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This, right here, beats for you. Do you feel it Amabel? It needs you and only you." He said, still looking into my eyes as a tear fell down my cheek. ~ Y.I. Leonard
The Last Watcher quotes by Y.I. Leonard
I remember the last season I played. I went home after a ballgame one day, lay down on my bed, and tears came to my eyes. How can you explain that? It's like crying for your mother after she's gone. You cry because you love her. I cried, I guess, because I loved baseball, and I knew I had to leave it. ~ Willie Mays
The Last Watcher quotes by Willie Mays
And who is this pretty lady you're talking to, Nora?" the second footman, Craig, asked, all eagerness. "Do introduce me." Margaret grinned first at Joan, then Craig. "Miss Joan Hurdle, may I present Craig . . . I'm afraid I don't know your last name." "Craig is my last name! But we already had a Thomas, didn't we?" "Oh. Well then, may I present Mr. Thomas Craig." "How do you do?" Joan dipped her head. "A great deal better now you're here. Say you'll save a dance for me, Miss Joan, and I shall do better yet." Joan smiled. "Very well. ~ Julie Klassen
The Last Watcher quotes by Julie Klassen
I'm a huge 'Breaking Bad' fan; I would be really annoyed if anyone told me anything about what was going to happen in the last eight episodes. ~ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
The Last Watcher quotes by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Once the moon gets to be full somebody - some man or other - goes up every day and slices bits of one side until there isn't any more,and then after a bit a new one grows. Men do that with all sorts of things, actually - rose bushes for instance.... The man who slices the bits off brings them down here and then they're used for making those lights on the cars. Clever isn't it... They only last about one night, I should think, because you hardly ever see them shining by day. ~ Richard Adams
The Last Watcher quotes by Richard Adams
In Memory of My Feelings"

My quietness has a man in it, he is transparent
and he carries me quietly, like a gondola, through the streets.
He has several likenesses, like stars and years, like numerals.

My quietness has a number of naked selves,
so many pistols I have borrowed to protect myselves
from creatures who too readily recognize my weapons
and have murder in their heart!
though in winter
they are warm as roses, in the desert
taste of chilled anisette.
At times, withdrawn,
I rise into the cool skies
and gaze on at the imponderable world with the simple identification
of my colleagues, the mountains. Manfred climbs to my nape,
speaks, but I do not hear him,
I'm too blue.
An elephant takes up his trumpet,
money flutters from the windows of cries, silk stretching its mirror
across shoulder blades. A gun is "fired."
One of me rushes
to window #13 and one of me raises his whip and one of me
flutters up from the center of the track amidst the pink flamingoes,
and underneath their hooves as they round the last turn my lips
are scarred and brown, brushed by tails, masked in dirt's lust,
definition, open mouths gasping for the cries of the bettors for the lungs
of earth.
So many of my transparencies could not resist the race!
Terror in earth, dried mushrooms, pink feathers, tickets,
a flaking moon drifting across the muddie ~ Frank O'Hara
The Last Watcher quotes by Frank O'Hara
Barbara said she knew it was in as soon as she shot it. She's told me a lot of lies over the last four years, but that was the biggest one I've ever heard. ~ Geno Auriemma
The Last Watcher quotes by Geno Auriemma
Most of the low latticed windows were innocent of blinds, and to the lookers-in from outside, the inmates, gathered round the tea-table, absorbed in handiwork, or talking with laughter or gesture, had each that happy grace which is the last thing the skilled actor shall capture – the natural grace which goes with perfect unconsciousness of observation. Moving at will from one theater to another, the two spectators, so far from home themselves, had something of wistfulness in their eyes... ~ Kenneth Grahame
The Last Watcher quotes by Kenneth Grahame
Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt. ~ Cassandra Clare
The Last Watcher quotes by Cassandra Clare
I'm certainly the last person to give advice on, well, anything. ~ George Clooney
The Last Watcher quotes by George Clooney
Perhaps that wasn't the brightest parenting decision that I've made in the last ten years." -- (From TRADING MANNY, on letting my 7-year old son emulate Manny Ramirez) ~ Jim Gullo
The Last Watcher quotes by Jim Gullo
Life is about your soul, not about your body and not about your mind. Most people work hard to keep the body happy. Then they seek to stimulate their mind. Then ... if there is time ... they look after their soul. Yet the most beneficial priority has it just the other way around ... When was the last time you paid attention to your soul? ~ Neale Donald Walsch
The Last Watcher quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
One must expect a war between U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. which will begin with the total destruction of London. I think the war will last 30 years, and leave a world without civilised people, from which everything will have to build afresh-a process taking say 500 years. Stated just one month after the Hiroshima atomic explosion. Russell became one of the best-known antinuclear activists of his era. ~ Bertrand Russell
The Last Watcher quotes by Bertrand Russell
Over the last month I had pulled a woman from a blazing inferno. I had called fire and lighting down on assassins and escaped to safety. I had even killed something that could have been either a dragon or a demon, depending on your point of view. But there in that room was the first time I actually felt like any sort of hero. If you are looking for a reason for the man I would eventually become, if you are looking for a beginning, look there. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
The Last Watcher quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
last section), we can solve the equation by eliminating the fractions. We can accomplish this by
multiplying each term of the equation ~ Donny Brusca
The Last Watcher quotes by Donny Brusca
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing. ~ William Shakespeare
The Last Watcher quotes by William Shakespeare
As soon as one strip of husk was down, the rest obeyed and the ear yielded up to him its shy rows, exposed at last. How loose the silk. How quick the jailed-up flavor ran free. No matter what all your teeth and wet fingers anticipated, there was no accounting for the way that simple joy could shake you. How loose the silk. How fine and loose and free. ~ Toni Morrison
The Last Watcher quotes by Toni Morrison
BB didn't say a word. Maybe integrating into Naomi's systems had shut him up for once. Mal decided to keep a watchful eye on the relationship. Everyone was getting on fine: better than fine, in fact, a really close-knit and easy-going team. The last thing they needed was a Spartan saddled with an AI she didn't want. But that wasn't a problem he could solve, given that they were the two most advanced and expensive pieces of defense technology the UNSC had ever produced. They were stuck with each other. ~ Karen Traviss
The Last Watcher quotes by Karen Traviss
The last time I saw him, I didn't breath again until he had dressed himself completely. From the crack in my sister's door, I saw him get out of her bed and inhale, as if he had accomplished his mission for the day. ~ Jennifer Loren
The Last Watcher quotes by Jennifer Loren
She must not cry in front of all these men. They would think her a useless watering pot unworthy of her father's inheritance. Everything went blurry as she turned away, trying to hide the tears. Colonel Lowe bent down to peek beneath her lowered head, a trace of humor on his strong face. "Tears? We've come all the way across the state to meet the famous Miss Mollie Knox, and all she has for us are tears?" She swiped them away. "It is just that I have felt so overwhelmed. It has been a difficult few weeks." "Then those are the last tears you will shed from being overwhelmed," he said. Colonel Lowe's face was a blend of kindness and humor as he smiled at her. "We will not leave this city until your factory is rebuilt and you are once again producing the world's most magnificent watches. ~ Elizabeth Camden
The Last Watcher quotes by Elizabeth Camden
The expert is a midwife. The expert is not someone who has the authority to pronounce the last word on the subject. ~ Philip Kitcher
The Last Watcher quotes by Philip Kitcher
I thought I'd sit write down and right you a letter. Just words on paper to last you for a lifetime. But it occurred to me when I thought back and remembered, that the better me begins and ends with you. ~ Nick Moccia
The Last Watcher quotes by Nick Moccia
Women have suffered too much from the Conspiracy of Silence to allow that conspiracy to last one minute longer. It has been an established and admitted rule in the medical profession to keep a wife in ignorance of the fact that she has become the victim of venereal disease. ~ Christabel Pankhurst
The Last Watcher quotes by Christabel Pankhurst
Finality of it all has me in a fragile state, but I know the suffering won't last forever. It can't. Pain always fades. Love fades. ~ Kelly Stevenson
The Last Watcher quotes by Kelly Stevenson
I don't believe in angels but the moon is now dead for me. The last glass of wine is gone before the thirst I'm suffering from. The blue grass lost its way running away from your sails. ~ Roque Dalton
The Last Watcher quotes by Roque Dalton
For the last fifty years or so, The Novel's demise has been broadcast on an almost weekly basis. Yet it strikes me that whatever happens, however else the geography of the imagination might modify in the future in, say, the digital ether, The Novel will continue to survive for some long time to come because it is able to investigate and cherish two things that film, music, painting, dance, architecture, drama, podcasts, cellphone exchanges, and even poetry can't in a lush, protracted mode. The first is the intricacy and beauty of language - especially the polyphonic qualities of it to which Bakhtin first drew our attention. And the second is human consciousness. What other art form allows one to feel we are entering and inhabiting another mind for hundreds of pages and several weeks on end? ~ Lance Olsen
The Last Watcher quotes by Lance Olsen
I've been playing the bad guy in the last seven or eight projects I've done. I like it. It's a lot more interesting! Being the good guy gets a little stale after a while, you know? ~ Greg Evigan
The Last Watcher quotes by Greg Evigan
There were a thousand things I could've said to him in that moment. I didn't know why, out of everything, I said what I did. "Jayden told me once, after the day in the garage, that he looked up to you and Hector. I...I just thought you should know that was real."
The skin around his eyes and mouth tightened. I did something else I didn't really think about. I stretched up once more and kissed his cheek. I felt his sharp inhale, and with one last look at him, I turned. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Last Watcher quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Like the lark that soars in the air, first singing, then silent, content with the last sweetness that satiates it, such seemed to me that image, the imprint of the Eternal Pleasure. ~ Dante Alighieri
The Last Watcher quotes by Dante Alighieri
Two-Minute Tyler got nixed two weeks ago," she said.
Vaughn looked unmistakably pleased, hearing this. "Why?"
She slid her arms around his neck. "Because when he kissed me, I pictured you instead."
"Well, I hope you soaked it up, Sinclair. Because that was the last first kiss you'll ever have." He
bent his head, his voice low and possessive. "All the rest are mine. ~ Julie James
The Last Watcher quotes by Julie James
Looking up, she watched the balloons dance at the tops of their strings. Hanging by a ribbon at the end was a little white card.
She wouldn't even open it, she told herself.She knew who they were from anyway. Who else? No,she wasn't going to open it.In fact,she was going to find a pin and pop every last balloon. What were they but a bunch of hot air? It was ridiculous.To prove a point, Shelby let the strings go so the balloons drifted up to the ceiling. If he thought he was going to win her over with silly presents and clever little notes...he was absolutely right, dammit.
Shelby jumped up, swearing when she missed the strings by inches.Hauling over a chair,she climbed into it and grabbed the card.

The yellow's for sunshine, the pink's for spring.Share them with me.

"You drive me crazy," she muttered, standing in the chair with the balloons in one hand and the card in the other. How did he know,how could he know just the sort of thing that would get to her? Strawberries and pigs and balloons-it was hopeless. Shelby stared up at them, wishing she didn't need to smile. ~ Nora Roberts
The Last Watcher quotes by Nora Roberts
I was obsessed, and like most obsessed people, I was the last one to know it. ~ Kate Bornstein
The Last Watcher quotes by Kate Bornstein
I originally started it to help me with anxiety & insomnia. It's already made my life waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better & even with my stage fright. Which I used to think there was no cure for ... Last night was the first night I've slept 8 hours naturally in my entire life. I felt the best I have in ages. It's better than any medication or all of the other nonsense I've tried. ~ Sky Ferreira
The Last Watcher quotes by Sky Ferreira
I'd feel I was... wastin' myself. There's two sides to me, you see. There's the sleepy old side you love; an' there's a sort of energy – the feelin' that makes me do wild things. That's the part of me that may be useful somewhere. that'll last when I'm not beautiful anymore. ~ Francis Scott Fitzgerald
The Last Watcher quotes by Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Part of the problem of the city is the impermanence of success. We're only as good as our last deal, ~ Derek L. Worthington
The Last Watcher quotes by Derek L. Worthington
Have a Blast; Life won't last! Make the Best of Today, before it is gone!-RVM ~ R.v.m.
The Last Watcher quotes by R.v.m.
It is only people who show upright positions in standing for the truth that win at last. ~ Sunday Adelaja
The Last Watcher quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Why would even I say we can't stop drilling in the Gulf? Because we have no alternatives. Whether or not we drill in the Gulf, or in Alaska, we will continue to wring the last out of anyplace else. ~ Carl Safina
The Last Watcher quotes by Carl Safina
Both the Church and the Eucharist have their source and receive their present vitality from the events celebrated in Holy Week: the Last Supper of Jesus with his apostles, his atoning passion and death on Good Friday and his bodily resurrection on Easter Sunday ~ Francis George
The Last Watcher quotes by Francis George
Concentrated power can be always wielded in the interest of the few and at the expense of the many. Government in its last analysis is this power reduced to a science. Governments never lead; they follow progress. When the prison, stake or scaffold can no longer silence the voice of the protesting minority, progress moves on a step, but not until then. ~ Lucy Parsons
The Last Watcher quotes by Lucy Parsons
Although it was over 50 years ago, I have not forgotten the moment when, after exploring the maze of Indian metaphysics, I reached its central Thought. I read that if we go deeper and deeper into the self we can arrive at last at the recognition of Atman, the essential self; and that if we go deeper into the not-self, the world that seems so solid and real, pulling aside veil after veil of illusion, we shall find Brahman, the ultimate reality; and that Atman and Brahman are identical. ~ J.B. Priestley
The Last Watcher quotes by J.B. Priestley
The first time I heard the saying 'Live every day like you are going to live forever and every day like is your last.' I thought it was one of those unsolvable story problems from my fifth grade arithmetic books, but it turned out to be the truest thing about my year. ~ Chris Crutcher
The Last Watcher quotes by Chris Crutcher
I shall die here. Every last inch of me shall perish. Except one. An inch. It's small and it's fragile and it's the only thing in the world worth having. we must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us. ~ Alan Moore
The Last Watcher quotes by Alan Moore
I never thought the touch of another person could make the nerves jangle and dance beneath my skin. It was like I had slept the last few months away and now, suddently, I was waking up. ~ Shannon Delaney
The Last Watcher quotes by Shannon Delaney
Unlike liberalism, with its fundamental belief in the long-range power of ideas, conservatism is bound by the stock of ideas inherited at a given time. And since it does not really believe in the power of argument, its last resort is generally a claim to superior wisdom, based on some self-arrogated superior quality. ~ Friedrich August Von Hayek
The Last Watcher quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
Television in the last few years has been where all the great writers are going. TV now is what indie film used to be. ~ Jeff Daniels
The Last Watcher quotes by Jeff Daniels
The thing that teases the mind over and over for years, and at last gets itself put down rightly on paper - whether little or great, it belongs to Literature. ~ Sarah Orne Jewett
The Last Watcher quotes by Sarah Orne Jewett
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