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Under my bed was a note folded up in half. I smiled as I opened it and read,
I don't know how long it took you to find this but whatever day it is right now I promise you I love you a thousand times more than when I wrote this.
That's the beautiful thing about us, no matter what the day brings, no matter the time or place, our love grows exponentially everyday. ~ Hope Alcocer
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Alcocer
Just give me a chance. I know I'm not your first, and I'll somehow try to deal if I'm not your last. Just give me the honor of being able to say I shared part of my life and my heart with you. Just ... leap. ~ Hope Alcocer
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Alcocer
Winter is where hope lies happy. ~ Andrew Peterson
Where Hope Lies quotes by Andrew Peterson
Music is the secret language that effortlessly connects our bodies, our minds, and our souls. I'm addicted to the lyrics - they speak to me in a way only he and I will understand. So, until it's safe to speak my mind, I'll speak to him through lyrics. I'm addicted to him. He's a song I never want to end. ~ Hope Alcocer
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Alcocer
From the very first moment I saw you,
My heart has raced with adrenaline. Stomach full of butterflies and one mind hopelessly full of love. ~ Hope Alcocer
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Alcocer
We never looked quite right on paper, but that's what made us so great. We were exactly what we wanted to be ... and that was happy. ~ Hope Alcocer
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Alcocer
On my pillow was a note that read:
"Everyday the mood gets jealous of the sun, but once the night comes you would never know a thing. Just like the sun gives it's light to the moon, no matter what the day brings, every night you'll know I'll always love you.
Sleep Sweet.
He had my mind, my body, my heart, my soul. Like nobody else ever had. ~ Hope Alcocer
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Alcocer
This is it, so please don't question it. I love you, I need you, and you mean everything to me. So, will you have me? Please put your all your eggs in one basket because I am doing the same. I don't want a life without you in it so please don't let me have one. ~ Hope Alcocer
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Alcocer
Why does the third of the three brothers, who shares his food with the old woman in the wood, go on to become king of the country? Why does James Bond manage to disarm the nuclear bomb a few seconds before it goes off rather than, as it were, a few seconds afterwards? Because a universe where that did not happen would be a dark and hostile place. Let there be goblin hordes, let there be terrible environmental threats, let there be giant mutated slugs if you really must, but let there also be hope. It may be a grim, thin hope, an Arthurian sword at sunset, but let us know that we do not live in vain. ~ Terry Pratchett
Where Hope Lies quotes by Terry Pratchett
Things to Do in the Belly of the Whale"

Measure the walls. Count the ribs. Notch the long days.
Look up for blue sky through the spout. Make small fires
with the broken hulls of fishing boats. Practice smoke signals.
Call old friends, and listen for echoes of distant voices.
Organize your calendar. Dream of the beach. Look each way
for the dim glow of light. Work on your reports. Review
each of your life's ten million choices. Endure moments
of self-loathing. Find the evidence of those before you.
Destroy it. Try to be very quiet, and listen for the sound
of gears and moving water. Listen for the sound of your heart.
Be thankful that you are here, swallowed with all hope,
where you can rest and wait. Be nostalgic. Think of all
the things you did and could have done. Remember
treading water in the center of the still night sea, your toes
pointing again and again down, down into the black depths. ~ Dan Albergotti
Where Hope Lies quotes by Dan Albergotti
I am not surprised that there are gambling houses, like so many snares laid for human avarice; like abysses where many a man's money is engulfed and swallowed up without any hope of return; like frightful rocks against which the gamblers are thrown and perish. ~ Jean De La Bruyere
Where Hope Lies quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
Claire awoke but kept her eyes closed; she was afraid to open them, unsure of where she would find herself or in what condition. So much of what had happened had the quality of a bad dream, yet there was hope in her heart and she wanted to hang onto it. ~ Jennifer Valoppi
Where Hope Lies quotes by Jennifer Valoppi
The hope was, people like me got to finally find our place in college or in the actual world. People who understood this told you that high school wasn't the actual world, that it was more like a temporary alternate reality you were forced to believe in for four years. A video game you played, where you could never get to the next level no matter how hard you tried. ~ Deb Caletti
Where Hope Lies quotes by Deb Caletti
At places where protruding rocks blocked its flow, the river hissed, eddying in ripples and foams, and then wrested its way forward with renewed rigor. For a while Bumbutai stood still, enchanted by the struggling brook, her spirits lifted and were imbued with a refreshing sense of hope. Mother Earth's healing hand could always do wonders to a world-wearied soul. ~ Alice Poon
Where Hope Lies quotes by Alice Poon
I hope one day to be better, and I'm pretty sure I will be. I hope one day I live in a world where the personal fight for mental stability is viewed with pride and public cheers instead of shame. I hope it for you too. ~ Jenny Lawson
Where Hope Lies quotes by Jenny Lawson
Group therapy was the only place I could feel "not crazy." Every time we met, I exhaled. Because when you've been raped, you really feel like you're on an island. Then to be in this room, where everyone could relate, changed everything. Wow, that girl is getting straight A's. That girl got a great internship. This girl is engaged. It gave me the calm I so desperately needed. I saw the possibility of hope. ~ Gabrielle Union
Where Hope Lies quotes by Gabrielle Union
=Lost Hope= You cast to ground the hope which once was mine, But did the while your harsh decree deplore, Embalming with sweet tears the vacant shrine, My heart, where Hope had been and was no more. So on an oaken sprout A goodly acorn grew; But winds from heaven shook the acorn out, And filled the cup with dew. ~ Alfred Tennyson
Where Hope Lies quotes by Alfred Tennyson
She had talked of this at length with Kadambari - Mrs. Dutt: Why should it not be possible for these freedoms to be universally available for women everywhere? And Mrs. Dutt had said that of course, this was one of the great benefits of British rule in India; that it had given women rights and protections that they'd never had before. At this, Uma had felt herself, for the first time, falling utterly out of sympathy with her new friend. She had known instinctively that this was a false argument, unfounded and illogical. How was it possible to imagine that one could grant freedom by imposing subjugation? that one could open a cage by pushing it inside a bigger cage? How could any section of a people hope to achieve freedom where the entirety of a populace was held in subjection? ~ Amitav Ghosh
Where Hope Lies quotes by Amitav Ghosh
It's walking the razor's edge of the sacred moment where you don't know, you can't count on, and comfort yourself with any sure hope. All you can know is your allegiance to life and your intention to serve it in this moment that we are given. In that sense, this radical uncertainty liberates your creativity and courage. ~ Joanna Macy
Where Hope Lies quotes by Joanna Macy
When you were a teenager, where did you go to make out?"
"Seriously?" She laughed nervously.
"Aren't we a little old for that?"
"I certainly hope not. ~ B. J. Daniels
Where Hope Lies quotes by B. J. Daniels
I shall be as brief as I can, for it is not by piling up detail that I hope to achieve my picture, but by putting the emphasis where I think it belongs. ~ Robertson Davies
Where Hope Lies quotes by Robertson Davies
AM restless. I am athirst for far-away things.
My soul goes out in a longing to touch the skirt of the dim distance.
O Great Beyond, O the keen call of thy flute!
I forget, I ever forget, that I have no wings to fly, that I am bound in this spot evermore.
I am eager and wakeful, I am a stranger in a strange land.
Thy breath comes to me whispering an impossible hope.
Thy tongue is known to my heart as its very own.
O Far-to-seek, O the keen call of thy flute!
I forget, I ever forget, that I know not the way, that I have not the winged horse.
I am listless, I am a wanderer in my heart.
In the sunny haze of the languid hours, what vast vision of thine takes shape in the blue of the sky!
O Farthest end, O the keen call of thy flute!
I forget, I ever forget, that the gates are shut everywhere in the house where I dwell alone! ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Where Hope Lies quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
Across the river were two clouds in your eyes; and my kisses floated ascend from the heights of the sacred mountain -
there in the valley, where uncrowned hope of green fields and saffron came from flowers - delicate reverberations of rock walls we listened to our words of love. ~ Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Where Hope Lies quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Some say there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon But is that too far for you? Wouldn't you prefer your glimmers a little closer? Around the corner perhaps? Or even better on the kitchen table? Or in the fridge? Where you can see or hear or touch or smell them and take heart and take hope ~ Tom Skinner
Where Hope Lies quotes by Tom Skinner
We cleave our way through the mountains until the interstate dips into a wide basin brimming with blue sky, broken by dusty roads and rocky saddles strung out along the southern horizon. This is our first real glimpse of the famous big-sky country to come, and I couldn't care less. For all its grandeur, the landscape does not move me. And why should it? The sky may be big, it may be blue and limitless and full of promise, but it's also really far away. Really, it's just an illusion. I've been wasting my time. We've all been wasting our time. What good is all this grandeur if it's impermanent, what good all of this promise if it's only fleeting? Who wants to live in a world where suffering is the only thing that lasts, a place where every single thing that ever meant the world to you can be stripped away in an instant? And it will be stripped away, so don't fool yourself. If you're lucky, your life will erode slowly with the ruinous effects of time or recede like the glaciers that carved this land, and you will be left alone to sift through the detritus. If you are unlucky, your world will be snatched out from beneath you like a rug, and you'll be left with nowhere to stand and nothing to stand on. Either way, you're screwed. So why bother? Why grunt and sweat and weep your way through the myriad obstacles, why love, dream, care, when you're only inviting disaster? I'm done answering the call of whippoorwills, the call of smiling faces and fireplaces and cozy rooms. You won't ~ Jonathan Evison
Where Hope Lies quotes by Jonathan Evison
Success in TV-showmaking is just a matter of being authentic and doing the best you can, and you hope that people watch it and like it. For us [showmakers], we know where our bread is buttered, and we live by the written word of the critic. That's how shows build a critical mass on cable. ~ Walton Goggins
Where Hope Lies quotes by Walton Goggins
I used to rush into strange dreams at night: dreams many-coloured, agitated, full of the ideal, the stirring, the stormy
dreams where, amidst unusual scenes, charged with adventure, with agitating risk and romantic chance, I still again and again met Mr. Rochester, always at some exciting crisis; and then the sense of being in his arms, hearing his voice, meeting his eye, touching his hand and cheek, loving him, being loved by him
the hope of passing a lifetime at his side, would be renewed, with all its first force and fire. Then I awoke. Then I recalled where I was, and how situated. Then I rose up on my curtainless bed, trembling and quivering; and then the still, dark night witnessed the convulsion of despair, and heard the burst of passion. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Where Hope Lies quotes by Charlotte Bronte
And here's to the blues, the real blues - where there's a hint of hope in every cry of desperation. ~ David Mutti Clark
Where Hope Lies quotes by David Mutti Clark
I'm not the one who kissed you in the bathroom. In case you're thinking I forgot about that, or somehow missed it, or ... "
"Kind of hard to miss," Ian agreed. "Your lips, mine. A distinct smacking sound. Yup, that was me kissing you. Still, it was short - quickly over and done. A kiss good-bye. The subtext was I hope we don't die, but if we do, it was nice meeting you. Not at all like that under-the-dock kiss." He paused. "The one where you jumped me. The first time. So far." He narrowed his eyes at her, much the way she'd done to him. "Naturally I'm suspicious. Did you intentionally leave my clothes behind? ~ Suzanne Brockmann
Where Hope Lies quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
That's why I'm asking you to envision a world where men and women aren't held hostage for their pasts, where misdeeds and mistakes don't define you for the rest of your life. In an era of record incarcerations and a culture of violence, we can learn to love those who no longer love themselves. Together, we can begin to make things right. ~ Shaka Senghor
Where Hope Lies quotes by Shaka Senghor
Because there are times when the anger bleeds away until it's nothing but a raw ache in the pit of my stomach and I see the world and wonder about its people and what it's become and I think about hope and maybe and possibly and possibility and potential. I think about glasses half full and glasses to see the world clearly. I think about sacrifice. And compromise. I think about what will happen if no one fights back. I think about a world where no one stands up to injustice. And I wonder if maybe everyone here is right. If maybe it's time to fight. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Where Hope Lies quotes by Tahereh Mafi
wanted to make him know that he had friends in this world tied to him by something stronger than blood, ties that could never fade or dissolve. That he would never be hungry or cold or motherless while I still drew breath. That he didn't need two hands, or a street address, or clean lungs, or social grace, or a happy disposition to be precious and irreplaceable. That no matter what our future held, my first task would always be to kick a hole in the world and make a space for him where he could safely be his eccentric self. Most ~ Hope Jahren
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Jahren
Since I'd forgotten for a moment where you are,
I search for you with hope in my bones. ~ Hester Knibbe
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hester Knibbe
Everyone wants clean air and clean water, but my hope is that we will not regulate it to the point where we drive businesses and industries out of this country, to the point where entrepreneurs cannot start or expand their businesses because they simply can't afford to do so. ~ Bob Latta
Where Hope Lies quotes by Bob Latta
It's not the job of this town to make me feel happy. It's not this town´s fault that I don't feel I fit in. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, because it's about where you are in your head. It's about the other world I inhabit. The world of dreams, hope, imagination, and memories. I'm happy up here, and because of that I'm happy up there too ~ Cecelia Ahern
Where Hope Lies quotes by Cecelia Ahern
But where good is promoted and evil is fought against for the healing of humanity, this historical praxis in fact confirms the nature of God- God as salvation for men and women, the basis of universal hope - and people moreover receive God's salvation: in and through a love which is put into practice. ~ Edward Schillebeeckx
Where Hope Lies quotes by Edward Schillebeeckx
Where, if not in the Divine Mercy, can the world find refuge and the light of hope? ~ Pope John Paul II
Where Hope Lies quotes by Pope John Paul II
Without effort and change, human life cannot remain good. It is not a finished Utopia that we ought to desire, but a world where imagination and hope are alive and active. ~ Bertrand Russell
Where Hope Lies quotes by Bertrand Russell
The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storm. ~ Orison Swett Marden
Where Hope Lies quotes by Orison Swett Marden
I am no ecological Pollyana. I have borne, and will continue to bear, feelings of wholehearted melancholy over the ecological state of the earth. How could I not? How could anyone not? But I am unwilling to become a hand-wringing nihilist, as some environmental 'realists' seem to believe is the more mature posture. Instead, I choose to dwell, as Emily Dickinson famously suggested, in possibility, where we cannot predict what will happen but we make space for it, whatever it is, and realize that our participation has value. This is grown-up optimism, where our bondedness with the rest of creation, a sense of profound interaction, and a belief in our shared ingenuity give meaning to our lives and actions on behalf of the more-than-human world. ~ Lyanda Lynn Haupt
Where Hope Lies quotes by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
It does not matter
where you are born,
but what matters is the purpose
Of your life. ~ Debasish Mridha
Where Hope Lies quotes by Debasish Mridha
THE CURIOUS THING was that Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Blogspot, a media platform owned by Google, were the stomping grounds of self-styled intellectual and social radicals. It was where they were talking. It was where, they believed, the conversation was shifting.
They were typing morality lectures into devices built by slaves on platforms of expression owned by the Patriarchy, and they were making money for the Patriarchy. Somehow this was destroying the Patriarchy.
So there is always hope. ~ Jarett Kobek
Where Hope Lies quotes by Jarett Kobek
Where there is ignorance, there you will find despair; with knowledge comes hope. ~ Paul Bamikole
Where Hope Lies quotes by Paul Bamikole
My earnest desire for you has brought me to a point, where the life I've imagined we shall have, seems like a distant memory. ~ A.D. Orbit
Where Hope Lies quotes by A.D. Orbit
Now for some hope. It's Easter Sunday. The day that is usually spent with family and friends. This year is more chill. That's all. Just hanging out by staying in. ON the other side of this we will all talk about this time. It will be like where you were for the great quake of 1989 or 9-11 or where you were when JFK was shot. It's going to be one of those kinds of moments. BUT the we made it through those times. We will make it through this. We are stronger together. Plus we will have a big Easter together next year! This year let's all just chill in place. ~ Johnny Corn
Where Hope Lies quotes by Johnny Corn
He took off for the mysterious end of the canal where, moving the handle with ever-increasing speed, he has been running, insanely, to this day, steadily decreasing his volume in the hope that he may, one day, penetrate and disappear into micro-infinity. ~ Urmuz
Where Hope Lies quotes by Urmuz
This week I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show (you'd love her: she's funny and brilliant and just happens to be a stunning butch), and she was interviewing the outgoing attorney general, Loretta Lynch, about the country's post election future. The entire show was like a burst of hope so bright I almost had to put on sunglasses. The African American attorney general, prim and plump, sat perched on a barstool talking to a white butch lesbian who has her own national television news show! The event was being recorded in the Stonewall Inn, the site of one of the first places where queer people fought back against police violence! (I was so nervous about being a lesbian in 1969, I hid the tiny newspaper clipping from you.) Simply that the interview was happening made me remember that there are people in the world who are not such egotistical, political careerists as to believe that human rights don't matter. Then, as if just showing up wasn't enough, Attorney General Lynch spoke a truth that is hard to remember from our short-lived perspective: "History is bigger than one turn of the electoral wheel." During your eighty-eight years on this plane, you saw numerous turns of the wheel, and many of them did not land on a prize. Still, toward the end of your life, you took me in and bestowed not just a roof and clothes and food but the gift of your history and the knowledge that we find hope inside ourselves. ~ Jewelle L. Gómez
Where Hope Lies quotes by Jewelle L. Gómez
When a society or a civilization perishes, one condition may always be found. They forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what brought them along. The hard beginnings were forgotten and the struggles farther along. They became satisfied with themselves. Unity and common understanding there had been, enough to overcome rot and dissolution, enough to break through their obstacles. But the mockers came. And the deniers were heard. And vision and hope faded. And the custom of greeting became "What's the use?" And men whose forefathers would go anywhere, holding nothing impossible in the genius of man, joined the mockers and the deniers. They lost sight of what brought them along. ~ Carl Sandburg
Where Hope Lies quotes by Carl Sandburg
As we rely on God, and trust his Spirit to mold us in his image, true hope takes shape within us, "a hope that does not disappoint."We can literally become better persons because of suffering. Pain, however meaningless it may seem at the time, can be transformed. Where is God when it hurts? He is in us - not in the things that hurt - helping to transform bad into good.We can safely say that God can bring good out of evil; we cannot say that God brings about the evil in hopes of producing good. ~ Philip Yancey
Where Hope Lies quotes by Philip Yancey
Where there is light there is peace.
Where there is laughter there is joy.
Where there is life there is hope.
Where there is love there is freedom. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Where Hope Lies quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Our tree's only source of energy is the sun: after light photons stimulate the pigments within the leaf, buzzing electrons line up into an unfathomably long chain and pass their excitement one to the other, moving biochemical energy across the cell to the exact location where it is needed. The plant pigment chlorophyll is a large molecule, and within the bowl of its spoon-shaped structure sits one single precious magnesium atom. The amount of magnesium needed for enough chlorophyll to fuel thirty-five pounds of leaves is equivalent to the amount of magnesium found in fourteen One A Day vitamins, and it must ultimately dissolve out of bedrock, which is a geologically slow process. ~ Hope Jahren
Where Hope Lies quotes by Hope Jahren
I pray for insight where the path is veiled, fortitude where the obstacles appear insurmountable, endurance where the destination seems unattainable, and equanimity when all that remains is to accept the journey. ~ James Castleton, MD, Mending Of A Broken Heart
Where Hope Lies quotes by James Castleton, MD, Mending Of A Broken Heart
Looking back now, success seems foreordained. It wasn't. No colonists in the history of the world had defeated their mother country on the battlefield to win their independence. Few republics had managed--or even attempted--to govern an area bigger than a city-state. Somehow, in defiance to all precedent, Washington, Hamilton, and the other founders pulled off both.
Their deliriously unlikely success--first as soldiers, then as statesmen--tends to obscure the true lessons of the American Revolution. The past places no absolute limit on the future. Even the unlikeliest changes can occur. But change requires hope--in the case of both those unlikely victories, the hope that the American people could defy all expectation to overcome their differences and set each other free.
in the summer of 1788, Alexander Hamilton carried this message to Poughkeepsie, where he pleaded with New York's leaders to trust in the possibilities of the union, and vote to ratify the new federal Constitution. Yes, he conceded, the 13 newborn states included many different kinds of people. But this did not mean that the government was bound to fail. It took an immigrant to fully understand the new nation, and to declare a fundamental hope of the American experiment: Under wise government, these diverse men and women "will be constantly assimilating, till they embrace each other, and assume the same complexion. ~ Jeremy McCarter
Where Hope Lies quotes by Jeremy McCarter
Beauty is the wilderness of sensual perception where we always want to get lost. ~ Debasish Mridha
Where Hope Lies quotes by Debasish Mridha
Ultimately our problems will not be solved by the right man (or woman) in the White House. It simply doesn't work that way. We live in a democracy, a representative form of government, where it's as much if not more our responsibility to love and take care of our neighbors than our politician's responsibility. Real and lasting change comes from knowing and loving the folks who live in the houses that sit next to ours rather than saving all of our longing and hope for the voting booth...Our ultimate hope is not in politicians or powers or governments, but in a day coming when all things will be made right. And our ultimate concern isn't success but faithfulness. ~ Derek Webb
Where Hope Lies quotes by Derek Webb
Hope, though; now there's a real pest. Hope doesn't just nibble your cheese and chew holes in your skirting boards. Hope keeps you plodding on when it really is time to call it quits. Hope drags you to sixteen auditions in a single day, when there's a nice job in your brother-in-law's tannery just waiting for you. Hope keeps you going in Old Stairs or Paradise, even though there's no money and nothing to eat and the landlord just took your chair and your chamber pot. Personally, I can see no great merit in simply being alive if you're miserable and in pain, but Hope won't let you go. She's a tease, like bad children teasing a dumb animal, and I've made a point of avoiding her whenever I can. Still, sometimes she runs you down and there's nowhere left for you to go. You can turn and fight her and lose, or let her scoop you up and turn your brain to mush.

Hope against hope. We had human chains shifting those blocks with levers and rollers, through the narrow alleys where carts couldn't go. We had shifts digging the ditch by lamplight, in the rain. And in every working party there was at least one man who cheerfully announced that it wasn't going to work, the whole idea was stupid, the enemy'll find a way round this in two shakes, just you see; and even he didn't really believe it, because of Hope. Hope turns a hundred men and women ripping the skin off their hands on a coarse hemp rope into a street party. Someone tells a joke, or clowns around, or starts singing a f ~ K.J. Parker
Where Hope Lies quotes by K.J. Parker
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