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The growth of art seems to be in cycles, and often its vigorous lifetime is restricted to a century or two. The periods of distinctive drama, Greek, English, Spanish, fall within such a limit; the schools of painting and sculpture likewise; and, in poetry, the Victorian age or the school of Pope will serve as examples. ~ George Edward Woodberry
Solvent Examples quotes by George Edward Woodberry
There are those of poor spirit and there are those of great spirit. None are without it but the flame flickers pretty low in some cases. The majority of people seem to be nothing but a little flickering flame. You know that when you match them against an individual who is all fire, all radiance. Those in whom the flame of the spirit runs high are extraordinary examples of human beings. ~ Henry Miller
Solvent Examples quotes by Henry Miller
The Truth Is That I Was Recognized For Stubbornness And Not Goodness. Even, Though I Was Very Intelligent And Sent To School By A Little Few Supports From Sponsors And My Mother. My Brain Was Never Ever Cool. Due To All The Mistakes I Saw From A Very Tender Age From All Those Whom I Looked Upon As Elders And Shinning Examples. Although They Where Some Good Examples Which Still Live On. Still The Early Damaged As Already Been Done. So It Led Me Dropping Out Of School In To Working And Using The Great Ancient Vedic Philosophies I Have Been Hearing From The Very Beginning Of My Conception In My Mother Womb Till The Day I Was Born And Forever. I Used Them All To Materialize Many Of My Dreams And Practice Mysticism Coupled With Spiritualism To Keep My Self Secured And Keep Cool Depending On God. ~ Baba Tunde Ojo-Olubiyo
Solvent Examples quotes by Baba Tunde Ojo-Olubiyo
As children, we are taught what I call Emotional English. This is an emotional language we are taught in our homes, and just like our spoken language, the emotional language we speak most fluently as adults is the one we learned as children. What we are taught about interacting emotionally with each other and the world is modeled for us by our families, and is what we will grow up doing. No matter how frustrating , damaging, and frightening it is, we will perpetuate the examples of our parents and family
unless we can learn new ones. The tricky thing is that a person can go to school to learn a new language, we can find classes anywhere, in any town, but how do we learn a new emotional way of relating to our lives, loved ones, and most important, to ourselves? ~ Jewel
Solvent Examples quotes by Jewel
As it often happens that the best men are but little known, and consequently cannot extend the usefulness of their examples a great way, the biographer is of great utility, as, by communicating such valuable patterns to the world, he may perhaps do a more extensive service to mankind than the person whose life originally afforded the pattern. ~ Henry Fielding
Solvent Examples quotes by Henry Fielding
And in the past few years, we've been able to propagate this lie even further via social media. You may have seen images like this one: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." Or this one: "Your excuse is invalid." Indeed. Or this one: "Before you quit, try!" These are just a couple of examples, but there are a lot of these images out there. You know, you might have seen the one, the little girl with no hands drawing a picture with a pencil held in her mouth. You might have seen a child running on carbon fiber prosthetic legs. And these images, there are lots of them out there, they are what we call inspiration porn. (Laughter) And I use the term porn deliberately, because they objectify one group of people for the benefit of another group of people. So in this case, we're objectifying disabled people for the benefit of nondisabled people. The purpose of these images is to inspire you, to motivate you, so that we can look at them and think, "Well, however bad my life is, it could be worse. I could be that person."

But what if you are that person? ~ Stella Young
Solvent Examples quotes by Stella  Young
Learn from examples in history lest thou be made an example ~ John Boys
Solvent Examples quotes by John Boys
I mean, we have to read books or we'll make mistakes. If we read stories of how other people lived, we can figure out better ways to live. I mean we can look at other people's lives and not make the same mistakes they made. Or we can, like, use their examples as models for ourselves. ~ Rachel DeWoskin
Solvent Examples quotes by Rachel DeWoskin
The 7 Practices of Exceptional Student Athletes is an excellent book for student athletes to understand what it takes to be successful. It covers all phases of life, and it is filled with wonderful wisdom. Illustrated by brilliant examples of very successful people, The 7 Practices of Exceptional Student Athletes forces student athletes to use their common sense as they work to achieve their goals. Raven Magwood is a very talented person and an extremely gifted writer. ~ Danny Ford
Solvent Examples quotes by Danny Ford
There is no real need to save others, because they will help themselves learning from us, when we choose to shine our light of unconditional love.
Through our loving examples others can create, for themselves, an opportunity to act the way they are inspired by us. ~ Raphael Zernoff
Solvent Examples quotes by Raphael Zernoff
There are examples of fraternal dictatorships, or one, anyway: the passing of power from Fidel to Raul Castro. ~ Elliott Abrams
Solvent Examples quotes by Elliott Abrams
Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller are examples of poets, I think. ~ Jools Holland
Solvent Examples quotes by Jools Holland
Men have no better guidance than examples and facts proved by experience. ~ Muhammad Abduh
Solvent Examples quotes by Muhammad Abduh
The second illusion is historical myopia: the closer an era is to our vantage point in the present, the more details we can make out. Historical myopia can afflict both common sense and professional history. The cognitive psychologists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman have shown that people intuitively estimate relative frequency using a shortcut called the availability heuristic: the easier it is to recall examples of an event, the more probable people think it is.10 People, for example, overestimate the likelihoods of the kinds of accidents that make headlines, such as plane crashes, shark attacks, and terrorist bombings, and they underestimate those that pile up unremarked, like electrocutions, falls, and drownings. ~ Steven Pinker
Solvent Examples quotes by Steven Pinker
Having kids has proven to be this amazing - for me, this amazing source of ideas of anecdotes, of examples, I can test my own kids without human subject permission, so they pilot - I pilot my ideas on them. And so it is a tremendous advantage to have kids if you're going to be a developmental psychologist. ~ Paul Bloom
Solvent Examples quotes by Paul Bloom
Certain functions appear so often that it is convenient to give them names. These are collectively called special functions. There are many examples and no single way of looking at them can illuminate all examples or even all the important properties of a single example of a special function. ~ Richard Askey
Solvent Examples quotes by Richard Askey
The French revolution, he concluded, had not produced any new principles of truths, merely a mass of examples of how things could go wrong. ~ Mike Jay
Solvent Examples quotes by Mike Jay
Yet there will always be a problem about getting rid of the hyphen: if it's not extra-marital sex (with a hyphen), it is perhaps extra marital sex, which is quite a different bunch of coconuts. Phrases abound that cry out for hyphens. Those much-invoked examples of the little used car, the superfluous hair remover, the pickled herring merchant, the slow moving traffic and the two hundred odd members of the Conservative Party would all be lost without it. ~ Lynne Truss
Solvent Examples quotes by Lynne Truss
And two more tiresome examples of blameless lives lived well I have rarely had the misfortune to examine. ~ Andrea K. Host
Solvent Examples quotes by Andrea K. Host
I have been a strong proponent of helping people understand that during the last decade or so, as it lies at the very bottom of how we know anything. Let me give a couple examples to get that point across. ~ Edgar Mitchell
Solvent Examples quotes by Edgar Mitchell
To my knowledge significant progress has never been born of competition ... In science, being 'better' than others is of little practical value. Examples of how absurd the idea of scientific competition is are abundant. ~ Heinrich Rohrer
Solvent Examples quotes by Heinrich Rohrer
If thou desire to see thy child virtuous, let him not see his father's vices: thou canst not rebuke that in them, that they behold practised in thee; till reason be ripe, examples direct more than precepts: such as thy behaviour is before thy children's faces, such commonly is theirs behind their parents' backs. ~ Francis Quarles
Solvent Examples quotes by Francis Quarles
Rest assured, dear friend, that many noteworthy and great sciences and arts have been discovered through the understanding and subtlety of women, both in cognitive speculation, demonstrated in writing, and in the arts, manifested in manual works of labor. I will give you plenty of examples. Christine de Pizan, The Book of the City of Ladies 1405 ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Solvent Examples quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
Moralizing is reading the Bible not to learn about Jesus but only to learn principles for how to live life as a good person by following the good examples of some people and avoiding the bad examples of others. That kind of approach to the Scriptures is not Christian, because it treats the Bible like any other book with moral lessons that are utterly disconnected from faith in and salvation from Jesus. ~ Mark Driscoll
Solvent Examples quotes by Mark Driscoll
How to Create Coping Statements

Coping statements should be brief and simple so you can easily remember them when you feel anxious. They should apply directly to the situation you fear--if you are worried about your hand shaking while you eat, a statement about public speaking won't help. They should also be realistic. You might try to counter anxious feelings with a statement like, "I won't be nervous." That statement is too unrealistic to help; everyone feels nervous at times. Your statements should help you cope with the nervousness. Some examples of effective coping statements include:

-Relax. I'm in control.
-My friends will still accept me if I say something silly.
-It's not that bad. I can do it.

You may want to write your coping statement on a piece of paper to carry with you. You can also write other helpful comments on it. Then, when you become anxious, you can read the coping card and can remind yourself that you can change the way you think. Often, simply having the card with you is calming whether you refer to it or not. ~ Heather Moehn
Solvent Examples quotes by Heather Moehn
Opinions are initials, to shape and create the examples. But the world can never be changed by examples that lie on lies. ~ Ehsan Sehgal
Solvent Examples quotes by Ehsan Sehgal
Many of the models in the literature are not general equilibrium models in my sense. Of those that are, most are intermediate in scope: broader than examples, but much narrower than the full general equilibrium model. They are narrower, not for carefully spelled out economic reasons, but for reasons of convenience. I don't know what to do with models like that, especially when the designer says he imposed restrictions to simplify the model or to make it more likely that conventional data will lead us to reject it. The full general equilibrium model is about as simple as a model can be: we need only a few equations to describe it, and each is easy to understand. The restrictions usually strike me as extreme. When we reject a restricted version of the general equilibrium model, we are not rejecting the general equilibrium model itself. So why bother "testing" the restricted version? If we reject it, we will just create another version. ~ Fischer Black
Solvent Examples quotes by Fischer Black
I learned early on how to treat women by the examples that were set around me. ~ Jared Leto
Solvent Examples quotes by Jared Leto
Towards a Neurobiological Theory of Consciousness, one of the first synoptic articles to come out of his collaboration with Christof Koch at Caltech. I felt very privileged to see this manuscript, in particular their carefully laid-out argument that an ideal way of entering this seemingly inaccessible subject would be through exploring disorders of visual perception. Crick and Koch's paper was aimed at neuroscientists and covered a vast range in a few pages; it was sometimes dense and highly technical. But I knew that Crick could also write in a very accessible and witty and personable way; this was especially evident in his two earlier books, Life Itself and Of Molecules and Men. So I now entertained hopes that he might give a more popular and accessible form to his neurobiological theory of consciousness, enriched with clinical and everyday examples. ~ Oliver Sacks
Solvent Examples quotes by Oliver Sacks
Youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Those who practice the Spiritual Exercises of Eck will know how to lead by the example of love instead of the methods of force and lies, which are the standards of leaders under the spell of the negative force. ~ Harold Klemp
Solvent Examples quotes by Harold Klemp
I am driven to literary examples because you, the reader, and I do not live in the same neighbourhood; if we did, there would unfortunately be no difficulty about replacing them with examples from real life. ~ C.S. Lewis
Solvent Examples quotes by C.S. Lewis
Gluttony might be innocuous were it not for the fact that gluttons tend to disregard whether their self-serving behaviors harm anyone else. We don't need to look far and wide to find examples of gluttonous behavior, as they are numerous throughout the history of capitalism. ~ Simon Mainwaring
Solvent Examples quotes by Simon Mainwaring
I don't know what you think of me. And you certainly would never picture us together. But probably peanut butter was just peanut butter for a long time, before someone ever thought of pairing it with jelly. And there was salt, but it started to taste better when there was pepper. And what's the point of butter without bread? (Why are all these examples of FOODS?!!?!?!?!?!?!) Anyway by myself I'm nothing special. But with you I could be. ~ Jodi Picoult
Solvent Examples quotes by Jodi Picoult
There are obvious psychological stresses on a person in a group, but there may be even greater stresses on a person in isolation. Most higher primates, including humans, are intensely social, and there are few examples of individuals surviving outside of a group. A modern soldier returning from combat goes from the kind of close-knit situation that humans evolved for into a society where most people work outside the home, children are educated by strangers, families are isolated from wider communities, personal gain almost completely eclipses collective good, and people sleep alone or with a partner. Even if he or she is in a family, that is not the same as belonging to a large, self-sufficient group that shares and experiences almost everything collectively. Whatever the technological advances of modern society - and they're nearly miraculous - the individual lifestyles that those technologies spawn may be deeply brutalizing to the human spirit. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Solvent Examples quotes by Jonathan Franzen
Rejoice and thank God in the midst of your storms. For those people who have been through hell and back but continue to have smiles on their faces, they are the examples of God's grace and mercy ~ Latorria Freeman
Solvent Examples quotes by Latorria Freeman
Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Solvent Examples quotes by Shannon L. Alder
Einstein's breakthrough was classic in that it sought to unify the elements of a physical analysis, and it placed the older examples and principles within a broader framework. But it was revolutionary in that, ever afterward, we have thought differently about space and time, matter and energy. Space and time-no more absolute-have become forms of intuition that cannot be divorced from perspective or consciousness, anymore than can the colors of the world or the length of a shadow. As the philosopher Ernst Cassirer commented, in relativity, the conception of constancy and absoluteness of the elements is abandoned to give permanence and necessity to the laws instead. ~ Howard Gardner
Solvent Examples quotes by Howard Gardner
People should just express themselves and not worry about trends - try to use fashion like a compass, an indicator, examples of things that you can be. It's not to be taken so seriously. It's just clothes. ~ Kelly Cutrone
Solvent Examples quotes by Kelly Cutrone
America, in the eyes of the world, typifies above all else this quality of initiative. The greatest successes are nearly all the fruit of initiative. Why do we hold in such high esteem the achievements of the Wright brothers? Because they were illustrious examples of initiative and tenacity. And ideas are born of initiative, the children of men and women of initiative. Advancement is applied initiative. Don't imitate. Initiate. ~ B.C. Forbes
Solvent Examples quotes by B.C. Forbes
Most pop albums I was looking at as examples to point out production elements had a song that made you want to dance. I've been listening to electronic music forever and I just wanted to have something dancey. ~ Michelle Chamuel
Solvent Examples quotes by Michelle Chamuel
Computers and rocket ships are examples of invention, not of understanding ... All that is needed to build machines is the knowledge that when one thing happens, another thing happens as a result. It's an accumulation of simple patterns. A dog can learn patterns. There is no "why&rdqo"; in those examples. We don't understand why electricity travels. We don't know why light travels at a constant speed forever. All we can do is observe and record patterns. ~ Scott Adams
Solvent Examples quotes by Scott Adams
I think it's really important for my daughter to see her parents being physically fit and for that to be a part of her life. The examples we set for her will stay with her the rest of her life. ~ Ana Ortiz
Solvent Examples quotes by Ana Ortiz
As all those have shown who have discussed civil institutions, and as every history is full of examples, it is necessary to whoever arranges to found a Republic and establish laws in it, to presuppose that all men are bad and that they will use their malignity of mind every time they have the opportunity. ~ Niccolo Machiavelli
Solvent Examples quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
This is not (as you have charged) to paint religion with a broad brush. I am very quick to distinguish gradations of bad ideas; some clearly have no consequences at all (or at least not yet); some put civilization itself in peril. The problem with dogmatism, however, is that one can never quite predict how terrible its costs will be. To use one of my favorite examples, consider the Christian dogma that human life begins at the moment of conception: On its face, this belief seems likely to only improve our world. After all, it is the very quintessence of a life-affirming doctrine.

Enter embryonic stem-cell research. Suddenly, this "life begins at the moment of conception" business becomes the chief impediment to medical progress. Who would have thought that such an innocuous idea could unnecessarily prolong the agony of tens of millions of people? This is the problem with dogmatism, no matter how seemingly benign: it is unresponsive to reality. Dogmatism is a failure of cognition (as well as a commitment to such failure); it is the state of being closed to new evidence and new arguments. And this frame of mind is rightly despised in every area of culture, on every subject, except where it goes by the name of "religious faith." In this guise, parading its most grotesque faults as virtues, it is granted a special dispensation, even in the pages of Nature. ~ Sam Harris
Solvent Examples quotes by Sam Harris
Whoever would change men must change the conditions of their lives. ~ Theodor Herzl
Solvent Examples quotes by Theodor Herzl
Why people want stuff which make them transcendent or transcendence?? And then they just destroy it?? Why Humanity wants something and then destroy it?? THere are a lot of examples one of them is the film "Transcendence ~ Deyth Banger
Solvent Examples quotes by Deyth Banger
One good thing about being a woman is we haven't too many examples yet of what a genius looks like. It could be me. ~ Sheila Heti
Solvent Examples quotes by Sheila Heti
Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. ~ Ron Paul
Solvent Examples quotes by Ron Paul
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