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I have to admit that I'm up to my neck in frivolity, buried in dresses to the point of ruin! Fifteen different garments! My wardrobe jam-packed! My girl, this is not the way for an old woman to behave - particularly since you never wear anything but black and white, or a little grey, so that you always look as though you were in the same dress. Why fritter away your money so absurdly? (22 August 1919) ~ Liane De Pougy
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Liane De Pougy
In the beginning, I found myself dealing with a show business dictated by male white supremacists and chauvinists. As a black female, I had to learn how to tap dance around the situation. I had to ... find a way to present my point of view without being pushy or aggressive. In the old days, the only women I saw in this business were in makeup, hairdressing, and wardrobe departments. Now I'm surrounded by women executives, writers, directors, producers, and even women stagehands. ~ Diahann Carroll
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Diahann Carroll
She did not shut it properly because she knew that it is very silly to shut oneself into a wardrobe, even if it is not a magic one. ~ C.S. Lewis
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by C.S. Lewis
I was so fortunate to work closely with the designer Nolan Miller whilst on 'Dynasty' to create the wardrobe for Alexis Carrington Colby, and we had great fun sourcing outfits. ~ Joan Collins
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Joan Collins
If there's one thing you can say about my apartment it's that it's constantly evolving, constantly changing. I think that is the mark of a good apartment; you can never really be done - It's like a proper wardrobe. ~ Lauren Santo Domingo
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Lauren Santo Domingo
I am in a fabulously lucky position in that I get to wear beautiful, beautiful gowns for functions, which I can then give back. That way, they're not sitting in my wardrobe with me looking at them and feeling guilty. I love that, and I think when people have a fabulous function to go to, I'd recommend renting. ~ Helen Mirren
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Helen Mirren
I enjoyed playing around with that guy, and it was a pleasure every three, four years, coming back seeing how the wardrobe is. Is he heavy? Is he thin? I had fun. ~ Burt Young
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Burt Young
And that Michael Irvin would care more about his wardrobe than I would? ~ Lisa Guerrero
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Lisa Guerrero
During The Hills, we were not allowed to wear outfits twice, so I asked [MTV] to supply me with a wardrobe, but apparently I had to buy it all myself. ~ Heidi Montag
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Heidi Montag
Better start planning my wardrobe for the Luuurve trail. What do the Hamburgese wear?
Cowboy hats, I suppose. ~ Louise Rennison
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Louise Rennison
At least he went on saying this till Aslan had loaded him up with three dwarfs, one dryad, two rabbits, and a hedgehog, that steadied him a bit. ~ C.S. Lewis
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by C.S. Lewis
Most of my wardrobe is vintage, and I've worn dresses to the Oscars that I got for $10, ~ Winona Ryder
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Winona Ryder
You'll have to pardon me," the magus said. "But with your country at war I can't see how any of it really matters."
Standing up, Eugenides pulled the papers from the magus's hands. "It matters, because I can't do anything, anymore, for this country, and it matters," he yelled as he threw the papers back to his desk, "because I only have one hand and it isn't even the right one!" Turning, he picked an inkpot off the desk and threw it to shatter on the door of his wardrobe, spraying black ink across the pale wood and onto the wall. Black drops like rain stained the sheets of his bed.
Eddis sighed. "Will you sit down and stop shouting?" she asked.
"I'll stop shouting. I won't sit down. I might need to throw more inkpots. ~ Megan Whalen Turner
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
Louise Frogley is a brilliant designer. I always find her wardrobe fittings really informative and creative. Together, you kick images and ideas around. ~ Cate Blanchett
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Cate Blanchett
It was really executed well, from the art direction to the wardrobe to everyone else. And I have to say, two really exceptional directors who did three each. Roxann [Dawson] did the first three and Jeremy [Webb] did the second three. And I think they really were very meticulous in getting the right tone because it is both. It isn't dour and it isn't grim, but it's not a romp either. It's truthful and it has room for both of those things. ~ Gary Cole
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Gary Cole
Edmund doesn't solve any of his grievances or personality disorders by going through the wardrobe. If anything, they're exacerbated and brought to a crisis by his experiences in Narnia. When you go to Narnia, your worries come with you. Narnia just becomes the place where you work them out and try to resolve them. ~ Levi Grossman
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Levi Grossman
What to wear on a Minnesota farm? The older farmers I know wear brown polyester jumpsuits, like factory workers. The younger ones wear jeans, but the forecast was for ninety-five degrees with heavy humidity. The wardrobe of Quaker ladies in their middle years runs to denim skirts and hiking boots. This outfit had worked fine for me in England. But one of my jobs in Minnesota will be to climb onto the industrial cuisinart in the hay barn and mix fifty-pound bags of nutritional supplement and corn into blades as big as my body. Getting a skirt caught in that thing would be bad news for Betty Crocker. ~ Mary Rose O'Reilley
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Mary Rose O'Reilley
You say you know these streets pretty well? The city knows you better than any living person because it has seen you when you are alone. It saw you steeling yourself for the job interview, slowly walking home after the late date, tripping over nonexistent impediments on the sidewalk. It saw you wince when the single frigid drop fell from the air-conditioner 12 stories up and zapped you. It saw the bewilderment on your face as you stepped out of the stolen matinee, incredulous that there was still daylight after such a long movie. It saw you half-running up the street after you got the keys to your first apartment. It saw all that. Remembers too.

Consider what all your old apartments would say if they got together to swap stories. They could piece together the starts and finishes of your relationships, complain about your wardrobe and musical tastes, gossip about who you are after midnight. 7J says, 'So that's what happened to Lucy; I knew it would never work out.' You picked up yoga, you put down yoga, you tried various cures. You tried on selves and got rid of them, and this makes your old rooms wistful: why must things change? 3R says: 'Saxophone, you say? I knew him when he played guitar.' Cherish your old apartments and pause for a moment when you pass them. Pay tribute, for they are the caretakers of your reinventions. ~ Colson Whitehead
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Colson Whitehead
Was just very compact, not much larger than a standard wardrobe. But it was a marvel of ergonomics. It included ~ Bill Bryson
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Bill Bryson
My whole approach to wardrobe is, throw it in a suitcase and make sure they don't press it, for Pete's sake, so I can try to display some rumpled charm. Actually, I'm just a pig. I've got coffee stains on my pants. I think they're coffee stains, anyway. ~ Mel Gibson
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Mel Gibson
Under Polly's eyes, her gaunt cheeks, and her shaking hands as she poured the tea. * * * Cat watches as her cab winds its way through the streets of Soho, thinking she would never stoop to that. It's the lowest of the low. We're supposed to be features writers, not news hacks. But behind her mutterings, behind her disdain, as unwilling as she is to admit it, lies a ribbon of insecurity. The Daily Gazette is the best paper she could ever imagine working for, but Cat, just past her mid-twenties, has yet to prove herself with a big story. She's proving adept at the smaller fluff pieces - How to wear a scarf in thirty different ways! How to put the romance back into your marriage! (As if she would know anything about that.) How to revamp your wardrobe in five easy steps! But the big interviews, the ones that Poppy ~ Jane Green
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Jane Green
It really depends, but, generally speaking, just because of the mechanics of it, voice-over is easier because there is no hair, no makeup, no wardrobe, no fittings, no line memorizing. You don't have to me woken up in Russia at 6 in the morning and go film a scene. It's just easier on the body, the family life to do voice-overs. ~ Kathy Najimy
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Kathy Najimy
My closet's so full of memories and fearful homosexuals that I have nowhere to hang my clothes. Well, that and I don't know how to tie a noose. I'm making meatloaf on a stick if you want to come over later and help me prosecute my entire wardrobe. ~ Jarod Kintz
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Jarod Kintz
What I love about directing is finding common ground in complementary palate with wardrobe, set design, the camera department, the makeup department, et cetera. I love figuring out that synergy. To have everything work in concert is amazing, I love working with that kind of logic. Directing is a cavalcade of taste decisions - this one or that one, but I raather enjoy it and am in the process of setting up the next endeavor. ~ Billy Zane
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Billy Zane
Come on, this is a real adventure I have here, screamed Mikolay again, this time more impatiently.I think someone is singing inside the wardrobe. Can you hear that? ~ Magda M. Olchawska
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Magda M. Olchawska
You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a 'little black frock' is essential to a woman's wardrobe. ~ Christian Dior
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Christian Dior
I made a lot of exits through side doors, down fire escapes or over rooftops. I abandoned more wardrobes in the course of five years than most men acquire in a lifetime. I was slipperier than a buttered escargot. ~ Frank Abagnale
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Frank Abagnale
Discomforts are only discomforting when they're an unexpected inconvenience, an unusual annoyance, an unplanned-for irritant. Discomforts are only discomforting when we aren't used to them. But when we deal with the same discomforts every day, they become expected and part of the routine, and we are no longer afflicted with them the way we were. We forget to think about them like the daily disturbances of going to the bathroom, or brushing our teeth, or listening to noisy street traffic. Give your body the chance to harden, your blood to thicken, and your skin to toughen, and you'll find that the human body carries with it a weightless wardrobe. When we're hardy in mind and body, we can select from an array of outfits to comfortably bear most any climate. ~ Ken Ilgunas
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Ken Ilgunas
The bedroom was as opulently decorated as the front room, with a bed large enough to hold six, and a wardrobe that should by all rights have contained a doorway to Narnia, or at least the deeper lands of Faerie. ~ Seanan McGuire
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Seanan McGuire
I have known men who thought the object of conversion was to cleanse them as a garment is cleansed, and that when they are converted they were to be hung up in the Lord's wardrobe, the door of which was to be shut, so that no dust could get at them. A coat that is not used the moths eat; and a Christian who is hung up so that he shall not be tempted, the moths eat him; and they have poor food at that. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
Fashion has always been nourished by the past. At the end of the day, where the inspiration comes from doesn't matter. It's what you do with it. How you treat it, how you translate it into a contemporary wardrobe. You put it in a shaker. ~ Christophe Lemaitre
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Christophe Lemaitre
She died
this was the way she died;
And when her breath was done,
Took up her simple wardrobe
And started for the sun.
Her little figure at the gate
The angels must have spied,
Since I could never find her
Upon the mortal side. ~ Emily Dickinson
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Emily Dickinson
My perspective is hard because I look at wardrobe from very much a guy's perspective. You look at my closet and I have pairs of black jeans and five button-downs, but one's silk, one's cotton. They all are slightly different, so that's my perspective. ~ Erin Wasson
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Erin Wasson
I'm very into Taylor Swift. From her music to her wardrobe, she is absolutely killing it. Also, she has adorable cats that I would love to pet. ~ Connor Franta
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Connor Franta
My fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner. Their classic looks and clean lines should be the cornerstones of your wardrobe - white cotton shirts, black Capri pants, pencil skirts and ballerina skirts. ~ Marie Helvin
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Marie Helvin
As for clothing, to come at once to the practical part of the question, perhaps we are led oftener by the love of novelty, and a regard for the opinions of men, in procuring it, than by a true utility. Let him who has work to do recollect that the object of clothing is, first, to retain the vital heat, and secondly, in this state of society, to cover nakedness, and he may judge how much of any necessary or important work may be accomplished without adding to his wardrobe. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Henry David Thoreau
I think it's cooler when girls have favorite pieces of clothing rather than an entirely new wardrobe every few months. ~ Cameron Russell
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Cameron Russell
For my wardrobe, I like to invest in classic pieces and pair them with more trendy new pieces and accessories each season. ~ Liya Kebede
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Liya Kebede
I've felt alone, cold, and clothed in shame for too long. Let the sunlight be my blanket, wardrobe, and toilet paper. ~ Jarod Kintz
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Jarod Kintz
I wonder why bereaved people even bother with mourning clothes when the grief itself provides such an unmistakable wardrobe. ~ Jandy Nelson
Remixable Wardrobe quotes by Jandy Nelson
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