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Liberty's chief foe is theology. ~ Charles Bradlaugh
Bogusky Chief quotes by Charles Bradlaugh
Tashi's mother and father were just here. They are upset because she spends so much time with Olivia. She is changing, becoming quiet and too thoughtful, they say. She is becoming someone else; her face is beginning to show the spirit of one of her aunts who was sold to the trader because she no longer fit into village life. This aunt refused to marry the man chosen for her. Refused to bow to the chief. Did nothing but lay up, crack cola nuts between her teeth and giggle. ~ Alice Walker
Bogusky Chief quotes by Alice Walker
The judgment that every voter is making of every one of us [running for presidency] who has the experience, who has the vision, who has the judgment to be commander in chief. That is the most important decision for the voters to make. That's a standard I'm held to. And it's a standard everyone else is held to. ~ Ted Cruz
Bogusky Chief quotes by Ted Cruz
Bang. You're dead.'
Gamache swung around, but had recognised the voice an instant after he'd begun to turn.
'You're a sneak, Jean Guy. I'm going to have to put a cow bell on you.'
'Not again.' It wasn't often he could get the drop on the chief. But Beauvoir had begun to worry. Suppose he snuck up on Gamache sometime and he had a heart attack? It would certainly take the fun out of it. ~ Louise Penny
Bogusky Chief quotes by Louise Penny
Order, for a liberal, means only peace; and the hope of a profound peace was one of the chief motives in the liberal movement. Concessions and tolerance and equality would thus have really led to peace, and to peace of the most radical kind, the peace of moral extinction. ~ George Santayana
Bogusky Chief quotes by George Santayana
All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man. The air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. ~ Chief Seattle
Bogusky Chief quotes by Chief Seattle
So long as I'm Commander-in-Chief, we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. When you take off the uniform, we will serve you as well as you've served us - because no one who fights for this country should have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head, or the care that they need when they come home. ~ Barack Obama
Bogusky Chief quotes by Barack Obama
No need to be like that, sir," said Groat levelly. "No need to be like that. You can't destroy the mails. You just can't do it, sir. That's Tampering With The Mail, sir. That's not just a crime, sir. That's a, a - " "Sin?" said Moist. "Oh, worse'n a sin," said Groat, almost sneering. "For sins you're only in trouble with a god, but in my day, if you interfered with the mail, you'd be up against Chief Postal Inspector Rumbelow. Hah! And there's a big difference. Gods forgive. ~ Terry Pratchett
Bogusky Chief quotes by Terry Pratchett
The U.N. guards the vital principles entrenched in its charter, notably the sovereign equality of states and the inadmissibility of interference in their internal affairs. It is precisely because the U.N. is the chief guardian of both these sacrosanct principles that it alone is allowed to approve derogations from them. ~ Shashi Tharoor
Bogusky Chief quotes by Shashi Tharoor
It was the first time the chief of police, a kindly family man whose name was Hook, had ever been required to visit a girls' camp; his daughters had not gone in much for that sort of thing, and Mrs. Hook distrusted night air; it was also the first time that Chief Hook had ever been required to determine facts. He had been allowed to continue in office this long because his family was popular in town and the young men at the local bar liked him, and because his record for twenty years, of drunks locked up and petty thieves apprehended upon confession, had been immaculate. In a small town such as the one lying close to the Phillips Education Camp for Girls Twelve to Sixteen, crime is apt to take its form from the characters of the inhabitants, and a stolen dog or broken nose is about the maximum to be achieved ordinarily in the sensational line. No one doubted Chief Hook's complete inability to cope with the disappearance of a girl from the camp.

'You say she was going somewhere?' he asked Betsy, having put out his cigar in deference to the camp nurse, and visibly afraid that his questions would sound foolish to Old Jane; since Chief Hook was accustomed to speaking around his cigar, his voice without it was malformed, almost quavering.

("The Missing Girl") ~ Shirley Jackson
Bogusky Chief quotes by Shirley Jackson
After the love which we owe Jesus Christ, we must give the chief place in our heart to the love of His Mother Mary. ~ Alphonsus Liguori
Bogusky Chief quotes by Alphonsus Liguori
It is in Keats that the artistic spirit of this century first found its absolute incarnation. And these pre-Raphaelites, what were they? If you ask nine-tenths of the British public what is the meaning of the word aesthetics, they will tell you it is the French for affectation or the German for a dado; and if you inquire about the pre-Raphaelites you will hear something about an eccentric lot of young men to whom a sort of divine crookedness and holy awkwardness in drawing were the chief objects of art. To know nothing about their great men is one of the necessary elements of English education. As regards the pre-Raphaelites the story is simple enough. In the year 1847 a number of young men in London, poets and painters, passionate admirers of Keats all of them, formed the habit of meeting together for discussions on art, the result of such discussions being that the English Philistine public was roused suddenly from its ordinary apathy by hearing that there was in its midst a body of young men who had determined to revolutionise English painting and poetry. They called themselves the pre- Raphaelite Brotherhood. In England, then as now, it was enough for a man to try and produce any serious beautiful work to lose all his rights as a citizen; and besides this, the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood - among whom the names of Dante Rossetti, Holman Hunt and Millais will be familiar to you - had on their side three things that the English public never forgives: youth, power and enthusia ~ Oscar Wilde
Bogusky Chief quotes by Oscar Wilde
Man's chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness. ~ Neville Goddard
Bogusky Chief quotes by Neville Goddard
Let our chief goal, O God, be your glory, and to enjoy You forever. ~ John Calvin
Bogusky Chief quotes by John Calvin
The main difference between the art of the actor and all other arts is that every other [non-performing] artist may create whenever he is in the mood of inspiration. But the artist of the stage must be the master of his own inspiration, and must know how to call it forth at the hour announced on the posters of the theatre. This is the chief secret of our art. ~ Constantin Stanislavski
Bogusky Chief quotes by Constantin Stanislavski
In action a great heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Bogusky Chief quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
What, did you think," she asked, laughing as he struggled up the bank, "that I, a Gaulish maiden, could not swim?"
"I did not think anything about it," Malchus said; "I saw you pushed in and followed without thinking at all."
Although they imperfectly understood each other's words the meaning was clear; the girl put her hand on his shoulder and looked frankly up in his face.
"I thank you," she said, "just the same as if you had saved my life. You meant to do so, and it was very good of you, a great chief of this army, to hazard your life for a Gaulish maiden. Clotilde will never forget. ~ G.A. Henty
Bogusky Chief quotes by G.A. Henty
But though Usury is in itself immoral, and justly condemned by every ethical code, its chief and worst defect in the particular case we are now examining, the growth of Capitalism and its increasing proletariat, is the centralization of irresponsible control over the lives of men: the putting power over the proletariat into the hands of a few who can direct the loans of currency and credit without which that proletariat could not be fed and clothed and maintained in work. ~ Hilaire Belloc
Bogusky Chief quotes by Hilaire Belloc
The chief glory of every people arises from its authors. ~ Samuel Johnson
Bogusky Chief quotes by Samuel Johnson
Swift is her walk, more swift her winged haste: A monstrous phantom, horrible and vast. As many plumes as raise her lofty flight, So many piercing eyes inlarge her sight; Millions of opening mouths to Fame belong, And ev'ry mouth is furnish'd with a tongue, And round with list'ning ears the flying plague is hung. She fills the peaceful universe with cries; No slumbers ever close her wakeful eyes; By day, from lofty tow'rs her head she shews, And spreads thro' trembling crowds disastrous news; With court informers haunts, and royal spies; Things done relates, not done she feigns, and mingles truth with lies. Talk is her business, and her chief delight To tell of prodigies and cause affright. ~ Virgil
Bogusky Chief quotes by Virgil
Russ decided the best defense was a good offense. "I'm Russell Van Alstyne, Millers Kill chrief of police." He held out his hand. She shook firm, like a guy.
"Clare Fergusson," she said. "I'm the new priest at Saint Alban's. That's the Episcopal Church. At the corner of Elm and Church." there was a faint testiness in her voice. Russ relaxed a fraction. A woman priest. If that didn't beat all.
"I know which it is. There are only four churches in town." He saw the fog creeping along the edges of his glasses again and snatched them off, fishing for a tissue in his pocket. "Can you tell me what happened, um ... " What was he supposed to call her? "Mother?"
"I go by Reverend, Chief. Ms. is fine, too."
"Oh. Sorry. I never met a woman priest before."
"We're just like the men priests, except we're willing to pull over and ask directions. ~ Julia Spencer-Fleming
Bogusky Chief quotes by Julia Spencer-Fleming
I said I was only going to recite them once, and he could do with them as he wished." Armand Gamache lowered his fork to his plate and listened. "I don't know. I was wrong. I'm sorry." Lacoste recited them slowly, lifting a finger to count them off. "I need help," the Chief said, completing the statements. ~ Louise Penny
Bogusky Chief quotes by Louise Penny
Gratitude has a big job to do in us and our hearts. It is one of the chief ways that God infuses joy and resilience into the daily struggle of life. ~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Bogusky Chief quotes by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
As I turned around, looking directly at me was what appeared to be an Indian Chief with all of the regality and trimmings with a full headdress. He was my height about 5'11" and his face was thin and worn, obviously he seemed very old, yet vaguely familiar. ~ John V. Panella
Bogusky Chief quotes by John V. Panella
The twenty-first chapter gives the novel the quality of genuine fiction, an art founded on the principle that human beings change. There is, in fact, not much point in writing a novel unless you can show the possibility of moral transformation, or an increase in wisdom, operating in your chief character or characters. Even trashy bestsellers show people changing. When a fictional work fails to show change, when it merely indicates that human character is set, stony, unregenerable, then you are out of the field of the novel and into that of the fable or the allegory. ~ Anthony Burgess
Bogusky Chief quotes by Anthony Burgess
Whenever possible, I like to have the supreme head of a company show me over the works. It is extremely illuminating to note the attitude of workers towards their boss, and equally interesting to note the attitude towards the workers. It is tragic to notice how many chief executives of large concerns are absolutely unknown, even by sight, to the rank and file of their workers. ~ B.C. Forbes
Bogusky Chief quotes by B.C. Forbes
In that moment, as they stood smiling at one another, Charlotte was conscious of several contradictory sensations, of which the chief were these: annoyance with herself for being incapable of governing her own actions, satisfaction that Sidney had won this very minor victory over her, amusement, embarrassment - an odd something between perturbation and pleasure - and above all else, a flutter of joyful spirits which made her feel she had strayed somehow into a most unfamiliar world. ~ Jane Austen
Bogusky Chief quotes by Jane Austen
Chief Superintendent Arnot might hold power, but Armand Gamache was the more powerful man. ~ Louise Penny
Bogusky Chief quotes by Louise Penny
There is a story about a great chief and his negro wife They were in a trading post, and white men took his wife away. They said she was someone's property and had to be returned to its rightful owner." His voice hardened with emotion. "They wish to destroy everything they cannot have. But…" He stopped walking and tipped her chin up. "That Indian chief killed every white man in his path until he got his bride back. I will not let them take you." He leaned forward and kissed her. ~ Dahlia DeWinters
Bogusky Chief quotes by Dahlia DeWinters
What but a pestilential vapour can hover over society when its chief director is only instructed in the invention of crimes, or the stupid routine of childish ceremonies? ~ Mary Wollstonecraft
Bogusky Chief quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
Mammon, n. The god of the world's leading religion. His chief temple is in the city of New York ~ Ambrose Bierce
Bogusky Chief quotes by Ambrose Bierce
On the path of actions, great heart is the chief recommendation; on that works, a great head. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Bogusky Chief quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
Hail to the chief in triumph advances. ~ Walter Scott
Bogusky Chief quotes by Walter Scott
Could someone have hated him enough to kill?" asked Gamache.

"There are a lot of reasons for murder, Chief Inspector, as you know."

"Actually, mon Père, I've found there's only one. Beneath all the justifications, all the psychology, all the motives given, like revenge or greed or jealousy, there lies the real reason."

"And what's that?"

"Fear. Fear of losing what you have or not getting what you want."

"And yet, fear of damnation doesn't stop them."

"No. Neither does fear of getting caught. Because they don't believe in either."

"You think it's not possible to believe in God and commit murder?

The priest was staring at Gamache now, his face relaxed, amused even. His eyes calm, his voice light. Then why was he clutching his cassock in his fist?

"Depends on the God you believe in," said Gamache.

"There is only one God, Chief Inspector."

"Perhaps, but all sorts of humans who see imperfectly. Even God. Especially God. ~ Louise Penny
Bogusky Chief quotes by Louise Penny
The chief symptom of adolescence is a state of expectation, a tendency towards creative work, and a need for the strengthening of self-confidence. Suddenly, the child becomes very sensitive to the rudeness and humiliations which he had previously suffered with patient indifference. ~ Maria Montessori
Bogusky Chief quotes by Maria Montessori
One of the chief duties of the mathematician in acting as an advisor ... is to discourage ... from expecting too much from mathematics. ~ Norbert Wiener
Bogusky Chief quotes by Norbert Wiener
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