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#1. Thanks for waiting," I whispered.
"My beauty," he said, "I'd wait for you forever. - Author: Nina Lane
Wait For You quotes by Nina Lane
#2. I do love you, but I can no longer wait for you to figure out how to love me in a way that makes us both feel good. - Author: Scott Stabile
Wait For You quotes by Scott Stabile
#3. It was always easy, in open and lonely places, to be visited by Panic wilderness fear, but these are the urban fantods here, that come to get you when you are lost or isolate inside the way time is passing, when there is no more History, no time-travelling capsule to find your way back to, only the lateness and the absence that fill a great railway shed after the capital has been evacuated, and the goat-god's city cousins wait for you at the edges of the light, playing the tunes they've always played, but more audible now, because everything else has gone away or fallen silent. . . barn-swallow souls, fasioned of brown twilight, rise toward the white ceilings. . . the are unique to the Zone, they answer to the new Uncertainty. Ghosts used to be either the likeness of the dead or wraiths of the living. But here in the Zone categories have been blurred badly. The status of the name you miss, love, and search for now has grown ambiguous and remote, but this is even more than the bureaucracy of mass absence- some still live, some have died, but many, many have forgotten which they are. Their likenesses will not serve. Down here are only wrappings left in the light, in the dark: images of the Uncertainty. . ." 3:2 - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Wait For You quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#4. Miracles don't have to be big, and they can happen in the unlikeliest places. Sometimes they are so small people don't notice. Sometimes miracles are shy. They brush against your sleeve, they settle on your eyelashes. They wait for you to notice, then melt away. Lots of things start by being small. It's a good way to begin, because no one takes any notice of you. You're just a little thing beetling along, minding your own business. Then you grow. - Author: Grace McCleen
Wait For You quotes by Grace McCleen
#5. In some far off place, many light years in space, I'll wait for you. Where human feet have never trod, where human eyes have never seen. I'll build a world of abstract dreams and wait for you. - Author: Sun Ra
Wait For You quotes by Sun Ra
#6. I promise I'll come back. No matter what happens." Though his voice was only a whisper, there was a fierceness behind it. I believed him completely.
"I'll wait for you," I told him. - Author: Kristen Simmons
Wait For You quotes by Kristen Simmons
#7. Easy for you to say. You're the one who got plowed. I was doing the plowing. Cam's mouth opened. Oh my God, did I really just say that? I had. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#8. time isn't something you can spread out like butter or jam, and death isn't going to hang around and wait for you to finish whatever you happen to be doing before it zaps you - Author: Ruth Ozeki
Wait For You quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#9. Peter?"
He couldn't look at her. Instead, he stared down at his
poisoned arm.
"I could do terrible things to you," he cautioned her
sadly. "I have to leave you. You won't be safe with me until
I learn to control myself."
"I'll wait for you."
Finally, when he felt the strength of his conviction, of
her conviction, he turned to her, allowing her in for just a
"I thought you'd say that. - Author: Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Wait For You quotes by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
#10. We call them survivors, but once the vampires get you, the person you were dies, like any traumatized part of you never leaves that room, that car, that moment, and you walk forward a ghost of your former self. You rebuild yourself over the years, but the person you were isn't the person you become. The great bad thing happens, and you become a ghost in your own life, and then you become flesh and blood and remake your life, but the ghosts of what happened don't go away completely. They wait for you in low moments, and then they wail at you, shaking their chains in your face and trying to strangle you with them. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Wait For You quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#11. What r u doing now?
I'm beating my dad at poker.
Picturing him with his family, I smiled.
Getting ready for bed.
Wish I was there.
My eyes widened. What the what?
Wait r u naked?
No!!! I sent back. Perv.
Damn, At least I have my imagination.
That's all you will ever have.
We'll c.
No you won't. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#12. I'll wait for you as long as it takes, Evan," he says.
"I'll test your patience," I warn, my smile beginning to show itself again.
"You already do. - Author: Lilly Black
Wait For You quotes by Lilly Black
#13. Dearest - my body is simply crazy with wanting you - If you don't come tomorrow - I don't see how I can wait for you - I wonder if your body wants mine the way mine wants yours - the kisses - the hotness - the wetness - all melting together - the being held so tight that it hurts - the strangle and the struggle. - Author: Georgia O'Keeffe
Wait For You quotes by Georgia O'Keeffe
#14. A man? If I need a man, wouldn't you think I'd have one of my own? Must I wait for you? - Author: Studs Terkel
Wait For You quotes by Studs Terkel
#15. Where human eyes have never seen, where human beings have never been, I build a world of abstract dreams, and I wait for you. - Author: Sun Ra
Wait For You quotes by Sun Ra
#16. Little Bird if you do not sing for me, I will wait for you - Author: Ieyasu Tokugawa
Wait For You quotes by Ieyasu Tokugawa
#17. If you would wait and've won my heart
Still we know the end is yet to come there's no hiding we cant escape the darkness and end of
Love,darkness will chase us and theywill always win. everything comes to an end .ones you taste the goodness,tails the end
So goodbye LOVER
It sfunny that We both know how it will end but we still kept fighting
I'll wait for you…Im sorry but Im not strong
There' s no point loverboy.
Let me give you some fact
No matter what you do ,where you hide it will always haunt you…sorrow my dear Im talking 'bout
Just like the others.Idont wan t to become a memory cause Im telling you Im different
If you promise to wait I promise to you that I will always be yours and I will never hurt you
Remember you told me nothing is impossible when you love someone
Don't tell me you love me,dear,love is one of the most unpredictable thing in the world.
Why so careless?
Im sorry,believed me I tried..thank you cause I felt the warmth of your love and it felt so good at the same time I felt so weak ,your love is like the summer that melts my cold heart but Im still in the battle field and soldiers cant be weak at the time of battle they have to be tough!
Your words says you can fix me and I thought hey why don't we give him a chance and I realized no one can fix me it is only me who can fix myself because this is my life. - Author: Irome
Wait For You quotes by Irome
#18. I look for you my curl of sleep
my breathing wave on the night shore
my star in the fog of morning
I think you can always find me
I call to you under my breath
I whisper to you through the hours
all your names my ear of shadow
I think you can always hear me
I wait for you my promised day
my time again my homecoming
my being where you wait for me
I think always of you waiting - Author: W.S. Merwin
Wait For You quotes by W.S. Merwin
#19. -You know how to call me
although such a noise now
would only confuse the air
Neither of us can forget
the steps we danced
the words you stretched
to call me out of dust
Yes I long for you
not just as a leaf for weather
or vase for hands
but with a narrow human longing
that makes a man refuse
any fields but his own
I wait for you at an
unexpected place in your journey
like the rusted key
or the feather you do not pick up.-


For Anyone Dressed in Marble
The miracle we all are waiting for
is waiting till the Parthenon falls down
and House of Birthdays is a house no more
and fathers are unpoisoned by renown.
The medals and the records of abuse
can't help us on our pilgrimage to lust,
but like whips certain perverts never use,
compel our flesh in paralysing trust.
I see an orphan, lawless and serene,
standing in a corner of the sky,
body something like bodies that have been,
but not the scar of naming in his eye.
Bred close to the ovens, he's burnt inside.
Light, wind, cold, dark -- they use him like a bride.

I Had It for a Moment

I had it for a moment
I knew why I must thank you
I saw powerful governing men in black suits
I saw them undressed
in the arms of young mistresses
the men more nake - Author: Leonard Cohen
Wait For You quotes by Leonard Cohen
#20. There's no need for you to rush. The right guy will always wait for you to truly be ready. He should honor you, worship you, and make it a moment for you to remember forever. - Author: Lacey Weatherford
Wait For You quotes by Lacey Weatherford
#21. I found Toronto an immensely likeable city, spacious and gentle and slightly dignified, but in a low-key, friendly way. The only people who didn't seem to think much of it were its inhabitants, who could hardly wait for you to ask directions, because that gave them the perfect opportunity to apologise for it. What they were apologising for I never understood. I think they felt uninteresting, compared with America. I took the opposite view; I remember reading about the doctrine of American "Exceptionalism" and thinking that what I liked so much about Canadians was that they consider themselves unexceptional. This modest, unthreatening attitude seems to produce a nation that is stable, safe, decent and well respected. It's just a shame that for seven months of the year it's so cold that only Canadians would put up with it. - Author: John Cleese
Wait For You quotes by John Cleese
#22. I lean closer and whisper. I'm already there, so I guess I'll wait for you - Author: Jolene Perry
Wait For You quotes by Jolene Perry
#23. So I wait for you like a lonely house
till you will see me again and live in me.
Till then my windows ache. - Author: Pablo Neruda
Wait For You quotes by Pablo Neruda
#24. I spent most of the '60s, when I was starting to try to write novels, living and working in Greece and Turkey. These are countries where the ancient past is interfused with the daily present, and I remember being struck with wonder at the constant sense of continuity and connection, the reminders that lie in wait for you at every turn. - Author: Barry Unsworth
Wait For You quotes by Barry Unsworth
#25. The drunken politician leaps upon the street where mothers weep, and the saviors who are fast asleep, they wait for you. - Author: Bob Dylan
Wait For You quotes by Bob Dylan
#26. If I die, I will wait for you, do you understand? No matter how long. I will watch from beyond to make sure you live every year you have to its fullest, and then we'll have so much to talk about when I see you again ... (Bones) - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Wait For You quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#27. I'm finally able to tell you ... that I will be playing Belle in Disney's new live-action Beauty and the Beast! It was such a big part of my growing up, it almost feels surreal that I'll get to dance to 'Be Our Guest' and sing 'Something There'. My six year old self is on the ceiling - heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can't wait for you to see it. - Author: Emma Watson
Wait For You quotes by Emma Watson
#28. People do what they're supposed to do and then wait for you to pile on the appreciation - they're - Author: Gillian Flynn
Wait For You quotes by Gillian Flynn
#29. Many psychological traditions have noticed that a given behavior pattern was originally a helpful strategy for survival, a strategy that may no longer apply in the present. If you were bullied in the seventh grade, there might be a block in your home-town or city where the bullies used to wait for you, and even as an adult your sense memories might cause you to hesitate before walking confidently down that block. This is definitely true for me, having grown up in New York City. Thus, we have to acknowledge that every habit contains a kind of protective intelligence, a wisdom that somehow got frozen in a bygone time. - Author: Ethan Nichtern
Wait For You quotes by Ethan Nichtern
#30. If I should have a daughter…"Instead of "Mom", she's gonna call me "Point B." Because that way, she knows that no matter what happens, at least she can always find her way to me. And I'm going to paint the solar system on the back of her hands so that she has to learn the entire universe before she can say "Oh, I know that like the back of my hand."

She's gonna learn that this life will hit you, hard, in the face, wait for you to get back up so it can kick you in the stomach. But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air. There is hurt, here, that cannot be fixed by band-aids or poetry, so the first time she realizes that Wonder-woman isn't coming, I'll make sure she knows she doesn't have to wear the cape all by herself. Because no matter how wide you stretch your fingers, your hands will always be too small to catch all the pain you want to heal. Believe me, I've tried.

And "Baby," I'll tell her "don't keep your nose up in the air like that, I know that trick, you're just smelling for smoke so you can follow the trail back to a burning house so you can find the boy who lost everything in the fire to see if you can save him. Or else, find the boy who lit the fire in the first place to see if you can change him."

But I know that she will anyway, so instead I'll always keep an extra supply of chocolate and rain boats nearby, 'cause there is no heartbreak that chocolate can't fix - Author: Sarah Kay
Wait For You quotes by Sarah Kay
#31. I just know,
You are going to completely lose me.
I just know,
I no longer want you to want me.
I just know,
I don't want to wait for you anymore.

I realized,
You are not someone made for me.
I understood that,
You don't deserve my love.

I just know,
You are going to completely lose me. - Author: Jyoti Patel
Wait For You quotes by Jyoti Patel
#32. I learned that life is so, so fragile. I learned that you can know someone for just days and never forget the impression he left on you. I learned that art can be beautiful and sad at the same time. I learned that if someone loves you, he'll wait for you to love him back. I learned that how much you want something doesn't determine whether you get it or not, that "no" might not be enough, that life isn't fair, that my parents can't save me, that maybe no one can. - Author: Beth Revis
Wait For You quotes by Beth Revis
#33. I hate the world sometimes," Anthea said. "The unfairness of it. I won't force you to see me if you don't want to - but nobody can stop me loving you, and I'll wait for you all my life if I have to. - Author: Kate Saunders
Wait For You quotes by Kate Saunders
#34. Then may Death send his worst. Cold to freeze the love in my heart. Fire to burn my memories to ash. Wind to force me through the gates. Time to wear my loyalty away. I'll wait for you at Death's gate. - Author: Kristen Ciccarelli
Wait For You quotes by Kristen Ciccarelli
#35. So I'll wait for you ... And I'll burn Will I ever see your sweet return? Oh, will I ever learn? Oh, Lover, you should've come over Cause it's not too late. - Author: Jeff Buckley
Wait For You quotes by Jeff Buckley
#36. And I came home
 Like a stone 
And I fell heavy into your arms
 These days of darkness
 which we've known
Will blow away with this new sun

 And I'll kneel down
wait for now
 And I'll kneel down 
know my ground 

And I will wait I will wait for you 
And I will wait I will wait for you - Author: Mumford And Sons
Wait For You quotes by Mumford And Sons
#37. In television, there's no time. You can't walk around and get into the mood. Nobody is going to wait for you. They're like, "Let's go!," and I'm like, "Wait, I haven't gotten in the mood!" - Author: Olga Kurylenko
Wait For You quotes by Olga Kurylenko
#38. As long as I know this" - he lifted our joined hands - "is mine to hold, I'll wait for you forever. - Author: Jus Accardo
Wait For You quotes by Jus Accardo
#39. I've never watched The Notebook either. Not big on romance flicks," I admitted, opening the huge cartons.
"Really? I thought every girl has seen that movie and can quote it at a drop of a hat. - Author: J. Lynn
Wait For You quotes by J. Lynn
#40. I hate to interrupt such a touching scene but those hellhounds are not going to wait for you two to play kissey face. So, unless you intend to nail a chunk of roast beef to my butt and have me run around as a distraction, I would suggest we prepare for battle. Pg. 113-114 - Author: Alexandra Ivy
Wait For You quotes by Alexandra Ivy
#41. You're not doing this by yourself. Hell to the mother fucking no. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#42. Which brings me to the point of this call.
Thank God, baby Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#43. Freddie often fold me that you've got to be happy when you can, because life won't wait for you to take the time. And she was right. - Author: April Genevieve Tucholke
Wait For You quotes by April Genevieve Tucholke
#44. Why? I mean, how could you know? I don't understand."

"Nothing to understand. There is no great mystery in friendship. You brought yourself here, just as I brought myself here to wait for you. I don't even mind that you've kept me waiting. - Author: Ari Berk
Wait For You quotes by Ari Berk
#45. Death does not wait for you to be ready! Death is not considerate or fair. And make no mistake: here, you face death. - Author: Henri
Wait For You quotes by Henri
#46. You were the best part of my life; I do not regret making friends with you…
I will wait for you till the end of my life…
This time I won't force you to come near me, take your
own time.
If you feel you can return me my best friend, just type
me a small – Hi… or GM or GN… I won't force you to
type the complete words, as I don't want to waste your time
for me…
I Love You (As a best friend).
Missing you very badly…
Waiting for my Sid… - Author: Deepak Ranjan
Wait For You quotes by Deepak Ranjan
#47. If you don't show up today, I'll be there next year. And the next. Every November 9th I'll wait for you, hoping one day you'll be able to find enough forgiveness to love me again. But if that doesn't happen and you never show, I'll still be grateful to you until the day that I die. You saved me the day we met. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Wait For You quotes by Colleen Hoover
#48. I was a king for a while. I wasn't a very good one. I wanted all kinds of things. I wanted, well, you know. Power. Glory. To be feared. All that good stuff. But you know what? When the gaiaphage did it to me, when she made me cry and grovel and beg for mercy, I realized: There's no end to this for me. There's no end to the FAYZ. If we get out alive, there's still no end. And what happens to me out there in the world?"
"No, you're wrong they can't blame you for everything that happened."
He laughed. "Yeah, well, actually, they can. A king, warrior, whatever I was, I want to go out in a blaze of glory. I've risen as high as I'm ever going to. And if I survive, I'm just going to end up as prisoner number three-one-two-whatever. You coming to see me on visiting days."
"But I will come see you. And I will wait for you."
"No," he said firmly. "I get my big finish. And you get your life. Move on, Diana. - Author: Michael Grant
Wait For You quotes by Michael  Grant
#49. I can't wait for you forever, she found herself thinking as she lay in bed most mornings, thinking about her dreams, waiting for her alarm to ring. - Author: Ann Brashares
Wait For You quotes by Ann Brashares
#50. Sometimes I wait for you at the exact edge of the jetty where we left each other. Sometimes I disappear into an unconscious hole and lie there silted up in stories having nothing to do with the vigorous immediacy of our epic. - Author: Helene Cixous
Wait For You quotes by Helene Cixous
#51. I'll wear you down," he proclaimed.
"No, you won't," I denied.
"You won't let me in, I'll break in, sneak in, blast in," he promised.
"You won't get in," I contradicted.
He shut up again and stared at me.
After long moments, I watched as suddenly, weirdly and, most of all, scarily, he saw something in me that made his face clear.
I didn't think that was good.
I would find out I was right.
"Let you in on a secret, babe, and you think on this," he told me.
I was not going to think on anything.
"Hop ... get ... off ... me," I snapped.
His body pressed into mine so he could lift his hands up and frame my face.
"I'm already in. Just gotta wait for you to realize it. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Wait For You quotes by Kristen Ashley
#52. Ive told you before and my feelings haven't changed. I love you Sakura. Even if I cant match up to Natsume, my feelings would not lose to his. Even if we part ways and you forget about me, I will always think of you. Even if I grow old and leave this academy, I will definitely come see you. I'm here for you, until the day you look my way, I will always ... I will always wait for you, together with Natsume. And this time around, I wont let Natsume steal you away again. Next time we meet, I will be more straight forward with my feelings, so that this time around, it wont be Natsume, but me you will choose, and me you will love. I wont lose, definitely. - Ruka - Author: Tachibana Higuchi
Wait For You quotes by Tachibana Higuchi
#53. Iain now calls you Jessica Fletcher, and he said I can tell you things within reason, and we can both sit back and wait for you to solve our cases. And that he'll be consulting you on one or two others, but I think he was joking. - Author: E.J. Lamprey
Wait For You quotes by E.J. Lamprey
#54. I have not forgotten my promise. I'll wait for you. I'll wait a lifetime if I have to. - Author: Eden Butler
Wait For You quotes by Eden Butler
#55. I shouldn't ask you to," he said, devotion in every word, "but I'm going to. Wait for me, Jess. I'll come back to you." Naked emotion turned the sea green into hidden emeralds.
Pressing her fingers to his lips, she shook her head. "You never have to ask, Galen. Forever, that's how long I'd wait for you. - Author: Nalini Singh
Wait For You quotes by Nalini Singh
#56. I'm prepared to wait this out. I will wait for you to finish with him." She took a deep, shaky breath. "Have your revolting little affair and then give my husband back. - Author: Liane Moriarty
Wait For You quotes by Liane Moriarty
#57. I admit that I have my own fears. But I'm more terrified of living a life without you, so I'll wait for you as long as you need me to. - Author: Tessa Teevan
Wait For You quotes by Tessa Teevan
#58. Will you go back?" asked the Lord of the Gallows. "To America?"
"Nothing to go back for," said Shadow, and as he said it he knew it was a lie.
"Things wait for you there," said the old man. "But they will wait until you return. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Wait For You quotes by Neil Gaiman
#59. Life keeps going. You think it'll stop, wait for you to be done crying, but it just keeps moving. Don't spend your time looking back. You don't want to miss what's ahead. - Author: Kristin Hannah
Wait For You quotes by Kristin Hannah
#60. I'll wait for you," I whisper to the dark room. "I love you. - Author: Carian Cole
Wait For You quotes by Carian Cole
#61. Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they'll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back. - Author: John Green
Wait For You quotes by John Green
#62. I don't want to carry big things around with me. I'm lazy. The snapshot camera, you just carry it around and take the picture. You don't need to think about anything. People in the street are not going to wait for you with a big camera. They would freak out. With a snapshot camera, they are comfortable. - Author: Nikki S. Lee
Wait For You quotes by Nikki S. Lee
#63. If I can't wait for you at the end of an aisle on your wedding day, I'll wait for you in heaven. - Author: Lurlene McDaniel
Wait For You quotes by Lurlene McDaniel
#64. The past is never really gone. It only lies in wait for you, remembered or forgotten. - Author: Sharon Cameron
Wait For You quotes by Sharon Cameron
#65. Do you have ovaries?" Jacob asked.
I shot him a look. "Yes"
He slid down the back of the couch and sat beside Brittany. "Then how are you not intrested? - Author: J. Lynn
Wait For You quotes by J. Lynn
Wait For You quotes by Jenny Holzer
#67. Bloody hell, but to have a guy like that, a guy who can't wait for you. I've only ever read this kind of passion in books, watched it in movies. - Author: C.M. Kars
Wait For You quotes by C.M. Kars
#68. It is not a shame to be rocked on the waves of our dreams sometime, and roam around in our memories, stirring new emotions. Memories can be a balm for demolished expectations or disfigured reality.( "Knowing someone is waiting for us" ) - Author: Erik Pevernagie
Wait For You quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#69. That's how it is with books, isn't it: They're not in a hurry. They'll wait for you till you're ready. People empty me. I have to go away to refill. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Wait For You quotes by Charles Bukowski
#70. She leaned down until they were eye to eye. "His wife loved him. That's no bullshit. I love you."
"That's no bullshit."
"If I found out you were screwing around on me, could I off you?" He inclined his head. "I believe I've already been informed you'd be doing the rhumba - after appropriate lessons - on my cold, dead body."
"Yeah. Yeah." It cheered her up. "Just not sure pink Jolene has the stones for that."
"Jimmy Jay was in violation of the ... which commandment is it that deals with adultery?"
"How the hell would I know, especially since I wouldn't wait for you to face your eternal punishment, should you be in said violation, before I rhumba'd my ass off."
"Such is true love."
"Bet your excellent ass. I got the vibe he might've been screwing around, but maybe I'm just a cynical so-and-so."
Pleased with her, Roarke tapped a finger over the dent in her chin. "You are, but you're my cynical so-and-so. - Author: J.D. Robb
Wait For You quotes by J.D. Robb
#71. In my heart is a space
that is so sacred
and none can enter in
but you.

And I shall wait for you
though it takes forever,
though my heart bleeds
and my all consumed.

I wait because I love you
And love waits
for the only one
that it loves. - Author: Jocelyn Soriano
Wait For You quotes by Jocelyn Soriano
#72. I would lean forward and trace my hands down your arms and curve my neck into yours and let you turn into me and rest there for a while and when you were ready, i'd kiss you once and lift myself away, sit back on your bed and wait for you there, just so we could lie there, and you could hold me and i could hold you. And it would be so peaceful. Like the feeling of sleep, but being awake in it together. - Author: John Green
Wait For You quotes by John Green
#73. Reality doesn't wait for you to be ready for it. It doesn't go away when you tell it to. It's like a persistent mosquito, determined to suck your blood and leave you with a bumpy itch that you can't stop scratching. - Author: Holly Bourne
Wait For You quotes by Holly Bourne
#74. Though the sand may be washed by the sea
And the old will be lost in the new
Well four will not wait for three
For three never waited for two
And though you will not wait for me
I'll wait for you
I'll wait for you
And I'll wait for you - Author: Passenger
Wait For You quotes by Passenger
#75. I'll wait for you," I said, finally.
"I don't know how long it will take…or even if--"
"I'll wait. - Author: Emery Rose
Wait For You quotes by Emery Rose
#76. It's okay. I can wait."
"Wait for what?"
"For you, Chloe. I can wait for you. - Author: Tracy Wolff
Wait For You quotes by Tracy Wolff
#77. Neither the heart cut by a sliver of glass in a wasteland of thorns, nor the atrocious waters seen in the corners of certain houses, waters like eyelids and eyes, could hold your waist in my hands when my heart lifts its oak trees toward your unbreakable thread of snow. Night sugar, spirit of crowns, redeemed human blood, your kisses banish me, and a surge of water with remnants of the sea strikes the silences that wait for you surrounding the worn-out chairs, wearing doors away. - Author: Pablo Neruda
Wait For You quotes by Pablo Neruda
#78. Because you know, we live in an era now where everything is pushed. We live in a push world where everything gets pushed to you. It's like, I don't have to wait for you to send it to me, I'll go get it off the Internet. So it was difficult to be back in that sort of situation. But it was cool. - Author: Ja Rule
Wait For You quotes by Ja Rule
#79. Wait for you? Not likely. I've always had to run ahead of you and show you the way. - Author: Robin Hobb
Wait For You quotes by Robin Hobb
#80. Oh, honey, if he swung batter-batter for my team, I'd be all over that in a heartbeat. - Author: J. Lynn
Wait For You quotes by J. Lynn
#81. The wolves wait for you, little lamb. - Author: Keri Lake
Wait For You quotes by Keri Lake
#82. My bag hit the floor, spilling overpriced books and pens across the shiny floor. My pens! My glorious pens rolled everywhere. - Author: J. Lynn
Wait For You quotes by J. Lynn
#83. So I will wait, because I would rather wait for you than waste my time with someone who isn't you. And I will focus on the long game. As they say in baseball, losing game one and even game two is no reason to give up on the whole series. When you're ready, if you're ever ready, give me the word. - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Wait For You quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#84. I hope someday you and I will have a lot of sex. I hope someday you and I will start and end each day wrapped in each other's arms. I hope maybe someday, you'll be able to do whatever you want with me any time you want to do it and know that you'll always be welcome and safe in my arms, in my bed, in my life. And because I know when all that happens it'll be extraordinary, to say the least, I'm willing to wait. For as long as it takes, I'll wait. I'll wait for you. - Author: M.S. Force
Wait For You quotes by M.S. Force
#85. My love, I'm here. I'll wait my whole life through until you're done, there in the cove at Kamouraska. Until you wash your blood-soaked hands and make your way back to me - Author: Anne Hebert
Wait For You quotes by Anne Hebert
#86. I'm always waiting for you, hoping that you'll be really interested, that you'll try completely. In every life I wait for you. I've always been waiting and I always will. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Wait For You quotes by Frederick Lenz
#87. I will always need you," I whisper. "All of this time I've waited for you. And you were never coming for me. Why did you let me wait for you? - Author: Carrie Ryan
Wait For You quotes by Carrie Ryan
#88. Ah, here's my SUV." He made sure her dress was tucked into the car before shutting her door. "I'll wait for you just down the road and then you can follow me home. Oh, and Jack? This is a one night only invitation. If you're not okay with that keep on driving. - Author: Mary J. Williams
Wait For You quotes by Mary J. Williams
#89. I once wrote you a letter and you never replied, which makes me wonder if you ever received it. This time it's a more personal delivery - and I need a reply, even if it's not the one I want.

I'm listening to you - I can hear every word, however softly you speak - and I'm half-agony, half-hope. You're saying that men are realists - that, when the woman they love is no longer available, they move on. Well, believe me, I tried - and I thought I had. But seeing you again, after so many years, just proved how little I knew...

You told me to trust myself. So here I am back in Bath, putting everything on the line for a second chance with you. Is that what you want, too? Whatever your answer, remember this: I may not deserve you - when I think of how I've behaved, I know I've shown little self-control and even less forgiveness - but I've never stopped loving you.

You're talking about heartless men... But I have a heart, and it's the same one you almost broke ten years ago, and it belongs to you, and only you, even more than it did then. And yes, I'm a realist: if you no longer love me, I will accept it. But don't say that only a woman can keep on loving someone who's no longer part of her life! Because I will keep on loving you until there are no stars in the sky.

Tell me tonight how you feel. If there's any chance of you loving me back, then I'll wait for you as I should have waited before. If not, say the word and I'll leave you in peace. - Author: Juliet Archer
Wait For You quotes by Juliet Archer
#90. If I don't keep this job, then my only future career-options are working in Argos, or being a prostitute,' I say, wildly.
'Maybe you could work in Argos as a prostitute,' my mother says, merrily. She appears to be enjoying this conversation. 'They could list you in the catalogue, and people could queue up, and wait for you to come down the conveyor belt. - Author: Caitlin Moran
Wait For You quotes by Caitlin Moran
#91. I'll always wait for you. Don't you dare doubt that" … "I'll be right here when you're ready for me. - Author: Kate Canterbary
Wait For You quotes by Kate Canterbary
#92. I'll wait for you. Come back.
The words were not meaningless, but they didn't touch him now.
It was clear enough - one person waiting for another was like an arithmetical sum, and just as empty of emotion.
Simply one person doing nothing, over time, while another approached. Waiting was a heavy word. - Author: Ian McEwan
Wait For You quotes by Ian McEwan
#93. He said: "I'm going to send you over. The chances are you'll get off with life. That means you'll be out again in twenty years. You're an angel. I'll wait for you." He cleared his throat. "If they hang you I'll always remember you. - Author: Dashiell Hammett
Wait For You quotes by Dashiell Hammett
#94. Remember that I will be here', he said resolutely. 'For an eternity ( ... ). I would wait for you for an eternity. - Author: P.C. Cast
Wait For You quotes by P.C. Cast
#95. I'm gonna piss you off, honey, probably enough for you to want to leave. I've got a temper and so do you, we're gonna clash. It won't feel good, it'll feel not worth it sometimes but, you leave me, I'll wait for you to come back. And you'll come back because, something we've both learned, this, what we have is worth getting over it. Whatever it is that ticks us off of holds us back, we know it's worth fighting for. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Wait For You quotes by Kristen Ashley
#96. Books are like puppies, they wait for you with unconditional love and welcome you back whenever you return. - Author: J.D. Barker
Wait For You quotes by J.D. Barker
#97. Dont wait for anything that will not wait for you. - Author: -sarvesh
Wait For You quotes by -sarvesh
#98. Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places. - Author: Italo Calvino
Wait For You quotes by Italo Calvino
#99. Why would you say I shouldn't wait for you?" It was a snarl. "If you're mine, you're mine. And I'm yours. Today, tomorrow, always. - Author: Nalini Singh
Wait For You quotes by Nalini Singh
#100. Fearlessness is generated when you can appreciate uncertainty, when you have faith in the impossibility of these interconnected components remaining static and permanent. You will find yourself, in a very true sense, preparing for the worst while allowing for the best....By knowing that something is lying in wait for you just around the bend, by accepting that countless potentialities exist from this moment forward, you acquire the skill of pervasive awareness and foresight like that of a gifted general, not paranoid but prepared. - Author: Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
Wait For You quotes by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
#101. Life is not perfect

It's a place of pain,

a place of shame,

a place of danger,

and maybe a place of joy,

No, life is not perfect,

And it doesn't matter what aspect.

Some times it's a sunset and a sunrise,

Or the blue skies,

Or a prize in disguise,

But sometimes it's also sour,

A wail and a roar,

With no one to implore,

Life is a test

It throws problems at us

And waits for us to crumble,

under the distress,

And looks as we struggle,

And gathers the pieces that are left,

But if we look at it differently,

We can carry on brilliantly,

It's just a matter of will power,

And being courageous,

A matter of refusing to be a coward,

and facing what is dangerous,

Life doesn't throw problems at us,

to see us lose hope,

No, it expects us to become strong,

It doesn't expect us to mope

Or mourn,

Life is like a teacher,

It teaches a lesson,

That whatever the situation,

Life must go on

Time won't stop,

And wait for you to gain hope

No, it'll carry on,

And let you mope,

Time can't be reversed,

No amount of crying will change the situation,

So stop thinking that y - Author: Rida Altaf
Wait For You quotes by Rida Altaf
#102. In Turkey, the media wait for you outside. You go down to them, in tunnel, and sometimes, people are yelling and throwing things. They throw coins. I get hit in the head. Bleeding. There is blood. - Author: Mehmet Okur
Wait For You quotes by Mehmet Okur
#103. And death doesn't wait for you when your rested and ready. It sneaks up on you when your exhausted and hungry and cold and so scared you can't even see straight - Author: Lili St. Crow
Wait For You quotes by Lili St. Crow
#104. Now he reduced his progress to the rhythm of his boots -- he walked across the land until he came to the sea. Everything that impeded him had to be outweighed, even if only by a fraction, by all that drove him on. In one pan of the scales, his wound, thirst, the blister, tiredness, the heat, the aching in his feet and legs, the Stukas, the distance, the Channel; in the other, I'll wait for you, and the memory of when she had said it, which he had come to treat like a sacred site. Also, the fear of capture. His most sensual memories -- their few minutes in the library, the kiss in Whitehall -- was bleached colorless through overuse. He knew by heart certain passages from her letters, he had revisited their tussle with the vase by the fountain, he remembered the warmth from her arm at the dinner when the twins went missing. These memories sustained him, but not so easily. Too often they reminded him of where he was when he last summoned them. They lay on the far side of a great divide in time, as significant as B.C. and A.D. Before prison, before war, before the sight of a corpse became a banality.

But these heresies died when he read her last letter. He touched his breast pocket. It was a kind of genuflection. Still there. Here was something new on the scales. That he could be cleared had all the simplicity of love. Merely tasting the possibility reminded him of how much had narrowed and died. His taste for life, no less, all the old ambitions and pleasures. The pro - Author: Ian McEwan
Wait For You quotes by Ian McEwan
#105. It occurred to me that there are at least three indisputable facts about best friends: 1. They wait for you, and 2. They slow down enough to walk beside you, and 3. They always know when you need hot chocolate. - Author: Natalie Lloyd
Wait For You quotes by Natalie Lloyd
#106. I'll wait for you," he said as his hand dropped to his side, as his eyes began to dim. "I think I could wait for you forever. - Author: T.J. Klune
Wait For You quotes by T.J. Klune
#107. Should one of us remember,
And one of us forget,
I wish I knew what each will do–
But who can tell as yet?"

Should one of us remember,
And one of us forget,
I promise you what I will do–
And I'm content to wait for you,
And not be sure as yet. - Author: Christina Rossetti
Wait For You quotes by Christina Rossetti
#108. There are vistas never dreamed of, there are joys never even known, there are glories no past glory ever surpassed. These wait for you but only if you accept my legacy and help bring these things about. - Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Wait For You quotes by L. Ron Hubbard
#109. If you hate my guts and have designs to hurt me, and I see you building a cannon aimed at my house, I am not going to wait for you to finish construction. - Author: Walter E. Williams
Wait For You quotes by Walter E. Williams
#110. Fuck," he said, sliding his hands down to my thighs. "You're making this very hard to be the good guy you said I was last night."
"I'm not drunk."
He pressed his forehead to mine, chuckling softly. "Yeah, I can see that and while the idea of taking you right now, against the wall, is enough to make me lose control, I want you to know that I'm serious. You're not a hook up. You're not a friend with benefits. You're more than that to me."
I closed my eyes, breathing heavily.
"Well, that was ... really sort of perfect. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#111. The truest form of love is where you are able to put your own needs aside to do what is best for the one you love. If you could know where I am now and if you love as you say you do, you would never ever wish me back from the love and the comfort and the bliss of where I am and where I wait for you. - Author: Kate McGahan
Wait For You quotes by Kate McGahan
#112. You know there are moments such as these when time stands still and all you do is hold your breath and hope it will wait for you. - Author: Dorothea Lange
Wait For You quotes by Dorothea Lange
#113. I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever. - Author: Robert Browning
Wait For You quotes by Robert Browning
#114. I could never have gone far in any science because on the path of every science the lion Mathematics lies in wait for you. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Wait For You quotes by C.S. Lewis
#115. I was made to protect you, female. I've claimed you, whether you accept it or not, and it's an honor that I take very seriously. If any male lays an unwanted finger on you, I will break it. If you hunger, I will feed you. If you're cold, then I will warm you with my body. If you're taken from me, then I'll track you. Never doubt my devotion to you." He gripped my head firmly. "I once gave a woman my heart, because that's all I had to give. But you, Silver, you're the pulse that keeps me alive. I was a soft man once, but no more. I don't know if you can accept the man that I've become, because all I have to offer you is my life. I want to shred Tarek apart for the fear he's made you feel when looking at me. He's made you afraid of something that is natural to my kind - an expression of my passion. My fangs are not just weapons." His voice strained and I knew.

I knew.

Denying a part of him was denying him completely. Maybe someday I could look at them without flinching, but it was too soon. They represented power and passion in his world. But in my world, they were death and pain.

I stroked his cheek and he leaned into me and closed his eyes.

"Give me time, Logan."

He slipped his hand behind the nape of my neck and brought his lips close to my ear - words melting into a soft whisper. "I'll wait for you. - Author: Dannika Dark
Wait For You quotes by Dannika Dark
#116. We said we'd walk together baby come what may.That come the twilight should we lose our way.If as we're walkin a hand should slip free,I'll wait for you
And should I fall behind,Wait for me.
- Author: Bruce Springsteen
Wait For You quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#117. Traveling Together"

If we are separated, I will
try to wait for you
on your side of things

your side of the wall and the water
and of the light moving at its own speed
even on leaves that we have seen
I will wait on one side

while a side is there - Author: W.S. Merwin
Wait For You quotes by W.S. Merwin
#118. Life don't wait for nobody, and even as special as you are, it ain't gonna wait for you, neither. So it's time to make up your mind that you're gonna join it. - Author: Beth Hoffman
Wait For You quotes by Beth Hoffman
#119. Move on. Life won't wait for you. - Author: Angela Glowacki
Wait For You quotes by Angela Glowacki
#120. I wait, wait to hear your silent footsteps.
I wait, wait to caress your distant voice.
I wait, wait to embrace myself in you. - Author: Debatrayee Banerjee
Wait For You quotes by Debatrayee Banerjee
#121. You forgot to call,' he says.
I throw open my arms. He pulls me into them, and we kiss, and his lips are cold, and I think he's crying, and I'm definitely crying, and I pull back to say, 'I am so in love with you, Joshua Wasserstein. Of course I'll wait for you. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Wait For You quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#122. I looked down at my phone and saw another text from John.
-Disney character you would sleep with?
I smiled at that one. It was a silly question, but I answered it truthfully.
-Peter Pan. I've always had a thing for the boys that never wanted to grow up.
-Ouch. I hope that wasn't aimed at me. Because I'm a fan of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.Brunette and doesn't mind a guy that's an animal? Hell yeah.
wait for you - Author: J. Lynn
Wait For You quotes by J. Lynn
#123. Round the next corner and in the next street Adventure lies in wait for you. Oh, who can tell what you may meet Round the next corner and in the next street! Could life be anything but sweet When all is hazardous and new? Round the next corner and in the next street Adventure lies in wait for you. That - Author: Nevil Shute
Wait For You quotes by Nevil Shute
#124. The world's not going to wait for you. If you have an idea, put some effort behind it and get it out there. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
Wait For You quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#125. I'll wait for you under the bluebells. I'll be there always. - Author: Kim Harrison
Wait For You quotes by Kim Harrison
#126. If you only write when you're inspired you may be a fairly decent poet, but you'll never be a novelist because you're going to have to make your word count today and those words aren't going to wait for you whether you're inspired or not.
You have to write when you're not inspired. And you have to write the scenes that don't inspire you. And the weird thing is that six months later, a year later, you'll look back at them and you can't remember which scenes you wrote when you were inspired and which scenes you just wrote because they had to be written next.
The process of writing can be magical. ... Mostly it's a process of putting one word after another. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Wait For You quotes by Neil Gaiman
#127. If you are not too long, I will wait for you all my life. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Wait For You quotes by Oscar Wilde
#128. You may slowdown, but time will not wait for you. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Wait For You quotes by Debasish Mridha
#129. I waited for you."
"But it's a race. Why did you wait for me?"
"I always wait for you. I'm always waiting for you. - Author: Brodi Ashton
Wait For You quotes by Brodi Ashton
#130. Children don't wait for you to spend time with them. They grow up with or without you. - Author: Sharon Randall
Wait For You quotes by Sharon Randall
#131. I'll wait for you, however long it takes. I don't care. I'll wait. I'm in love with you, - Author: Kindle Alexander
Wait For You quotes by Kindle Alexander
#132. If you are not long, I will wait for you all my life. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Wait For You quotes by Oscar Wilde
#133. Don't you want to know what cookies is a code word for?"
"No! Good God, no! - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#134. Loneliness gave me things that no one did. It gave me pain, It gave me strength to gather myself and stand again. It gave me strength to wait for you. - Author: Srinivas Shenoy
Wait For You quotes by Srinivas Shenoy
#135. It occurred to Michael that this was the great perk of being loved: someone to wait for you, someone to tell you that it will get easier up ahead. Even when it might not be true. - Author: Armistead Maupin
Wait For You quotes by Armistead Maupin
#136. It was a curious thing about the past
how it lay in wait for you, quietly, invisibly, almost as though it weren't there. You might be tempted to think it was gone, no longer existed. Then, like a pheasant flushed from cover, it would roar up in an explosion of sound, color, motion
shockingly alive. - Author: John Verdon
Wait For You quotes by John Verdon
#137. Anna: What are you doing here?

Etienne: I came for you.

Anna: And how on EARTH did you know I was up here?

Etienne: I saw you. I came to make another wish, and I was standing on Point Zéro when I saw you enter the tower. I called your name, and you looked around, but you didn't see me.

Anna: So you decided to just … come up?

Etienne: I had to. I couldn't wait for you to come down, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to see you now. I have to know … Why did you lie to me?

Anna: I'm sorry, I don't know what …

Etienne: November. At the creperie. I asked you if we'd talked about anything strange that night I was drunk in your room. If I had said anything about our relationship, or my relationship with Ellie. And you said no.

Anna: How did you know?

Etienne: Josh told me.

Anna: When?

Etienne: November.

Anna: I…I…If you'd seen the look on your face that day. In the restaurant. How could I possibly tell you? With your mother…

Etienne: But if you had, I wouldn't have wasted all of these months. I thought you were turning me down. I thought you weren't interested.

Anna: But you were drunk! You had a girlfriend! What was I supposed to do? God, St. Clair. I didn't even know if you meant it.

Etienne: Of course I meant it. I meant it, Anna. I meant it.

Anna: I don't under…

Etienne: I'm saying I'm in love wi - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Wait For You quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#138. How did you know to turn back?" I said.
With his head still down, he said, "I waited for you."
"But its a race. Why did you wait for me?"
He lifted his head so that his eyes met mine. "I always wait for you." He took a deep breath, my ankle still in his hands. "I'm always waiting for you."
In an embarrassingly breathless voice that didn't sound like my own, I said, "Because I'm so slow?"
He smiled. "Yes. But not in the way that you think. - Author: Brodi Ashton
Wait For You quotes by Brodi Ashton
#139. I told you I was powerful - not my fault you failed to listen. I'm helping fight the Hunters now and you'll be lucky if my aim doesn't accidently-on-purpose veer and kill you. In fact, I don't think I'll wait for you." She glanced over at the tunnels and counted with a point of her finger. "See you in the ... second one over, sweetcakes. That's where the biggest, baddest Hunter was, last time I checked. I'll just pretend he's you and nail his ass to the wall. - Author: Gena Showalter
Wait For You quotes by Gena Showalter
#140. The joy of poetry is that it will wait for you. Novels don't wait for you. Characters change. But poetry will wait. I think it's the greatest art. - Author: Sonia Sanchez
Wait For You quotes by Sonia Sanchez
#141. When are you going to get a fella?" Lily asks Rose after a year or two of dancing. "I have one who wants to take me kissing, but I think I should wait for you to have one."
Rose flushes. "I don't think I'll ever have a fella."
"Why not?" Lily bristles. "We're plenty pretty."
"I don't like the look of them," Rose says.
Lily purses her lips at the dance floor, appraising.
After a moment long, Rose says, "Any of them."
Lily looks at her a long time, as Rose tries not to hyperventilate.
Then Lily shrugs and says, "Well, then it's you who should have learned to lead, isn't it?" and when Rose clasps Lily's hand, she clasps it back.
It's the closest they've ever been. - Author: Genevieve Valentine
Wait For You quotes by Genevieve Valentine
#142. JERRY: Look at the way you're looking at me. I can't wait for you. I'm bowled over, I'm totally knocked out, you dazzle me, you jewel, my jewel, I can't ever sleep again, no, listen, it's the truth, I won't walk, I'll be a cripple, I'll descend, I'll diminish, into total paralysis, my life is in your hands, that's what you're banishing me to, a state of catatonia, do you know the state of catatonia? do you? do you? the state of ... where the reigning prince is the prince of emptiness, the prince of absence, the prince of desolation. I love you.
EMMA: My husband is at the other side of that door.
JERRY: Everyone knows. The world knows. It knows. But they'll never know, they'll never know, they're in a different world. I adore you. I'm madly in love with you. I can't believe that what anyone is at this moment saying has ever happened has ever happened. Nothing has ever happened. Nothing. Your eyes kill me. I'm lost. You're wonderful. - Author: Harold Pinter
Wait For You quotes by Harold Pinter
#143. You must think I'm a complete idiot right? That I'm just some doormat who'll wait for you on the sidelines forever? That you can keep running back to her every time things get difficult and I'll just be okay with it?! - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Wait For You quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#144. Are you two you know?" Jacob pointed at us. " Together? Together? "
I didn't get a chance to answer. Cam spun me around and kissed me, right there between the two buildings. It was no friendly peck on the lips. When our tongues touched, my bag slipped off my arm and hit the frosted ground.
"Holy crap," Jacob muttered. "I think they're going to make babies. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#145. The world won't wait for you to change, not ever. You either take a chance or you stay in one place while everything else goes on. - Author: Megan Hart
Wait For You quotes by Megan Hart
#146. I'm not playing a game with you, and I'll use whatever means necessary to win your heart."
"And what if my heart isn't ready?"
"Then I'll wait for you, Devney. I'll wait until you realize that this isn't about a bet or anything other than us belonging together. I want us and you and everything that comes with that. I want to kiss you good night, wake up with you beside me, and love you the way you deserve. So, I'll wait for your heart to be ready because mine is ready enough for the both of us. - Author: Corinne Michaels
Wait For You quotes by Corinne Michaels
#147. I'll wait for you at the finish line. - Author: Lisa Schroeder
Wait For You quotes by Lisa Schroeder
#148. In the days leading up to Valentine's Day, in addition to the daily letter I also made sure to send her a Valentine's card and a different bar of chocolate. I was buying really nice bars of chocolate, all different flavors and kinds. She was only allowed to eat them right there at mail call, and sometimes she would get several packages at once, so even though it was hard to do, she'd share bites of her chocolate with other people. I also made sure to give extra thought to the regular, daily letter that would arrive on Valentine's Day:

In the beginning of our relationship I criticized your expectations in a boyfriend. I told you that you watched too many movies and lived in a fantasy world. In a way I was asking you to settle. Even through our arguments about what was realistic and what was a fairy tale, I did everything I could to be your prince in a world where I saw you as the princess that you are. I was wrong to ever question you. Your standards never dropped and it forced me to rise up to the level needed to keep you. Like a storybook romance, I've defended your honor, showered you with love, worshipped the ground you walk on, and will faithfully wait for you while you're away. You have made me a better man. Because of you I live a life I am proud of and have become the father, brother, son, and friend my family deserves. Your love has positively affected every aspect of my life. And for that I could never repay you. But I will happily be forever y - Author: Noah Galloway
Wait For You quotes by Noah Galloway
#149. Just then, just when I thought I would be free from the repeated blows to my tender head of the Stupidity Hammer, the Stupidity Hammer rose up from the shining screen, drew back, whirled hugely, and with great force and might and main slammed me right between the eyes so my brain squirted out my ears a yard past my shoulders in both directions.
Bilbo does not seal the barrels.
I will wait for you to recover in case you just got the sensation of a Stupidity Hammer clonking you from the page. Then I will repeat myself, because it is so dumb you might not believe me:
Bilbo does not seal the barrels. He leaves the tops open.
The Desolation of Tolkien - Author: John C. Wright
Wait For You quotes by John C. Wright
#150. Sometimes a man gets carried away when he feels like he should be having his fun and much too blind to see the damage he's done, oh sometimes a man must awake to find that really he has no one. So I'll wait for you and I'll burn will I ever see your sweet return, oh will I ever learn? Oh, Lover you should've come over. Oh love well I'm waiting for you. - Author: Jeff Buckley
Wait For You quotes by Jeff Buckley
#151. You drive me fucking insane sometimes.
I drove myself fucking insane. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#152. A message came from my youth of vanished days, saying, 'I wait for you among the quivering of unborn May, where smiles ripen for tears and hours ache with songs unsung.'
It says, 'Come to me across the worn-out track of age, through the gates of death. For dreams fade, hopes fail, the fathered fruits of the year decay, but I am the eternal truth, and you shall meet me again and again in your voyage of life from shore to shore. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Wait For You quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#153. Books: Put them down and they'll wait for you forever. Pay attention to them and they'll always love you back - Author: John Green
Wait For You quotes by John Green
#154. Pretty girl, I will wait for you until the stars burn out. - Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Wait For You quotes by Chelsea M. Cameron
#155. You will be very visible in the company photo, also the website and any other marketing materials. There's no way to avoid it. The photo will only be scheduled when you are in the office, so don't try pretending to be sick. They'll wait for you. - Author: Baratunde R. Thurston
Wait For You quotes by Baratunde R. Thurston
#156. JULY 29 Yes, LORD, we wait for You in the path of Your judgments. Our desire is for Your name and renown. Isaiah 26:8 Time can test almost anything and un-doubtedly anyone. Sometimes when we obey God and go where we believe He is sending us, we're not altogether certain what we expected, but after a while we ascertain, "This certainly can't be it." In fact, obeying God can initially seem to get us into a bigger mess than we left. It can make you think, "I must be an alien here." But actually, that may be your first indication you're in the right place. We can be in the bull's-eye of God's will for our lives even when things make utterly no sense. Sometimes we just to wait on that ugly, five-letter word: "later. - Author: Beth Moore
Wait For You quotes by Beth Moore
#157. Tonpa, be anxious no more
Hard times have abandoned you
Good times lie in wait for you - Author: M.C. Mary Kom
Wait For You quotes by M.C. Mary Kom
#158. Pretty When You Cry"

All the pretty stars shine for you, my love.
Am I that girl that you dream of?
All those little times you said that I'm your girl.
You make me feel like your whole world.

I'll wait for you, babe,
It's all I do, babe,
Don't come through, babe,
You never do.

Because I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.

All those special times I spent with you, my love,
They don't mean shit compared to all your drugs.
But I don't really mind I've got much more than that.
Like my memories, I don't need that.

I'll wait for you, babe,
You don't come through, babe,
You never do, babe,
That's just what you do.

Because I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.

Don't say you need me when
You leave and you leave again.
I'm stronger than all my men,
Except for you.

Don't say you need me here,
You leave us, you're leaving,
I can't do it, I can't do it,
But you do it well.

'Cause I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.
Pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.

Pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry.
I'm pretty when I cry. - Author: Lana Del Rey
Wait For You quotes by Lana Del Rey
#159. Missing you
I wish I could hold you in my arms again all through the night.
As we lay together I hold you so tight.
To feel your soft skin up against mine as we sleep.
I feel your breath on my skin and it feels so deep.
If this is a dream and you're not real I do not wish to wake.
I'm hoping this is true and I enjoy this time we take.
Two souls together as one with a single beating heart.
I'm thankful for this time and never want to be apart.
I don't want to rise and greet the new day.
I want you here forever and wish you could stay.
As the sun rises and god knows I try.
I awake alone and then begin to cry.
For you have left me and now its ben a year.
I think of you often as I wipe away a tear.
I miss you so much as I take a deep breath.
I will see you again when It's time for my death.
I want you to know that you are my love.
I think of you often when I look at the stars above.
I walk in a daze and talk to your stone.
I want to be with you I'm tired of being alone.
The day is over and night time is here.
I wait for you again and in my arms you appear.
For tonight is different and you won't have to leave.
Were together again and I'm happy, so please dont grieve.
John a Miller - Author: John A. Miller
Wait For You quotes by John A.   Miller
#160. What else can you tell me?" Dad stares at me. "What have you learned while you were awake?"
I learned that life is so, so fragile. I learned that you can know someone for just days and never forget the impression he left on you. I learned that art can be beautiful and sad at the same time. I learned that if someone loves you, he'll wait for you to love him back. I learned that how much you want something doesn't determine whether you get it or not, that "no" might not be enough, that life isn't fair, that my parents can't save me, that maybe no one can. "Nothing much," I mutter. - Author: Beth Revis
Wait For You quotes by Beth Revis
#161. Och, Dani my darling, you're not giving me a single reason to wait for you to grow up. You're giving me a thousand reasons not to."
It's Christian! I'm so glad it's him, not one of the other princes! I turn around in his arms and tip my head back. "Hi, Christian!" I beam at him. He's hotter than the other princes. I'm glad I got him. I'll take the others, too, but I want him first. "I want to grow up. Now. Hurry. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Wait For You quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#162. If you're not too long, I will wait for you here all my life. - Author: Chad Alan Gibbs
Wait For You quotes by Chad Alan Gibbs
#163. I will wait for you, Vivienne. I don't care how many centuries it takes before you're ready, but I will wait for you. - Author: Bella Forrest
Wait For You quotes by Bella Forrest
#164. Serving together revolutionized our marriage. If one is ahead, prioritize patience and nag-resistance. God isn't a wedge between spouses; if you aren't walking side by side, I believe God will wait for you both. Press Pause. Don't give the spiritual depth to your church or friends and leave housekeeping leftovers for your man. Grow together, learn together, seek together, serve together. This is the most eternal portion of your union; treat it with utmost care. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
Wait For You quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#165. Do you know why few of us like to wait? We don't like to wait because waiting immediately reminds us that we are not in charge. Nothing more quickly offends our delusions of self-sovereignty than being forced to step out of our own schedules and wait for another. Think about it. You have never gotten angry because you have had to wait for you! Only when my heart is progressively in awe of the agenda of One vastly greater and wiser than me will I surrender my schedule to him and be willing to wait for others. - Author: Paul David Tripp
Wait For You quotes by Paul David Tripp
#166. Because that's exactly where I'll be. And if you don't show up today, I'll be there next year. And the next. Every November 9th I'll wait for you, hoping one day you'll be able to find enough forgiveness to love me again. But if that doesn't happen and you never show, I'll still be grateful to you until the day that I die. You - Author: Colleen Hoover
Wait For You quotes by Colleen Hoover
#167. You've been waiting ... "
"I have." He leaned in toward my lips but didn't touch them. "Waiting and waiting forever. For you. Waiting for you to grow up. Waiting for you to see me as something more than just a friend of Ian's. Waiting for the right time to tell you how I feel about you." He whispered so close, I could feel the brush of breath from his beautiful words. "Just a very long time of waiting, Elaina."
... "I don't want to wait anymore." His eyes melded into me and held on. "Please don't make me wait for you any longer," he pleaded. "I can't do it, Cherry. I just can't. - Author: Raine Miller
Wait For You quotes by Raine Miller
#168. I can wait for you longer. Because you have arrived. - Author: Antonio Porchia
Wait For You quotes by Antonio Porchia
#169. But hush! No telling to others that make so inquisitive questions. We must obey, and silence is a part of obedience, and obedience is to bring you strong and well into loving arms that wait for you. - Author: Bram Stoker
Wait For You quotes by Bram Stoker
#170. I'll wait for you Layla. Forever if I have to; because there will never be anyone else for me. You are my only love and I won't give up fighting for you. - Author: Marie Coulson
Wait For You quotes by Marie Coulson
#171. There's only you for me. I'll wait for you. - Author: Katy Regnery
Wait For You quotes by Katy Regnery
#172. Establishing dominance early in the relationship is key. Vampire children are like human children in that they can sense weakness. They will wait for you to be busy or too distracted to realize that you've given them permission to feed on the pizza guy.
- Siring for the Stupid: A Beginner's Guide to Raising Newborn Vampires - Author: Molly Harper
Wait For You quotes by Molly Harper
#173. Yeah, she said she just can't wait for you and Daddy to get to heaven. ... From that moment on, the wound from one of the most painful episodes in our lives, losing a child we had wanted very much, began to heal. - Author: Todd Burpo
Wait For You quotes by Todd Burpo
#174. I love you," he says gently, running his fingers along my hairline. "Never going to stop loving you, baby."
"Ev," I breathe, feeling tears burn my throat.
"I'll wait for you to find it again. I'd wait forever for you. - Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Wait For You quotes by Aurora Rose Reynolds
#175. My body knew what to do, what it wanted , even though my brain was firing off so many warnings I felt like Homeland Security during a Code Red. - Author: J. Lynn
Wait For You quotes by J. Lynn
#176. I texted back: Did you make it home?
A few minutes passed while I stared at my phone. Yeah. Fam showering me with affection. U cld learn frm them.
I think you get enough attention.
I'm needy.
Boy, don't I know that. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#177. For 13 years I wait for you. For 13 years, I play Inquiry for you, in hope that I could reach out for you - in hope that I could still talk to you. You never answer me back. All these questions in me left unanswered, all these feelings left unresolved. Why won't you answer me back? Wei Ying, will you come back? - Author: Unknown
Wait For You quotes by Unknown
#178. Why didn't you call?" Taylor asked.
"I did. No one answered." Roo bent to refill her handbag.
Ah. "So how were going to get in the house?"
"I thought I'd just wait for you to come back." She started to tap her foot.
"Why didn't you go home and call a locksmith?" Taylor asked.
Roo glared. "What is this? The Spanish Inquisition?" Then she grinned. "Oh, I've waited years to say that."
Taylor bit back his laugh. - Author: Barbara Elsborg
Wait For You quotes by Barbara Elsborg
#179. I'll wait for you. I'll always wait for you. - Author: A. Meredith Walters
Wait For You quotes by A. Meredith Walters
#180. I will wait for you as long as it takes. I will love you every moment across time. - Author: Lauren Kate
Wait For You quotes by Lauren Kate
#181. Never doubt how much I love you…or how long I'll wait for you. My heart is yours to keep. - Author: Stephie Walls
Wait For You quotes by Stephie Walls
#182. In this nation people assume they can write your story from beginning to end, and wait for you to fall into place on the stage that has been set, it is why every conversation scans like a hostage negotiation, with your humanity being the item that's up for deliberation. - Author: Rafeif Ismail
Wait For You quotes by Rafeif Ismail
#183. LXXIX
When I die, I want your hands on my eyes.
I want the light and wheat of your beloved hands to pass their freshness over me once moreL
I want to feel the softness that changed my destiny.
I want you to live while I wait for you, asleep.
I want your ears still to hear the wind, I want you to sniff the sea's aroma that we loved together,
to continue to walk on the sand we walk on.
I want what I love to continue to live,
and you whom I love and sang above everything else.
to continue to flourish, full-flowered.
So that you can reach everything my love directs you to.
So that my shadow can travel along in your hair,
so that everything can learn the reason for my song. - Author: Pablo Neruda
Wait For You quotes by Pablo Neruda
#184. I'll wait for you, Luce, until you're ready. Just tell me now, so I don't sit around getting my hopes up ... do you think that maybe someday you'll want me, too? - Author: Jay McLean
Wait For You quotes by Jay McLean
#185. To illustrate the marked atmospheric contrast between the two cities, the writer Frank Carpenter observed that in New York, "a streetcar will not wait for you if you are not just at its stopping point. It goes on and you must stand there until the next car comes along. In Washington people a block away signal the cars by waving their hands or their umbrellas. Then they walk to the car at a leisurely pace, while the drivers wait patiently and the horses rest." While the capital might lack "the spirit of intense energy" that animated New York, Carpenter concluded that Washington, with its broad, clean streets and fine marble buildings (and its shanties generally hidden from view), offered "the pleasanter place in which to live. - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
Wait For You quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
#186. I'll wait for you. I'll wait all the way to the altar if we make it that far." Startled, her body went stiff and her breath hitched. Her beautiful brown eyes, glossy from a layer of unshed tears, stared up at me with both fear and hope. Vulnerable as she was in that moment, she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
"I've been waiting for you since the moment I put on the bracelet," I said. "And you're waiting for me, too." I smirked at the question in her eyes. "Four years and you've never fallen for anyone else?
You're not over me. You still want this as much as I do. - Author: Kelly Oram
Wait For You quotes by Kelly Oram
#187. ...God doesn't wait for you to reach maturity before he starts liking you. He loves and enjoys you at every stage of your spiritual development. - Author: Rick Warren
Wait For You quotes by Rick Warren
#188. Lord Jesus,' Christy whispered, 'I want You to hold the key. I want You to decide what should happen in my heart's garden. I want You to let in or send out anything or anybody You want. Especially with guys. I don't want to ever unlock that gate again. I want you to open it only when the right man comes along. Take the key, Lord. Take all my keys. I'll wait for you. - Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Wait For You quotes by Robin Jones Gunn
#189. Whoever you are. Where ever you are. With whom so ever you are & were. Whatever may be your past. What so ever may be the truth. I will wait for you & I will fade away just like a daffodil when storm comes. - Author: Srinivas Shenoy
Wait For You quotes by Srinivas Shenoy
#190. She glanced over her shoulder as she made her way into the restaurant, as though to make sure I was still waiting for her.
You crazy girl, don't you know I'd wait for you forever? - Author: A Meredith Walters
Wait For You quotes by A Meredith Walters
#191. Please don't miss me too much. Please don't be too sad. Find someone else to love, because you have much love to give and it's a gift that shouldn't be wasted. You , Jesse, were the rose that made my life sweet.I will wait for you in heaven. - Author: Lurlene McDaniel
Wait For You quotes by Lurlene McDaniel
#192. I'm not like he is, you know," he tells me, but that isn't the part that stirs my cold, dead heart. It's the words he follows it up with a second later, as though it barely takes him anything to let them out: "So if you want to run, run. I won't sit on the side-lines and wait for you to slip away, like you never existed." He pauses, thickly. Takes a second, in a way I can understand. "I'll fight for you, El. I'll always fight for you. - Author: Charlotte Stein
Wait For You quotes by Charlotte Stein
#193. There are teams that wait for you and teams that look for you: Espanyol look for you. I feel very close to their style of football. - Author: Pep Guardiola
Wait For You quotes by Pep Guardiola
#194. Afterward, we lay on our sides facing each other. I murmured, "I know it couldn't possibly be worth the wait for you, but was it-"
"By all gods, it was worth the wait." He cupped my face, had to clear his throat before he could say, "Do you understand how precious you are to me? Not because I can touch you - that merely allowed me to recognize you." I laid my hand over his heart. For two thousand years, it'd been one way. Now it was changed. His brows drew together, as if he was trying to sort through chaotic thoughts. He opened his mouth to speak, closed it, then tried again: "That wild storm was a tiny fraction of what was going on inside of me. I look at you...and I soar. I make love to you, and everything is new; I feel...so much. I'm certain my chest will explode from it...Gods, I make no sense, do I?" Color tinged his broad cheekbones. "Tonight has boggled my mind. You have boggled my mind." He held my gaze with his own. "Sieva, I am a planet off its axis." I lost myself in his eyes. "I love you too, Aric." The corner of his lips curled. - Author: Kresley Cole
Wait For You quotes by Kresley Cole
#195. Find me here,
said love.
I will wait for you
below and above.

I will wait for you
in the dark, in the light.
I will wait for you
in the day, in the night.

I have waited millions of years
and haven't grown weary once.
All of eternity I will wait
though there's nowhere I haven't been once.

I have been in hearts and groins,
in the whole and the chasm.
I have been in birth and death,
in the fucking and the orgasm.

If you close your eyes, I am there,
in your nakedness, in your truth.
If you ask for me, I will come
in your age, in your youth.

Because I love you, lover.
And wish to be loved.
Find me here, said love.
I wish to be loved. - Author: Kamand Kojouri
Wait For You quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#196. It is difficult to prove yourself reliable when people are required to wait for you. - Author: Wes Fesler
Wait For You quotes by Wes Fesler
#197. These are the things I learned (in Kindergarten):

1. Share everything.
2. Play fair.
3. Don't hit people.
4. Put things back where you found them.
6. Don't take things that aren't yours.
7. Say you're SORRY when you HURT somebody.
8. Wash your hands before you eat.
9. Flush.
10. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
11. Live a balanced life - learn some and drink some and draw some and paint some and sing and dance and play and work everyday some.
12. Take a nap every afternoon.
13. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.
14. Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the Styrofoam cup: The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that.
15. Goldfish and hamster and white mice and even the little seed in the Styrofoam cup - they all die. So do we.
16. And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned - the biggest word of all - LOOK. - Author: Robert Fulghum
Wait For You quotes by Robert Fulghum
#198. The Scots are subsidy junkies whingeing like a trampled bagpipe as they wait for their next fix of English taxpayers' money. - Author: Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton Of Brenchley
Wait For You quotes by Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton Of Brenchley
#199. The New Kids took some hits for, you know, not writing their own music. But on a songwriting standpoint, I mean, I'd never written music before when I was in the group, ... Now the music is my music, so it's kind of like my baby, and that was a whole different experience. - Author: Joey McIntyre
Wait For You quotes by Joey McIntyre
#200. That reminds me." I dug into my book bag and pulled out a white cardboard box tied with a string. "I brought these back for you."
He looked at the box, then at me, before slowly reaching out. "What are they?"
"Poisonous snakes. Open it."
Zachary untied the string. "They seem like very quiet snakes."
"They're stealthy. Or maybe dead. - Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
Wait For You quotes by Jeri Smith-Ready
#201. For you, I was a chapter. For me, you were the book. - Author: Tom McNeal
Wait For You quotes by Tom McNeal
#202. We all take for granted things that come too easily.
That's why I can't let you go--you're always a challenge to me.
Here's my wow to you, here's all I believe:
For you, I'll stay invisble. I"ll be the air you breathe. - Author: Frances De Pontes Peebles
Wait For You quotes by Frances De Pontes Peebles
#203. I see Dr. Johnston at the end of the hall, walking toward us. He stops talking to the other doctors and gestures for me to wait. He holds up his hand: Stop. His face is eager yet unsmiling. I look in the other direction then back at him. His steps quicken, and I squint, for some reason pretending I don't recognize him. And I think: What if I'm wrong? What if Joanie doesn't make it out of this?
"Scottie," I say. "This way."
I walk in the other direction, away from Dr. Johnston, and she turns and follows me.
"Walk quickly," I tell her.
"It's a game. Let's race. Walk fast. Run."She takes off, her backpack jiggling on her back, and I follow her, walking quickly then breaking into a slow jog, and because Dr. Johnston is my friend's dad and was a friend of my father's, I feel like I'm fourteen again, running from the patriarchs. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Wait For You quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#204. Books; what a jolly company they are,
Standing so quiet and patient on their shelves,
Dressed in dim brown, and black, and white, and green
And every kind of colour. Which will you read?
Come on; O do read something; they're so wise.
I tell you all the wisdom of the world
Is waiting for you on those shelves; and yet
You sit and gnaw your nails, and let your pipe out,
And listen to the silence. - Author: Siegfried Sassoon
Wait For You quotes by Siegfried Sassoon
#205. My soul spoke to me in a whisper, urgently and alarmingly: 'Words, words, do not make too many words. Be silent and listen: have you recognized your madness, and do you admit it? Have you noticed that all your foundations are all completely mired in madness?' "11 (2) Jung's soul: "There are hellish webs of words, only words . . . Be tentative with words, value them . . . for you are the first who gets snared in them. For words have meanings. With words you pull up the underworld. Word, the paltriest and the mightiest. In words the emptiness and the fullness flow together. Hence the word is an image of the God. - Author: C. G. Jung
Wait For You quotes by C. G. Jung
#206. don't have to give in to those things that would keep you from the life God has for you - you may have in your past, but you don't have to in your future. You can begin again! Jesus is sending away your accusers and offering you a new chance today. Today can be a brand-new start. - Author: Joyce Meyer
Wait For You quotes by Joyce Meyer
#207. The rest of August passes with Xerox monotony, each day a photocopy of the one before as I wait until my first gig. The only thing I'm learning working for the Agent of Evil is that bitterness is a contagious disease, a virus spread by aural contact. I try to remain immune by embracing my alter ego, telling myself that it's not Edward Zanni who has to deliver a cup of Irving's pee to his urologist on a sweltering subway; it's Alan, Lucifer's piss boy.

It doesn't work. - Author: Marc Acito
Wait For You quotes by Marc Acito
#208. Longing for you is the sweetest anticipation I've ever known. - Author: Cari Quinn
Wait For You quotes by Cari Quinn
#209. This." He seized hold of her hand and pressed it over his still heart. "There are times I can almost feel this actually beating for you. You have owned it since the moment I saw you. It may have taken me a while to come to that realization, but it's true, and there is nothing, nothing that is going to change that. Not blood and not sex. You were made for me Aria. - Author: Erica Stevens
Wait For You quotes by Erica Stevens
#210. His favourite ploy was to push his leg round the corner of the table and withdraw it repeatedly just as the cat pawed at it. Oscar was justifiably irritated by this teasing but showed his character by lying in wait for Tristan one night and biting him smartly in the ankle before he could start his tricks. - Author: James Herriot
Wait For You quotes by James Herriot
#211. I lifted my wand, hoping she would see this as a dramatic move, not a threat. "Why once, in my bunker at Charing Cross Station, I stalked the
deadly prey known as Jelly Babies."
Neith's eyes widened. "They are dangerous?"
"Horrible," I agreed. "Oh, they seem small alone, but they always appear in great numbers. Sticky, fattening - quite deadly. There I was, alone
with only two quid and a Tube pass, beset by Jelly Babies, when ... Ah, but never mind. When the Jelly Babies come for you ... you will find out on
your own."
She lowered her bow. "Tell me. I must know how to hunt Jelly Babies."
I looked at Walt gravely. "How many months have I trained you, Walt?"
"Seven," he said. "Almost eight."
"And have I ever deemed you worthy of hunting Jelly Babies with me?"
"Uh ... no. - Author: Rick Riordan
Wait For You quotes by Rick Riordan
#212. You know, I get it. Being raised as a superstar must be really, really difficult for you. Always a commodity, never a human being, not a single person in your family thinking you're worth a damn off the court - yeah, sounds rough. Kevin and I talk about your intricate and endless daddy issues all the time. I know it's not entirely your fault that you are mentally unbalanced and infected with these delusions of grandeur, and I know you're physically incapable of holding a decent conversation with anyone like every other normal human being can, but I don't think any of us should have to put up with this much of your bullshit. Pity only gets you so many concessions, and you used yours up about six insults ago. So please, please, just shut the fuck up and leave us alone. - Author: Nora Sakavic
Wait For You quotes by Nora Sakavic
#213. Righteousness is not about right doing. Righteousness is about right believing. You are made righteous in God's eyes when you put your faith in Christ and His sacrifice for you. It is through Jesus' obedience that we have been made righteous and justified from all our sins. Justification is our Lord Jesus removing all the guilt and penalty of sin and proclaiming that we have been made righteous by His shed blood. - Author: Joseph Prince
Wait For You quotes by Joseph Prince
#214. Where there is love, there will be an abundance of success and love. However, love is something within us. So focus on your own self-worthiness, and love will begin to blossom within you, around you, for you and for others in your life. - Author: Vishwas Chavan
Wait For You quotes by Vishwas Chavan
#215. Last week I pocketed a thesaurus and looked for synonyms for you but could only find rain and more rain and a thunderstorm that sounded like glass, like crystal, like an orchestra. - Author: Shinji Moon
Wait For You quotes by Shinji Moon
#216. O People of the Book (Jews and Christians)! Do not exceed the limits in your religion, and attribute to God nothing except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God, and His command that He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in God and in His Messengers, and do not say: 'God is a Trinity.' Give up this assertion; it would be better for you. For God is indeed (the only) One God. Far be it from His glory that He should have a son. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth. And God is sufficient for a guardian." (Quran 4:171) - Author: Qur'an
Wait For You quotes by Qur'an
#217. Never try to make excuses for people. Sometimes a person might be good, but not be good for you.
Other times, a person's not good because they're just not good - all they bring you is heartaches, misery and all things undeserving. And you need to understand that it's alright for a person to be bad and that not even you can change them, unless they want to. - Author: Temi O’Sola
Wait For You quotes by Temi O’Sola
#218. My prayer for you today is that you experience the Love that God has for you in such a profound, childlike way that your perspective is completely transformed. As you encounter circumstances in your life, from the trivial to the catastrophic, may you be more acutely aware of the magnitude of His love for you than the magnitude of the troubles you face. - Author: Riisa Renee
Wait For You quotes by Riisa Renee
#219. I wasn't understanding enough about drug addition. No one seemed to know much about drug addiction. Things like LSD were all new. No one knew the harm. People thought cocaine was good for you. - Author: Mick Jagger
Wait For You quotes by Mick Jagger
#220. Jesus is moved to happiness every time He sees that you appreciate what He has done for you. Grip His pierced hand and say to Him, 'I thank Thee, Saviour, because Thou has died for me.' Thank Him likewise for all the other blessings He has showered upon you from day to day. It brings joy to Jesus. - Author: Ole Hallesby
Wait For You quotes by Ole Hallesby
#221. I am a child of the Milky Way. The night is my mother. I am made of the dust of stars. Every atom in my body was forged in a star. When the universe exploded into being, already the bird longed for the wood and the fish for the pool. When the first galaxies fell into luminous clumps, already matter was struggling toward consciousness. The star clouds of Sagittarius are a burning bush. If there is a voice in Sagittarius, I'd be a fool not to listen. If God's voice in the night is a scrawny cry, then I'll prick up my ears. If night's faint lights fail to knock me off my feet, then I'll sit back on a dark hillside and wait and watch. A hint here and a trait there. Listening and watching. Waiting, always waiting, for the tingle in the spine. - Author: Chet Raymo
Wait For You quotes by Chet Raymo
#222. I'm killing time while I wait for life to shower me with meaning and happiness. - Author: Bill Watterson
Wait For You quotes by Bill Watterson
#223. God can dream a bigger dream for you then you could ever dream for yourself. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
Wait For You quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#224. I love book signings: kids waiting in line for you to scribble on their new books, haha! - Author: Brian Jacques
Wait For You quotes by Brian Jacques
#225. The problem is not whether we can or cannot but rather if we are willing to make the decision to pursue our passions. If you have the direction, you will have the will to succeed. Make up your mind to pursue your dreams, they are waiting for you. - Author: Avina Celeste
Wait For You quotes by Avina Celeste
#226. You need to start doing what's uncomfortable for you, April. Because your idea of what feels right took a left turn somewhere. - Author: Tess Callahan
Wait For You quotes by Tess Callahan
#227. When you're growing up, it takes a long time for you to realize that there's something different about you. On one level, you know there's something strange, but on another, yourself is the only thing you ever knew. - Author: Brooke Stevens
Wait For You quotes by Brooke Stevens
#228. And it was one of those moments you willed to never end, because in that moment, you didn't believe you could ever be happier - the world just couldn't possibly have anything more wonderful in store for you than at that exact, perfect moment. - Author: Heloise Clough
Wait For You quotes by Heloise Clough
#229. Quiet and sincere sympathy is often the most welcome and efficient consolation to the afflicted. Said a wise man to one in deep sorrow, I did not come to comfort you; God only can do that; but I did come to say how deeply and tenderly I feel for you in your affliction. - Author: Tryon Edwards
Wait For You quotes by Tryon Edwards
#230. In his pocket, the mobile phone beeped and wriggled. They'd said on the radio that the entirety of human knowledge was available on these handsets, that smartphones had outsmarted their owners. But, for now, he was in control, and the nagging gadget had to wait. He took only a glance at the little screen, enough to see that the text came from Tooly. He pocketed the phone and finished tidying up the Honesty Barrel. Soon he'd read her message and he would know. But not yet. That present had not arrived yet. This one lingered. - Author: Tom Rachman
Wait For You quotes by Tom Rachman

"A box of doves
I placed beside your chest
A stork of silk
With rubies in it's nest
Of my love
Will burn thee to a wizened word
For ere to go unheard.

A mare of wood
Elder, elm and oak
Will keep you fair
If you jest me no joke
Of my love
Will burn thee to a wizened word
For ere to go unheard.

I'm old and bruised
But my fate is that of youth
Trickster you
Be a grisly dragon's tooth
Of my love
Will burn thee to a wizened word
For ere to go unheard.

You gashed the heart of my heart
Like a Portuguese
I'd planned for you this land
But you devoured my hand. - Author: Marc Bolan
Wait For You quotes by Marc Bolan
#232. Well you know I'm a ghost,
Pull the note out my throat,
And leave me alone,
But it's all for you, all for you and more,
He won't take her anymore. - Author: Pierce The Veil
Wait For You quotes by Pierce The Veil
#233. Even years from now, once I've stopped drinking, I will never stop trusting extremes. I will always believe that anything worth having is worth having in excess. The good things are worth hoarding until you have a cookie-fat ass, sex-aching loins, joy that fires through you like popping popcorn, or love, the weakness at the sight of some boy who makes your chest ache like indigestion. If it's good for you, it ought to be good for you in any amount, and you should track down every available bit of it. And if it's toxic, if it turns your liver into a hard little rock of scar tissue, or curls your memory at the edges like something burned in a fire, or makes your stomach flop, or your mind ache, or your personality contorted, you shouldn't buy into the bullshit about temperance. - Author: Koren Zailckas
Wait For You quotes by Koren Zailckas
#234. I don't demand much. All I expect is for you to love me so much you kill yourself just to get my attention. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Wait For You quotes by Jarod Kintz

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