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#1. Aren't you violating the building codes? Or the laws of physics? - Author: Scott Hawkins
Building Codes quotes by Scott Hawkins
#2. There may be some changes in building codes, but I don't see any stylistic departure that you'll be able to attribute to Sept. 11. - Author: Cesar Pelli
Building Codes quotes by Cesar Pelli
#3. The tragic effects of terrorism have forced the new-construction industry to re-evaluate traditional methods of fire protection in commercial infrastructures. That includes everything from building codes, to structural design issues and the less durable fireproofing materials currently specified for commercial steel structures. - Author: Craig Scott
Building Codes quotes by Craig Scott
#4. Most kids don't believe in fairy tales very long. Once they hit six or seven they put away "Cinderella" and
her shoe fetish, "The Three Little Pigs" with their violation of building codes, "Miss Muffet" and her
well-shaped tuffet - all forgotten or discounted. And maybe that's the way it has to be. To survive in the
world, you have to give up the fantasies, the make-believe. The only trouble is that it's not all
make-believe. Some parts of the fairy tales are all too real, all too true. There might not be a Red Riding
Hood, but there is a Big Bad Wolf. No Snow White, but definitely an Evil Queen. No obnoxiously cute
blond tots, but a child-eating witch ... yeah. Oh yeah. - Author: Rob Thurman
Building Codes quotes by Rob Thurman
#5. When we ask Negroes to abide by the law, let us also declare that the white man does not abide by law in the ghettos. Day in and day out he violates welfare laws to deprive the poor of their meager allotments; he flagrantly violates building codes and regulations; his police make a mockery of law; he violates laws on equal employment and education and the provisions of civil services. The slums are the handiwork of a vicious system of the white society; Negroes live in them, but they do not make them, any more than a prisoner makes a prison. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Building Codes quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#6. Invite the best and brightest to compete for a grand prize to come up with designs, including new zoning, building codes and so forth, for New Orleans that could make it safe from water, and let the state and city pick the plan that works best for Louisiana. - Author: Billy Tauzin
Building Codes quotes by Billy Tauzin
#7. They say that Japan's rigorous building codes and regulations saved thousands of lives over there. Or, as Republicans here saw it, it 'fostered a socialist, anti-business environment that's worse than being dead.' - Author: Bill Maher
Building Codes quotes by Bill Maher
#8. Homeowners and business owners across the country agreed to pay premiums, communities agreed to adopt building codes to mitigate flood dangers, and the Federal Government agreed to provide insurance coverage to policyholders after a disaster. - Author: Bob Ney
Building Codes quotes by Bob Ney
#9. Building codes are a good thing. People who throw rocks at inspectors are being naive. It's a lot like police officers; we want them around unless they stop us for a ticket. It's the same with inspectors. - Author: Dan Phillips
Building Codes quotes by Dan Phillips
#10. Disasters happen. We still have no way to eliminate earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods or droughts. We cope as best we can by fortifying ourselves against danger with building codes and levees, and by setting aside money to clean up afterwards. - Author: Seth Shostak
Building Codes quotes by Seth Shostak
#11. Lower dose, which, like the building codes in California that are designed to prevent damage from earthquakes, allowed my mind and emotions to sway a bit. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
Building Codes quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#12. Government should concentrate on building up infrastructure and skill development. Simplification of taxation is another important area. - Author: Jamshyd Godrej
Building Codes quotes by Jamshyd Godrej
#13. …Preserve my eyes, which are irreplaceable.
Preserve my heart, veins, bones,
Against the slow death building in them like hornets until the place
is entirely theirs.
Preserve my tongue and I will bless you again and again… - Author: W.S. Merwin
Building Codes quotes by W.S. Merwin
#14. We are not martyrs or heroes, nor do we wish to be. We do not want to die. We are young, too young, for death. We long to see our two young sons, Michael and Robert, grown to full
manhood...We desire some day to be restored to a society where we can contribute
our energies toward building a world where all shall have peace, bread and roses.
Yes, we wish to live, but in the simple dignity that clothes only those who have been
honest with themselves and their fellow men. - Author: Ethel Rosenberg
Building Codes quotes by Ethel Rosenberg
#15. We come to the house of the Lord to study the Word of the Lord and learn how to live according to the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, so when we step out of the church building and enter back into the activities of life, we can conquer the hindrances and attacks against us. - Author: Mark T. Barclay
Building Codes quotes by Mark T. Barclay
#16. If he full-out flexed, I would probably faint, or jump off the building. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Building Codes quotes by Ilona Andrews
#17. Automobiles are often conveniently tagged as the villains responsible for the ills of cities and the disappointments and futilities of city planning. But the destructive effect of automobiles are much less a cause than a symptom of our incompetence at city building. - Author: Jane Jacobs
Building Codes quotes by Jane Jacobs
#18. In Italy, the Milanese are well organized but follow bourgeois taste. They adhere to certain codes of elegance, but not to individualism. - Author: Christian Lacroix
Building Codes quotes by Christian Lacroix
#19. I don't think you get perfect couples. At best you get two people building something, and working at it, and loving each other, and doing their best to communicate. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Building Codes quotes by Neil Gaiman
#20. A disorderly mob is no more an army than a heap of building materials is a house - Author: Socrates
Building Codes quotes by Socrates
#21. When Maryam Babangida and Mariam Abacha built the Women Centre and the National Hospital they did not carry the buildings when they left government. I will not go with the peace mission building. Women should resist being used to kick against the project. If the project was for men the budget for the project would have long been passed. - Author: Patience Jonathan
Building Codes quotes by Patience Jonathan
#22. [I]nfectious disease is merely a disagreeable instance of a widely prevalent tendency of all living creatures to save themselves the bother of building, by their own efforts, the things they require. Whenever they find it possible to take advantage of the constructive labors of others, this is the path of least resistance. The plant does the work with its roots and its green leaves. The cow eats the plant. Man eats both of them; and bacteria (or investment bankers) eat the man ... - Author: Hans Zinsser
Building Codes quotes by Hans Zinsser
#23. Each person must discover his own philosophy of life,
and it is not fair or right to impose our codes upon
others. It is also our responsibility, however, to share
one with another such experiences as may have
common value. We desire, therefore, not to convert or
convince, but to invite such a sharing with the sincere
hope that some mutual good will be accomplished. - Author: Manly Hall
Building Codes quotes by Manly Hall
#24. Often, people build stories in their mind which have no basis in the contours of reality. Those which build these images, are building such images which are based on their relatively limited sense of understanding about the particular subject or person. This is a "fill in the blank" reality, which often manifests itself into the hearts and the minds of those who have a "fill in the blank" mindset, not the person with the here said reality.
The universe is designed in a way that reflects itself, just like a mirror, showing you exactly who you are to yourself, not who others are. Your largest and most concealed insecurities have their way of presenting themselves to you in a fashion that is relative to your self designed way of communication.
This short writing is a reminder that your preconceived notions on a particular subject or person, are a construct of your inner mind and emotional-relational well being and not of others. This is one of the largest fundamental truths in which you must have large insight to carefully watch who and what you massacre with your personal thoughts.
Having a keen sense of control on this subject will lead you to enlightenment in many platforms of life. - Author: Will Barnes
Building Codes quotes by Will Barnes
#25. Buildings should not look like Lady Gaga. - Author: Robert A. M. Stern
Building Codes quotes by Robert A. M. Stern
#26. If you want to know what we are, look at the men reading books, searching in the dark pages of history for the lost word, the key to the mystery of the living peace. We are factory hands, field hands, mill hands, searching, building and molding structures. We are doctors, scientists, chemists discovering and eliminating disease, hunger and antagonism. We are soldiers, Navy men, citizens, guarding the imperishable dreams of our fathers to live in freedom. We are the living dream of dead men. We are the living spirit of free men. - Author: Carlos Bulosan
Building Codes quotes by Carlos Bulosan
#27. 'Trapped In The Closet' lives in a place on the earth on its own. It pays its own rent, it's its own landlord, it owns the building, it's everything. And it's so separate from what R. Kelly does; that's the great thing about it. - Author: R. Kelly
Building Codes quotes by R. Kelly
#28. Only bad things happen quickly, ... Virtually all the happiness-producing processes in our lives take time, usually a long time: learning new things, changing old behaviors, building satisfying relationships, raising children. This is why patience and determination are among life's primary virtues. - Author: Gordon Livingston
Building Codes quotes by Gordon Livingston
#29. Cities are an immense laboratory of trial and error, failure and success, in city building and city design. - Author: Jane Jacobs
Building Codes quotes by Jane Jacobs
#30. Since every building and designed object is made of memory, every place can become a memorial for re-membering our lives and the world around us ... a place to recollect the fragments of our lives into a revitalized whole. - Author: Anthony Lawlor
Building Codes quotes by Anthony Lawlor
#31. You should go home and get some sleep," Harper said drowsily, letting the pain medication help take her under.
Trent stood up, lowered the head of the gurney, and lifted Harper's head to fluff the pillow before gently lowering her back down.
"I'll see you in the morning," Harper said, refusing to acknowledge the fear she suddenly felt at being left alone. The light went off in the room and Harper's heart started to race. She needed the light on.
The mattress sagged as Trent sat down on the side of the bed. She felt him lean forward and heard him kick off his shoes. He pulled his legs up onto the single gurney and lay down on his side, carefully putting his arm around her. The warmth of his breath behind her ear, the sweetness of his lips against her skin eased the pressure she'd felt building inside.
"Yeah, you will, darlin'. I'll be right here. - Author: Scarlett Cole
Building Codes quotes by Scarlett Cole
#32. The truth is I was nicely brought up and taught not to show my rage even though it was building up inside. - Author: Andrea McLean
Building Codes quotes by Andrea McLean
#33. Many building custodians across the country would tell you that UCLA left the shower and dressing room the cleanest of any team. We picked up all the tape, never there soap on the shower floor for someone to slip on, made sure all the showers were turned off and all towels were accounted for. The towels were always deposited in a receptacle, if there was one, or stacked nearly near the door. It seems to me that this is everyone's responsibility-not just the mangers's. Furthermore, I believe it is a form of discipline that should be a way of life, not to please some building custodian, but as an expression of courtesy and politeness that each of us owes to his follow-man. These little things establish a spirit of togetherness and consideration that help unite the team into a solid unit. - Author: John Wooden
Building Codes quotes by John Wooden
#34. There was something about playing with the same building blocks that invited encore after encore. What was that something? My guess is that it was the fact that we were interacting with other human beings, not with machines. We were tapping into infinite richness of human sense and emotions, challenging our imagination and human competitiveness, rather than the staccato rhythms and predictable rewards of programmed games. - Author: Ralph Nader
Building Codes quotes by Ralph Nader
#35. Building and maintaining consensus while collaborating is the hardest part of building software. - Author: Russell Jurney
Building Codes quotes by Russell Jurney
#36. When we started out, we were among the first. Beijing had no and Shanghai had very few large buildings. At that time, it was all about building, building, building - and then selling, selling, selling. We were working like a manufacturer. Soon, however, we realized that land was running out in Beijing and Shanghai. So we started keeping our buildings, and managing and renting them out. We became landowners. That was the second act. - Author: Zhang Xin
Building Codes quotes by Zhang Xin
#37. Listening is a powerful building block: Continue improving your listening skills and your likability will naturally increase. - Author: Michelle Tillis Lederman
Building Codes quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#38. In science, the whole system builds on people looking at other people's results and building on top of them. In witchcraft, somebody had a small secret and guarded it - but never allowed others to really understand it and build on it. Traditional software is like witchcraft. In history, witchcraft just died out. The same will happen in software. When problems get serious enough, you can't have one person or one company guarding their secrets. You have to have everybody share in the knowledge. - Author: Linus Torvalds
Building Codes quotes by Linus Torvalds
#39. Ancient Egypt was doubly fortunate, and doubtless owed to this its fabled wealth, in that it possessed two activities, namely, pyramid-building as well as the search for the precious metals, the fruits of which, since they could not serve the needs of man by being consumed, did not stale with abundance. The Middle Ages built cathedrals and sang dirges. Two pyramids, two masses for the dead, are twice as good as one; but not so two railways from London to York. Thus we are so sensible, have schooled ourselves to so close a semblance of prudent financiers, taking careful thought before we add to the 'financial' burdens of posterity by building them houses to live in, that we have no such easy escape from the sufferings of unemployment. We have to accept them as an inevitable result of applying to the conduct of the State the maxims which are best calculated to 'enrich' an individual by enabling him to pile up claims to enjoyment which he does not intend to exercise at any definite time. - Author: John Maynard Keynes
Building Codes quotes by John Maynard Keynes
#40. I watch these kids.
They don't seem entirely unhappy. A few times I've even circled the Free Clinic on foot, trying to catch a closer glimpse of these kids and their lives as they pop in and out of the clinic's Sputnik-era, gone-to-seed building--Lancaster's future trolls and Popeyes loitering out back having hushed paranoid conversations. And once I even went to have a look where they hang out in a big way, out in the delivery bay behind the now-closed Donut Hut, the delivery bay grotto out back with a floor spongy with pigeon shit, chewing gum, cigarette ashes, and throat oysters--dank and sunless. I went to visit this place once when all the druggies were away, having their druggy lives downtown doing their druggy things: yelling at parked cars and having conversations with amber lights. I visited this place and I was confused: confused and attracted. Who do these people think they are? How can they not care about the future or hot running water or clean sheets or cable TV? These people. And on the walls down at the delivery bay, do you know what they had written? Written in letters several hands high, letters built of IV needles attached to the cement with soiled bandages and wads of chewing gum? They had written the words WE LIKE IT. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Building Codes quotes by Douglas Coupland
#41. Our message will be that we're going to make federal government buildings a model - an energy-efficient model - and also start matching grants for cities and counties so that they can also do the same with their government buildings. - Author: Barbara Boxer
Building Codes quotes by Barbara Boxer
#42. I was more of kind (who was better at) building businesses and selling them. That was a big thing for me. I was very good at that. I wasn't good as a boss. I was either your best friend or your worst enemy. I didn't balance the two very well. (So) I sold them. - Author: Drew Waters
Building Codes quotes by Drew Waters
#43. Numa forbade the Romans to revere an image of God which had the form of man or beast. Nor was there among them in this earlier time any painted or graven likeness of Deity, 8 but while for the first hundred and seventy years they were continually building temples and establishing sacred shrines, they made no statues in bodily form for them, convinced that it was impious to liken higher things to lower, and that it was impossible to apprehend Deity except by the intellect. - Author: Plutarch
Building Codes quotes by Plutarch
#44. There is something about the literary life that repels me, all this desperate building of castles on cobwebs, the long-drawn acrimonious struggle to make something important which we all know will be gone forever in a few years, the miasma of failure which is to me almost as offensive as the cheap gaudiness of popular success. - Author: Raymond Chandler
Building Codes quotes by Raymond Chandler
#45. Historically, the shock of war, the humiliation of defeat, and the open wound of lost territories have served as potent instruments for building national solidarity and forging a strong national identity. - Author: Serhii Plokhy
Building Codes quotes by Serhii Plokhy
#46. Seeing the world with all the unspoiled simplicity of a young child, you are free from concepts of beauty and ugliness, good and evil, and no longer fall prey to conflicting tendencies driven by desire or repulsion. Why trouble yourself about all the ups and downs of daily life, like a child who delights in building a sand castle but cries when it collapses? To get what they want and be rid of what they dislike, look how people throw themselves into torments, like moths plunging into the flame of a lamp! Would it not be better to put down your heavy burden of dreamlike obsessions once and for all? - Author: Dilgo Khyentse
Building Codes quotes by Dilgo Khyentse
#47. I think about museums often. There are things that I want museums to do that they often don't. For me, I like it when there's a system within the museum that can continuously change - whether it's a museum that is nomadic or one that's designed so the building can shape-shift. I like restless spaces, and I want to be engaged. - Author: Doug Aitken
Building Codes quotes by Doug Aitken
#48. The gifts that Yeshua left in the earth realm to enforce His authority were apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists. The gift that gets controlled or stopped, which hinders the others from coming into fullness, is the prophet's gift and authority. Apostles will attempt to build a pattern without present revelation, and end up building man's model. - Author: Chuck Pierce
Building Codes quotes by Chuck Pierce
#49. Thus far women have been the mere echoes of men. Our laws and constitutions, our creeds and codes, and the customs of social life are all of masculine origin. The true woman is as yet a dream of the future. A just government, a humane religion, a pure social life await her coming. - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Building Codes quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#50. The rage for road building is beneficent for America, where vast distance is so main a consideration in our domestic politics andtrade, inasmuch as the great political promise of the invention is to hold the Union staunch, whose days already seem numbered by the mere inconvenience of transporting representatives, judges and officers across such tedious distances of land and water. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Building Codes quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#51. Facts live outside the building, where future customers live and work... - Author: Steven Gary Blank
Building Codes quotes by Steven Gary Blank

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