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In other words, you need to be a bureaucracy in order to survive one. This is the overwhelming narrative of modern American economics, that the individual, particularly the individual without a lot of money, is inherently overmatched. He's a loser. And if he falls into any part of the machine, he goes straight to the bottom.
And then there's the most disturbing truth of all. People assume that a system that favors the rich likes rich people. This isn't true. Our bureaucracies respond to the money rich people have, and they bend to the legal might the rich can hire, but they don't give a damn about rich people. You can be rich and still fall into any one of a dozen financial/legal meat grinders, from an erroneously collapsed credit score to a robo-signed foreclosure to a stolen identity to a retirement account vaporized by institutional theft and fraud.
The system eats up rich people, too, because it's not concerned with protecting any individuals, even the rich ones. These bureaucracies accomplish just two things: they make small piles of money smaller and big piles of money bigger. It's a system that doesn't care whose hands end up holding the bag, or how long those hands get to hold the bag. It just relentlessly creates and punishes losers, who get to sit beneath an ever-narrowing group of winners, who may or may not stay on top for long.
What does get preserved, in all cases, is a small constellation of sprawling, interconnected financial companies, whose na ~ Matt Taibbi
Suores Na quotes by Matt Taibbi
Kids can say anything in a mocking, singsong voice, and make it sound uncool. "You have ears. Nyah-nyah-na-nyah-nyah, you have eee-ars and they're on the side of your fay-ace! ~ Kevin Hart
Suores Na quotes by Kevin Hart
There's just so much love that goes into home cooking, and I think it will really help the American family overall. I'm hoping to maybe get a cookbook out one day because I've got some great family recipes. ~ Ming-Na Wen
Suores Na quotes by Ming-Na Wen
I'm still happy, I like this life. ~ Li Na
Suores Na quotes by Li Na
I feel like my whole life only tennis. ~ Li Na
Suores Na quotes by Li Na
Chakravyuh mein ghusne se pehle,
Before entering the circle of deceit,
kaun tha mein aur kaisa tha,
who I was, and what I was,
yeh mujhe yaad hi na rahega.
I would not remember.
Chakravyuh mein ghusne ke baad,
After entering the circle of deceit,
mere aur chakravyuh ke beech,
(there was) between me and the circle,
sirf ek jaanleva nikat'ta thi,
only a deathly intimacy
iska mujhe pata hi na chalega.
that I never realised. ~ Dilip Chitre
Suores Na quotes by Dilip Chitre
Don't see me as a girl. See me as a buddy of yours or something."
He cast his eyes downward and didn't look back up to my face. I looked down and groaned. Such a guy.
"My buddies don't have boobs, as far as I know."
"Because you felt them up to be sure?" I chuckled, against my better judgement.
Once again, his mouth dropped open. ~ Stephanie Witter
Suores Na quotes by Stephanie Witter
He's a reminder of what I want to feel everyday, whether it's with him or on my own. He's taught me that who I am when I'm with him feels too good to sacrifice for the approval of everyone else. The way I dress, the guys I talk to, the games I play... it's all plastic, and when I'm with him, I'm gold. ~ Penelope Douglas
Suores Na quotes by Penelope Douglas
Her other paramour was a student at the UASD
one of those City College types who's been in school eleven years and is always five credits shy of a degree. Students today don't mean na; but in Latin America whipped into a frenzy by the fall of Arbenz, by the stoning of Nixon, by the Guerillas of the Sierra Madre, by the endless cynical maneuverings of the Yankee Pig Dogs
in a Latin America already a year and a half into the Decade of Guerilla
a student was something else altogether, an agent for change, a quantum string in the staid Newtonian universe. Such a student was Arquimedes. He also listened to the shortwave, but not for Dodgers scores; what he risked his life for was the news leaking out of Havana, news of the future. Arquemides was, therefore, a student, the son of a Zapatero and a midwife, a tirapiedra and a quemagoma for life. Being a student wasn't a joke, not with Trujillo and Johnny Abbes scooping up everybody following the foiled Cuban Invasion of 1959. ~ Junot Diaz
Suores Na quotes by Junot Diaz
It's not the one you love the longest, but the one you love deepest; that forever stays in your heart. (So I'm on a double whammy!) ~ Na
Suores Na quotes by Na
I'm on my high school football team and MUST show how much I know. ~ Jimmy Breslin
Suores Na quotes by Jimmy Breslin
I was so close to her that I could lean down just a bit...her lips were so close...I could lean down and kiss those full pink lips. I heard her heartbeat speeding up in her chest and it almost shattered any control that I had. ~ Amanda Leigh
Suores Na quotes by Amanda Leigh
Ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of stone. ~ Na
Suores Na quotes by Na
To paraphrase Forrest Gump, Ugly is, as Ugly does! ~ Lorene Stunson Hill
Suores Na quotes by Lorene Stunson Hill
If you don't hurt others it doesn't mean you love them but it simply reveals that you are loving. ~ Na
Suores Na quotes by Na
The wrong kind of guy to fall in love with is the guy who will let go of the steering wheel as a joke. A guy who finds it amusing to make you uncomfortable, which is more common than you'd think, is someone you want to avoid. ~ An Na
Suores Na quotes by An Na
Student today don't mean na', but in a Latin America whipped into a frenzy by the Fall of Arbenz, by the Stoning of Nixon, by the Guerrillas of the Sierra Madre, by the endless cynical maneuverings of the Yankee Pig Dogs - in a Latin America already a year and half into the Decade of the Guerrilla - a student was something else altogether, an agent for change, a vibrating quantum string in the staid Newtonian universe. ~ Junot Diaz
Suores Na quotes by Junot Diaz
Peanut: Just last week I was lying in bed and I woke up sobbing 'I will never be happy until we return to SA-NA-TA-ANA!' And now we're here! Thank you for bringing me! ~ Jeff Dunham
Suores Na quotes by Jeff Dunham
The weather for me is nothing special. The weather couldn't kill me. ~ Li Na
Suores Na quotes by Li Na
You're right: if there's sentient life behind the border, it probably won't share my goals. Unlike the people in this room, who all want exactly the same things in life as I do, and have precisely the same tastes in food, art, music, and sex. Unlike the people of Schur, and Cartan, and Zapata - who I came here in the hope of protecting, after losing my own home - who doubtless celebrate all the same festivals, delight in the same songs and stories, and gather every fortieth night to watch actors perform the same plays, in the same language, from the same undisputed canon, as the people I left behind.

"If there's sentient life behind the border, of course we couldn't empathize with it. These creatures are unlikely to possess cute mammalian neonate faces, or anything else we might mistake for human features. None of us could have the imagination to get over such insurmountable barriers, or the wit to apply such difficult abstractions as the General Intelligence theorem - though since every twelve-year-old on my home world was required to master that result, it must be universally known on this side of the border.

"You're right: we should give up responsibility for making any difficult moral judgments, and surrender to the dictates of natural selection. Evolution cares so much about our happiness that no one who's obeyed an inherited urge has ever suffered a moment's regret for it. History is full of joyful case studies of people who followed their na ~ Greg Egan
Suores Na quotes by Greg Egan
Change is painful, moving on is painful but nothing is more painful then being were you dont belong ~ Na
Suores Na quotes by Na
Listen, dis foreign TV channels dey spoil de image of our country. Dese white stations dey make billions of dollars to sell your war and blood to de world ... We no bad like dis. OK, why dem no dey show corpses of deir white people during crisis for TV? Abi, people no dey kill for America or Europe?"
"You dey speak grammar!" someone shouted. "Wetin concern us wid America and Europe? Abeg, give us cable TV."
"Remove dis toilet pictures!" said another.
"So our barracks be toilet now?" the police answered. "What an insult!"
"You na mad mad police," Monica said.
"Ok, cable TV no be for free anymore!" the police said.
"But it's our pictures we are watching on cable TV," Madam Aniema said. "Why should we pay you to see ourselves and our people?"
The police answered, "Because government dey complain say cable TV dey misrepresent dis religious crisis. ~ Uwem Akpan
Suores Na quotes by Uwem Akpan
It's hard. Being 15, 16, 17. You get so angry. You want to do something with that anger. I guess try to find some other way to let it out. Don't kill people. Don't kill yourself. Let yourself grow up a little. Then you might start to think differently about things. You might get new opportunities to do something with your life that you never thought possible as a teenager." -- Thomas Harvey from the upcoming novel, "Nikki White: Polar Extremes" (Nikki, #3) ~ Jack Chaucer
Suores Na quotes by Jack Chaucer
He were found drowned. He were coming home very hopeless o' aught on earth. He thought God could na be harder than men; mappen not so hard; mappen as tender as a mother; mappen tenderer. I'm not saying he did right, and I'm not saying he didn't wrong. All I say is, may neither me nor mine ever have his sore heart, or we may do like things. ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Suores Na quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
We're not together anymore. Don't forget it.
There is a pause before he responds. Hard to forget that. The gaping hole in my chest that was left when u ripped my heart out kind of reminds me every time I breathe. ~ D.R. Graham
Suores Na quotes by D.R. Graham
Will you still love me in the morning?"
"Un jae na (Always). Nuh nun (How about you?)?"
"Young won hee (Forever). ~ Bianca B. Bernardino
Suores Na quotes by Bianca B. Bernardino
It's easy to forget that life is the greatest gift of all ~ Karli Perrin
Suores Na quotes by Karli Perrin
Yeah? Well, you and your snooty, all-knowing witches have never been to the moon. My people have, because it was there and it was a good thing to do," Lily said in her best Boston accent. "So bite my scientist-loving ass. ~ Josephine Angelini
Suores Na quotes by Josephine Angelini
But listen well. In Tir na nOg, because there is no sorrow, there is no joy.
Do you hear the meaning of the seachain's song? ~ Alexandra Ripley
Suores Na quotes by Alexandra Ripley
It was foolish to cast someone as a saint just because they had suffered. ~ Eric Greitens
Suores Na quotes by Eric Greitens
It's not the desires that count efforts. It's the efforts that count desires. ~ Na
Suores Na quotes by Na
Barbara had stopped by the PTA office to talk to some of the mothers there, and she may have said a thing or two about Rhea in angen And she /na! not have been careful about who was around listening. Had it been one of Rheas fellow teachers? Or, God forbid, Rhea herself? ~ Kimberly McCreight
Suores Na quotes by Kimberly McCreight
In view of the possibility of finding meaning in suffering, life's meaning is an unconditional one, at least potentially. That unconditional meaning, however, is paralleled by the unconditional value of each and every person. It is that which warrants the indelible quality of the dignity of man. Just as life remains potentially meaningful under any conditions, even those which are most miserable, so too does the value of each and every person stay with him or her, and it does so because it is based on the values that he or she has realized in the past, and is not contingent on the usefulness that he or she may or may not retain in the present.

More specifically, this usefulness is usually defined in terms of functioning for the benefit of society. But today's society is characterized by achievement orientation, and consequently it adores people who are successful and happy and, in particular, it adores the young. It virtually ignores the value of those who are otherwise, and in so doing blurs the decisive difference between being valuable in the sense of dignity and being valuable in the sense of usefulness. If one is not cognizant of this difference and holds that na individual's value stems only from his present usefulness, then, believe me, one owes it only to personal inconsistency not to plead for euthanasia along the lines of Hitler's program, that is to say, "mercy" killing of all those who have lost their social usefulness, be it because of old age, incurab ~ Viktor E. Frankl
Suores Na quotes by Viktor E. Frankl
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