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I have found that there is indeed a secret to a happy marriage. It is called perspective. ~ E. Obeng-Amoako Edmonds
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by E. Obeng-Amoako Edmonds
There is no such thing as the perfect relationship. You can however, create a relationship which is perfect. Perfection comes from your commitment to being a teacher and a student. Being as curious and playful as children. Having the maturity of an adult, and being a friend, partner, and lover. Perfection often comes from imperfection. So, embrace the challenges and learn to grow together, not apart ... . ~ James A. Murphy
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by James A. Murphy a pianist, I can't say I was always a big fan of contemporary music. The challenge of late Beethoven, or Mozart, or Schubert seemed to me to be somehow greater or more worthwhile than that of learning difficult, ill-placed notes. To me, the kind of transcendence in the older pieces really was more interesting. That's not to say I didn't love the contemporary pieces I did play. I became very attached to the ones I learned, and I played them with pleasure and absolute commitment. It may be terrible to say this, but playing some of that music is like having a handicapped child. You love it all the more for the problems that it gives you. ~ Leon Fleisher
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Leon Fleisher
The review in the newspaper the next day was not very good. But by then I'd figured out the gift of failure, which is that it breaks through all that held breath and isometric tension about needing to look good: it's the gift of feeling floppier. One of the things I'd been most afraid of had finally happened, with a whole lot of people watching, and it had indeed been a nightmare. But sitting with all that vulnerability, I discovered I could ride it...Out of nowhere, I remembered something one of my priest friends had said once, that grace is having a commitment to - or at least an acceptance of - being ineffective and foolish. That our bottled charm is the main roadblock to drinking that clear, cool glass of love. I remembered what Grace's stories were all about: self-forgiveness, and taking care of one another. It wasn't far away from Jesus saying to feed his sheep. Now, I'm not positive he meant room service. But maybe he did. So I ate strawberries and melon and cookies, then put on the heat, and got in the tub. ~ Anne Lamott
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Anne Lamott
Commitment in relationship, has today resurrected into an experienced Goliath, in a land where David is already dead and buried. Show me anyone who may be willing to face the new experienced Goliath? ~ Francis Otieno
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Francis Otieno
When the Bible speaks of God's love for us and the kind of love we are to have for him and for other people, the word is always apage, signifying a commitment to act. ~ Rick Warren
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Rick Warren
And we kissed again. It was a warm, indescribably lovely feeling. But it was more than just physical. It was a dialogue between two young people with high ideals and a Big Plan. It was about belonging, secrets, partnership, commitment. ~ Jasper Fforde
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Jasper Fforde
He couldn't help it - he was in love by the time she left the kitchen - but love made him feel sad and doomed, as usual. What he didn't know was that she'd suffered through a decade of cool, commitment-phobic men, and Lars's kindness, but mostly his effusive, overt enthusiasm for her, was at that time exactly what she wanted in a partner. ~ J. Ryan Stradal
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by J. Ryan Stradal
It is your birthright to live a life abundant in love. Make the commitment today to open your heart and let your love flow. ~ David Simon
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by David Simon
God, I want to see You. God, I want to hear You. God, I want to know You. God, I want to follow hard after You. And even before I know what I will face today, I say yes to You. ~ Lysa TerKeurst
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
In this age, lies were the universal lubricant of the culture. A love of Truth and commitment to it were seldom rewarded and were often punished. ~ Dean Koontz
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Dean Koontz
A group is as healthy as its 'social contract' is clear; a congregation as faithful as its covenant is mutually understood; a pastor as effective as the pastor's and people's commitment to trust and integrity is honored, guarded, and fulfilled. ~ David Augsburger
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by David Augsburger
True marriage begins well before the wedding day, And the efforts of marriage continue well beyond the ceremony's end. A brief moment in time and the stroke of the pen are all that is needed to create the legal bond of marriage, but it takes a lifetime of love, commitment, forgiveness, and compromise to make marriage durable and everlasting. ~ Jamie McGuire
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Jamie McGuire
I've been so fortunate in my life that my family has never been jealous of my success. They have shown true love and commitment to me by being supportive. They shared in it. ~ Mike Krzyzewski
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Mike Krzyzewski
The fourth and ultimate method is to create a dogma, put our trust in some allegedly all-knowing theory, institution or chief, and follow them wherever they lead us. Religious and ideological dogmas are still highly attractive in our scientific age precisely because they offer us a safe haven from the frustrating complexity of reality. As noted earlier, secular movements have not been exempt from this danger. Even if you start with a rejection of all religious dogmas and with a firm commitment to scientific truth, sooner or later the complexity of reality becomes so vexing that one is driven to fashion a doctrine that shouldn't be questioned. While such doctrines provide people with intellectual comfort and moral certainty, it is debatable whether they provide justice. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
I don't want you to hate me or even to not like me, but I am committed to helping you think and grow and succeed ~ Sunday Adelaja
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Because destiny had a different plan. They were supposed to meet later. People come into our lives at certain times for various reasons having to do with lessons to be learned. It is not a coincidence that they didn't meet at a much earlier age when they did not have other commitments. I think the reason people meet later is to learn about love in many different ways and about how to balance this with responsibility and commitment. They'll meet again in a different lifetime. They must be patient. ~ Brian L. Weiss
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Brian L. Weiss
All significant relationships have a price. It's not that relationships are a sacrifice. After all, who wants a life of sacrifice? It is more a matter of priorities. We can't do everything in life and we can't be with everyone in life. In choosing what we will do and with whom, we automatically make priorities. If something is at the top of our list then other things have to come second or third or last. ~ Donna Goddard
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Donna Goddard
I transcribe my text with no concern for timeliness. In the years when I discovered the Abbé Vallet volume, there was a widespread conviction that one should write only out of a commitment to the present, in order to change the world. Now, after ten years or more, the man of letters (restored to his loftiest dignity) can happily write out of pure love of writing. And so I now feel free to tell, for sheer narrative pleasure, the story of Adso of Melk, and I am comforted and consoled in finding it immeasurably remote in time (now that the waking of reason has dispelled all the monsters that its sleep had generated), gloriously lacking in any relevance for our day, atemporally alien to our hopes and our certainties. ~ Umberto Eco
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Umberto Eco
When a man touches a woman's body, he is not just touching her body. It goes MUCH DEEPER than that for a woman. He is touching parts of her soul-parts as diverse as how she feels about being a grandmother some day, to what is her favorite ice cream, to how much she loves her pet, and to her opinion of how the current President is governing. The man wants a sexual encounter and love is far from his mind; she desires permanence, commitment, safety, and security. ~ Jim Anderson
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Jim Anderson
It's not like that," Georgie said. "You'll see. It's more like you meet someone, and you fall in love, and you hope that that person is the one – and then at some point, you have to put down your chips. You just have to make a commitment and hope that you're right."
"No one else describes love that way." Heather frowned. "Maybe you're doing it wrong."
"Obviously I'm doing it wrong," Georgie said. "But I still think love feels that way for most people."
"So you think most people bet everything, their whole lives, on hope. Just hoping that what they're feeling is real."
"Real isn't relevant," Georgie said, turning completely to face Heather. "It's like... you're tossing a ball between you, and you're just hoping you can keep it in the air. And it has nothing to do with whether you love each other or not. If you didn't love each other, you wouldn't be playing this stupid game with the ball. You love each other – and you just hope you can keep the ball in play. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Rainbow Rowell
I never thought about being on a series before. It seemed like such a big commitment. But I love going to work every day. This is not about ego, it's about work, and that's refreshing in this town. ~ Lauren Ambrose
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Lauren Ambrose
I squeegeed my third eye and could see only you. ~ Amanda Mosher
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Amanda Mosher
Living by a love ethic we learn to value loyalty and a commitment to sustained bonds over material advancement. ~ Bell Hooks
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Bell Hooks
To love is to accept a soul entirely, not wishing that the person was otherwise, nor hoping for change, nor clinging to some ideal past. To love is to cherish the individual standing before you presently―charms, quirks, and all. To love is to give someone a piece of your heart that you will never, ever reclaim. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
Love means to commit yourself without guarantee. ~ Anne Campbell
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Anne Campbell
Without commitment and real selflessness, real love shall always be like a sea without fish; a forest without the sweet harmonious chorus of the birds and a stomach without food ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
I want to be some body's dumplin'. I'm not chicken. ~ Amanda Mosher
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Amanda Mosher
Personal power depends on the power of imagination; personal achievement depends on commitment and conviction. ~ Debasish Mridha
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Debasish Mridha
I am not the kind of person who becomes so invested in a book or movie or television show that my interest becomes a hobby or intense obsession, one where I start to declare allegiances or otherwise demonstrate a serious level of commitment to something fictional I had no hand in creating.

Or, I didn't used to be that kind of person.

Let me be clear: Team Peeta. I cannot fathom how one could be on any other team. Gale? I can barely acknowledge him. Peeta, on the other hand, is everything. He frosts things and bakes bread and is unconditional and unwavering in his love, and also he is very, very strong. He can throw a sack of four, is what I'm saying. Peeta is a place of solace and hope, and he is a good kisser. ~ Roxane Gay
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Roxane Gay
Truth is, something that I thought was perfect was taken away from me, and I never wanted perfect again. I wanted middle of the road, stuff I didn't care about so that I couldn't lose anything I really loved ever again. ~ Cecelia Ahern
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Cecelia Ahern
A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment; a promise, a pledge, and a vow. The promise is to forsake all others, to stay devoted and true; the pledge is to honor that promise selflessly, to see the whole thing through; and the vow is to keep that pledge unwaveringly, until the days are few. It is a mutual agreement to become one instead of two. ~ J.W. Lord
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by J.W. Lord
The first thing that Shaytan (Satan) will try to do is get you to stop praying. You know why? Because he has to kill the guard if he wants to penetrate the castle. Once the guard is gone, then Shaytan(satan) can open the floodgates for evil. And he has a lot of patience. He has done this to many people before so he's experienced as well. ~ Nouman Ali Khan
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Nouman Ali Khan
Agape is the concrete commitment to the flourishing of someone or something outside of oneself. Even and perhaps especially when that flourishing, hence the joy, is threatened. ~ Bas Heijne
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Bas Heijne
My principles are about love and doing it because there's meaning and commitment. ~ Richelle Mead
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Richelle Mead
What I'm most deeply grateful for is that God's love for us, approval of us, and commitment to us does not ride on our resolve but on Jesus's resolve for us. The gospel is the good news announcing Jesus's infallible devotion to us despite our inconsistent devotion to Him. The gospel is not a command to hang on to Jesus; it's a promise that no matter how weak and unsuccessful our faith and efforts may be, God is always holding on to us. ~ Tullian Tchividjian
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
Leaning toward a certain party is one thing (Matthew did it, Simon did it, and Jesus allowed it), but it is important to see that a partisan spirit can actually run against the Spirit of God. If there ever was a partisan crowd in the Bible, it was the crowd that pressured Pilate to crucify Jesus instead of Barabbas. Barabbas, a true criminal, went free while Jesus, an innocent man, was executed after having his impeccable character assassinated. This is the essence of partisanship. Partisans inflate the best features of their party while inflating the worst features, real or contrived, of the other party. They ignore the weaknesses of their own party while dismissing the other party's strengths. I have good friends on both sides of the political aisle. I trust them. Many of them - on both sides - have a strong commitment to their faith. Because of this I grow perplexed when Christian men and women willingly participate in spin - ready, willing, and armed to follow the world in telling half-truths to promote their candidates, while telling more half-truths to demonize their opponents. Have we forgotten that a half-truth is the equivalent of a full lie? What's more, political spin is polarizing even within the community of faith. ~ Scott Sauls
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Scott Sauls
Every week seems to bring another luxuriantly creamy envelope, the thickness of a letter-bomb, containing a complex invitation – a triumph of paper engineering – and a comprehensive dossier of phone numbers, email addresses, websites, how to get there, what to wear, where to buy the gifts. Country house hotels are being block-booked, great schools of salmon are being poached, vast marquees are appearing overnight like Bedouin tent cities. Silky grey morning suits and top hats are being hired and worn with an absolutely straight face, and the times are heady and golden for florists and caterers, string quartets and Ceilidh callers, ice sculptors and the makers of disposable cameras. Decent Motown cover-bands are limp with exhaustion. Churches are back in fashion, and these days the happy couple are travelling the short distance from the place of worship to the reception on open-topped London buses, in hot-air balloons, on the backs of matching white stallions, in micro-lite planes. A wedding requires immense reserves of love and commitment and time off work, not least from the guests. Confetti costs eight pounds a box. A bag of rice from the corner shop just won't cut it anymore. ~ David Nicholls
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by David Nicholls
The honeymoon phase is special in that it brings together the relief of reciprocated love with the excitement of a future still to be created. What we often don't realize is that the exuberance of the beginning is fueled by its undercurrent of uncertainty. We set out to make love more secure and dependable, but in the process, inevitably we dial down its intensity. On the path of commitment, we happily trade a little passion for a bit more certainty, some excitement for some stability. ~ Esther Perel
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Esther Perel

Hopefully by the time you're reading this (because I know you won't read it right away) I'll be madly in love with a hot Italian boyfriend and not thinking about you at all.

But I know that isn't the case, because I'll be thinking about you all the time.

I'll be thinking about all the nights we stayed up with our ice cream and our movies and our boys. But mostly, I'll be thinking about you, and all the reasons why I love you.

Just to name a few: I love how you suck at goodbyes and feelings and emotions, because I do, too. I love how you always scoop from the strawberry and vanilla side of the ice cream because you know how much I love the chocolate, even though you love it, too. I love how you aren't weird and awkward, despite the fact that you've been severely cut off from socialization to the point where you make the Amish look trendy.

But most of all, I love that you don't judge me. I love that in the past four years, you've never once questioned me about my choices (as poor as they may be) or the guys I've been with or the fact that I don't believe in commitment. I would say that it's simple for you not to judge me, because you're a dirty slut, too. But we both know you're not. So thank you for being a non-judgmental friend. Thank you for never being condescending or treating me like you're better than me (even though we both know you are.) As much as I can laugh about the things people say about us behind our ba ~ Colleen Hoover
Trust And Commitment Love quotes by Colleen Hoover
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