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Eres es la explosión de rosas en un cuarto oscuro.
O el sabor inesperado y dulce en el té que tomamos en Starbucks
You are the moon that gives midnight its meaning.
And the explanation of water for all living things.
You are my compass,
A sapphire,
A bookmark,
A rare coin,
Un trompo,
Un canica,
De mi juventud.
Eres miel y canela
chocolate y jamoncillo.
You are rare spices
lost from a boat
That was once sailed by Cortez.
Eres un rosa, prensado en un libro
un anillo de perla de herencia
y un frasco de perfume rojo
que se encuentran cerca de las orillas del Nilo.

You are an old soul from an ancient place,
A thousand years and centuries and milleniums ago.
And you have traveld all this way…
Just so that I could love you…
I do. ~ Jose N Harris
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Jose N Harris
We need to remind ourselves that our ultimate goal is not to reduce greenhouse gases or global warming per se but to improve the quality of life and the environment. We all want to leave the planet in decent shape for our kids. Radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not necessarily the best way to achieve that. ~ Thomas P.M. Barnett
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Thomas P.M. Barnett
It is not sex per se - your identification with the body is the impediment to your spiritual growth. ~ Jaggi Vasudev
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Jaggi Vasudev
While large, impersonal orphanages provided children with minimal care and attention from an ever-changing series of nurses, children in loving foster families had available to them surrogate caregivers with whom they readily formed attachments. Children in foster care also demonstrated significantly less distress about the separation from their mothers, and they overcame their distress more readily when reunited with their own families. Therefore, it is not separation per se that is so devastating, but rather the extended stay in a strange, bleak or socially insensitive environment with little or no contact with the mother or other familiar figures. ~ Patricia K. Kerig
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Patricia K. Kerig
I'm not looking forward to a specific person per se; I'm just excited to meet everyone. I respect greatness and I'm just going to soak in anyone I meet. ~ Arian Foster
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Arian Foster
A knife can be used both to heal and hurt. Wether in the hands of a surgeon or the hands of a criminal it's the same instrument. Tools are seldom good or bad per se - You get to decide how to use them and that's what matters. ~ Olivia Fox Cabane
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Olivia Fox Cabane
As you grow into a fine young woman, try not to make excuses. If you know the bottom's safe - jump. If you know it's returned - love. If you really want it - fairly take it. If you run, do it 'til your lungs burn. Laugh until your cheeks ache. And forgive, as you'll always want to be forgiven. I didn't say forget, and certainly your spirit won't allow you to be a doormat, but forgive. Ask yourself always, if they die tonight.. was I really that mad? The answer will almost always be no. So act accordingly. ~ S.E. Hall
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by S.E. Hall
I was never a hippy, per se. ~ Bill Nighy
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Bill Nighy
It wasn't the execution per se; except for the warden's bizarre blue shirt, it had seemed as prosaic as getting a tetanus shot or a shingles vaccination. That was actually the horror of it. Something ~ Stephen King
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Stephen King
Learning something means coming into contact with a world of which you know nothing. In order to learn, you must be humble. ~ Paulo Coelho
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Paulo Coelho
Given the devaluation of literature and of the study of foreign languages per se in the United States, as well as the preponderance of theory over text in graduate literature studies, creative writing programs keep literature courses populated. ~ Marilyn Hacker
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Marilyn Hacker
Our freedom and safety are the ultimate goals, and it is men who prevent us from achieving those goals.
But not all men, says Mejal.
Ona clarifies: Perhaps not men, per se, but a pernicious ideology that has been allowed to take hold of the men's hearts and minds. ~ Miriam Toews
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Miriam Toews
Meditation is practiced by traditions all over the world. It is not a Buddhist practice per se, or even a religious practice, and has existed for centuries. The only reason you and I ought to practice meditation is because our friend Sid used it as a tool to discover his innate wisdom, and lived happily ever after as a result. We too can touch the wisdom behind our confusion. We too can look at the display on our movie screen, and see it as illusory. Sid is most commonly ~ Lodro Rinzler
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Lodro Rinzler

Our canoe idles in the idling current
Of the tree and vine and rush enclosed
Backwater of a torpid midwestern stream;
Revolves slowly, and lodges in the glutted
Waterlilies. We are tired of paddling.
All afternoon we have climbed the weak current,
Up dim meanders, through woods and pastures,
Past muddy fords where the strong smell of cattle
Lay thick across the water; singing the songs
Of perfect, habitual motion; ski songs,

Nightherding songs, songs of the capstan walk,
The levee, and the roll of the voyageurs.
Tired of motion, of the rhythms of motion,
Tired of the sweet play of our interwoven strength,
We lie in each other's arms and let the palps
Of waterlily leaf and petal hold back
All motion in the heat thickened, drowsing air.
Sing to me softly, Westron Wynde, Ah the Syghes,
Mon coeur se recommend à vous, Phoebi Claro;
Sing the wandering erotic melodies
Of men and women gone seven hundred years,
Softly, your mouth close to my cheek.
Let our thighs lie entangled on the cushions,
Let your breasts in their thin cover
Hang pendant against my naked arms and throat;
Let your odorous hair fall across our eyes;
Kiss me with those subtle, melodic lips.
As I undress you, your pupils are black, wet,
Immense, and your skin ivory and humid.
Move softly, move hardly at all, part your thighs,
Take me slowly w ~ Kenneth Rexroth
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Kenneth Rexroth
Let's just call what happened in the eighties the reclamation of motherhood ... by women I knew and loved, hard-driving women with major careers who were after not just babies per se or motherhood per se, but after a reconciliation with their memories of their own mothers. So having a baby wasn't just having a baby. It became a major healing. ~ Anne Taylor Fleming
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Anne Taylor Fleming
What you see is not what wee se. What you see is distracted by memory, by being who you are, all this time, for all these years. ~ Don DeLillo
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Don DeLillo
The killer feels invulnerable. In this, he is vulnerable. (Le tueur se croit invulnérable. - En cela, il est vulnérable) ~ Charles De Leusse
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Charles De Leusse
The researchers found that nearly every change they made was followed by a temporary uptick in performance, even when it involved simply undoing a previous change. They concluded that the increases in worker productivity were not due to better lighting or better pay or longer breaks per se. They were just temporary improvements caused by a change in routine. ~ Hal Herzog
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Hal Herzog
I've always been really attracted to playing with structure. To take the story of 'Fargo' and break it up in such a way that's it's not linear, per se. ~ Noah Hawley
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Noah Hawley
Wittig appears to take issue with genitally organized sexuality per se and to call for an alternative economy of pleasures which would both contest the construction of female subjectivity marked by women's supposedly distinctive reproductive function. ~ Judith Butler
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Judith Butler
He wondered if she also knew how strange and sad he found it to hear her talking--as so many others did--about 'usn's',' and acting as if se owned the plantation she lived on instead of the other way around. ~ Alex Haley
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Alex Haley
I do not have a family, per se. When I was younger, I grew up in foster care with my brother and sister. It was really a struggle, and knowing that there were people out there with tight-knit families really made my childhood an unfortunate one. ~ Victor Ortiz
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Victor Ortiz
The bias among architecture critics isn't against skyscrapers per se, but against the way in which their design is so heavily dictated by economic considerations - the way in which skyscrapers are real estate before they are architecture. ~ Paul Goldberger
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Paul Goldberger
You experienced pain yesterday and you discovered that it led to pleasure.You experienced it today and found peace.That's why I'm telling you:Don't get used to it,because it's very easy to become habituated:it's a very powerful drug.It's in our daily lives,in our hidden sufferings,in the sacrifices we make,blaming love for the destruction of our dreams.Pain is frightening when it shows its real face, but it's seductive when it comes disguised as sacrifice or se-denial.Or cowardice.However much we may reject it,we human human beings always find a way of being with pain,of flirting with it and making it part of our lives. ~ Paulo Coelho
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Paulo Coelho
Acting per se, like all art, is a process of abstracting, of retaining only significant detail. But in impersonation any detail can be significant. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
You never can tell, though, with suicide notes, can you? In the planetary aggregate of all life, there are many more suicide notes than there are suicides. They're like poems in that respect, suicide notes: nearly everyone tries their hand at them some time, with or without the talent. We all write them in our heads. Usually the note is the thing. You complete it, and then resume your time travel. It is the note and not the life that is cancelled out. Or the other way round. Or death. You never can tell, though, can you, with suicide notes. ~ Martin Amis
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Martin Amis
designer can inject the most artistic flair. The word "ampersand" didn't come into being until the nineteenth century. At that time & was customarily taught as the twenty-seventh letter of the alphabet and pronounced "and." When schoolchildren recited their ABCs, they concluded with the words "and, per se [i.e., by itself ], 'and.'" This eventually became corrupted to "ampersand." The symbol is a favorite of law and ~ Ben Yagoda
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Ben Yagoda
Development isn't a collection of things but rather a process that yields things. Not knowing this, governments, their development and aid agencies, the World Bank, and much of the public put faith in a fallacious 'Thing Theory' of development. The Thing Theory supposes that development is the result of possessing things such as factories, dams, schools, tractors, whatever- often bunches of things subsumed under the category of infrastructure.

To suppose that things, per se, are sufficient to produce development creates false expectations and futilities. ~ Jane Jacobs
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Jane Jacobs
We're not really dating per se,' Leigh said. Nate grinned. 'I wouldn't be so sure about that, pretty lady. I know my brother's tastes and you definitely have the main ingredients. His eyes ate more than his mouth at dinner. ~ Destiny Booze
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Destiny Booze
Not all revolutionaries set out to change the world per se; some set out to change their own worlds. And in so doing, they often change the way one person, or a few people, or whole communities, or entire nations or the world thinks and operates in some significant way. ~ Anita Roddick
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Anita Roddick
You're doing it wrong."
"Son, I've got a gun to your chest and you're telling me that I'm doing it wrong?"
"Closer isn't better." He disarmed her with a swift motion, then offered the weapon back to her. "Further away you are, the less unpredictable I can be."
Della's eyes had opened wide with surprise, but she recovered fast. Took the shotgun back and said, "Okay. Knock again so we can start over. ~ S.E. Jakes
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by S.E. Jakes
We're all inadequate," David answered. "Just think: the light from the outside world is mapped onto the retina, then further mapped onto the visual cortex, then broken apart and analyzed in other areas of the brain. At every step there's a loss of information. In the end, what we are aware of is not the outside world per se, but the image of the world projected onto our brains. Plato was anatomically right; we do see shadows on a wall. ~ Carolyn Ives Gilman
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Carolyn Ives Gilman
Due to people's health, and certain things that have happened to people's physicality because of their healthy, that would probably keep us from touring per se. It doesn't mean that the original band wouldn't someday do a song. But our focus is on the current band, and moving into the future, as far as touring is concerned. ~ Phil Ehart
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Phil Ehart
Professor Irwin Corey had some of the best timing in the world, and that is something you can't steal. He talked nonsense, not punch-lines, per se. It was a great performance thing he did and his timing was impeccable. Pat Paulsen was a master of comedy too. The Smothers Brothers' strength was not in the content, but how it was said. We had a couple of our albums, including the Purple Onion album, translated in script form. It didn't work at all. It is no wonder that writers had a hard time writing for the Smothers Brothers, because they wrote impressions, but there was something else. ~ Tommy Smothers
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Tommy Smothers
What a joke it is to read or hear - as I have read or heard more times than I can count - that writers 'see more clearly' or 'feel more deeply' than non-writers. The truth of the matter is that writers hardly 'see' or 'feel' at all. The disparity between a writer's works and the world per se is so great as to beggar comment. Writers who arrange their lives so as to 'have experiences' in order to reduce them to contemptible linguistic recordings of these experiences are beneath contempt. ~ Gilbert Sorrentino
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Gilbert Sorrentino
Corollary to acknowledging the political purposes of foreign aid is a clear recognition of the fact that a meaningful and effective aid program, far from avoiding intervention in the affairs of the recipient, in fact constitutes intervention of a most profound character. Its purposes is nothing less than the reshaping of a society, of its internal life and, in less obvious ways, of its relations with the outside world. Indeed the determinant of our aid - of whether or not we extend it and whether or not a country will wish to have it - must be the kind of internal changes it can be expected to bring about and the effect which these changes will have on the interests of both the donor and the recipient.
The question, therefore, is not one of intervention or nonintervention per se but of the ends and means of intervention. ~ J. William Fulbright
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by J. William Fulbright
The language of these Soviet show trials ... could only be understood in the Aesopian imagery of the closed Bolshevik universe of conspiracies of evil against good in which 'terrorism' simply signified 'any doubt about the policies or character of Stalin.' All his political opponents were per se assassins. More than two 'terrorists' was a 'conspiracy' ... ~ Simon Sebag Montefiore
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Simon Sebag Montefiore
What we see is not always what exists. ~ Paulo Coelho
Rizik Faktor Jelent Se quotes by Paulo Coelho
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