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I would love to do more theatre, musicals ... everything. ~ Chris Pine
Saenger Theatre quotes by Chris Pine
Imagination! Imagination! I put it first years ago, when I was asked what qualities I thought necessary for success on the stage. ~ Ellen Terry
Saenger Theatre quotes by Ellen Terry
I grew up wanting to be a writer for theatre. ~ Christopher Durang
Saenger Theatre quotes by Christopher Durang
The anachronism is the worst thing to use at the theatre. ~ Albert Camus
Saenger Theatre quotes by Albert Camus
I prepare myself very intensely. I am at the theatre four hours before the performance. It allows for complete concentration and preparation. ~ Natalia Makarova
Saenger Theatre quotes by Natalia Makarova
That's why I love theatre, because things happen in the moment. I think you work without being conscious that you're working. ~ Clotilde Hesme
Saenger Theatre quotes by Clotilde Hesme
If I were a place, the area of South Bank, in London. Between the Hayward Gallery, National Theatre and all other activities, I'm never bored. I would also say New York for the breathtaking skyline formed by the buildings and the fast pace of the city, whatever the time of day. ~ Robert Pattinson
Saenger Theatre quotes by Robert Pattinson
Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances. ~ Sanford Meisner
Saenger Theatre quotes by Sanford Meisner
The poetics of the oppressed is essentially the poetics of liberation: the spectator no longer delegates power to the characters either to think or to act in his place. The spectator frees himself; he thinks and acts for himself! Theatre is action! ~ Augusto Boal
Saenger Theatre quotes by Augusto Boal
Bolivian women sewed their lips shut for days. They threaded needles through their skin to stop their speech, to show what good speaking had done them. ~ Leslie Jamison
Saenger Theatre quotes by Leslie Jamison
There's all that brain work involved, remembering all those lines in a script. I find I have to eat a lot of fish, late - but not too late - in the afternoon. Doing theatre, you need to be like an athlete in training. ~ Jerry Hall
Saenger Theatre quotes by Jerry Hall
There is only one necessary condition for the emergence of a new theatre, that the stage and auditorium should be open to the masses, should be able to contain a people and the actions of a people. ~ Romain Rolland
Saenger Theatre quotes by Romain Rolland
My name's Bassington-Bassington, and the jolly old Bassington-Bassingtons - I mean the Bassington-Bassingtons aren't accustomed - "
Old Blumenfeld told him in a few brief words pretty much what he thought of the Bassington-Bassingtons and what they weren't accustomed to ...
"You got to work good for my pop!" said the stout child, waggling his head reprovingly at Cyril.
"I don't want any bally cheek from you!" said Cyril, gurgling a bit.
"What's that?" barked old Blumenfeld. "Do you understand that this boy is my son?"
"Yes, I do," said Cyril. "And you both have my sympathy!"
"You're fired!" bellowed old Blumenfeld, swelling a good bit more. "Get out of my theatre! ~ P.G. Wodehouse
Saenger Theatre quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
I never achieved my first goal in the National Actors Theatre, which is to have a permanent Acting Company. ~ Tony Randall
Saenger Theatre quotes by Tony Randall
Truth in theatre is always on the move. As you read this book, it is already moving out of date. it is for me an exercise, now frozen on the page. but unlike a book, the theatre has one special characteristic. It is always possible to start again. In life this is myth, we ourselves can never go back on anything. New leaves never turn, clocks never go back, we can never have a second chance. In the theatre, the slate is wiped clean all the time.

In everyday life, "if" is a fiction, in the theatre "if" is an experiment. In everyday life, "if" is an evasion, in the theatre "if" is the truth. When we are persuaded to believe in this truth then the theatre and life are one. This is a high aim. It sounds like hard work. To plays needs much work. But when we experiences the work as play, then it is not work anymore. A play is play. ~ Peter Brook
Saenger Theatre quotes by Peter Brook
A good drama critic is one who perceives what is happening in the theatre of his time. A great drama critic also perceives what is not happening. ~ Kenneth Tynan
Saenger Theatre quotes by Kenneth Tynan
I worked in rep for six years, then I came to London and to the National Theatre. What's better than that? ~ Imelda Staunton
Saenger Theatre quotes by Imelda Staunton
I was very fortunate that a teacher saw that I read a lot and got bored very easily and had a lot of energy, so she said, 'You've got to go to this youth theater.' I joined Manchester Youth Theatre when I was really young, and I just loved putting on and being involved in plays and telling stories. ~ Justin Chadwick
Saenger Theatre quotes by Justin Chadwick
Soon I worked during twelve years in theater works of the prestigious Theatre National Populaire. It was the best time of my life, the most difficult, the most interesting, the most exciting. ~ Maurice Jarre
Saenger Theatre quotes by Maurice Jarre
Yet in recent years I have witnessed a new phenomenon among filmgoers, especially those considered intelligent and perceptive. I have a name for this phenomenon: the Instant White-out. People are closeted in cozy darkness; they turn off their mobile phones and willingly give themselves, for ninety minutes or two hours, to a new film that got a fourstar rating in the newspaper. They follow the pictures and the plot, understand what is spoken either in the original tongue or via dubbing or subtitles, enjoy lush locations and clever scenes, and even if they find the story superficial or preposterous, it is not enough to pry them from their seats and make them leave the theatre in the middle of the show.
But something strange happens. After a short while, a week or two, sometimes even less, the film is whitened out, erased, as if it never happened. They can't remember its name, or who the actors were, or the plot. The movie fades into the darkness of the movie house, and what remains is at most a ticket stub left accidentally in one's pocket. ~ A.B. Yehoshua
Saenger Theatre quotes by A.B. Yehoshua
Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there. ~ Meryl Streep
Saenger Theatre quotes by Meryl Streep
The cool thing is that, unlike film, the theatre roles for women get better and better as you get older. ~ Idina Menzel
Saenger Theatre quotes by Idina Menzel
I got amazing training both with Theatre Sports ... back in Edmonton, Alberta - I can't give those people enough credit - and the daytime drama I did. Incredible training, both of them. ~ Nathan Fillion
Saenger Theatre quotes by Nathan Fillion
The first rule of good theatre is 'Show, don't tell.' It applies to good political action as well. ~ Carne Ross
Saenger Theatre quotes by Carne Ross
All actors know that the real adrenaline rush is in doing theatre. There is an immediate connect, and a role in a play, for an actor, is the biggest temptation. ~ Lillete Dubey
Saenger Theatre quotes by Lillete Dubey
Film is where I want to end up, but I don't want to let go of theatre. ~ Viva Bianca
Saenger Theatre quotes by Viva Bianca
I've always loved musical theatre. I've always been a big kind of closeted musical theatre nerd. I really have always dreamed about being able to do musical theatre. ~ John Gallagher, Jr.
Saenger Theatre quotes by John Gallagher, Jr.
People ask all the time what I learned in the camps. But the camps weren't therapy. What do you think these places were? Universities? We didn't go there to learn. One becomes very clear about these things. What are you asking for? Forgiveness for her? Or do you just want to feel better yourself? My advice, go to the theatre, if you want catharsis, please. Go to literature. Don't go to the camps. Nothing comes out of the camps. Nothing. ~ Bernhard Schlink
Saenger Theatre quotes by Bernhard Schlink
I was going to be a High School teacher. I was studying at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, up in Canada. I was also acting in a wonderfully supportive theatre community in Edmonton. There's a lot of support for theatre there. So, I was having a great time, but I didn't consider acting as a serious career initially, because even the most successful actors that I know in Edmonton are not super successful. Acting over there is just not a success-oriented career. ~ Nathan Fillion
Saenger Theatre quotes by Nathan Fillion
I went to a lot of theatre. My parents were very involved with the performing arts. I went to nightclub shows when I was a little girl. We went to Florida and we would go to the Cocoanut Grove down there. We'd go see Lena Horne, Jimmy Durante, Sophie Tucker and Judy Garland. ~ Lainie Kazan
Saenger Theatre quotes by Lainie Kazan
During the war, my mother used to take me to the local repertory theatre on a Monday night, and we used to get two seats for the price of one, for nine pence, in the gods. ~ Geraldine McEwan
Saenger Theatre quotes by Geraldine McEwan
Robert Duvall taught me years ago. He said, "You know theatre is not real. I don't like plays." You know, he doesn't like plays. And I agree with him in certain ways, you know. They can be fun. I don't mind going to see them. I went and saw Phantom of the Opera. I thought hey, that's cool. Look at the mask and all that. ~ Billy Bob Thornton
Saenger Theatre quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
I don't profess to have music as my big wheel and there are a number of other things as important to me apart from music. Theatre and mime, for instance. ~ David Bowie
Saenger Theatre quotes by David Bowie
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