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In the entire history of the human species, every tool we've invented has been to expand muscle power. All except one. The integrated circuit, the computer. That lets us use our brain power. ~ David Gerrold
Triceps Muscle quotes by David Gerrold
I'm definitely not a muscle builder or a guy that's interested in being a muscle builder. It feels good to get back down to a normal size. Not like a hipster size or a buff-guy size, but just a normal, 34-waist guy. ~ Anthony Mackie
Triceps Muscle quotes by Anthony Mackie
All the things you can do to prepare for a role that free you, in the moment, are great. You have this muscle memory for things. You don't have to act it as much, once you've done it enough. ~ Josh Peck
Triceps Muscle quotes by Josh Peck
I believe the most degrading thing in the world is to be treated worse than a starving dog by five growling, muscle-bound thugs, better known as screws! ~ Stephen Richards
Triceps Muscle quotes by Stephen Richards
Though more strenuous exercise would burn more calories, it would also lead to a significant increase in appetite. This is the implication of the phrase "working up an appetite." "Vigorous muscle exercise usually results in immediate demand for a large meal, ~ Gary Taubes
Triceps Muscle quotes by Gary Taubes
The most important muscle in the body and the one we spend the least amount of time crafting, sharpening, and honing is our mind. Everyday is an opportunity to expand our level of knowledge, strengthen our mental accuity, and increase our educational experience. -Harry Petsanis ~ Harry Petsanis
Triceps Muscle quotes by Harry Petsanis
The fact is that these are not my children; they are figures on silvery paper slivered out of time. They represent my children at a fraction of a second on one particular afternoon with infinite variables of light, expression, posture, muscle tension, mood, wind and shade. These are not my children at all; these are children in a photograph. ~ Sally Mann
Triceps Muscle quotes by Sally Mann
The breaking wave and the muscle as it contracts obey the same law. Delicate line gathers the body's total strength in a bold balance. Shall my soul meet so severe a curve, journeying on its way to form? ~ Dag Hammarskjold
Triceps Muscle quotes by Dag Hammarskjold
Strength is not just in muscle and bone," Rovender said
"That is right," Soth added. "Emotional strength is more powerful. ~ Tony DiTerlizzi
Triceps Muscle quotes by Tony DiTerlizzi
Ren took off his jacket, which slicited a squeak from Jennifer who was now totally focused on Ren's golden-bronze biceps. His perfectly fitted muscle shirt showed off his extremely well-developed arms and chest.
I hissed at him quietly, For heaven's sake, Ren! You're going to give the women heart palpitations! ~ Colleen Houck
Triceps Muscle quotes by Colleen Houck
...without moving a muscle in his face, slips away; retreats, I think, to that sheltered place where his stories are kept. Perhaps we all have our places. ~ Pete Dexter
Triceps Muscle quotes by Pete Dexter
Overconsumption is a "cancer eating away at our spiritual vitals." It cuts the heart right out of our compassion. It distances us from the great masses of broken bleeding humanity. It converts us into materialists. We become less able to ask moral questions. For example, just because we have the economic muscle to buy up vast amounts of the world's oil, does that give us the right to do so? When the poor farmer of India is unable to buy a gallon of gasoline to run his simple water pump because the world's demand has priced him out of the market, who is to blame? ~ Richard J. Foster
Triceps Muscle quotes by Richard J. Foster
Two hundred pounds of male muscle was on her bed, which she could honestly say was a first. The fact that he was large and muscular wasn't really the big deal, but the fact that he was male, because at twenty-eight years old, she was very unhappily a virgin. It was something that she'd definitely never expected to happen to her and the one thing that she would give anything to change. ~ R.L. Mathewson
Triceps Muscle quotes by R.L. Mathewson
The wealth and prosperity of the country are only the comeliness of the body, the fullness of the flesh and fat; but the spirit is independent of them; it requires only muscle, bone and nerve for the true exercise of its functions. We cannot lose our liberty, because we cannot cease to think. ~ Humphry Davy
Triceps Muscle quotes by Humphry Davy
Age shame is also a problem primarily for women. As women approach and go through menopause, naturally gaining weight as fat-to-muscle ratios shift, they exhibit many of the same anxieties and symptoms that teenage girls do. The process of growing older makes women's 'flaws' more visible and acute, thus, aging, a natural process, becomes frightening, disorienting, and difficult for many women. ~ Soraya Chemaly
Triceps Muscle quotes by Soraya Chemaly
My body felt like it was now made entirely of nerves, like muscle and bone had been removed to make room for all this new emotion ~ Tahereh Mafi
Triceps Muscle quotes by Tahereh Mafi
Mothering, I believe, requires engaging every muscle, every nerve, every fiber of our being, and through it all we pray. ~ Patricia T. Holland
Triceps Muscle quotes by Patricia T. Holland
I never focus on contraction. I'm focusing on my muscle. I'm not focusing on a certain style of lifting or contracting. I'm just trying to get the weight up. I'm trying to build muscle. ~ Ronnie Coleman
Triceps Muscle quotes by Ronnie Coleman
I can remember back to my early tour days when some fellows didn't think I'd last too long. Nothing physical - they said it was my swing. Some said it was too much of a 'muscle swing' to stand the test of time. One fellow predicted I wouldn't get past 30 out there. ~ Arnold Palmer
Triceps Muscle quotes by Arnold Palmer
Oh, God, I'm sorry, she said. She'd just tackle-hugged a freaking god, and now he wouldn't let her go. Despite the fact that she'd apparently committed a major faux pas, Devlin's body felt damn good. All hard, lean muscle up against her. Power and strength evident in the fact that he held most od her body weight in the grip of one arm. And, geez, he smelled fantastic, like the cool earthy spice of a beautiful fall day. She had to resist pressing her nose to his throat and drinking him in. ~ Laura Kaye
Triceps Muscle quotes by Laura Kaye
Nobody would commit suicide if the pain of being inside herself, the agony of the sleepless, tortured hours spent watching the world get smaller and uglier, were bearable or could be relieved by other people telling her how they wanted her to feel. A depressed person is selfish because her self, the very core of who she is, will not leave her alone, and she can no more stop thinking about this self and how to escape it than a prisoner held captive by a sadistic serial killer can forget about the person who comes in to torture her everyday. Her body is brutalized by her mind. It hurts to breathe, eat, walk, think. The gross maneuverings of her limbs are so overwhelming, so wearying, that the fine muscle movements or quickness of wit necessary to write, to actually say something, are completely out of the question. ~ Stacy Pershall
Triceps Muscle quotes by Stacy Pershall
A realization washed over her in that cold, dark space: this was how virtually all living things born on earth have died - with teeth tearing through their muscle and bones. We humans have computers and soap and houses but it doesn't change the fact that everything that walks is nothing but food for something else. ~ David Wong
Triceps Muscle quotes by David Wong
What's got you smilin' like a bitch who just had good cock?" I was interrupted by a sexy drawl.
I looked up to see Nash leaning against the door frame, arms crossed in front of him, sexy smirk plastered on his face. He was tall, all muscle and ink; he exuded a couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude. Nash was one of the cockiest men I had ever met and the women flocked to him.
I rolled my eyes. "Can a woman not smile unless she's had cock?" I asked.
He uncrossed his arms and pushed away from the door frame; coming towards me, "No, sweet thing, it all comes down to cock."
"Well, I hate to tell you, Nash, but this woman hasn't had any today, and yet I am still smiling. I think your theory is a little off." I loved bantering back and forth with him.
He raised his eyebrows. "J's fallin' down on the job there sweetheart. You sure you don't want to jump ships? I've got all you'll ever need," he grinned at me, opening his arms wide in an inviting gesture. ~ Nina Levine
Triceps Muscle quotes by Nina Levine
And then he did rise from his wheelchair. But there was something odd about the way he did it. His blanket fell away from his legs, but the legs didn't move. His waist kept getting longer, rising above his belt. At first, I thought he was wearing very long, white velvet underwear, but as he kept rising out of the chair, taller than any man, I realized that the velvet underwear wasn't underwear; it was the front of an animal, muscle and sinew under coarse white fur. And the wheelchair wasn't a chair. It was some kind of container, an enormous box on wheels, and it must've been magic, because there's no way it could've held all of him. A leg came out, long and knobby-kneed, with a huge polished hoof. Then another front leg, then hindquarters, and then the box was empty, nothing but a metal shell with a couple of fake human legs attached. ~ Rick Riordan
Triceps Muscle quotes by Rick Riordan
It's no good fooling about with love you know. You can't fall into it like a soft job without dirtying up your hands. It takes muscle and guts. If you can't bear the thought of messing up your nice, tidy soul, you better give up the whole idea of life and become a saint, because you'll never make it as a human being. It's either this world ... or the next. ~ John Osborne
Triceps Muscle quotes by John Osborne
Being happy has -huge- advantages. One, you smile more. Training of facial muscles. Automatic! But did you know that the risible muscle, the one that gets the biggest benefit, is part of the stomach muscles? Yes. Stomach training. Up and down. ~ René Friedrich
Triceps Muscle quotes by René Friedrich
Most people who watch a fight think it's all about the muscle: hitting harder, moving faster. And, yeah, sometimes it looked that way. But telling somebody that you won a fight by hitting the other person harder and more often was like telling somebody that the way you kept from drowning was by moving your arms and legs. ~ Kameron Hurley
Triceps Muscle quotes by Kameron Hurley
This is love
not what we say to each other but what we not say. Sometime it just one look exchange. Sometime one word. But underlining everything we say or not say, something else. Something heavy and deep, like when we in bed and looking into each other's eyes. For six years, everything between husband and me was on top, like skin. Now it hidden, like bone and muscle. [ ... ] He care for me now. He finally see me. And he like what he see. ~ Thrity Umrigar
Triceps Muscle quotes by Thrity Umrigar
We sat like store mannequins, not moving a muscle, following it with our eyes. I looked for something to kill it with, but there was nothing.
-Russell Ray Teague ~ James Aura
Triceps Muscle quotes by James Aura
He was stunning,incredible,unlike anything she had ever seen before.Around her,the crowd noise dissipated to a dull hum,but she barely noticed.Her gaze was slowly traveling the length of him,taking in his predatory stance and powerful muscle and tanned skin. ~ Laura Wright
Triceps Muscle quotes by Laura Wright
There is a groan that unites men and women, rich and poor, in any nation. These muscle pains are "explained" in every culture, but the universal fact of this persistence must mean that no adequate therapy exists. ~ Patrick David Wall
Triceps Muscle quotes by Patrick David Wall
I have nice muscle tone in my arms. I can't really take credit for it, though - all the members of my family do. A lot of arm wrestling happened in our family growing up! ~ Michelle Monaghan
Triceps Muscle quotes by Michelle Monaghan
I don't rely on muscle power to dig, I use a sharp spade and I wear boots. ~ Janet Macunovich
Triceps Muscle quotes by Janet Macunovich
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