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Today's Darwinists will tell you that the task of humanity is to take charge of evolution. But 'humanity' is only a name for a ragtag animal with no capacity to take charge of anything. By destabilizing the climate, it is making the planet less hospitable to human life. By developing new technologies of mass communication and warfare, it has set in motion processes of evolution that may end up displacing it. ~ John N. Gray
Yomura Technologies quotes by John N. Gray

O mankind so deluded! so pointlessly deluded!
Why investigate, study, devise ten thousand technologies yet you do not know this one thing and cannot grasp it: how to teach a mindless man to think. ~ Euripides
Yomura Technologies quotes by Euripides
New technologies can be used for destructive purposes. The answer is to develop rapid-response systems for new dangers like a bioterrorist creating a new biological virus. ~ Ray Kurzweil
Yomura Technologies quotes by Ray Kurzweil
Apple products aren't simple technologies by any stretch, but there is a beautiful simplicity to them. ~ John Maeda
Yomura Technologies quotes by John Maeda
We could never light another match, and if China continues to build one coal-fired power plant a week, we are doomed. China is going to have to have new technologies made available to it to stop this. They're not going to live in poverty. ~ Jay Inslee
Yomura Technologies quotes by Jay Inslee
Innovative technologies such as cold fusion, and radical energy sources, including sonoluminescent-triggered fusion and anti-gravitational propulsion, are either being withheld or blocked by governments, old-fashioned science academia and multinational corporations. ~ Takaaki Musha
Yomura Technologies quotes by Takaaki Musha
Careless of waste, wallowing in refuse, exterminating the enemies ... despising age, denying human natural history, fabricating pseudotraditions, swamped in the repeated personal crises of the aging preadolescent; all are familiar images of American society. They are signs of private nightmares of incoherence and disorder in broken climaxes where technologies in pursuit of mastery create ever-worsening problems - private nightmares expanded to a social level. ~ Paul Shepard
Yomura Technologies quotes by Paul Shepard
Why did the Clinton Administration continue to liberalize export controls on sensitive technologies even after it learned that China had stolen designs? ~ Charles Bass
Yomura Technologies quotes by Charles Bass
We live through sound and light - through our technologies. ~ Lidia Yuknavitch
Yomura Technologies quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
to compete. And then there is the hype. Vendors, analysts and the media talk up new technologies and trends making them sound like the 'next big thing', something that every company must adopt if it wants to stay ~ Ian Cox
Yomura Technologies quotes by Ian Cox
What I try to do is factor in how people use computers, what people's problems are, and how these technologies can get applied to those problems. Then I try to direct the various product groups to act on this information. ~ John Warnock
Yomura Technologies quotes by John Warnock
I believe that it is impossible to stop people from using the fossil fuels, so we need to develop technologies which allow us to use them without creating environmental havoc on the planet. ~ Klaus Lackner
Yomura Technologies quotes by Klaus Lackner
We live at the threshold of a universal recognition that the human being is not mere matter, but a potent, energetic field of consciousness. Modalities of the past millennium are quickly giving way to breakthrough technologies wherein we heal ourselves at the level of all true healing, which is spirit. ~ Michael Beckwith
Yomura Technologies quotes by Michael Beckwith
A company can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption and other security technologies, but if an attacker can call one trusted person within the company, and that person complies, and if the attacker gets in, then all that money spent on technology is essentially wasted. ~ Kevin Mitnick
Yomura Technologies quotes by Kevin Mitnick
The reigning economic system is a vicious circle of isolation. Its technologies are based on isolation, and they contribute to that same isolation. From automobiles to television, the goods that the spectacular system chooses to produce also serve it as weapons for constantly reinforcing the conditions that engender lonely crowds. ~ Guy Debord
Yomura Technologies quotes by Guy Debord
Ben R. Rich, the ex-president of the famous "Skunk Works," Lockheed-Martin's Advanced Development Programs (ADP) group, revealed the truth just before he died. In an alumni speech at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1993, he said, "We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity . . . Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do. ~ Len Kasten
Yomura Technologies quotes by Len Kasten
Most of the time spent wrestling with technologies that don't quite work yet is just not worth the effort for end users, however much fun it is for nerds like us. ~ Douglas Adams
Yomura Technologies quotes by Douglas Adams
The Egyptian Revolution makes it clear, if anybody was in doubt, that digital technologies are going to play a powerful role in the future of global politics. ~ Rebecca MacKinnon
Yomura Technologies quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
The amount of resources we put in are disparate. We put billions of dollars into fuel-efficient technologies. How much are we putting into energy behavior change in a credible, systematic, testing way? ~ Sendhil Mullainathan
Yomura Technologies quotes by Sendhil Mullainathan
Across the communication landscape move the specters of sinister technologies and the dreams that money can buy. ~ J.G. Ballard
Yomura Technologies quotes by J.G. Ballard
Japan is already a leader in energy efficiency, and it has a wealth of innovative technologies. We must put this expertise to use creating a model for growth and sustainability that we can share with the world. ~ Yoshihiko Noda
Yomura Technologies quotes by Yoshihiko Noda
New technologies, however remarkable they might seem, are fundamentally just tools made by people for people. ~ Klaus Schwab
Yomura Technologies quotes by Klaus Schwab
President Obama is the best-known politician to be exploring the possibilities of new technologies to converse with the people. Others must follow his lead and innovate. It is inevitable. ~ Eduardo Paes
Yomura Technologies quotes by Eduardo Paes
Technologies are not merely aids to human activity, but also powerful forces acting to reshape that activity and its meaning. ~ Langdon Winner
Yomura Technologies quotes by Langdon Winner
Pointing to radio as an example, Illich argued that technologies become useful only when people can teach themselves about those technologies. ~ Michael Swaine
Yomura Technologies quotes by Michael Swaine
Smart technologies are not just disruptive; they can also preserve the status quo. Revolutionary in theory, they are often reactionary in practice. ~ Evgeny Morozov
Yomura Technologies quotes by Evgeny Morozov
The very technologies that were supposed to free up our time seem instead to be consuming it, tacking hours onto our already extended days. The very interconnectedness of life in a global networked economy that creates so many opportunities also makes all our decisions more complex, crucial, even fragile. ~ Sally Helgesen
Yomura Technologies quotes by Sally Helgesen
Consumers today are less responsive to traditional media. They are embracing new technologies that empower them with more control over how and when they are marketed to. ~ Jim Stengel
Yomura Technologies quotes by Jim Stengel
For the sake of my children and grandchildren, I hope that the human talent for self-destruction can be successfully controlled, or at least channelled into productive forms, but I doubt it. I think we are moving into extremely volatile and dangerous times, as modern electronic technologies give mankind almost unlimited powers to play with its own psychopathology as a game. ~ J.G. Ballard
Yomura Technologies quotes by J.G. Ballard
It is not brains or intelligence that is needed to cope with the problems with Plato and Aristotle and all of their successors to the present have failed to confront. What is needed is a readiness to undervalue the world altogether. This is only possible for a Christian ... All technologies and all cultures, ancient and modern, are part of our immediate expanse. There is hope in this diversity since it creates vast new possibilities of detachment and amusement at human gullibility and self-deception. There is no harm in reminding ourselves from time to time that the "Prince of this World" is a great P.R. man, a great salesman of new hardware and software, a great electric engineer, and a great master of the media. It is his master stroke to be not only environmental but invisible for the environmental is invincibly persuasive when ignored. ~ Marshall McLuhan
Yomura Technologies quotes by Marshall McLuhan
We can make these changes if we are willing to unite and stand together. The road to a sustainable future is clear, and the technologies are ready and cost-efficient. The only thing holding us back is the lack of political will. And with the crisis at hand, this is no excuse for failing to fight for the future we want for generations to come. We must move forward fearlessly to build a mass movement with the political power necessary to create a truly sustainable energy future. We must do this - it's a matter of life and death. ~ Wenonah Hauter
Yomura Technologies quotes by Wenonah Hauter
When discussing overall impacts on employment, it is important not to overlook the new technologies and industries that can be driven by pollution control standards. ~ Gina McCarthy
Yomura Technologies quotes by Gina McCarthy
This could seem counterintuitive for many dictators running communist or socialist single-party states, but a thriving private tech industry can contribute invaluable tools to help you implement a controllable internet. The reason is fairly simple: the technologies that transform internet applications into more personalized, efficient and enjoyable experiences are usually the same ones that increase the capacity to monitor its users. ~ Laurier Rochon
Yomura Technologies quotes by Laurier Rochon
Evolutionary dynamics has no need of vast abstract spaces, like all the possible viable animals, DNA sequences, sets of proteins, or biological laws. Better, as the theoretical biologist Stuart A. Kauffman proposes, to think of evolutionary dynamics as the exploration in time by the biosphere of what can happen next: the "adjacent possible." The same goes for the evolution of technologies, economies, and societies. ~ Anonymous
Yomura Technologies quotes by Anonymous
A lot of technologies in the world were unusual in the beginning, and became standard. That's the beauty of bottom-up entrepreneurship and innovations. ~ Iqbal Quadir
Yomura Technologies quotes by Iqbal Quadir
As the creators of sophisticated technologies, we have made ourselves increasingly machine-like; robotic servants of institutional systems we have been conditioned to revere, whose purposes we neither understand nor control, and of which we are afraid to ask questions. Our corporate-state world plunders, enslaves, controls and destroys us, all in the name of advancing our liberty and material well-being. Most of us are dominated by an unfocused fear of uncertainty, a longing for the security of emptiness. ~ Butler Shaffer
Yomura Technologies quotes by Butler Shaffer
We must learn to set our emotions aside and embrace what science tells us. GMOs and nuclear power are two of the most effective and most important green technologies we have. If - after looking at the data - you aren't in favour of using them responsibly, you aren't an environmentalist. ~ Ramez Naam
Yomura Technologies quotes by Ramez Naam
Designing a station with artificial gravity would undoubtedly be a daunting task. Space agencies would have to re-examine many reliable technologies under the light of the new forces these tools would have to endure. Space flight would have to take several steps back before moving forward again. ~ Andy Weir
Yomura Technologies quotes by Andy Weir
Innovation is what America does best. Whether it is the Apollo Project to the moon, developing the most advanced defense technologies available, the rise of the Internet or the latest advancements in biomedical gene therapies, our nation leads the world in transformative innovations. ~ Martin Heinrich
Yomura Technologies quotes by Martin Heinrich
Technological innovation has dramatically lowered the cost of computing, making it possible for large numbers of consumers to own powerful new technologies at reasonably low prices. ~ James Surowiecki
Yomura Technologies quotes by James Surowiecki
Everybody is a sinner before God. And I think we magnify it today because we have television, and we have so many other technologies that make what happens in some other part of the world in our living room. ~ Billy Graham
Yomura Technologies quotes by Billy Graham
A National Database on Autism Research is fostering sharing of data and collaborations. Scientists are also making great strides at the interface of biology and engineering with new technologies that are laying the groundwork for future advances. ~ Thomas R. Insel
Yomura Technologies quotes by Thomas R. Insel
From solar to electric cars, from geothermal to reconfiguring the grid, the scale of investment needed in green technologies in order to meet whatever agreements on emissions reductions are finally agreed will be immense. ~ Noreena Hertz
Yomura Technologies quotes by Noreena Hertz
Smart cities are the intelligent cities of positivity and happy-energy, not the junkyards of technologies but cities of diversity, love, life, beauty, dignity, freedom, tolerance, and equality. ~ Amit Ray
Yomura Technologies quotes by Amit Ray
that's the beauty behind transparent technologies - they work diligently for us, sight unseen, as long as we continue to rely upon them ~ Ed Tittel
Yomura Technologies quotes by Ed Tittel
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