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#1. I remembered from movies and TV that a human being striking a window could cause it to shatter, but the glass was too strong or I was too weak. My body didn't do much anymore when I put it to things. I didn't even make much noise pounding my fist against the glass: the ones that turned to look dismissed me almost before they had swiveled their heads. I might have been a painting of a hysterical female, paused in motion and screaming decoratively. But my throat was going raw, and my hands hurt dully. - Author: Alexandra Kleeman
Cars From Movies quotes by Alexandra Kleeman
#2. Well, the thing about great fictional characters from literature, and the reason that they're constantly turned into characters in movies, is that they completely speak to what makes people human. - Author: Keira Knightley
Cars From Movies quotes by Keira Knightley
#3. One thing I always heard from the begining when I talked about this being a movie - was that the rule is that animated movies don't work unless they're Disney movies for kids. Unless they're family movies. - Author: Mike Judge
Cars From Movies quotes by Mike Judge
#4. I was thinking," Yuri said, licking blood from the corner of his mouth, "that since I bothered to save the world, people might shut up during movies. - Author: Katie Kennedy
Cars From Movies quotes by Katie Kennedy
#5. Ultimately the social change has to come from the people who make the movies, so the people who make the movies have to look at the landscape and say to themselves, "Well, you know, these things are changing, and I'm okay with their having changed, and I think it's okay to start reflecting those changes through the movies we make." - Author: Wesley Morris
Cars From Movies quotes by Wesley Morris
#6. Hollywood exists only for the B-movies. The best things are coming from Europe. - Author: Gerard Depardieu
Cars From Movies quotes by Gerard Depardieu
#7. The truth was, she was afraid that when she fell hard for a boy, she'd lose herself along the way. She'd seen it happen to lots of girls. They'd go from drinking gin, driving fast cars, and boldly shimmying in speakeasies to these passive creatures who couldn't make a move without asking their beaus if it would be okay. Evie had no intention of fading behind any man. She didn't want to slide into ordinary and wake up to find that she'd become a housewife in Ohio with a bitter face and an embalmed spirit. Besides, things you loved deeply could be lost in a second, and then there was no filling the hole left inside you. So she lived in the moment, as if her life were one long party that never had to stop as long as she kept the good times going.
But right now, in this moment, she felt a strong connection to Sam, as if they were the only two people in the world. She wanted to hold on to both him and the beautiful moment and not let go. - Author: Libba Bray
Cars From Movies quotes by Libba Bray
#8. But I can stop on any corner at the intersection of two busy streets, and before me are thousands of lives headed in all four directions, uptown downtown east and west, on foot, on bikes, on in-line skates, in buses, strollers, cars, trucks, with the subway rumble underneath my feet ... and how can I not know I am momentarily part of the most spectacular phenomenon in the unnatural world? ... The city may begin from a marketplace, a trading post, the confluence of waters, but it secretly depends on the human need to walk among strangers. - Author: E.L. Doctorow
Cars From Movies quotes by E.L. Doctorow
#9. There have been movies like 'Paranormal Activity' or 'Blair Witch Project' in Hollywood that showed you could do movies with little or no money. It doesn't prevent them from creating larger than life spectacles as well. - Author: Thomas Bangalter
Cars From Movies quotes by Thomas Bangalter
#10. Sports and sex and movies are not inherently bad - But for you they're addictions, not enjoyments. You use them to distract you from what you know you should do. Break free! - Author: Dan Millman
Cars From Movies quotes by Dan Millman
#11. Broken glass showered from the windows. Chunks of the walls bounced off the pavement and the cars parked along the curb, crushing into smaller pieces. The asphalt on the street split in places into long ribbon-like slashes. The ground continued rolling like the deck of a ship. The noise of the destruction, screams of terrified people, and the car alarms mixed into a concerto of horror. - Author: A.O. Peart
Cars From Movies quotes by A.O. Peart
#12. It was one of those great iron afternoons in London: the yellow sun being teased apart by a thoasand chimneys breathing, fawning upward without shame. This smoke is more than the day's breath, more than dark strength--it is an imperial presence that lives and moves. People were crossing the streets and squares, going everywhere. Busses were grinding off, hundreds of them, down the long concrete viaducts, smeared with years' pitiless use and no pleasure, into haze-gray, grease black, red lead and pale aluminum, between scrap heaps that towered high as blocks of flats, down side-shoving curves into roads clogged with Army convoys, other tall busses and canvas lorries, bicycles and cars, hitching now and then, over it all the enormous gas ruin of the sun among the smokestacks, the barrage balloons, power lines and chimneys brown as aging indoor wood, brown growing deeper, approaching black through an instant-- perhaps the true turn of the sunset-- that is wine to you, wine and comfort.
The Moment was 6:43:16 British Double Summer Time: the sky beaten like Death's drum, still humming, and Slothrop's cock--say what? yes lookit inside his GI undershorts here's a sneaky hardon stirring, ready to jump-- well great God where'd that come from?
There is in his history, and likely, God help him, in his dossier, a peculiar sensitivity to what is revealed in the sky. (But a harden?) - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Cars From Movies quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#13. With all the movies I've made about history, it's not really fun because you're trying to get it right. You've got history telling how it was, and then my imagination is telling me how I wish it had been, but I can't go there, so I have to censor myself. I'm very good about stopping myself from creating history that never occurred, but it's frustrating. - Author: Steven Spielberg
Cars From Movies quotes by Steven Spielberg
#14. I always write these movies that are far too big for any paying customer to sit down and watch from beginning to end, and so I always have this big novel that I have to adapt into a movie as I go. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
Cars From Movies quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#15. I've yet to use a cellphone, and I've never tweeted or entered Facebook. I try not to go online till my day's writing is finished, and I moved from Manhattan to rural Japan in part so I could more easily survive for long stretches entirely on foot, and every trip to the movies would be an event. - Author: Pico Iyer
Cars From Movies quotes by Pico Iyer
#16. The silence was suddenly too much. He hit the CD button on the car's radio. Brian Jones's sitar riff opened for Charlie Watts tribal-like drumbeat thundering from the speakers. Keith Richards' jangly guitar joined in, followed by Mick singing about seeing a red door that he wanted to paint black. - Author: Glenn Rolfe
Cars From Movies quotes by Glenn Rolfe
#17. Change of plan–," she called to Jonah. "Can you drop us off in Rome?"
"Yo, am I a movie star or a taxi service?" Jonah grumbled from the depths of the script pile.
"Technically, your neither," Hamilton puffed, lifting weights again. "I mean, you're a star and you've made movies... - Author: Gordon Korman
Cars From Movies quotes by Gordon Korman
#18. Indeed, many movies about artificial intelligence are so divorced from scientific reality that one suspects they are just allegories of completely different concerns. Thus the 2015 movie Ex Machina seems to be about an AI expert who falls in love with a female robot only to be duped and manipulated by her. But in reality, this is not a movie about the human fear of intelligent robots. It is a movie about the male fear of intelligent women, and in particular the fear that female liberation might lead to female domination. Whenever you see a movie about an AI in which the AI is female and the scientist is male, it's probably a movie about feminism rather than cybernetics. For why on earth would an AI have a sexual or a gender identity? Sex is a characteristic of organic multicellular beings. What can it possibly mean for a non-organic cybernetic being? - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Cars From Movies quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#19. I've learned a lot from doing the sitcom. I've learned so much about comedic timing. For all the movies I've done, I've played so many different roles. I love both, but I guess in my career maybe I want to stick more to film. - Author: Kaitlyn Dever
Cars From Movies quotes by Kaitlyn Dever
#20. We are living in a material world and I'm a material girl. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
Cars From Movies quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#21. The movies are one of the bad habits that corrupted our century.Of their many sins, I offer as the worst their effect on the intellectual side of the nation. It is chiefly from that viewpoint I write of them - as an eruption of trash that has lamed the American mind and retarded Americans from becoming a cultured people. - Author: Ben Hecht
Cars From Movies quotes by Ben Hecht
#22. This is why people cry at the movies: because everybody's doomed. No one in a movie can help themselves in any way. Their fate has already staked its claim on them from the moment they appear onscreen. - Author: John Darnielle
Cars From Movies quotes by John Darnielle
#23. Ultimately, making movies is a really, really small world. Being on sets and going to the same locations, like shooting in Shreveport, you're always working with somebody from another set that you worked with. - Author: Taylor Handley
Cars From Movies quotes by Taylor Handley
#24. When I was a kid, I thought movies just came from air. I thought they just appeared. - Author: Clint Eastwood
Cars From Movies quotes by Clint Eastwood
#25. Fairy tales only happen in movies.
-George Melies
from The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Author: Brian Selznick
Cars From Movies quotes by Brian Selznick
#26. Movies are collaborative, and that's part of what makes it a great experience. They're different from a lot of other art forms, but also it makes it seem like when you see the final product, you go, 'I wouldn't have done that. I wouldn't have done this.' - Author: Casey Affleck
Cars From Movies quotes by Casey Affleck
#27. Digital networks are increasing the fluidity of all media. The old choice between one-way public media (like books and movies) and two-way private media (like the phone) has now expanded to include a third option: two-way media that operates on a scale from private to public. - Author: Clay Shirky
Cars From Movies quotes by Clay Shirky
#28. It was the furthest thing in the world from the rosy-fingered dawn of poetry and old Technicolor movies; this was an anti-dawn, damp and as pale as the cheek of a day-old corpse. - Author: Stephen King
Cars From Movies quotes by Stephen King
#29. If you look at any of the greats, from people like Paul Newman and Robert Redford to, you know, Brad Pitt - to get any of the kinds of roles like the ones that they've gotten, or just to be a part of any of the kinds of movies they've made, would be the end-all for me. - Author: Channing Tatum
Cars From Movies quotes by Channing Tatum
#30. Bicycles, bullock carts, and buses that belched thick, black smoke moved in anarchic streams with the auto rickshaws and cars along the streets. Many of the shops - normally selling everything from groceries to stainless steel cookware to shoes - stood silent behind shutters and honeycomb grilles. - Author: Ken Doyle
Cars From Movies quotes by Ken Doyle
#31. If you really spend time with movies, it's three years of your life from beginning to end. I started out planting the seed with 'Monster's Ball' about independent cinema and raising money and that whole thing as a producer, and then it becomes easier for me. - Author: Lee Daniels
Cars From Movies quotes by Lee Daniels
#32. I take in a lot of stuff from real life, movies, television, news and it all gets mixed in my head and somehow turns into a story idea. - Author: Janet Evanovich
Cars From Movies quotes by Janet Evanovich

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