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The women that I picked spoke sweet and low
And yet gave tongue. "Hound voices" were they all. ~ William Butler Yeats
Sweet Niblets quotes by William Butler Yeats
Passion now begins to wake
and whom we desire, we will take
then we'll cut them down to the quick
love itself the cruelest trick.
Moved we are by loves sweet song
though it plays not for long
we can blow on embers bright
till passion outtakes the light. ~ Nancy Holder
Sweet Niblets quotes by Nancy Holder
In Port William, more than anyplace else I had been, this religion that scorned the beauty and goodness of this world was a puzzle to me. To begin with, I don't think anybody believed it. I still don't think so. Those world-condemning sermons were preached to people who, on Sunday mornings, would be wearing their prettiest clothes. Even the old widows in their dark dresses would be pleasing to look at. By dressing up on the one day when most of them had leisure to do it, they had signified their wish to present themselves to one another and to Heaven looking their best. The people who heard those sermons loved good crops, good gardens, good livestock and work animals and dogs; they loved flowers and the shade of trees, and laughter and music; some of them could make you a fair speech on the pleasures of a good drink of water or a patch of wild raspberries. While the wickedness of the flesh was preached from the pulpit, the young husbands and wives and the courting couples sat thigh to thigh, full of yearning and joy, and the old people thought of the beauty of the children. And when church was over they would go home to Heavenly dinners of fried chicken, it might be, and creamed new potatoes and hot biscuits and butter and cherry pie and sweet milk and buttermilk. And the preacher and his family would always be invited to eat with somebody and they would always go, and the preacher, having just foresworn on behalf of everybody the joys of the flesh, would eat with unconsecrat ~ Wendell Berry
Sweet Niblets quotes by Wendell Berry
Ma kept the alcohol for company in the dining room china cabinet. All the sweet after-dinner liqueurs nestle there together. But there is one bottle she never knew about right here in the kitchen. I reach deep into the cabinets and remove Dad's hidden bottle of Lagavulin. I set a tumbler on the counter and pour him two fingers of scotch. 'This is a tumbler, watch it tumble,' he said. The golden brown liquid, more gold than brown, somewhere between weak tea and apple juice. I stare at it. Nothing.
Out loud I say, "This is a tumbler, watch it tumble," an incantation or a toast or both, and drink it down.
It's like drinking a handful of matches. It burns and then smokes. I fight back a cough. There's a note of something deep and earthy, like beets or truffles, which then vanishes, leaving only a palate seared clean. ~ Jael McHenry
Sweet Niblets quotes by Jael McHenry
Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet. ~ Sarah Louise Delany
Sweet Niblets quotes by Sarah Louise Delany
My mom always taught me to be sweet and polite and cross my legs because it's what the guys like. Actually, they like a raunchy girl once in a while. ~ Tiffani Thiessen
Sweet Niblets quotes by Tiffani Thiessen
I have a sweet tooth. I love dessert, and if somebody makes me one, I'm going to have it. ~ Sarah Rafferty
Sweet Niblets quotes by Sarah Rafferty
But sometimes, I have a great longing to hear something different from praise, for my soul sickens of too sweet a diet. It is then that Jesus gives me a nice little salad seasoned with vinegar and spice. The only thing missing is olive oil, and that makes it even tastier.

The novices offer me this salad when I least expect it. God raises the veil which hides my imperfections from them, and my dear little sisters then see the reality and no longer find me quite to their liking. With a simplicity I find charming, they tell me what a trial I am to them and what they find unpleasant about me. They stand on no more ceremony than if they were discussing someone else, for they know that their freedom of speech delights me.

It is actually more than delight. It is like a wonderful festival which overwhelms me with joy. If I had not experienced it, I could not believe that something so against one's natural feelings could afford such happiness.

Once when I was passionately longing to be humiliated, a young postulant did it so effectively that I remembered when Semei cursed David and I repeated to myself the words of the holy king: "Yea, it is the Lord who hath bidden him say all these things. ~ John Beevers
Sweet Niblets quotes by John Beevers
God knoweth best what is needful for us, and all that He does is for our good. If we knew how much He loves us, we should always be ready to receive equally and with indifference from His Hand the sweet and the bitter: all would please that came from Him. The sorest afflictions never appear intolerable, except when we see them in the wrong light. ~ Brother Lawrence
Sweet Niblets quotes by Brother Lawrence
Such affection and devotion, such mighty love and zeal are often far beyond me. Be merciful to me, O sweet, good, kind Jesus, and grant me, Your poor suppliant, sometimes at least to feel in Holy Communion a little of the tenderness of Your love, that my faith may grow stronger, that my hope in Your goodness may increase, and that charity, once perfectly kindled within me by tasting heavenly manna, may never fail. ~ Thomas A Kempis
Sweet Niblets quotes by Thomas A Kempis
Here I stand now, with a sweet tingling feeling all over, recalling the last time I was here, and I am glad that I am here again, while wondering why I didn't recognize it earlier. But now I have got the chance to recognize and deal with it more effectively and I know that I can visit this place as many times as I want, and take as
many chances as I want, because I finally realize that I, am in total control of my life. ~ Dilip Bathija
Sweet Niblets quotes by Dilip Bathija
There is a rational soul leading
your donkey through the mountain wilderness. When the donkey pulls away and takes off
on its own, that clear one chases, calling, "This place is full of wolves
who would love to gnaw your bones and suck the sweet marrow." This sovereign
self in you is not a donkey, but more like a stallion, and Muhammad is the stable keeper
speaking quietly, Ta'alaw, in Arabic, Come, come. I am your trainer. ~ Rumi
Sweet Niblets quotes by Rumi
William, my sweet William! I want him. ~ Gena Showalter
Sweet Niblets quotes by Gena Showalter
Has anyone else ... "
"Hmm?" Grams walked the paper back across the room and took up her tray of hospital good again, settling it over me. "Has anyone else, what?:
"Been by," I mumbled. "To visit."
Grams gave me a knowing smile. "A charming young woman with a mouth that could give a sailor a heart attack? A sweet little one who brought you flowers? The one who spent half a day chasing doctors and nurses around, demanding answers about your condition? Or, by any chance are you referring to a very well - mannered Southern boy? ~ Alexandra Bracken
Sweet Niblets quotes by Alexandra Bracken
I could not dream a better you."
Oh my God.
Oh ... my ... God.
Did he just say that?
I stared into his warm eyes.
He just said that.
And that was so sweet, so unexpected but so welcome, my breath arrested and all I could do was continue staring at him.
He wasn't done. "A better wife, a better queen. Not even in a dream could I create better than you. ~ Kristen Ashley
Sweet Niblets quotes by Kristen Ashley
I walked toward the bar where The Reader sat turning pages, a cup of coffee at his elbow. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing thick forearms covered in tattoos.
Oh. Sweet. Lord.
Really, he was all of my favourite things. ~ Molly O'Keefe
Sweet Niblets quotes by Molly O'Keefe
And life is as short as a shot in the dark
And as sweet as a knife in the back.

(Prof. J. Hörbicher, glacial cosmogonist, amateur poet, in Astrofisico. ~ Steven William Lawrie
Sweet Niblets quotes by Steven William Lawrie
I've always been able to tell a lot about people by whether they ask me about my scar. Most people never ask, but if it comes up naturally somehow and I offer up the story, they are quite interested. Some people are just dumb: 'Did a cat scratch you?' God bless. Those sweet dumdums I never mind. Sometimes it is a fun sociology litmus test, like when my friend Ricky asked me, 'Did they ever catch the black guy that did that to you?' Hmmm. It was not a black guy, Ricky, and I never said it was. ~ Tina Fey
Sweet Niblets quotes by Tina Fey
Tricking your brain into thinking you are getting something sweet plays dirty tricks on your metabolism. ~ Mark Hyman
Sweet Niblets quotes by Mark Hyman
It is an oftentimes dangerous world, and not all of the people in it are nice, sweet and benevolent. It is the nature of man to behave otherwise, and we must find leaders who can show us a better way and still maintains a balanced view. ~ Mike Medavoy
Sweet Niblets quotes by Mike Medavoy
Thick is the darkness
Sunward, O, sunward!
Rough is the highway
Onward, still onward!
Dawn harbors surely
East of the shadows.
Facing us somewhere
Spread the sweet meadows.
Upward and forward!
Time will restore us:
Light is above us,
Rest is before us. ~ William Ernest Henley
Sweet Niblets quotes by William Ernest Henley
Decadent, rich chocolate; thick, silken, sweet cream; and the coolest breath of satin stroked over quivering skin... He was near... ~ Denyse Bridger
Sweet Niblets quotes by Denyse Bridger
It's only their fight club, Liss," I said, having no need for her side of the conversation, "Nothing's going on. They're going to talk punches and kicking and other boring stuff."
Well, actually that stuff was pretty sweet, but I wasn't about to glorify Christian and Mia hanging out.
"Maybe now nothing's going on," she growled, staring stonily ahead. "But who knows what could happen? They spend time together, practice some physical moves, one thing leads to another - "
"That's ridiculous," I said. "That kind of stuff isn't romantic at all."
Another lie, seeing as that was exactly how my relationship with Dimitri had begun. Again, best not to mention that. ~ Richelle Mead
Sweet Niblets quotes by Richelle Mead
. . . communicate their desires. My book club is discussing a novel this month on this very subject. Fifty Shades of Grey. Would you like to borrow my copy, Matthew?" I take a long drink of water. "No, I'm already familiar with it, thanks." The fact that my dear, sweet mother is familiar with it, however, will definitely be giving me nightmares. ~ Emma Chase
Sweet Niblets quotes by Emma Chase
It's depressing at times, but I try to keep a sense of perspective. Sweet F.A. will never be more than a bunch of thugs and vandals, high in nuisance value, but politically irrelevant. I've seen them on TV, marching around their "training camps" in designer camouflage, or sitting in lecture theaters, watching recorded speeches by their guru, Jack Kelly, or (oblivious to the irony) messages of "international solidarity" from similar organizations in Europe and North America. ~ Greg Egan
Sweet Niblets quotes by Greg Egan
Not one man has ever sacrificed for his Lord without being richly repaid. If the cross is only contrasted with earthly pleasures lost, it may seem hard and threatening. But when the cross is weighed in the balances with the glorious treasures to be had through it, even the cross seems sweet. ~ Walter J Chantry
Sweet Niblets quotes by Walter J Chantry
that amazing row of ab-mountains between hips so narrow even my sweet old Nana would imagine wrapping her legs around them. ~ Faleena Hopkins
Sweet Niblets quotes by Faleena Hopkins
As long as I keep moving, I should be OK. As long as I keep the notebook with me, I should stay alive. This is not what I thought life would be like when I turned sweet sixteen. ~ T.M. Goeglein
Sweet Niblets quotes by T.M. Goeglein
Scatter the clouds that hide The face of heaven, and show Where sweet peace doth abide, Where Truth and Beauty grow. ~ Robert Bridges
Sweet Niblets quotes by Robert Bridges
It tastes good, garlic and salt in it,
with the half-sweet white wine of Orvieto
on scanty grass under great trees
where the ramparts cuddle Lucca.
It sounds right, spoken on the ridge
between marine olives and hillside
blue figs, under the breeze fresh
with pollen of Apennine sage.
It feels soft, weed thick in the cave
and the smooth wet riddance of Antonietta's
bathing suit, mouth ajar for
submarine Amalfitan kisses.
It looks well on the page, but never
well enough. Something is lost
when wind, sun, sea upbraid
justly an unconvinced deserter. ~ Basil Bunting
Sweet Niblets quotes by Basil Bunting
Every evening the girls of the house gathered about me on the mats, and after chasing away Kory-Kory from my side - who nevertheless, retired only to a little distance and watched their proceedings with the most jealous attention - would anoint my whole body with a fragrant oil, squeezed from a yellow root, previously pounded between a couple of stones, and which in their language is denominated 'aka'. And most refreshing and agreeable are the juices of the 'aka', when applied to ones, limbs by the soft palms of sweet nymphs, whose bright eyes are beaming upon you with kindness; and I used to hail with delight the daily recurrence of this luxurious operation, in which I forgot all my troubles, and buried for the time every feeling of sorrow. Sometimes ~ Herman Melville
Sweet Niblets quotes by Herman Melville
The sweet companionship of eternal marriage is one of the greatest blessings God has granted to His children. ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin
Sweet Niblets quotes by Joseph B. Wirthlin
What all of us long for in our hearts, at Christmastime and always, is to feel bound together in love with the sweet assurance that it can last forever. ~ Henry B. Eyring
Sweet Niblets quotes by Henry B. Eyring
Next week, I should be back to my old self."
"I hope not." Dallas nudged me with his shoulder. ~ Veronica Blade
Sweet Niblets quotes by Veronica Blade
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