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Why Menon got where he did under the patronage of Pandit Nehru remains, and probably will remain, unexplained. Panditji had him elected to Parliament and sent to the United Nations to lead the Indian delegation. His marathon thirteen-hour speech on Kashmir won India a unanimous vote against it. He was then made Defence Minister against the wishes of almost all the members of the Cabinet. He wrecked army discipline by promoting favourites over the heads of senior officers. He was vindictive against those who stood up to him. More than anyone else he was responsible for the humiliating defeat of our army at the hands of the Chinese in 1962. Pandit Nehru stuck by him to the last. ~ Khushwant Singh
Unanimous Vote quotes by Khushwant Singh
In 1856 ... I preferred the success of a candidate whose election would prevent or postpone secession, to seeing the country plunged into a war the end of which no man could foretell. With a Democrat elected by the unanimous vote of the Slave States, there could be no pretext for secession for four years ... I therefore voted for James Buchanan as President. ~ Ulysses S. Grant
Unanimous Vote quotes by Ulysses S. Grant
I did not choose necessarily on the basis of significance. If you have a vote for the most significant athlete, then you have Ali, then you have Babe Ruth, then you have Michael Jordan. ~ Dick Schaap
Unanimous Vote quotes by Dick Schaap
Any place where they got to vote on whether English is the official language don't belong in the United States. ~ Patricia Cornwell
Unanimous Vote quotes by Patricia Cornwell
Since no one is capable of forming his own opinion without the benefit of a multitude of opinions held by others, the rule of public opinion endangers even the opinion of those few who may have the strength not to share it. This is one of the reasons for the curiously sterile negativism of all opinions which oppose a popularly acclaimed tyranny. [ ... ] public opinion, by virtue of its unanimity, provokes a unanimous opposition and thus kills true opinions everywhere. ~ Hannah Arendt
Unanimous Vote quotes by Hannah Arendt
Oh, I'm with the government all right," said Serge. "But when I say 'with,' I mean in the context of I'm in favor of it because otherwise there are no streets or postage stamps, and everyone wanders the woods carrying their own mail and looking at the sun to know when to eat until there's an eclipse and everyone's blind. That's why you should vote. ~ Tim Dorsey
Unanimous Vote quotes by Tim Dorsey
There is but little virtue in the action of masses of men. When the majority shall at length vote for the abolition of slavery, it will be because they are indifferent to slavery, or because there is but little slavery left to be abolished by their vote. They will then be the only slaves. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Unanimous Vote quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Give the vote to the people who have no property, and they will sell them to the rich, who will be able to buy them. ~ Gouverneur Morris
Unanimous Vote quotes by Gouverneur Morris
The unfortunate reality is that, even today, too many citizens have reason to fear that their right to vote, their access to the ballot--and their ability to have their votes counted--is under threat." --Eric Holder, quoted in Give Us the Ballot ~ Ari Berman
Unanimous Vote quotes by Ari Berman
I take my vote as a salute to the little guy, the one who doesn't hit 500 home runs. I was one of the guys that did all they could to win. I'm proud of my stats, but I don't think I ever got on for. ~ Joe Morgan
Unanimous Vote quotes by Joe Morgan
These modern means of communication are one reason why I recently opposed the Government's decision to grant MPs a new communications allowance. With new technology giving us the opportunity to communicate directly with voters very cheaply, why did Labour MPs vote for a £10,000 allowance to tell voters what a good job they do? ~ Theresa May
Unanimous Vote quotes by Theresa May
If there was special interests affecting police work, I believe that would be called corruption. So, if it has do with donating money versus a popular vote, I think we have a bigger problem in this country and somebody's gotta wake up to that. ~ Garry McCarthy
Unanimous Vote quotes by Garry McCarthy
Children don't vote but adults who do must stand up and vote for them. ~ Marian Wright Edelman
Unanimous Vote quotes by Marian Wright Edelman
PETA doesn't want stressed animals to be cruelly crowded into sheds, ankle-deep in their own crap, because they don't want any animals to die-ever-and basically think chickens should, in time, gain the right to vote. I don't want animals stressed or crowded or treated cruelly or inhumanely because that makes them probably less delicious. ~ Anthony Bourdain
Unanimous Vote quotes by Anthony Bourdain
I am of the opinion that all who can should vote for the most intelligent, honest, and conscientious men eligible to office, irrespective of former party opinions, who will endeavour to make the new constitutions and the laws passed under them as beneficial as possible to the true interests, prosperity, and liberty of all classes and conditions of the people. ~ Robert E.Lee
Unanimous Vote quotes by Robert E.Lee
I know how the American people care for that democratic principle. They want to see their vote respected. As we in Haiti want to see the vote of the people respected. ~ Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Unanimous Vote quotes by Jean-Bertrand Aristide
It is an essential tenet of our whole representative form of government, the idea that there should not be some tyranny which makes it so nobody can even have a chance to vote. ~ Todd Akin
Unanimous Vote quotes by Todd Akin
Everything in our foreign and domestic policy is a question of issue for the American people to vote on. ~ John Dingell
Unanimous Vote quotes by John Dingell
It is amazing how many of the intelligentsia call it "greed" to want to keep what you have earned, but not greed to want to take away what somebody else has earned, and let politicians use it to buy votes. ~ Thomas Sowell
Unanimous Vote quotes by Thomas Sowell
Jefferson, though the secret vote was still unknown at the time had at least a foreboding of how dangerous it might be to allow the people to share a public power without providing them at the same time with more public space than the ballot box and with more opportunity to make their voices heard in public than on election day. What he perceived to be the mortal danger to the republic was that the Constitution had given all power to the citizens, without giving them the opportunity of being citizens and of acting as citizens. ~ Hannah Arendt
Unanimous Vote quotes by Hannah Arendt
By confirming the importance of politics and politicians in Britain, we can build from the bottom up and begin to reverse the worrying anti-politics trend, which will empower the elite technocrats and leave defenceless the man or woman in the street with a mere vote to cast. ~ David Blunkett
Unanimous Vote quotes by David Blunkett
Every country should be tired of going to war. War is a terrible thing. If I had been in Congress, as much as I would be inclined naturally to be supportive of a president, any president, I would have voted no, had the issue come to a vote. ~ Donald Rumsfeld
Unanimous Vote quotes by Donald Rumsfeld
Mary never made it to the board meeting. Cunning Elizabeth simply arranged for her cousin's tennis instructor to "delay" her for an hour or two. The man was evidently a superb athlete, though it was entirely Mary's fault that she fell asleep afterwards. Elizabeth took control of the company that very afternoon, by a vote of six to one, while a sated Mary slept. And the silly girl never knew what hit her. ~ Barbara Taylor Bradford
Unanimous Vote quotes by Barbara Taylor Bradford
I'm inclined to vote for Roberts unless something else comes up. It's a close call. ~ Max Baucus
Unanimous Vote quotes by Max Baucus
In this image-driven age, wildlife filmmakers carry a heavy responsibility. They can influence how we think and behave when we're in nature. They can even influence how we raise our kids, how we vote and volunteer in our communities, as well as the future of our wildlands and wildlife. If the stories they create are misleading or false in some way, viewers will misunderstand the issues and react in inappropriate ways. People who consume a heavy diet of wildlife films filled with staged violence and aggression, for example, are likely to think about nature as a circus or a freak show. They certainly won't form the same positive connections to the natural world as people who watch more thoughtful, authentic, and conservation-oriented films. ~ Chris Palmer
Unanimous Vote quotes by Chris Palmer
When billionaires can give $50 million, $500 million to a campaign, and there's no limit, then it makes a mockery of 'one man, one vote.' ~ George Takei
Unanimous Vote quotes by George Takei
Als it is hard for America to fight wars in the name of freedom, if those people themselves choose for nonfreedom. Can America and England save India from communism, if they vote communist themselves. ~ Oswald Mosley
Unanimous Vote quotes by Oswald Mosley
I believe in the premillenial, pre-tribulational coming of Christ for all of his church, and to summarize that, your first poll, do you believe Jesus coming the second time will be in the future, I would vote yes with the 59 percent and with Billy Graham and most evangelicals. ~ Jerry Falwell
Unanimous Vote quotes by Jerry Falwell
The way we've set up corporations, even a majority vote of stockholders cannot demand that a corporation's policies reflect the public good or preserve the environment for future use. That's because profit is the one and only motive. It's up to government and it's up to people to protect the public interest. Corporations are simply not allowed to. ~ David Suzuki
Unanimous Vote quotes by David Suzuki
Voting has proliferated in the United States, and it has reached a point where there is now almost one vote available per citizen over the age of eighteen. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Unanimous Vote quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
Illinois has less than a 12 percent black population and I won with 55 percent of the vote. ~ Carol Moseley Braun
Unanimous Vote quotes by Carol Moseley Braun
I always said I would vote for a resolution that gave the president the leverage to go to the United Nations, and then come back to the Congress for the authority to go to force. ~ Wesley Clark
Unanimous Vote quotes by Wesley Clark
I thank all of those deputies who supported the government and gave it a vote of confidence. I believe each of those votes represents a responsible decision to avoid placing our country's membership of the eurozone in danger. ~ Lucas Papademos
Unanimous Vote quotes by Lucas Papademos
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