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I'm proud of who I am, and I'm proud I grew up in Puerto Rico. ~ Raul Labrador
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Raul Labrador
Pageants were an amazing platform that gave a little girl like me from the mountains of my beautiful Puerto Rico a chance to travel, explore the world, meet amazing people, work for great charities and be a voice to empower women wherever I went. For all those things, I am grateful. ~ Joyce Giraud
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Joyce Giraud
On Saturday mornings I would walk to the Flavor Cup or Puerto Rico Importing coffee store to get my coffee. Often it was freshly roasted and the beans were still warm. Coffee was my nectar and my ambrosia: I was very careful about it. I decanted my beans into glass ... and I ground them in little batches in my grinder. ~ Laurie Colwin
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Laurie Colwin
There were a lot of kids from Puerto Rico at my high school in Florida; people always assumed I was Puerto Rican. Even now in California, I get talked to on the street in Spanish constantly! ~ Torrey DeVitto
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Torrey DeVitto
The most important thing is to find the balance between city and nature. I have that 'hippie quality' - my husband is a super-hippie Los Angeles boy - so we'll have to make time to go to Puerto Rico, and upstate New York, and be sure we get to do outdoorsy stuff like that. ~ Ana Ortiz
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Ana Ortiz
We were fighting for them in wars against people that we had more in common with than with the United States of Banana. ~ Giannina Braschi
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Giannina Braschi
My brother, Mario, is in show business and so are all my cousins on my dad's side. We come from a family of musicians. My grandmother's sister in Puerto Rico plays five instruments. ~ Irene Cara
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Irene Cara
Skill teachers are made scarce by the belief in the value of
licenses. Certification constitutes a form of market manipulation and is plausible only to a schooled mind.
Most teachers of arts and trades are less skillful, less inventive, and less communicative than the best craftsmen
and tradesmen. Most high-school teachers of Spanish or French do not speak the language as correctly as their
pupils might after half a year of competent drills. Experimentsconducted by Angel Quintero in Puerto Rico
suggest that many young teen-agers, if given the proper incentives, programs, and access to tools, are better than
most schoolteachers at introducing their peers to the scientific exploration of plants, stars, and matter, and to the
discovery of how and why a motor or a radio functions. ~ Ivan Illich
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Ivan Illich
I've always been athletic. Growing up in Puerto Rico, and being in the countryside, I was always running around. I also played volleyball, basketball, and I ran track. I was always very conscious of my body. ~ Joan Smalls
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Joan Smalls
Elijah Muhammad teaches us the truth of God beautified the planet by separating everybody in different countries for themselves: Chinese in China, English in England, Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico, Ethiopians in Ethiopia, Arabians in Arabia, Egyptians in Egypt, and Americans took that country and stole it away so there's always going to be trouble and chaos. ~ Muhammad Ali
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Muhammad Ali
We knew Down South. Everyone had one. Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. ~ Jacqueline Woodson
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
Hispanic means the chocolate-skinned woman from Peru, Hispanic means the indigenous people of Mexico. Hispanic means the biracial-looking folks from the Dominican Republic. Hispanic means the paler folks from Puerto Rico. Hispanic also means the blond, blue-eyed guy from Argentina. All you need to be is Spanish-speaking but not from Spain and voilà, you're a race called Hispanic. ~ Himamanda Ngozi Adichie
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Himamanda Ngozi Adichie
But being on location and shooting, whether its in Puerto Rico or Atlanta, it always reminds me of how really cool my job can be. Interacting with the fans is one of the best parts of it. ~ Dwayne Johnson
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Dwayne Johnson
Puerto Rico has two divergent paths forward. After a reasonable transition period, it could become a state. Or it can become a sovereign nation. ~ Pedro Pierluisi
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Pedro Pierluisi
American imperialism is often traced to the takeover of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii in 1898. ~ Noam Chomsky
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Noam Chomsky
Yet, individuals and corporations in Puerto Rico pay no federal income tax. ~ Dick Thornburgh
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Dick Thornburgh
Puerto Rico is one of those places you can be as quiet or as crazy as you want, because there's so much nightlife. I have to take the craziness carefully. ~ Bruce Forsyth
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Bruce Forsyth
I know Spanish pretty well. I'm half-Puerto Rican - my mom is from Puerto Rico - so I have a lot of family there, and my mom's first language is Spanish. But growing up in the States, and with my dad being from the States, I'm kind of just like this white kid. ~ David Lambert
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by David Lambert
If Congress does its job in this regard, the residents of Puerto Rico will be empowered to act in their own self-interest and express their future political status aspirations accordingly. ~ Dick Thornburgh
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Dick Thornburgh
In historical and constitutional terms, the recent political status vote in Puerto Rico was a necessary but obviously not decisive step on the road of self-determination leading to full self-government. ~ Dick Thornburgh
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Dick Thornburgh
I had such a great upbringing in Puerto Rico, and it was just a very normal life. ~ Roselyn Sanchez
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Roselyn Sanchez
I'm not an immigrant - I was born and raised in New York. My parents are Puerto Rican, and Puerto Rico is a part of the U.S., for the people that don't know. So my whole life, I've identified as an American. There are times when I've gone to Puerto Rico, and there, I'm seen as the American cousin. ~ Elizabeth Rodriguez
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Elizabeth Rodriguez
I haven't traveled in Africa nearly as much as I'd like to. I've been there a few times, and I'd like to learn more about the various cultures in Africa. But that's the basis point of where all of the music that I love is based upon, from Africa to Cuba to Puerto Rico to South America. ~ Chick Corea
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Chick Corea
The sun and the endless hours of swinging a machete in the fields had taken him from child to old man with no stage in between. ~ Judith Ortiz Cofer
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Judith Ortiz Cofer
In Puerto Rico, we have a lot of traditions. We eat a very typical thing that's called 'pasteles' - it's almost like a tamale made of bananas, and we make it all together. Like, all the women of the family unite, and it's a very big deal, a very big thing. ~ Joyce Giraud
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Joyce Giraud
I never thought anything was strange in Puerto Rico other than the big mosquitos; because I was born there, nothing was really foreign to me. I think what I saw strange coming to L.A. was that a lot of people are a little bit two-faced. In Puerto Rico, you don't get that. ~ Joyce Giraud
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Joyce Giraud
When I married Wilnelia, one of the first things I wanted to know about Puerto Rico was the quality of the golf courses. ~ Bruce Forsyth
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Bruce Forsyth
Forty years ago, Richard Branson, who ultimately founded Virgin Air, found himself in a similar situation in an airport in the Caribbean. They had just canceled his flight, the only flight that day. Instead of freaking out about how essential the flight was, how badly his day was ruined, how his entire career was now in jeopardy, the young Branson walked across the airport to the charter desk and inquired about the cost of chartering a flight out of Puerto Rico. Then he borrowed a portable blackboard and wrote, "Seats to Virgin Islands, $39." He went back to his gate, sold enough seats to his fellow passengers to completely cover his costs, and made it home on time. Not to mention planting the seeds for the airline he'd start decades later. Sounds like the kind of person you'd like to hire ~ Seth Godin
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Seth Godin
I hope I will live to see a final meeting of the minds between Puerto Rico and statehood, but [even] if I don't live that long, I am certain it will happen. ~ Luis A. Ferre
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Luis A. Ferre
Dear Sirs," Flick began before loudly inhaling, "On account of there being no heat down here in account of the being no electricity on account of the brand-new energy rations so thoughtfully and nobly and honorably imposed on the steerage decks by Sovereign Nicolaeus on account of the blackouts - Aster fell prey to a brief fit of hypothermia-induced delirium de spoke against you in her maddery. She's healed up now so you don't have to worry about it happening again. ~ Rivers Solomon
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Rivers Solomon
My mother always gives the best advice. When I left Puerto Rico to pursue my dreams, she always supported me and said to me, 'I'm never going to cut your wings, so don't let anyone else do that to you.' That has been my philosophy through life. I want to share that valuable lesson with my little girl someday. ~ Roselyn Sanchez
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Roselyn Sanchez
We're going to Puerto Rico, where we're gonna close. And we're so excited, we can't see straight. ~ Chita Rivera
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Chita Rivera
(Talks about her grandmother Marjorie Finlay)She was actually a recording star in Puerto Rico when my mom was growing up. My mom was always stuck sitting backstage somewhere or sitting in a front row, watching a performance her entire childhood. She thought that when her mom stopped performing she was relieved of those duties, but all I wanted to do was sing, ever since I was born, so she's always been backstage. ~ Taylor Swift
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Taylor Swift
Then a strange thing happened. A US Senator named Millard Tydings finally introduced a bill that would give Puerto Ricans their independence. Every politician on the island supported it - except Luis. Throughout the 1940s, he repeatedly opposed the Tydings independence bill. He even traveled to Washington in 1943 and 1945 to lobby against it, saying that Puerto Rico "was not ready for self-government."54 ~ Nelson A. Denis
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Nelson A. Denis
Between 1831 and 1891, US armed forces - usually the Marines - invaded Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Brazil, Haiti, Argentina, and Chile a total of thirty-one times, a fact not many of us are informed about in school. The Marines intermittently occupied Nicaragua form 1909 to 1933, Mexico from 1914 to 1919, and Panama from 1903 to 1914. To 'restore order' the Marines occupied Haiti from 1915 to 1934, killing over two thousand Haitians who resisted 'pacification.' ~ Michael Parenti
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Michael Parenti
Puerto Rico loses out on billions of dollars annually because it is treated unequally under a range of federal programs, including tax credits available to millions of households in the States that do not pay federal income taxes. ~ Pedro Pierluisi
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Pedro Pierluisi
Puerto Rico is an island separated by an ocean, a language, a culture. All of that put it in a position where it's like, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but what happened in Puerto Rico never happened at all. It's not like there was a decades-long conspiracy. It's just the aggregation of all these historical forces made it difficult for this information to exist in one place. ~ Nelson Antonio Denis
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Nelson Antonio Denis
Puerto Rico is the perfect meeting place between Spain, the country I come from, and America, the country where I now belong. The meeting point of two worlds where magic can happen. ~ Jose Andres
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Jose Andres
My parents always talk about Puerto Rico. My dad's whole family lives in Puerto Rico. My great grandma lives in Puerto Rico and I got to meet her a couple years ago. ~ Danny Garcia
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Danny Garcia
At the Tourist Bureau they talk about the cooling trade winds that caress the shores of Puerto Rico every day and night of the year - but Nelson Otto was a man the trade winds never seemed to touch. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
To be the first Puerto Rican to win a world title in four divisions would be an achievement. Gomez, Benitez, there have been a lot of good fighters from Puerto Rico before me. When I started boxing, Tito Trinidad was our big star. ~ Miguel Cotto
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Miguel Cotto
I was very skinny and very lanky and kind of awkward. In Puerto Rico, everybody is a little more voluptuous, with these beautiful bodies, and there I was, the skinny, lanky girl. ~ Joyce Giraud
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Joyce Giraud
If U.S. national sovereignty continues, it is only as a state that Puerto Rico will have permanent 10th Amendment powers over its non-federal affairs, as well as voting power in Congress. ~ Dick Thornburgh
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Dick Thornburgh
Puerto Rico was the Republic of Texas on jet-fuel testosterone and psychedelic estrogen. ~ David R. Martin
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by David R. Martin
If the USA doesn't start learning how to put personal egos aside for the sustainability of a nation, then these "mighty" United States will be no better than the politically divided commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Where progress is slowed because each party thinks any idea from the other party must be stupid or without validity and Independence has become a distant dream squashed by corruption. I suggest politicians go back to kindergarten to learn the basics in decent humanity. The notions of sharing and respect obviously didn't stick the first time. ~ Cristina Marrero
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Cristina Marrero
'Teen Beach Movie' was a lot of fun because we were in Puerto Rico on an island - you can't even call it work! ~ Ross Lynch
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Ross Lynch
Aside from being a Latina, my family immigrated from Puerto Rico and Yugoslavia so I know all about that. I wouldn't be able to do what I do today if they didn't come to America. Everybody has an immigration story. ~ Naya Rivera
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Naya Rivera
When I was younger, I'd imagine what would happen
If my parents had stayed in Puerto Rico
Who would I be if I had never seen Manhattan
If I lived in Puerto Rico with my people ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
It's a little-known fact that most terrorist groups fail, and that all of them die. Lest this seem hard to believe, just reflect on the world around you. Israel continues to exist, Northern Ireland is still a part of the United Kingdom, and Kashmir is a part of India. There are no sovereign states in Kurdistan, Palestine, Quebec, Puerto Rico, Chechnya, Corsica, Tamil Eelam, or Basque Country. The Philippines, Algeria, Egypt, and Uzbekistan are not Islamist theocracies; nor have Japan, the United States, Europe, and Latin America become religious, Marxist, anarchist, or new-age utopias. The numbers confirm the impressions. ~ Steven Pinker
Pua Puerto Rico quotes by Steven Pinker
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