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... he wanted to sleep inside her lungs and breathe her blood and be smothered. He wanted her to be a virgin and not a virgin all at once. He wanted to know her. Intimate secrets: Why poetry? Why so sad? Why that grayness in her eyes? Why so alone? Not lonely, just alone - riding her bike across campus or sitting off by herself in the cafeteria - even dancing, she danced alone - and it was the aloneness that filled him with love. He remembered telling her that one evening. How she nodded and looked away. And how, later, when he kissed her, she received the kiss without returning it, her eyes wide open, not afraid, not a virgin's eyes, just flat and uninvolved. ~ Tim O'Brien
Changemaker Campus quotes by Tim O'Brien
He came to the University of California, Berkeley, with many aspirations, but as often happens, life got in the way, and his best laid plans turned into dreams for another day. As he gazed over the building immediately in the foreground, he could see Sather Tower on Berkeley's campus, known for resembling Campanile di San Marco in Venice. ~ Rob Thomas
Changemaker Campus quotes by Rob Thomas
River looks at me for a beat, dragging his tongue over his lower lip before continuing. "This is how I remember it. I was singing a gig at the USC Campus Bar. During a break I went to grab a beer. I met the most incredible girl whom I don't think even knew that I sang in the band, but loved music. We seemed to hit it off. We did a couple of shots, drank a few drinks, and talked without any pretense. I asked her to wait for me after the show. She didn't say anything about having a boyfriend or not sticking around and then when I finished she was gone. ~ Kim Karr
Changemaker Campus quotes by Kim Karr
Today, whether it is a student who holds a sit-in to get the army recruiters off his campus, or the mother of a dead soldier who refuses to leave the front gate of the president's ranch, we continue to be saved by brave people who risk ridicule and rejection but end up turning huge tides of public opinion in the direction of righteousness. We owe them enormous debts of gratitude. It is not easy to stand up for what is right, especially when everyone else is afraid to leave the comfortable path of conformity. ~ Michael Moore
Changemaker Campus quotes by Michael Moore
A few minutes after discovering we had a goal but no plan, Brent was laughing heartily at a pathetic joke I had made. It reminded me of the first
day on campus when I had thought his laughter sounded like a melody. It did now, even more so. It was music, beautiful, in a manly way, like a
sensual, slow jazz. I loved jazz.
"Jazz, huh?" Brent asked, his voice suddenly husky.
"Uh ... what?"
"My laugh reminds you of jazz? Is there anything about me you don't find attractive?" He rubbed his hand over his lips trying to cover his smirk.
"So tell me, how much do you love jazz?"
I'm sure my face was pinker than the inside of a watermelon. "I didn't say any of that."
"You didn't have to say it, Yara, I could hear it." Brent tapped the side of his head. "I can hear your thoughts."
"You're not serious."
"Oh, but I am," he said, completely straight-faced. ~ Lani Woodland
Changemaker Campus quotes by Lani Woodland
Colleges have now become privileged finishing schools for girls. Except rather than teaching manners, they teach women that men are the enemy and men are treated as such on campus, unless they go along with the program that keeps them cowed or striking a PC pose. Many men have just decided that they don't belong in college and are going on strike, consciously or unconsciously. How will this affect their wages and lifestyles in the coming decades? If nothing changes and more and more men drop out of college or never attend, how will this change society? Will men continue to become the other, and be further relegated to second-class status where women and society are afraid of them and they are hesitant to participate fully in the public sphere? Is this already happening? The next chapter explores these questions. ~ Helen Smith
Changemaker Campus quotes by Helen Smith
The university campus was in the old part of town. The combination of water and stone creates a special, majestic atmosphere there. It's hard to be a sluggard under those circumstances, but I managed. ~ Sergei Dovlatov
Changemaker Campus quotes by Sergei Dovlatov
The epiphany was simply tucked away for consideration after we were back on campus. Sometimes a revelation comes with a flash of heavenly light and a booming voice - and sometimes it is jotted in a sun-bleached spiral notebook. ~ Jeffrey A. Lockwood
Changemaker Campus quotes by Jeffrey A. Lockwood
I attended an extremely small liberal arts school. There were approximately 1,600 of us roaming our New England campus on a good day. My high school was bigger. My freshman year hourly calorie intake was bigger. ~ Sloane Crosley
Changemaker Campus quotes by Sloane Crosley
We were still so young when our eyes first met. We would run holding hands through the lawn of the college campus. I vividly remember the grass beneath the cherry tree that had water at the tip which touched our legs. I vividly remember how we would talk about our future as the sun rays sparkled like diamonds through the leaves of the trees outside the campus auditorium. I vividly remember your urge to touch my erratic strands in the gentle breeze outside the canteen. And then we allowed distance to conquer the space between us so we could build a career, sculpt a life and keep the promises. And did we not do well! ~ Debalina Haldar
Changemaker Campus quotes by Debalina Haldar
The Committee supports the idea that there should be, within the University of California, a campus which puts particular emphasis on the education of undergraduates within the framework of a College system. ~ Abraham Robinson
Changemaker Campus quotes by Abraham Robinson
The idea that students don't know how to write clearly and precisely is as old as school itself, probably, but lately it seems as if students no longer know how to read either. It is true on my campus and from I can gather, on many other college campuses. The students understand words, sentences
they are not illiterate
but they don't seem to grasp the reasons for reading. They seem baffled when asked to take two thoughts, connect them, and form something new. They read James Baldwin or Henry David Thoreau and their primary reaction seems to be, "Okay, now I've ready that. I'm done." As if the only goal in reading was to have looked at every word. ~ Dinty W. Moore
Changemaker Campus quotes by Dinty W. Moore
Welcome back, Ben," Erica said. I started in surprise before realizing the voice was coming from inside my head. Alexander had slipped a two-way radio into my ear. There were lots of people out and about. The enemy had taken my cell phone, but I put my hand to my ear and pretended to be talking on one anyhow. No one gave me a second glance. Virtually everyone else was on a cell phone themselves. "Can you hear me?" I asked. "Loud and clear," Erica replied. "Where are you?" "Still on campus, looking into things. But I need you to tail someone for me." "Chip?" "No. I think he's clean." "What? But - " "I'll explain later. Right now I need you to go after Tina. She's the mole . . . and she's on the move. ~ Stuart Gibbs
Changemaker Campus quotes by Stuart Gibbs
If you go to a college campus and you do stop and frisk, you're going to find a lot of drugs there too. ~ Talib Kweli
Changemaker Campus quotes by Talib Kweli
The dhampir dorm appeared before me, about half its windows lit. It was near curfew; people were going to bed. I burst in through the doors, feeling like my heart was going to explode from the exertion. The first person I saw was Stan, and I nearly knocked him over. He caught my wrists to steady me.
"Rose, wh - "
"Strigoi," I gasped out. "There are Strigoi on campus."
He stared at me, and for the first time I'd ever seen, his mouth seriously dropped open. Then, he recovered himself, and I could immediately see what he was thinking. More ghost stories. "Rose, I don't know what you're - "
"I'm not crazy!" I screamed. Everyone in the dorm's lobby was staring at us. "They're out there! They're out there, and Dimitri is fighting them alone. You have to help him." What had Dimitri told me? What was that word? "Buria. He said to tell you buria."
And like that, Stan was gone. ~ Richelle Mead
Changemaker Campus quotes by Richelle Mead
He was getting addicted to kissing her. He was going to slip up sooner rather than later. Secret-laden smiles as they greeted one another when in company could never be enough; he wanted to fling his arms around her and kiss her whenever she walked into a room. Resting their hands on one another's knees under the lecture theatre desk was one thing, but he wanted to stroll around campus with his arm thrown across her shoulders, make his lap a pillow for her as she lay and studied in the grassy quad, introduce her to everyone he came across as his girlfriend.
Finding that chain of thought too tender to pursue, Adam kissed her again, found himself wishing into her as if she were a candle he was blowing out. Please, decide that I'm worth it. ~ Erin Lawless
Changemaker Campus quotes by Erin Lawless
Visit Arcata, I really do recommend it. Play the nearly impossible to find original Pac Man at the cafe, explore the HSU campus, see a two-dollar movie, buy a tofu dog from the vendor in Town Square, sleep on the rooftops, and if they ask you what time it is, there's only one correct answer
'4:20'! ~ CrimethInc.
Changemaker Campus quotes by CrimethInc.
When I was in college, my school newspaper accepted an ad from a Holocaust revisionist organization. This would have been offensive on most college campuses across the country, but I went to a school with a very large Jewish population, so the ad, as you might expect, stirred absolute outrage. ~ Simon Sinek
Changemaker Campus quotes by Simon Sinek
I wander through the halls and the campus, thinking how strange it is that you can live your whole life in one place and never really look at it. ~ Lauren Oliver
Changemaker Campus quotes by Lauren Oliver
In a swale below, isolated at the edge of the campus, squatted a hulking concrete toad. Cottage 13 was no more a cottage than he was a prince. ~ James V. Smith Jr.
Changemaker Campus quotes by James V. Smith Jr.
A Christian like life is a message of hope to a searching World. ~ Our Daily Bread Campus Journal
Changemaker Campus quotes by Our Daily Bread Campus Journal
For some reason the football coach of a major college program is seen as one of the leaders of the campus. And some way we have to let our young people know that that leader can look like anyone. ~ Tony Dungy
Changemaker Campus quotes by Tony Dungy
I have permission to live off campus. She didn't say from whom, because it was primarily herself. ~ Rachel Caine
Changemaker Campus quotes by Rachel Caine
It's quite interesting that in my growing up I had several influences. We had gospel music on campus. R&B music was, of course, the community, and radio was country music. So I can kind of see where all the influences came from. ~ Lionel Richie
Changemaker Campus quotes by Lionel Richie
Going to school on a campus where the faculty overwhelmingly disagrees with you, and where the student body overwhelmingly disagrees with you, is challenging. If you go in without a firm foundation, it can undermine what you believe. ~ Ted Cruz
Changemaker Campus quotes by Ted Cruz
It just never occurred to me that a school's policy and student culture could make a big difference in the way I would experience my body while on campus. I didn't think there was anything to choose about a sexual culture. I'd only ever known the one I grew up in. But it did matter, and in ways I wouldn't have even predicted. ~ Jaclyn Friedman
Changemaker Campus quotes by Jaclyn Friedman
I listened to the students on campus in Plymouth, worried about their steadily deepening debts and how on earth they would ever escape them. ~ Charles Kennedy
Changemaker Campus quotes by Charles Kennedy
Eric Schmidt looks innocent enough, with his watercolor blue eyes and his tiny office full of toys and his Google campus stocked with volleyball courts and unlocked bikes and wheat-grass shots and cereal dispensers and Haribo Gummi Bears and heated toilet seats and herb gardens and parking lots with cords hanging to plug in electric cars. ~ Maureen Dowd
Changemaker Campus quotes by Maureen Dowd
A few days after he unveiled the iPad in January 2010, Jobs held a "town hall" meeting with employees at Apple's campus. ~ Walter Isaacson
Changemaker Campus quotes by Walter Isaacson
It was in Boca Raton that I implemented a brilliant plan: If you don't look like a model, hang around kids who do. I subconsciously sought out and befriended every "beautiful" person on campus. Little did I realize I was shunning the other "real-life" kids - in other words, I was doing to them exactly what I felt like everyone had always done to me. ~ Gregg McBride
Changemaker Campus quotes by Gregg McBride
As time passed, I learned more and more about the culture that comes with beign an injured veteran. There are a lot of really wonderful people and organizations to help veterans returning from war. Right about the time I started to really move forward in my recovery, two women came by and introduced themselves. They explained that they raise money to help injured veterans with various needs. They asked if there was anything I or my family needed. I said, "No thank you, I'm all good." But my sisters piped up and said, "He needs clothes. He doesn't have anything." The women smiled and said they'd be back. They came back with some sweatpants and a shirt and then announced that they were taking us to the mall. This would be my first time leaving the campus of Walter Reed, my first real trip out of the hospital. We were all excited. Leaving the hospital was a big step for me but my poor sisters had been cooped up much of the time with me in there as well. I was a little nervous, but I owed it to them to push aside my anxiety.
We decided that the electric wheelchair would be too heavy and too much trouble to get in and out of the car, so Jennifer wheeled me down to the front door where the ladies were waiting in their car. With very little assistance, Jennifer was able to get me for that chair into the car and we were off to the mall. When we arrived, my sisters pulled the wheelchair out of the trunk and placed it next to the car door. They opened the door and Jennifer leaned ~ Noah Galloway
Changemaker Campus quotes by Noah Galloway
I was too young to live on campus. I just went back and forth on the bus. Eventually I got my own car and thought I was Mr. Man, so I started hot wheelin' it. ~ Aldis Hodge
Changemaker Campus quotes by Aldis Hodge
Studies course, so they can take me for the beginning of the next term." "What about Thomas?" "There's a nursery on campus. We ~ Jojo Moyes
Changemaker Campus quotes by Jojo Moyes
I was a friend during school time, but not much after that. By the time I got to BYU, I was a social mess, an absolute misfit. There is not a shyer, more pathetic kid who stepped on that BYU campus than me. ~ Sheri L. Dew
Changemaker Campus quotes by Sheri L. Dew
Perhaps everyone loved someone; I didn't now, I couldn't give much thought to love; in order to travel far you had to be detached, and I had the long road back to the campus before me. ~ Ralph Ellison
Changemaker Campus quotes by Ralph Ellison
We have something really exciting for you today, said Steve Jobs on October, 23, 2001, at a special press event on Apple's campus. Jobs had asked only a few dozen journalists to a product unveiling. ~ Leander Kahney
Changemaker Campus quotes by Leander Kahney
When I heard of the shady tactics of the Moonies, my initial indignation was modified by empathy. I remembered only too well all the innocuous-sounding "fronts" operated by Evangelicals in order to witness to sinners, e.g., coffee houses, concerts, philosophical forums, religious surveys. None of these was ever billed for what it was. The idea was to hook the unsuspecting sinner and win an opportunity to tell him the gospel. Similar Machiavellian tactics govern various interpersonal contacts. A campus leader or foreign student may find himself the object of an Evangelical's friendly attention, not realizing he has been singled out for "friendship evangelism" because of his potentially strategic position. ~ Robert M. Price
Changemaker Campus quotes by Robert M. Price
I tried to picture her in a class, any class, anywhere on campus, and failed miserably. I pictured her frolicking in a forest glade around some guy she'd just sacrificed to a heathen god. That image worked way better. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Changemaker Campus quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Qinghua was first established as a preparatory school in 1911. In 1928, it became a university. In 1929, my father joined Qinghua as a professor, so that was also the year that I moved to that campus because my father brought the whole family along. ~ Chen-Ning Yang
Changemaker Campus quotes by Chen-Ning Yang
Cath couldn't control whether she saw Levi on campus. But she could worry about it, and as long as she was worrying about it, it probably wasn't going to happen. Like some sort of anxiety vaccine. Like watching a pot to make sure it never boiled. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Changemaker Campus quotes by Rainbow Rowell
I realize that was becoming a contradiction in terms, especially after my friend Alison Krauss was shot and killed in Kent State in 1970 on campus by the National Guard. ~ Surya Das
Changemaker Campus quotes by Surya Das
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