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I'm a big fan of not letting the audience of off the hook, as they say. I like it when things feel real, and that's oftentimes not comfortable. ~ John C. Reilly
Cerliani Hook quotes by John C. Reilly
Sometimes at night, when the nightmare clung to me, I wondered if Peter's assurances that I would never grow up were only assurances that I would die before such a thing happened. I wondered if that were better, to die before I became something withered and grey and not wanted. ~ Christina Henry
Cerliani Hook quotes by Christina Henry
What sort of man could you love for a lifetime?" he asked her.
She was silent for a while. He guessed that she was considering her answer.
"A kind man," she said. "When we are young and foolish we do not realize how essential a component of love kindness is. It is perhaps the most important quality. And an honorable man. Always doing the right thing no matter what."
His heart sank-on both account.
"And a strong man," she said. "Strong enough to be vulnerable, to take risks, to be honest even when honesty might expose him to ridicule or rejection. And someone who would put himself at the center of my world even before knowing that I would be willing to do the same for him. A man foolish and brave enough to tell me that he loves me even when I have hidden all signs that I love him in return."
"Eve-" he said.
"He would have to be tall and broad and dark and hook-nosed," she said. "And frowning much of the time, pretending he is tough and impervious to all the finer emotions. And then smiling occasionally to light up my heart and my life."
Good God!
"He would have to be you," she said. "no one else would do. Which is just as well, considering the fact that I am married to you... ~ Mary Balogh
Cerliani Hook quotes by Mary Balogh
You're a little whore, kitten, but you're my little whore. Do you understand? I own this mouth. I can fuck it with my hand until you drool. I own this ass, and I'll put a hook in it when I like. Your cunt is mine to fuck with anything I want. ~ C.D. Reiss
Cerliani Hook quotes by C.D. Reiss
The essential is never to arrive anywhere, never to be anywhere. The essential is to go on squirming forever at the edge of the line, as long as there are waters and banks and ravening in heaven a sporting God to plague his creature, per pro his chosen shits. I've swallowed three hooks and am still hungry. Hence the howls. What a joy to know where one is, and where one will stay, without being there. Nothing to do but strech out comfortably on the rack, in the blissful knowledge you are nobody for eternity. ~ Samuel Beckett
Cerliani Hook quotes by Samuel Beckett
You should listen to songs and listen to what works. Listen to why a song is a hit. Check it out-not to imitate it, but there are certain things that work-hooks and melodies. Hear what works through the ages. ~ Diane Warren
Cerliani Hook quotes by Diane Warren
And yet
it is not beauty that inspires the deepest passion. Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait. Beauty, without expression, tires. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Cerliani Hook quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
That's it really, at the moment I wouldn't say I was influenced by any one thing in particular. ~ Peter Hook
Cerliani Hook quotes by Peter Hook
The phone's not ringing off the hook, but that's ok by me. I feel very fortunate, work to me has become a kind of hobby. ~ Matt LeBlanc
Cerliani Hook quotes by Matt LeBlanc
Violet couldn't help it - she giggled. Just a little. It was just too much. The whole thing. Jay trying to trick her into revealing her feelings for him. Grady trying to kiss her last night. And then this . . . now . . . she and Jay cuddled up together on her bed . . . making out. It was crazy.
"You think that's funny, huh?" He seemed a little bent that she was laughing at him.
"Joke's on me, I guess," she said, serious now. "I get to sit at home, while you and Lissie Adams go to Homecoming." She tried to sound like it was no big deal, but the truth was that it strung more than she wanted it to.
Jay reached up and wrapped his hand around the back of her neck. He pulled her toward him, staring her in the eye as they closed the distance between them. Violet felt an agonizing thrill at just being so near him again. "I called her last night to candle after I dropped you off." His voice was thick and husky, giving her chills. "I told her I was going to the dance with you instead."
Violet thought her heart was going to burst. It was exactly what she'd wanted to hear for weeks, maybe even for months. But she wasn't about to let him off the hook that easily for his devious little game. "Sorry," she offered with mock sincerity. "I have a date already. Besides, I don't remember you asking me."
He narrowed his eyes at her, as if daring her to argue the point. "I'm your date. Grady can go to hell, for all I care. Maybe Lissie'll go with him and he can paw on her ~ Kimberly Derting
Cerliani Hook quotes by Kimberly Derting
The interesting thing is that New Order finished on an okay note. It was only after we split that things got worse. ~ Peter Hook
Cerliani Hook quotes by Peter Hook
Every morning she pulled a delicate cup from its brass hook and filled it, hoping that it would be dark and deep and secret as a forest, and each morning it cooled too fast, had too much milk, stained the cup, made her nervous. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Cerliani Hook quotes by Catherynne M Valente
Adam " Lori called loudly enough for me to hear her but not so loud that her voice would carry up to my mom in the marina office- or to her dad who might be listening from their screened porch facing the water.

"I came over to get some tips from the boys about teaching Tammy and Rachel to board. Of course I did not come over here to see you. How could you think such a thing That would be disobedient."

I held up the wax.
"For my own disobedience I have to buff the boat. Then I'm going for a jog."
She tilted her head. Probably her eyes widened but I couldn't see them behind her sunglasses. I hated not being able to see her eyes.
She asked "In this heat?"
I didn't mind jogging in the heat. The heat was a big friendly animal that liked to wrestle and only occasionally sat on me until I lost my breath. Anyway she was missing the point.

I repeated carefully "I am GOING for a JOG."
"I HEARD you the FIRST time " she said. "It's late afternoon in the middle of June. It's ninety-five degrees out here."
"He means he's GOING for a JOG" Rachel and Tammy said at the same time.
"He's GOING for a JOG."
Lori still didn't get it. Normally her blondeness was one of the things I loved about her. At the moment not so much.
Exasperated Cameron told her "Adam wants you to go for a jog too."
She said "Oh "
"If you two airheads have to hook up secretly for very long " Sean said "you're not going to ~ Jennifer Echols
Cerliani Hook quotes by Jennifer Echols
You give a poet a bucket of worms, he'll probably put the whole bucket on the end of the hook. ~ Norbert Blei
Cerliani Hook quotes by Norbert Blei
Don't let yourself off the hook with excuses. ~ Jason Fried
Cerliani Hook quotes by Jason Fried
That is the bizarre thing about the good news: who knows how you will really hear it one day, but once you have heard it, I mean really HEARD it, you can never UNHEAR it. Once you have read it, or spoken it, or thought it, even if it irritates you, even if you hate hearing it or cannot find it feasible, or try to dismiss it, you cannot UNREAD it, or UNSPEAK it, or UNTHINK it.
It is like a great big elephant in a tiny room. Its obvious presence begins to squeeze out everything else, including your own little measly self. Some accept it easily, some accept it quickly, and some are struck with the mystical reality of it right away. These people have no trouble bringing the unseen into the realm of the seen. But others of us fight the elephant; we push back on it, we try to ignore it, get it to leave the room, or attempt to leave the room ourselves. But it does not help. The trunk keeps curling around the doorknob. The hook is there. It may snooze or loom or rise and recede, but regardless of the time passed or the vanity endured, the idea keeps coming back, like a cosmic boomerang you just cannot throw away. I did not realize this was part of the grace of it all-such relentless truthfulness. ~ Carolyn Weber
Cerliani Hook quotes by Carolyn Weber
Question marks are shaped like hooks for a reason: they will hook the reader and drag them deeper into the story ~ Chuck Wendig
Cerliani Hook quotes by Chuck Wendig
Satan, that great angler, hath his sundry baits for sundry tempers of men, which they all catch greedily at, but few perceive the hook till it be too late. ~ Anne Bradstreet
Cerliani Hook quotes by Anne Bradstreet
Fuck," he said, sliding his hands down to my thighs. "You're making this very hard to be the good guy you said I was last night."
"I'm not drunk."
He pressed his forehead to mine, chuckling softly. "Yeah, I can see that and while the idea of taking you right now, against the wall, is enough to make me lose control, I want you to know that I'm serious. You're not a hook up. You're not a friend with benefits. You're more than that to me."
I closed my eyes, breathing heavily.
"Well, that was ... really sort of perfect. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Cerliani Hook quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The longer I stare at him, the more I start to question myself on why I decided it was a bad idea to hook-up with him?

Oh, because he's my stepbrother. Right! ~ Brooke O'Brien
Cerliani Hook quotes by Brooke O'Brien
My father was always Labour, and my mother was always Conservative, so I tended to sort of go in the middle. ~ Peter Hook
Cerliani Hook quotes by Peter Hook
That's your doing. Now in order to affect that doing I am going to recommend that you learn another doing ... It may hook you to another doing and then you may realize that both doings are lies, unreal, and that to hinge yourself to either one is a waste of time, because the only thing that is real is the being in you that is going to die. To arrive at that being is the note-doing of the self ~ Carlos Castaneda
Cerliani Hook quotes by Carlos Castaneda
Holy fuck," Sully muttered, his eyes on Mike. "Funeral hook up. Didn't know you had that in you. Impressed. ~ Kristen Ashley
Cerliani Hook quotes by Kristen Ashley
Some authors, when starting a novel, imagine a place first. Others, a character starts taking shape in their head. I start with a hook, a situation, a 'what if.' ~ Linwood Barclay
Cerliani Hook quotes by Linwood Barclay
One understands then why woman has no sexual parts, properly speaking. It is because she is herself a sexual part - a sexual part of man, to cumbersome for him to carry around permanently and therefore deposited outside himself for most of the time and taken up when needed. Moreover the quality that distinguishes man from animals is this very power of equipping himself at any moment with an instrument, tool or arm that he needs, but that he can get rid of straight away, whereas the lobster has to drag his two pincers about with him everywhere. And just as mans hand is a sort of grappling hook that enables him to grasp a hammer, sword or fountain pen according to his needs, so his sex is the sort of grappling hook of the sexual parts rather than the sexual part itslef. ~ Michel Tournier
Cerliani Hook quotes by Michel Tournier
Pushing Carson back out of the door, I grabbed my jacket off the hook and shoved my feet into the great old clogs that my poor podiatrist father wants outlawed.
"Don't you want to change or something?" Mom called after me.
"She'll never change," Carson answered, and followed me down the steps.
I settled myself into the passenger seat and buckled up as he back out of the driveway. "Your arches are falling?"
"Turns out I am deeply flawed," I admitted. ~ Rachel Vail
Cerliani Hook quotes by Rachel Vail
Just a boy, Just a child,
In a place where no one grows up;

Young bodies with old minds,
Dream and nightmare reign side by side,
In a place where no one grows up;

A time when darkness shrouded the sun,
Vengeance birthed from sea and blood,
Many had fallen in the war never won,
In a place where no one grows up;

When the boy's heart grieved he became more of a man,
When the pirate's heart hardened with the loss of his hand,
One dreadful night everything changed and feuds began,
Now the ghosts from their mistakes are tied to this land,
In a place where no one grows up;

Just a boy, just a child, in appearance it's true,
But children can carry terrible burdens too,
For sometimes stopping time doesn't mean forever youth,
Living, forgetting, loving, seething, bearing an all too heavy truth;

Just a boy, Just a child,
In a place where no one grows up. ~ Emory R. Frie
Cerliani Hook quotes by Emory R. Frie
Generations of British writers would look up to Roget as a kindred soul who could offer both emotional as well as intellectual sustenance. In the stage directions to Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie includes an homage to Roget: The night nursery of the Darling family, which is the scene of our opening Act, is at the top of a rather depressed street in Bloomsbury. We might have a right to place it where we will, and the reason Bloomsbury is chosen is that Mr. Roget once lived there. So did we in the days when his Thesaurus was our only companion in London; and we whom he has helped to wend our way through life have always wanted to pay him a little compliment. For Barrie, Roget's masterpiece was synonymous with virtue itself. To describe the one saving grace of the play's villain, Captain Hook, Barrie adds, "The man is not wholly evil--he has a Thesaurus in his cabin. ~ Joshua Kendall
Cerliani Hook quotes by Joshua Kendall
How do you expect to get us to the Moon if you people can't even hook us up with a ground station? ~ Gus Grissom
Cerliani Hook quotes by Gus Grissom
The fact of the matter is that all apparent forms of matter and body are momentary clusters of energy. We are
little more than flickers on a multidimensional television screen. This realization directly experienced can be
delightful. You suddenly wake up from the delusion of separate form and hook up to the cosmic dance.
Consciousness slides along the wave matrices, silently at the speed of light ~ Timothy Leary
Cerliani Hook quotes by Timothy Leary
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