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Our goal is very simply to become the desktop for e-businesses. ~ Larry Ellison
Pgp Desktop quotes by Larry Ellison
Personal computing today is a rich ecosystem encompassing massive PC-based data centers, notebook and Tablet PCs, handheld devices, and smart cell phones. It has expanded from the desktop and the data center to wherever people need it - at their desks, in a meeting, on the road or even in the air. ~ Bill Gates
Pgp Desktop quotes by Bill Gates
When fits of creativity run strong, more than one programmer or writer has been known to abandon the desktop for the more spacious floor. ~ Fred Brooks
Pgp Desktop quotes by Fred Brooks
Muriel made a choking sound and fell forward, banging her head off the desktop. "Sweet baby girl," he exclaimed as he dropped his flowers and rushed to her side. "Are you ill? Do you need Daddy to call you a doctor?" "No," she sobbed against the smooth bone surface of his old desk. "Want Daddy to kiss your booboo better?" "No! ~ Eve Langlais
Pgp Desktop quotes by Eve Langlais
[Our lab uses] a desktop inkjet printer, but instead of using ink, we're using cells. ~ Anthony Atala
Pgp Desktop quotes by Anthony Atala
He was supposed to be turning a beetle into a button, but all he managed to do was give his beetle a lot of exercise as it scuttled over the desktop avoiding his wand. ~ J.K. Rowling
Pgp Desktop quotes by J.K. Rowling
The desktop computer industry is dead. Innovation has virtually ceased. Microsoft dominates with very little innovation. That's over. Apple lost. The desktop market has entered the dark ages, and it's going to be in the dark ages for the next 10 years, or certainly for the rest of this decade. ~ Steve Jobs
Pgp Desktop quotes by Steve Jobs
Create different desktop patterns on them so that the visual cues help to remind you, and put you in the proper place-memory context, of each computer's domain. ~ Daniel J. Levitin
Pgp Desktop quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
Shade said as he stepped down the hall, "is another of the 'eternal boy's' major concerns, if you can believe it." The officer sat down and swung his feet to the desktop. "I probably could," he said, "but I think I'll pass." Blanchette leaned on Shade's arm, a pantomime of crumbling health, and swatted at his ~ Daniel Woodrell
Pgp Desktop quotes by Daniel Woodrell
With consumers buying two smartphones for every desktop computer they purchase, the demands, challenges and opportunities of the mobile space are reshaping our assumptions about design and user behaviour. ~ Jeffrey Zeldman
Pgp Desktop quotes by Jeffrey Zeldman
Some of the biggest changes that have happened are behind the scenes, in the way we produce the magazine. E.g., much of our production has been brought in-house via desktop publishing. ~ Stanley Schmidt
Pgp Desktop quotes by Stanley Schmidt
We cannot choose one desktop over the other - Gnome or KDE - because there's users for both code bases. ~ Miguel De Icaza
Pgp Desktop quotes by Miguel De Icaza
I have to own up and say that, much as I love my PowerBook, which now does about 97.8 percent of what I used to use the lumbering old desktop dinosaurs for, I've given up trying to use it on planes. Yes, yes, I know that there are sorts of power-user strategies you can use to extend your battery life - dimming modes, RAM disks, processor-resting, and so on - but the point is that I really can't be bothered. I'm perfectly capable of just reading the in-flight magazine if I want to be irritated. ~ Douglas Adams
Pgp Desktop quotes by Douglas Adams
Imagine that your desktop computer began to control its own peripheral devices, removed its own cover, and pointed its webcam at its own circuitry. That's us. ~ David Eagleman
Pgp Desktop quotes by David Eagleman
He looked at her with his green don't-lie-to-me-woman eyes and Scarlet dropped her guilty gaze to the mahogany desktop, searching around until she found a paperweight shaped like a pyramid to stare at. ~ Chelsea Fine
Pgp Desktop quotes by Chelsea Fine
The desktop metaphor was invented because one, you were a stand-alone device, and two, you had to manage your own storage. That's a very big thing in a desktop world. And that may go away. You may not have to manage your own storage. You may not store much before too long. ~ Steve Jobs
Pgp Desktop quotes by Steve Jobs
Web GIS allows us to take our systems of record - our traditional server and desktop technologies - and integrate them, bringing them together into a system of systems. ~ Jack Dangermond
Pgp Desktop quotes by Jack Dangermond
You learn more about how to use the desktop environment in Chapter 4. For now, double-click the Wi-Fi Config icon on the desktop to open the tool. Click the Scan button to search for available Wi-Fi networks. Double-click the one you'd like to use, and it will prompt you to enter your security information by completing the white (unshaded) boxes (see Figure 3-10). The SSID box is used for the name of the network and will be completed automatically for you. You most likely have a WPA network, so the PSK box is where you type in your Wi-Fi password. You can ignore the optional boxes. Finally, click the Add button to connect to the network. ~ Sean McManus
Pgp Desktop quotes by Sean McManus
said, "Those are cool. I have an idea." He brought me over to his desktop to explain. Together we looked at his buddy list on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). There was a little feature called Status. It was there so you could say that you were away from your desk or out to lunch, and so on, so people would know why you weren't responding to their messages. ~ Biz Stone
Pgp Desktop quotes by Biz Stone
Microsoft seems obsessed with the word active. there's Active Desktop, ActiveX, and Active Directory. however, the term is accurate-indeed, Active Directory is Active (when used correctly) ~ Ed Tittel
Pgp Desktop quotes by Ed Tittel
I usually just go on Google and spend my hours just Googling Jennifer Beals. I think it's possible that I have a slightly unordinary obsession with her. YouTube videos. Interviews with her. Pictures I put on my desktop and my phone. ~ Adhir Kalyan
Pgp Desktop quotes by Adhir Kalyan
desktop and the letter fluttered onto the stack of bills. Minutes ticked by. All those late nights - the clinic, the gym, the hospital, the conferences. She should have guessed. When did it start? ~ Nancy Allan
Pgp Desktop quotes by Nancy Allan
Maxims were like neural shortcuts, like icons on a desktop that instantly connect you to a body of information. ~ Jules Evans
Pgp Desktop quotes by Jules Evans
I have a G4 at home. Theyre great machines for individual users, and I even know a few core Linux hackers who are having a lot of fun with them. But if you want to move the needle on the non-Microsoft desktop, youve got to look elsewhere. ~ Nat Friedman
Pgp Desktop quotes by Nat Friedman
The teacher took two long strides and stood beside Parker's desk. Before the boy could speak, Mr. Earl threw the desktop open. For a second, he stared into it. A white glow reflected off his face.
"What is this?" he said, as he reached toward the brightness.
"Careful, Mr. Earl," Parker started to say, but it was too late.
The teacher screeched before lurching against the desk. He went down quickly, his feet vanishing into the desk last. ~ James Van Pelt
Pgp Desktop quotes by James Van Pelt
He pulled out a short-barreled pistol from the drawer and placed it on the desktop. It was not what he was looking for. The pistol might have been a stapler for all he noticed. ~ David Grant Urban
Pgp Desktop quotes by David Grant Urban
There is her heart. I've never seen one beating.I had no idea they moved so much. You put your hand on your heart and you picture something pulsing slightly but basically still, like a hand on a desktop tapping Morse code. This things is going wild in there. It's a mixing-machine part, a stoat squirming in its burrow, an alien life form that's just won a Pontiac on The Price Is Right. If you were looking for the home of the human body's animating spirit, I could imagine believing it to be here, for the simple reason that it is the human body's most animated organ. ~ Mary Roach
Pgp Desktop quotes by Mary Roach
I noticed you the first week. Not just because of how pretty you are, though of course, that played into it. It was the way you lean onto your elbows when you 're listening in class, when something catches your interest. And when you laugh, it's never to get attention, it's just-laughter. The way you obssevively tuck your hair behind your ear on the left side, but let the right side fall down like a screen. And when you 're bored, you tap your foot soundlessly and move your fingers on the desktop like you 're playing an instrument. I wanted to sketch you. ~ Tammara Webber
Pgp Desktop quotes by Tammara Webber
When I finally did sit down in front of the machine - a familiar object, I had seen it daily when we were living together - I was reminded of how abrupt and unnatural death always is, at least as we experience it: always an interruption, always things that are left unfinished. This was manifested in Christopher's laptop, the desktop was covered in an intricate mosaic of files and document, there were at least a hundred different and sometimes oddly named folders - other people's work, internet. You name a folder without thinking, there are obvious names for some - accounts, articles - but others have the quality of junk drawers, you hardly remember their contents, you never imagine that one day someone else would be rummaging through them. ~ Katie Kitamura
Pgp Desktop quotes by Katie Kitamura
The summer of 1991, I took $2,000 of my savings and a desktop program, and I asked my friends to write 800 words about something they cared about. I got eight or nine articles and put them together. It was no frills, black and white, no graphics. I printed them out and just dumped piles around D.C. ~ Eric Liu
Pgp Desktop quotes by Eric Liu
So if we're going to build new applications that require a large time investment, like say movie editing - today that doesn't matter for the enterprise desktop, but eventually it will when we get closer to consumers - you really need to have a cross-platform story. ~ Miguel De Icaza
Pgp Desktop quotes by Miguel De Icaza
Look at it this way - before any of this wood became parts of the shelves or the desk or the chair, all of it was in pieces - just pieces of wood. But the wood was full of potential. It could be shaped into anything that a carpenter wanted it to be shaped into, turning it into a beautiful finished product. Now, not all carpenters are equal in skill - you know that. If a piece of wood is shaped by a poor carpenter, the finished product will be lacking somehow, in some way.
But if that wood is shaped by a master carpenter, then that piece will fit into this world precisely as it's supposed to fit, whether it be a desktop or a cabinet shelf or a doorstop. And the way that I work wood is the way I try to work with people - with love and attention and caring - so that the wood and the people can reach their potential. And if someone lets you teach them, and is open to what you have to teach, then how can you go wrong? ~ Tom Walsh
Pgp Desktop quotes by Tom Walsh
Big Linux deployments have reached the point where it's become a real problem for administrators that they don't have nice tools to manage their servers and desktops. ~ Nat Friedman
Pgp Desktop quotes by Nat Friedman
We invest heavily on Firefox on the desktop. We have a user base we want to keep happy. ~ Mitchell Baker
Pgp Desktop quotes by Mitchell Baker
Microsoft has a monopoly over the desktop operating systems. ~ Stewart Alsop
Pgp Desktop quotes by Stewart Alsop
A cup in her hand that was either strong tea or weak coffee. She nodded toward his desktop monitor. On it, three ~ James S.A. Corey
Pgp Desktop quotes by James S.A. Corey
Mobile is a lot closer to TV than it is to desktop. ~ Mark Zuckerberg
Pgp Desktop quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
If you want to be a person who buys stuff at the dollar store, you can be that person. If you want to make really cool stuff on your desktop and be the manufacturer, that is a lifestyle. ~ Bre Pettis
Pgp Desktop quotes by Bre Pettis
what year did a single typical desktop computer surpass the combined processing power of humanity? 1994. ~ Randall Munroe
Pgp Desktop quotes by Randall Munroe
Desktop computers - boxes inside boxes - began appearing in those cubicles in the mid-eighties, electrical cords curling on the floor like so many ropes. ~ Jill Lepore
Pgp Desktop quotes by Jill Lepore
History repeats itself. Someone says this.
History throws its shadow over beginning, over the desktop, over the sock drawer with its socks, its hidden letters.
history is the little man in a brown suit trying to define a room he is outside of,
I know history. There are many names in history ... but none of them are ours. ~ Richard Siken
Pgp Desktop quotes by Richard Siken
In some cases we've been building tools that are specific to Linux for the desktop, and they only work on Linux, but I see two major projects that are wildly, wildly successful: Mozilla and OpenOffice, and those two programs are cross platform. ~ Miguel De Icaza
Pgp Desktop quotes by Miguel De Icaza
People like rich applications on their desktop, and there is no reason why you can't have both a rich desktop and a light, cloud-based application framework. Why is it always either/or for people? ~ Jason Calacanis
Pgp Desktop quotes by Jason Calacanis
The way I make drawings is just with a desktop Epson C88 printer and they are designed to break, they are really cheap. So I bought a lot of them before it became impossible to find them ... ~ Wade Guyton
Pgp Desktop quotes by Wade Guyton
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