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Food production has affected the environment more than any other activity humans have engaged in. Humanity devotes more land to food production than anything else - roughly a third of the surface area of the earth, much of which was once forest but has been converted by humans into farms or grazing lands. ~ Ramez Naam
Third Wheels quotes by Ramez Naam
Maura: is there anything you want to tell me?
me: yeah. I want to tell you that my third nipple is lactating and my butt cheeks are threatening to unionize. what do you think I should do about it?
maura: I feel you're not telling me something. ~ David Levithan
Third Wheels quotes by David Levithan
Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen And keep your eyes wide The chance won't come again And don't speak too soon For the wheel's still in spin And there's no tellin' who That it's namin' For the loser now Will be later to win For the times they are a-changin'. ~ Bob Dylan
Third Wheels quotes by Bob Dylan
It was the task of industrial society to destroy all of that. All that "community" implies -- self-sufficiency, mutual aid, morality in the marketplace, stubborn tradition, regulation by custom, organic knowledge instead of mechanistic science -- had to be steadily and systematically disrupted and displaced. All of the practices that kept the individual from being a consumer had to be done away with so that the cogs and wheels of an unfettered machine called "the economy" could operate without interference, influenced merely by invisible hands and inevitable balances and all the rest of that benevolent free-market system guided by what Cobbett called, his lip curled toward Hume and James Steuart and Adam Smith, "Scotch Feelosophy. ~ Kirkpatrick Sale
Third Wheels quotes by Kirkpatrick Sale
Habermas says that our work upon the world has the instrumental interest of "technical control." When we engage in producing something our only interest is to empirically analyze reality to know how to control it for production. This does not promote a dialectic between ourselves and our social reality; it brings us to technical know-how but not to critical consciousness. Our communication with others has a "practical interest" of maintaining and promoting understanding within our traditions and communities of discourse. It enables people to interpret their world as it appears to be according to shared "pre-understandings." However, this practical interest makes such hermeneutics unlikely to encourage people in a dialectical relationship with their sociocultural world. The third mode of social engagement, however–participation in "politics"–can be undergirded by an "emancipatory interest" that reflects the human quest for freedom. ~ Thomas H. Groome
Third Wheels quotes by Thomas H. Groome
I missed the anonymity-the ability to run to the market without running into my third-grade teacher.
I missed the nightlife-the knowledge that if I wanted to, there was always an occasion to get dressed up and head out for dinner and drinks.
I missed the restaurants-the Asian, the Thai, the Italian the Indian. I was already tired of mashed potatoes and canned green beans.
I missed the culture- the security that comes from being on the touring schedule of the major Broadway musicals.
I missed the shopping-the funky boutiques, the eclectic shops, the browsing.
I missed the city. ~ Ree Drummond
Third Wheels quotes by Ree Drummond
The Hispanic population grew by 4.7 percent last year, while blacks expanded by 1.5 percent and whites by a paltry 0.3 percent. Hispanics cast 6 percent of the vote in 1990 and 12 percent in 2000. If their numbers expand at the current pace, they will be up to 18 percent in 2010 and 24 percent in 2020. With one-third of Hispanics voting Republican, they are the jump ball in American politics. As this vote goes, so goes the future. ~ Dick Morris
Third Wheels quotes by Dick Morris
I couldn't wait until after my third baby to get my body back and start being able to dress a little bit sexier again. ~ Kourtney Kardashian
Third Wheels quotes by Kourtney Kardashian
A marriage which does not constantly crucify its own selfishness and self-sufficiency, which does not 'die to itself' that it may point beyond itself, is not a Christian marriage. The real sin of marriage today is not adultery or lack of 'adjustment' or 'mental cruelty.' It is the idolization of the family itself, the refusal to understand marriage as directed toward the Kingdom of God. This is expressed in the sentiment that one would 'do anything' for his family, even steal. The family has here ceased to be for the glory of God; it has ceased to be a sacramental entrance into his presence. It is not the lack of respect for the family, it is the idolization of the family that breaks the modern family so easily, making divorce its almost natural shadow. It is the identification of marriage with happiness and the refusal to accept the cross in it. In a Christian marriage, in fact, three are married; and the united loyalty of the two toward the third, who is God, keeps the two in an active unity with each other as well as with God. Yet it is the presence of God which is the death of the marriage as something only 'natural.' It is the cross of Christ that brings the self-sufficiency of nature to its end. But 'by the cross, joy entered the whole world.' Its presence is thus the real joy of marriage. It is the joyful certitude that the marriage vow, in the perspective of the eternal Kingdom, is not taken 'until death parts,' but until death unites us completely. ~ Alexander Schmemann
Third Wheels quotes by Alexander Schmemann
Trays of pastries from his castle kitchens, cream swans and spun-sugar unicorns, lemon cakes in the shape of roses, spiced honey biscuits and blackberry tarts, apple crisps and wheels of buttery cheese. ~ George R R Martin
Third Wheels quotes by George R R Martin
I used to analyze myself down to the last thread, used to compare myself with others, recalled all the smallest glances, smiles and words of those to whom I'd tried to be frank, interpreted everything in a bad light, laughed viciously at my attempts 'to be like the rest' –and suddenly, in the midst of my laughing, I'd give way to sadness, fall into ludicrous despondency and once again start the whole process all over again – in short, I went round and round like a squirrel on a wheel. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Third Wheels quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
We kinda look at this as the second or third chapter of our lives. After college, most people figure out what they want to do with their lives. But we already know what we want to do in the future and that is to continue to further our business goals. ~ Mary-Kate Olsen
Third Wheels quotes by Mary-Kate Olsen
I write from this tight third-person viewpoint, where each chapter is seen through the eyes of one individual character. When I'm writing that character, I become that character and identify with that character. ~ George R R Martin
Third Wheels quotes by George R R Martin
We climbed the stairs to the third floor, where Osama bin Laden died early in the morning of May 2, 2011. ~ Peter L. Bergen
Third Wheels quotes by Peter L. Bergen
It took a second for me to understand what he meant. Then another to get that he was serious. A third second to do something about the first two seconds, which was to sit down. ~ Rick Yancey
Third Wheels quotes by Rick Yancey
There was a sharp 'phut', no louder than a bubble of air escaping from a tube of toothpaste. No other noise at all, and suddenly Le Chiffre had grown another eye, a third eye on a level with the other two, right where the thick nose started to jut out below the forehead. It was a small black eye, without eyelashes or eyebrows. ~ Ian Fleming
Third Wheels quotes by Ian Fleming
Why? Because true translation is not a binary affair between two languages but a triangular affair. The third point of the triangle being what lay behind the words of the original text before it was written. True translation demands a return to the pre-verbal ~ John Berger
Third Wheels quotes by John Berger
Wheels will always turn full circle. ~ Anthony T. Hincks
Third Wheels quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
Look yourself... staring into the monitor... and your time is going to be lost like that...

First seconds
Second minutes
Third hours ~ Deyth Banger
Third Wheels quotes by Deyth Banger
What first comes across our minds
About the stocky Mexican

Pushing a mower across the lawn
At 7 a.m. on a Saturday

As the roar of the cutter wakes us?
Let me take a guess.

Why do they have to come so damn early?
What do we make of his flannel

Shirt missing buttons at the cuffs,
Threadbare at the shoulders,

The grass stains around his knees,
The dirt like roadmaps to nowhere,

Between the wrinkles of his neck?
Let me take a shot. Dirty Mexican.

Would his appearance lead us to believe
He is a border jumper or wetback

Who hits the bar top with an empty shot glass
For the twelfth time then goes home

To kick his wife around like fallen grapefruit
Lying on the ground?

First, the stocky Mexican isn't mowing the lawn
At 7 a.m. on a Saturday.

He doesn't work weekends anymore ever since
He lost one-third of his route

To laborers willing to work for next to nothing.
Second, he knows better than to kneel

On the wet grass because, well, the knees
Of his pants will become grass-stained

And pants don't grow on trees, even here,
Close to Palm Springs.

Instead, after 25 years of the same blue collar work,
Two sons out and one going to college,

Rather than jail, and a small but modest savings
In case he loses the remaining two-thirds
John Olivares Espinoza
Third Wheels quotes by John Olivares Espinoza
10 things to know about Syn 1. I hate people, even myself. 2. I only tolerate my friends and I can count those on one hand. 3. So what if I drink? I like my comfortably numb state and it keeps me from killing you. 4. Money can't buy happiness, but it's better than being poor and miserable. 5. We're all victims. 6. I like to choose my own poison. 7. I'm through reinventing myself. I'm on the third incarnation now and it sucks as much as the other two. 8. I have all the friends money can buy. 9. I only trust one man who doesn't return the gesture. 10. I can steal anything, anywhere, any time. Sober or drunk, I'm the best at what I do. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Third Wheels quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
He said he had evidence that the Company was giving the opposition party money, which was just preposterous considering what bad form it would have been, trusting anybody in the Third World with money. ~ Marlon James
Third Wheels quotes by Marlon James
When you can talk without losing a lung, I'll let you go chase after hotties in your backless hospital gown. I'm sure the entire third floor would love to see yours and Victoria's secrets. ~ Ashlan Thomas
Third Wheels quotes by Ashlan Thomas
What is this, master - the third time I've broken you out of a jail cell?"

Nathaniel coughed. "Minor misunderstandings, on both previous occasions," he assured Elisabeth.

(....) He spoke mildly, his lashes shading his eyes. "At least you're wearing clothes this time, master."

"I'll have you know," Nathaniel said, "that that was an accident, and the public certainly didn't mind. One woman even sent me flowers." To Elisabeth, he added, "Don't worry. She was forty years old, and her name was Mildred. ~ Margaret Rogerson
Third Wheels quotes by Margaret Rogerson
I had such plans for this evening. The pursuit of blind drunkenness and wayward women was my goal. But alas, it was not to be. No sooner had I consumed my third drink in the Devil than I was accosted by a delightful small flower selling child who asked me for twopence for a daisy. The price seemed steep, so I refused. When I told the girl as much, she proceeded to rob me."
"A little girl robbed you?" Tessa said.
"Actually, she wasn't a little girl at all, as it turns out, but a midget in a dress with a penchant for violence, who goes by the name of Six-Fingered Nigel. ~ Cassandra Clare
Third Wheels quotes by Cassandra Clare
Given any binary, it's fun to look for some hidden third, and the reason why the third was hidden says a lot about culture. The choice between two of something is not a choice at all, but rather the opportunity to subscribe to the value system which holds the two presented choices as mutually exclusive alternatives. Once we choose one or the other, we've bought into the system that perpetuates the binary. ~ Kate Bornstein
Third Wheels quotes by Kate Bornstein
Can we imagine a different world? I can. That's a world where work is rational, it's in the common good, and we're actually producing real things rather than spinning our wheels in dreams of consumer heaven. ~ Bill Ayers
Third Wheels quotes by Bill Ayers
Malmo, with its 280,000 residents, is Sweden's third-largest city. To see a physician, a patient must go to one of two local clinics before they can see a specialist. The clinics have security guards to keep patients from getting unruly as they wait hours to see a doctor. The guards also prevent new patients from entering the clinic when the waiting room is considered full. Uppsala, a city with 200,000 people, has only one specialist in mammography. Sweden's National Cancer Foundation reports that in a few years most Swedish women will not have access to mammography. ~ Walter E. Williams
Third Wheels quotes by Walter E. Williams
Though environmental orthodoxy holds that Third World deforestation is caused by rapacious clear-cutters and ruthless cattle barons, penniless peasants seeking fuel wood may be the greatest threat to our forests. ~ Gregg Easterbrook
Third Wheels quotes by Gregg Easterbrook
When I was nine, I started reading Homer. I would get up at four o'clock in the morning, before I had to go to school, in third or fourth grade, and, for several hours, I would read 'The Iliad' or 'The Odyssey.' ~ Franz Wright
Third Wheels quotes by Franz Wright
There's always a third choice in life. Even if you think you're stuck between two impossible choices, there's always a third way. You just have to look for it. ~ Marcus Sedgwick
Third Wheels quotes by Marcus Sedgwick
All he needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road. ~ Jack Kerouac
Third Wheels quotes by Jack Kerouac
When you are interviewing refugees, each person you talk to has a different story that could come from a horror movie. So many people talk about seeing their families get murdered before their eyes. Then I go to Central Park, and people are talking about their third divorce and paying tuition. ~ Brandon Stanton
Third Wheels quotes by Brandon Stanton
I went through this difficult time [in the 1984] when we were making our third record where I kind of lost my mind. That's when the bulimia kicked in. And that's when I got really freaky. ~ Michael Stipe
Third Wheels quotes by Michael Stipe
It is the circuit of the great ruinous deed when the name of the seventh is that of the fifth; when the third, even greater, the warlike stranger will take Paris, nor will Provence save her. ~ Nostradamus
Third Wheels quotes by Nostradamus
Providence turns the wheels of destiny. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Third Wheels quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Man has been reared by his errors: first he never saw himself other than imperfectly, second he attributed to himself imaginary qualities, third he felt himself in a false order of rank with animal and nature, fourth he continually invented new tables of values and for a time took each of them to be eternal and unconditional ... If one deducts the effect of these four errors, one has also deducted away humanity, humaneness, and 'human dignity'. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Third Wheels quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Now, I learned soon enough, that among the three, two don't trust the third one - the third one is the government. Both industry and unions feel the government is a talking organization and a spending organization. ~ Shimon Peres
Third Wheels quotes by Shimon Peres
I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Third Wheels quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
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