational idiots (they go on and on and on) add up to a world in which the approaching upper limit of our set of natural resources has its complement in the inexhaustible lower limit of our set of mental ones. ~ Bauvard
Count Muppet quotes by Bauvard
biochemistry tells us that there is no receptor for calories, that is, no way for cells to sense how many calories are coming in, only how much of each type of macronutrient. The available chemical energy will ultimately show up but there is no reason to think that there will be a direct relation between calories and weight gain or loss. Calories do count but not in a simple way. ~ Richard David Feinman
Count Muppet quotes by Richard David Feinman
Imagine going through years of your life with the gut feeling that none of it really matters yet, that it will start at some point in the future, and that the present doesn't really count. Does this feeling seem familiar? Have you ever told yourself that everything will ultimately fall into place once you [fill in the blank]? Who wouldn't wind up numbed to real hope and possibility after exerting so much energy for stuff that really doesn't matter? ~ Ian Kerner
Count Muppet quotes by Ian Kerner
We'll count it, even if it's so incredibly gay that it should come with its own packet of fairy dust that you could sprinkle in the air when you say it. ~ T.J. Klune
Count Muppet quotes by T.J. Klune
I just need to count the rounds and count me money afterwards. ~ Tyson Fury
Count Muppet quotes by Tyson Fury
The deeds we do, the words we say,Into still air they seem to fleet;We count them ever past;But they shall last -In the dread judgment theyAnd we shall meet. ~ John Keble
Count Muppet quotes by John Keble
In times of trouble you can count on your self. In times of disaster you can count on your friends. In times of sorrow you can count on your Father. ~ William C. Richardson
Count Muppet quotes by William C. Richardson
We must decide where we want our ministry to count - in the momentary applause of popular recognition or in the reproduction of our lives in a few chosen people who will carry on our work after we have gone. Really it is a question of which generation we are living for. ~ Robert E. Coleman
Count Muppet quotes by Robert E. Coleman
He shook his head, a smile tugging at his lips. "Two hours isn't going to be enough time."
She grinned, rocking her hips. "We'd better make it count. ~ Lisa Kessler
Count Muppet quotes by Lisa Kessler
The Republic can count on me to battle its enemies ... Offensive war suits the passionate character of the French, but it is the responsibility of the man in charge of leading them to prepare with caution and wisdom everything that leads to victory. ~ Tom Reiss
Count Muppet quotes by Tom Reiss
Now I lay me down to sleep, Try to count electric sheep. Sweet dream wishes you can keep, How I hate the night. ~ Douglas Adams
Count Muppet quotes by Douglas Adams
Nothing connects to the moment like music. I count the music to bring me back, or more precisely, to bring her forward. ~ Rob Sheffield
Count Muppet quotes by Rob Sheffield
Fling away your soul once for all, your own small self; if you will find it again. Count not even on immortality. ~ James Anthony Froude
Count Muppet quotes by James Anthony Froude
It only takes one sentence to change someone's life. Make it count. ~ Ron Baratono
Count Muppet quotes by Ron Baratono
I was a last round draft pick. Nobody wanted me. I could count the amount of scouts that told me to go to school, to forget baseball. ~ Mike Piazza
Count Muppet quotes by Mike Piazza
And I'm afraid, in this day and age, trust, which I count so, you know, I love loyalty. I love trust. ~ Elton John
Count Muppet quotes by Elton John
Who's the fifth?"
I'm surprised he's been keeping count. "John Ambrose McClaren."
Peter's eyes widen. "McClaren? When did you like him?"
"Eighth grade."
"I thought you liked me in eighth grade!"
"There may have been a little bit of overlap," I admit. Stirring my straw, I say, "There was this one time, in gym…he and I had to pick up all the soccer balls, and it started to rain…" I sigh. "It was probably the most romantic thing that ever happened to me."
"What is it with girls and rain?" Peter wonders.
"I don't know…I guess maybe because everything feels more dramatic in the rain," I say with a shrug.
"Did anything actually happen with you two, or were you just standing out in the rain picking up soccer balls?"
"You wouldn't understand." Someone like Peter could never understand. ~ Jenny Han
Count Muppet quotes by Jenny Han
Watching TV together does not count as dedicated family time! ~ Eddie De Jong
Count Muppet quotes by Eddie  De Jong
Bahya Kumbhaka Introduce bahya kumbhaka after students are at ease doing antara kumbhaka. Guide them into ujjayi, bringing attention to the natural pause when empty of breath. Do several rounds of ujjayi, refining awareness of the movement in and out of that pause. With the first few retentions of the exhalation, hold for just one count and then do several rounds of seamless ujjayi before repeating. Gradually expand the count, staying with simple retention. Encourage students to keep their eyes, face, throat, and heart center soft and not to grip in their belly. Unlike inhalations, exhalations naturally stimulate mula bandha and uddiyana bandha. ~ Mark Stephens
Count Muppet quotes by Mark Stephens
You know what? Yesterday will never come back. Close your eyes and see something! You shall neither see yesterday nor tomorrow. Open your eyes and you shall see today! Open your eyes to realities then! Today is all you have to make the change! Today is the day you have to prepare for a better tomorrow. Arise and see! Today is the day you have to make the best use of the lessons of yesterday! Open your eyes and see today! Today is all you have to make a change. Awake and see why you have today! Arise and realize why you woke up today! Make today your day! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Count Muppet quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
I have my good days and my bad days, but I don't have as much energy as I used to back when I was young and foolish and didn't count the cost - and it takes a lot - to write. ~ Anne McCaffrey
Count Muppet quotes by Anne McCaffrey
So many vaginas, stomachs, cocks, snouts, and flies you don't know what to do with them ... shovelsfull! ... but hearts? ... very rare! in the last five hundred million years too many cocks and gastric tubes to count ... but hearts? ... on your fingers! ... ~ Louis Ferdinand Celine
Count Muppet quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
Dear Diary: My teen angst bullshit now has a body count. ~ Winona Ryder
Count Muppet quotes by Winona Ryder
Combat duty is strenuous and physically demanding, and I'm not the first person to notice that men and women are built differently. And while many will argue that women will only be allowed into combat arms units under the same requirements as their male counterparts, count me as skeptical. ~ Pete Hegseth
Count Muppet quotes by Pete Hegseth
It's fine to live in the now. but the best thing about now is that there's another one tomorrow. i'm going to start making them count. ~ Tim Tharp
Count Muppet quotes by Tim Tharp
For restaurants that have a minimum gratuity charge on large groups, the IRS will now count those tips as regular wages rather than traditional tips that we are all familiar with when we dine out. Ask any server, and they will tell you that this will directly affect their day-to-day lifestyle. ~ Kevin McCarthy
Count Muppet quotes by Kevin McCarthy
Iko's hand shot into the air. "Yes, Iko?" "That is the best idea ever. Count me in." Some ~ Marissa Meyer
Count Muppet quotes by Marissa Meyer
I don't know where the ideas come from. It's just a matter of us figuring out how to receive the ideas waiting to be heard Muppet Exhibit Seattle EMP Jim Henson ~ Patricia Kay
Count Muppet quotes by Patricia Kay
Sleep is perverse as human nature, Sleep is perverse as legislature ... So people who go to bed to sleep Must count French premiers or sheep, And people who ought to arise from bed Yawn and go back to sleep instead. ~ Ogden Nash
Count Muppet quotes by Ogden Nash
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