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There's a gap between what I want to do, what I do on camera, and what gets edited. Right? So the goal is to try and close the gaps. What's the biggest compliment is if I read a review and it's exactly what I wrote down in my diary before ever filming it. That's really cool. That's the biggest signifier of closing the gaps. ~ Matthew McConaughey
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Matthew McConaughey
When you do comedy, you get impervious to good and bad reviews. ~ Adam McKay
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Adam McKay
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But do not think that taking only thermogenics and not maintaining a balanced diet will make you lose fat and lose weight. There is no MIRACLE, but we can say SCIENCE! ~ Barberton Hospital
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Barberton Hospital
In our performance reviews with women, we need to be saying, "Are you reaching enough? Are you applying for jobs when you meet some of the criteria like men, or are you waiting to meet all the criteria like women do?" There's so much we can do to encourage women to take on more and believe in themselves. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
Love can give you the most exhilarating wonderful highs at times ...
... Then there will be dives that will take all you have just to hold on ...
Quote on the Title Page of Love TORN Asunder ~ Elizabeth Funderbirk
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Elizabeth Funderbirk
I find it so funny that for the first time in history, people have access to this great equalizer in the Internet, which grants everyone the same knowledge base, and we use it to read album reviews and watch kitten videos ... not to put those two things in the same light! ~ Alan Palomo
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Alan Palomo
The moment the world declares a person to be immortal, at that moment the person will strive to prove the world wrong. In the face of glowing press releases and reviews the most heralded women starve themselves or cut themselves or poison themselves. Or they find a man who's happy to do that for him. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
JB's friends were poets and performance artists and academics and modern dancers and philosophers
he had, Malcolm once observed, befriended everyone at their college who was least likely to make money
and their lives were grants and residencies and fellowships and awards. Success, among JB's Hood Hall assortment, wasn't defined by your box-office numbers (as it was for his agent and manager) or your costars or your reviews (as it was by his grad-school classmates): it was defined simply and only by how good your work was, and whether you were proud of it. ~ Hanya Yanagihara
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
A bad review is even less important than whether it is raining in Patagonia. ~ Iris Murdoch
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Iris Murdoch
I try not to hate anybody. "Hate is a four-letter word," like the bumper sticker says. But I hate book reviewers.

Book reviewers are the most despicable, loathsome order of swine that ever rooted about the earth. They are sniveling, revolting creatures who feed their own appetites for bile by gnawing apart other people's work. They are human garbage. They all deserve to be struck down by awful diseases described in the most obscure dermatology journals.

Book reviewers live in tiny studios that stink of mothballs and rotting paper. Their breath reeks of stale coffee. From time to time they put on too-tight shirts and pants with buckles and shuffle out of their lairs to shove heaping mayonnaise-laden sandwiches into their faces, which are worn in to permanent snarls. Then they go back to their computers and with fat stubby fingers they hammer out "reviews." Periodically they are halted as they burst into porcine squeals, gleefully rejoicing in their cruelty.

Even when being "kindly," book reviewers reveal their true nature as condescending jerks. "We look forward to hearing more from the author," a book reviewer might say. The prissy tones sound like a second-grade piano teacher, offering you a piece of years-old strawberry hard candy and telling you to practice more.

But a bad book review is just disgusting.

Ask yourself: of all the jobs available to literate people, what monster chooses the job of "telling people how bad ~ Steve Hely
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Steve Hely
As authors, we all expect criticism from time to time, and we all have our ways of coping with unfriendly reviews. ~ Joanne Harris
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Joanne Harris
There are a lot of people that don't scour websites regularly or read music reviews. They need whatever, the other kinds of stuff, whether it's an appearance on Lettterman or posters or ads. They need to kind of be hit more in the face and be told that there's something new out there. ~ David Byrne
Ritesite Reviews quotes by David Byrne
There seems a general wish of decrying the capacity and undervaluing the labor of the novelist, and of slighting performances which have only genius, wit and taste to recommend them. ~ Jane Austen
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Jane Austen
What is a budget review? A personal review with numbers ~ Jack Welch
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Jack Welch
If you are in a competitive industry, great online reviews are not just nice to have, they are a requirement! ~ Tom Kenemore
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Tom Kenemore
I really do hope that the people will like 14:59. The critics seem to like it. We got a lot of good reviews. ~ Mark McGrath
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Mark McGrath
In the past few years, more and more passionate debates about the nature of SFF and YA have bubbled to the surface. Conversations about race, imperialism, gender, sexuality, romance, bias, originality, feminism and cultural appropriation are getting louder and louder and, consequently, harder to ignore. Similarly, this current tension about negative reviews is just another fissure in the same bedrock: the consequence of built-up pressure beneath. Literary authors feud with each other, and famously; yet genre authors do not, because we fear being cast as turncoats. For decades, literary writers have also worked publicly as literary reviewers; yet SFF and YA authors fear to do the same, lest it be seen as backstabbing when they dislike a book. (Small wonder, then, that so few SFF and YA titles are reviewed by mainstream journals.) Just as a culture of sexual repression leads to feelings of guilt and outbursts of sexual moralising by those most afflicted, so have we, by denying and decrying all criticism that doesn't suit our purposes, turned those selfsame critical impulses towards censorship.

Blog post: Criticism in SFF and YA ~ Foz Meadows
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Foz Meadows
Protect your voice and your vision. If going on the Internet and reading Internet reviews is bad for you, don't do it. ... Do what gets you to write and not what blocks you. ... Don't take any guff off anybody. ~ Anne Rice
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Anne Rice
I have always read all my reviews, the bad along with the good (although you remember the bad much more than the good!). I am just too curious to see how it's playing with the audience, and I have a thick-enough skin to handle the less charitable assessments. ~ Frank Spotnitz
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Frank Spotnitz
Just consider the CIA and its effort to suppress the Senate's review of its torture program. Take in the fact that we live in a country that a) legalized torture and b) where no one was ever held to account for it, and now the government's internal look at what happened is being suppressed by the CIA. That's a frightening landscape to be in. ~ Laura Poitras
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Laura Poitras
I was afraid the other musicians might want to present themselves too much, though I see in the coverage I've received of the album that the musicians got wonderful reviews for their contributions and abilities. I think the four musicians played freely within my limits. ~ Eberhard Weber
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Eberhard Weber
The lasting and ultimately most important reputation of a film is not based on reviews, but on what, if anything, people say about it over the years, and on how much affection for it they have. ~ Stanley Kubrick
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Stanley Kubrick
The work is at such a high level and is so well executed, it really is a matter of taste ... [Source: Project Runway - but consider, applied to the theme of book reviews, it seems apropos!] ~ Tim Gunn
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Tim Gunn
Remember the great film with Bette Davis, All About Eve? There's a scene after the scheming Eve steals Margo's role through trickery & then gets this magnificent review. Margo of course is effing & blinding all over the place. And crying. Her director rushes into her house, puts his arms around her & says, "I ran all the way". That's what I want. ~ Martha Grimes
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Martha Grimes
unemotional as possible when you're asking for a raise. First, be really honest with yourself and make sure that you deserve the raise that you're asking for. You do not automatically deserve a raise just because you've been somewhere for a certain amount of time. But if you can articulate the reasons why you deserve a pay increase, then schedule time to meet with your boss and let her know in advance what you want to talk about. This can be as simple as "I'd like to schedule some time with you to talk about my salary. Is it okay if we put something on the calendar?" Talk to your boss about this in person. Hitting him up on Gchat is not appropriate. If your company does regular yearly reviews, that can also be your chance to talk about money. ~ Sophia Amoruso
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Sophia Amoruso
In general, I've been treated well by reviews, and there are times when I haven't. The truth is that I've come to feel like I'm better off without reading them. ~ Jake Kasdan
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Jake Kasdan
If people wrote their reviews on paper and put them into a real, physical library, I am sure that the Goodreads administrators would be very reluctant to pull them down from shelves and burn them. When you can get rid of a piece of writing just by clicking on a few links, there's a temptation to believe that it's less serious. But it isn't. It's just less clear what you've done. ~ G.R. Reader
Ritesite Reviews quotes by G.R. Reader
The sheer vital energy of the Woolfs always astonishes me when I stop to consider what they accomplished on any given day. Fragile she may have been, living on the edge of psychic disturbance, but think what she managed to do nonetheless -- not only the novels (every one a breakthrough in form), but all those essays and reviews, all the work of the Hogarth Press, not only reading mss. and editing, but, at least at the start, packing the books to go out!

And besides all that, they lived such an intense social life. (When I went there for tea, they were always going out for dinner and often to a party later on.) The gaiety and the fun of it all, the huge sense of life! The long, long walks through London that Elizabeth Bowen told me about. And two houses to keep going! Who of us could accomplish what she did?

There may be a lot of self-involvement in A Writer's Diary, but there is no self-pity (and what has to be remembered is that what Leonard published at that time was only a small part of all the journals, the part that concerned her work, so it had to be self-involved). It is painful that such genius should evoke such mean-spirited response at present. Is genius so common that we can afford to brush it aside? What does it matter if she is major or minor, whether she imitated Joyce (I believe she did not), whether her genius was a limited one, limited by class? What remains true is that one cannot pick up a single one of her books and read a page withou ~ May Sarton
Ritesite Reviews quotes by May Sarton
Nature fits all her children with something to do, he who would write and can't write, can surely review. ~ James Russell Lowell
Ritesite Reviews quotes by James Russell Lowell
I try not to read reviews. It's hard not to hear what the critics are saying, but as an actor, I try not to let it in and to just give the best performances I can. At the end of the day, if you're trying to please the critics, you're missing what's really important: being creative and having fun. ~ Reid Scott
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Reid Scott
When you review the Central American wars or other Latin American wars, you find that there were dictators and there were insurgents. ~ Alvaro Uribe
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Alvaro Uribe
With all of my films if I get one bad review and a bunch of good reviews the bad one is the only one that will stay with me, which really sucks! ~ Peter Farrelly
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Peter Farrelly
Given the circumstances, I think the rabbi did a very good job. What did you think?"
"It's my policy not to review funerals. ~ A.M. Homes
Ritesite Reviews quotes by A.M. Homes
I absolutely want and prize and love and revere every single media review I get, but if I got 50 reviews from major newspapers and one review from Amazon, I still would feel a little weird: 'What's going on? Why aren't people responding?' ~ Caroline Leavitt
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Caroline Leavitt
I abide by a rule concerning reviews: I will never ask, neither in writing nor in person, that a word be put in about my book ... One feels cleaner this way. When someone asks that his book be reviewed he risks running up against a vulgarity offensive to authorial sensibilities. ~ Anton Chekhov
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Anton Chekhov
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Ritesite Reviews quotes by Morshikachi
I'm shy, and I can hide behind my acting and discover the truth about myself because it's cathartic in that way. But I tend not to read reviews. ~ Eamonn Walker
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Eamonn Walker
Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I'll waste no time reading it. ~ Moses Hadas
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Moses Hadas
I've read a couple of reviews that say I'm getting harder in my old age but I don't think that's true at all. I think that you can't help but become a little cynical about life and love but I'm still a romantic, I'm still an idealist. ~ Madonna Ciccone
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Madonna Ciccone
Because while we all Facebook stalk, protocol is to not admit it. I might know, from status update, that a potential best friend swims laps every mornings, but it'd be creep to say "Don't worry about eating that doughnut, you deserve it after all those calories you burn!" Instead, I check out her profile and she reviews mine, but then we meet and pretend to know nothing. ~ Rachel Bertsche
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Rachel Bertsche
If you have the indecency to steal my book, at least have the decency to write a review. ~ Grea Alexander
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Grea Alexander
We consider it vital that the community of nations be drawn together in an orderly, disciplined, rational way to review the history of our global environment, to assess the potential for future climate change, and to develop effective programs. ~ George H. W. Bush
Ritesite Reviews quotes by George H. W. Bush
Our modern system of zoning, which separates everything into pods of different micro-uses and then connects each pod with a hierarchy of transportation, handles greenfield development brilliantly. That is, it is handled in a very predictable, efficient manner. On the other hand, modern zoning is brutal to infill. Small infill projects not only have to withstand neighborhood opposition, but the bureaucratic encrustation of paperwork, hearings, plan reviews and minutiae that don't scale down well, especially on sites that tend to be more challenging (the reason they are gaps in the first place). ~ Charles L. Marohn Jr.
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Charles L. Marohn Jr.
Combined families often get bad reviews, but the family my children got when they traded away 'the suffocating four-person' nuclear one is one that has benefited all of them. ~ Jane Smiley
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Jane Smiley
Bad reviews are the bane of an author's post-publication existence. ~ Nigel Hamilton
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Nigel Hamilton
I've experienced huge kindness here, a great welcome and some very generous reviews without the snide social edge I often suffer from at home. I'm not patronized here either, which I much appreciate! ~ Joanna Trollope
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Joanna Trollope
Long sentences, awkward constructions, and fuzzy-wuzzy words that seem to apologize for daring to venture an opinion are part of the price the law reviews pay for their precious dignity. ~ Fred Rodell
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Fred Rodell
In my experience, adults rarely bother reading the reviews of children's books and almost never read the books themselves - particularly if they don't have children. ~ Meg Rosoff
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Meg Rosoff
I'm not good at reading reviews and things like that. ~ Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Ritesite Reviews quotes by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
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