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Man has rejected the revelation of the Bible concerning the true and living God of his fathers, and he has substituted gods of his own making. In actuality modern man has decided to dethrone God and enthrone himself in all of his nuclear glory. ~ Billy Graham
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Billy Graham
The inflow of capital from the developed countries is the prerequisite for the establishment of economic dependence. This inflow takes various forms: loans granted on onerous terms; investments that place a given country in the power of the investors; almost total technological subordination of the dependent country to the developed country; control of a country's foreign trade by the big international monopolies; and in extreme cases, the use of force as an economic weapon in support of the other forms of exploitation. ~ Che Guevara
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Che Guevara
Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God's heart. You must speak to Jesus not only with your lips, but with your heart. In fact on certain occasions you should only speak to Him with your heart. ~ Padre Pio
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Padre Pio
The Christian-Judaic God does not exist, and if He did exist as described in the Bible, He would certainly not be a good role model. ~ Robert Sherrill
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Robert Sherrill
We got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel. So I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon. ~ George W. Bush
Weapon In The Bible quotes by George W. Bush
(Note: I realize this is horrifying. Just keep reading.)

"Turn to Leviticus 20:13, because I actually discovered the cure for AIDS. If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them. And that, my friend, is the cure for AIDS. It was right there in the Bible all along - and they're out spending billions of dollars in research and testing. It's curable - right there. Because if you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn't have all this AIDS running rampant."

This is an American pastor openly calling for the death of all homosexuals. The anti-gay movement is now so extreme, some, (not all) call for genocide. So how about instead of Alex from Target or pumpkin spice lattes, we get this out on the media. Because this is disgusting. No one should have to be called worthless, better in death, for a problem they did not cause. AIDS did not start with homosexuals, and it's not going to end with them. The only thing that has to end is hate like this. ~ Anomymous Pastor And Myself
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Anomymous Pastor And Myself
When weight loss is conflated with veganism, it falls into dangerous area of body shaming and misogyny. Mainstream media loves to make women feel inferior when it comes to their bodies and unfortunately veganism has recently become another weapon and this sexist war on our society. Thin white women are used to sell veganism as a quick fix to a more desirable body at the expense of anyone who doesn't fit the cookie cutter idea of female perfection. In addition, these images and messages work to oppress women of colour and people living with disabilities. Selling veganism as anything other than caring for animals often leads to oppression, plain and simple. We need to resist this approach to promoting veganism by drawing the fight back to animals. Every single time. ~ Sean O'Callaghan
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Sean O'Callaghan
If love is your only weapon, you may lose many times but in the end you win. ~ Debasish Mridha
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Debasish Mridha
We forget that the power of God isn't in a weapon or a leader, but within us. ~ Toni Sorenson
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Toni Sorenson
What happens someday if more people own my record than the bible? That will make me god because a lot more people believe in me than him? Because it's just about popularity. There are plenty of people in the world how have never heard of Jesus, while America takes him for granted. ~ Marilyn Manson
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Marilyn Manson
The sword was a very elegant weapon in the days of the samurai. You had honor and chivalry much like the knights, and yet it was a gruesome and horrific weapon. ~ Dustin Diamond
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Dustin Diamond
The trembling started in my cleats and worked its way through my aching ankle, my tensed calf and thigh muscles, my pounding chest until it finally shook loose the fear that had slowly eaten away the resolve I'd found at Spirit Lake Bible camp.
What would I do if anyone at school found out the truth about me? ~ Juliann Rich
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Juliann Rich
This does not happen overnight, of course. It takes years of reflection. It requires disciplined prayer, Bible study and reading, innumerable conversations with friends, and dynamic congregational worship. But unlike learning other thinkers or authors, Jesus's Spirit can come and live within you and spiritually illuminate your heart, so that his gospel becomes glorious in your sight. Then the gospel "dwells in your hearts richly" (Colossians 3:16), and we find the power to serve, to give and take criticism well, to not expect our spouse or our marriage to meet all our needs and heal all our hurts. ~ Timothy Keller
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Timothy Keller
The Nantucketer, he alone resides and riots on the sea; he alone, in Bible language, goes down to it in ships; to and fro ploughing it as his own special plantation. There is his home; there lies his business, which a Noah's flood would not interrupt, though it overwhelmed all the millions in China. He lives on the sea, as prairie cocks in the prairie; he hides among the waves, he climbs them as chamois hunters climb the Alps. For years he knows not the land; so that when he comes to it at last, it smells like another world, more strangely than the moon would to an Earthman. With the landless gull, that at sunset folds her wings and is rocked to sleep between billows; so at nightfall the Nantucketer, out of sight of land, furls his sails, and lays him to his rest, while under his very pillow rush herds of walruses and whales. ~ Herman Melville
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Herman Melville
Just take the weapon you hold in your hand and drive it through his heart," Valentine's voice was soft. "One simple motion. Nothing you haven't done before."
Jace met his father's stare with a level gaze. "I saw Agramon," he said. "It had your face."
"You saw Agramon?" The Soul-Sword glittered as Valentine moved toward his son. "And you lived?"
"I killed it."
"You killed the Demon of Fear, but you won't kill a single vampire, not even at my order?"
Jace stood watching Valentine without expression. "He's a vampire, that's true," he said. "But his name is Simon. ~ Cassandra Clare
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Cassandra Clare
Benefits of Being in God's Family The moment you were spiritually born into God's family, you were given some astounding birthday gifts: the family name, the family likeness, family privileges, family intimate access, and the family inheritance!7 The Bible says, "Since you are his child, everything he has belongs to you."8 The New Testament gives great emphasis to our rich "inheritance." It tells us, "My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."9 As children of God we get to share in the family fortune. Here on earth we are given "the riches ... of his grace ... kindness ... patience ... glory ... wisdom ... power ... and mercy."10 But in eternity we will inherit even more. Paul said, "I want you to realize what a rich and glorious inheritance he has given to his people."11 ~ Rick Warren
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Rick Warren
I do think students in public school (and private) should be required to study the Bible. As a matter of pure education, it's shocking that we [the americans] are not compelled to learn the book, which is the source of our language, our common stories, our political structure, our conflicts. ~ David Plotz
Weapon In The Bible quotes by David Plotz
Many parents lack a biblical view of discipline. They tend to think of discipline as revenge - getting even with the children for what they did. Hebrews 12 makes it clear that discipline is not punitive, but corrective. Hebrews 12 calls discipline a word of encouragement that addresses sons. It says discipline is a sign of God's identification with us as our Father. God disciplines us for our good that we might share in his holiness. It says that while discipline is not pleasant, but painful, it yields a harvest of righteousness and peace. Rather than being something to balance love, it is the deepest expression of love. ~ Tedd Tripp
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Tedd Tripp
The Bible is not only laws, it's also stories. It begins, 'In the beginning God created Heaven.' If I had written these words, I wouldn't have written anything else; it's just enough. ~ Elie Wiesel
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Elie Wiesel
And so Betsie and I arrived in Barracks 8 in the small hours of that morning, bringing not only the Bible, but a new knowledge of the power of Him whose story it was. ~ Corrie Ten Boom
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
Death is said in the Bible to be a coronation for the Christian. ~ Billy Graham
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Billy Graham
Five seconds," Hole announced. "Until what?" Geist asked. "That's okay, we don't need to know," Wanders said. "Whatever is going to happen is going to happen." "Yes, it is," Hole said. "In three seconds." The ~ Jake Bible
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Jake Bible
We cannot resolve a conflict if we are not willing to break loose from its bondage. In order to solve a conflict, we need to free ourselves from its strings of conflict and let our souls free. According to the teachings of Jesus, one cannot be free from the conflict of this world if he/she is not ready to free him/her own self from the conflict. Christians are supposed to break loose and from conflict by ceasing to do bad things and seeking repentance. In the bible many several people such as Kind David, and Jesus himself were able to break loose from conflict thereby promoting peace. ~ Austin V. Songer
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Austin V. Songer
We have no time for regrets or second thoughts. If a plan goes awry we make another, if one weapon breaks in our hands we find a second. If the steps fall down before us we overleap them and go up. It is always onward and upward ~ Philippa Gregory
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Philippa Gregory
I had been thinking a lot about how the media has created this complex, fictionalized cartoon version of me, you know, this man-eating, jet-setting serial dater who reels them in, but scares them off because she's clingy and needy; then she's all dejected, so she goes into her lair and writes a song as a weapon. I mean, man, that's pretty intense. And I started thinking about what an interesting character that person is. And, if I was that person, what would my life motto be, my mantra? What would I say? I think I'd own it. ~ Taylor Swift
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Taylor Swift
Real comfort is found when I understand that I am held in the hollow of the hand of the One who created and rules all things. The most valuable thing in my life is God's love, a love that no one can take away. When my identity is rooted in him, the storms of trouble will not blow me away.

This is the comfort we offer people. We don't comfort them by saying things will work out. They may not. The people around them may change, but they may not. The Bible tells us again and again that everything around us is in the process of being taken away. God and his love are all that remain as cultures and kingdoms rise and fall. Comfort is found by sinking our roots into the unseen reality of God's ever-faithful love. ~ Paul David Tripp
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Paul David Tripp
There is a popular notion about prayer that assumes that the thing asked for ought to be the object of faith - "Lord, give me this or that," wherefore "this" and "that" become the realities. No. The Bible states the absolutes that we can be certain of: the character of God, His love, His will that we be conformed to His Son's likeness, His sovereign control of all the universe. When faith latches on to those realities that we do not see with our eyes, it can never be confounded. If it makes the thing asked for its object, faith itself will dissolve if the Lord's answer is no, not yet or wait. In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion (Ps. 71:1, KJV). D ~ Elisabeth Elliot
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Elisabeth Elliot
It is not possible that you will repent unless you are aware of your sin; it is not likely that you will look to Christ unless you first know what it is for which you are to look to him. Therefore, I pray you, set apart some season every day, or at least some season as often as you can get it, in which the business of your mind shall be to take your longitude and latitude, that you may know exactly where you are. You may be drifting towards the rocks, and you may be wrecked before you know your danger. I implore you, do not let your ship go at full steam through a fog; but slacken speed a bit, and heave the lead, to see whether you are in deep waters or shallow. I am not asking you to do more than any kind and wise man would advise you to do; do I even ask you more than your own conscience tells you is right? Sit alone a while, that you may carefully consider your case. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
She was beginning to weep again. Tears were her final defense, just as they had always been his mother's: the soft weapon which paralyzes, which turns kindness and tenderness into fatal chinks in one's armor. Not that he'd ever worn much armor anyway - suits of armor did not seem to fit him very well. Tears had been more than a defense for his mother; they had been a weapon. Myra had rarely used her own tears so cynically . . . but, cynically or not, he realized she was trying to use them that way now . . . and she was succeeding. He ~ Stephen King
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Stephen King
In schools of theology Negroes are taught the interpretation of the Bible worked out by those who have justified segregation and winked at the economic debasement of the Negro at times almost to the point of starvation. ~ Carter G. Woodson
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Carter G. Woodson
Was emotionally true because I had already grown to feel that there existed men against whom I was powerless, men who could violate my life at will. I resolved that I would emulate the black woman if I were ever faced with a white mob; I would conceal a weapon, pretend that I had been crushed by the wrong done to one of my loved ones; then, just when they thought I had accepted their cruelty as the law of my life, I would let go with my gun and kill as many of them as possible before they killed me. The story of the woman's deception gave form and meaning to confused defensive feelings that had long been sleeping in me. My imaginings, of course, had no objective ~ Richard Wright
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Richard Wright
I've never understood how so many barely literate people read the Bible so much. It's hard. In the same way it surprises me that uneducated seamstresses all over the world can figure out how to put in sleeves and zippers. ~ Lucia Berlin
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Lucia Berlin
The fundamental beliefs that the Genevan Reformer held regarding God's Word and the centrality of the Scriptures in church life defined his preaching long before he ever stood to exposit the Word. Calvin's deeply embedded convictions about the supreme authority of the Bible demanded an elevated view of the pulpit. He believed the pulpit must be primary in the life of the church because Scripture is sovereign over the lives of the people. ~ Anonymous
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Anonymous
I believe we find imaginative satisfaction in stories that end with weddings because we live in a world that will end with a wedding. The Bible tells the story of history, a story that is mysteriously 'built into' the structure of our minds and practices, so that even writers who resist this story cannot help but leave traces of it - faint and distorted as they may be - on every page. ~ Peter J. Leithart
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Peter J. Leithart
Some people think that going to church on Sunday and owning a dust-covered Bible makes a person a Christian. That is not true. A Christian is one in whom Christ dwells, and the person's life will give evidence of this. ~ Billy Graham
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Billy Graham
I read to him from his mother's Bible the first line of Genesis: 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' It says nothing about hell, Tom. That came later with the membership drive. ~ Poe Ballantine
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Poe Ballantine
I believe in miracles, but I trust in Jesus. If you believe the Bible, you know that God is a miracle-working God. And God is not limited in any degree nor any respect. He is totally sovereign. Do you believe that? I hope you do. Believe in miracles, but don't put your faith in miracles. Put your faith and your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. ~ Adrian Rogers
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Adrian Rogers
Sometimes we face "gray areas," things that aren't necessarily forbidden by the Bible but still may not belong in our lives. ~ Billy Graham
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Billy Graham
Spiritual maturity is becoming like Jesus in the way we think, feel, and act. The more you develop Christlike character, the more you will bring glory to God. The Bible says, "As the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more."16 ~ Rick Warren
Weapon In The Bible quotes by Rick Warren
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