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He's caused the Chelsea defence no amount of problems. ~ Jimmy Armfield
Pakistan Defence quotes by Jimmy Armfield
I expect we shall be told, that the Militia of the country is its natural bulwark, and would be at all times equal to the national defence ... The facts, which from our own experience forbid a reliance of this kind, are too recent to permit us to be the dupes of such a suggestion. ~ Alexander Hamilton
Pakistan Defence quotes by Alexander Hamilton
Much of what has gone wrong in Pakistan has been because of our inability to balance our relationships. Extreme tilts have caused much bloodshed and mistrust. ~ Reham Khan
Pakistan Defence quotes by Reham Khan
Sometimes people put walls up to see who is strong enough to break them down! ~ Stephen Richards
Pakistan Defence quotes by Stephen Richards
Terrorism is a big danger to Pakistan's independence. We will fight this danger for the sake of independence of Pakistan and will defeat it at all levels. ~ Shaukat Aziz
Pakistan Defence quotes by Shaukat Aziz
In most of Pakistan it is a feudal country. People are very scared and oppressed by authority. But when you move to these wilder areas, they are not so easily suppressed. ~ Imran Khan
Pakistan Defence quotes by Imran Khan
And the PRCS [Palestinian Red Crescent Society] had not lost just one hospital: thirteen clinics and nine hospitals all over Lebanon had been destroyed in this way. Only Gaza Hospital, for a reason I was to discover three years later, was still standing. At the height of the air raids, when the Palestinians found out that every single PRCS hospital and clinic was a bomb target, they put three Israeli soldiers captured in south Lebanon on the upper floors of Gaza Hospital, and radioed a message to the Israeli Army saying that any further military action on Gaza Hospital would result in Israeli lives being lost. That saved Gaza Hospital from further destruction. ~ Ang Swee Chai
Pakistan Defence quotes by Ang Swee Chai
The Marquis believed himself to be hardened against flattery. He thought that he had experienced every variety, but he discovered that he was mistaken: the blatantly worshipful look in the eyes of a twelve-year-old, anxiously raised to his, was new to him, and it pierced his defences. ~ Georgette Heyer
Pakistan Defence quotes by Georgette Heyer
Ohh,' said the girl with a sad tilt of her head.
It was a response Sejal would hear a lot in the following weeks and which she would eventully come to understand meant, 'Ohh, India, that must be so hard for you, and I know because I read this book over the summer called The Fig Tree (which is actually set in Pakistan but I don't realize there's a difference) about a girl whose parents sell her to a sandal maker because everyone's poor and they don't care about girls there, and I bet that's why you're in our country even, and now everyone's probably being mean to you just because of 9/11, but not me although I'll still be watching you a little too closely on the bus later because what if you're just here to kill Americans?'
There was a lot of information encoded in that one vowel sound, so Sejal missed most of it at first. ~ Adam Rex
Pakistan Defence quotes by Adam Rex
Defence lawyers use the term "duress" to describe the use of force, coercion or psychological pressure exerted on a client in the commission of a crime. When duress is applied to the emotionally unstable the result can be as violent as it is unpredictable. ~ Emily Thorne
Pakistan Defence quotes by Emily Thorne
that ugly truth about Manto, the man: that for all his love of Indian multiplicity, he went to Pakistan. He even tried convincing Chughtai to go. 'The future looks beautiful in Pakistan,' he said to her, 'We'll be able to get the houses of people who've fled from there. It'll be just us there. We'll progress very quickly.' When I read this, I had trouble holding the two Mantos in my mind. It seemed impossible that the creator of Manto, the narrator and fictional presence, so immersed in the variety of India, seeming so much to rejoice in it, should also be the author of that remark, with its sly wish for homogeneity, for the place where 'It'll be just us.' Chughtai, for other reasons, was also disgusted. ~ Saadat Hasan Manto
Pakistan Defence quotes by Saadat Hasan Manto
The $52.6 billion U.S. intelligence arsenal is aimed mainly at unambiguous adversaries, including al-Qaida, North Korea and Iran. But top-secret budget documents reveal an equally intense focus on one purported ally: Pakistan. ~ Barton Gellman
Pakistan Defence quotes by Barton Gellman
After last night, there's no denying the promise of what's between us. I'm not backing off, so rather than coming up with a new defence – which I'm sure I'd find highly entertaining – just give in, babe. You know you're going to eventually. ~ Samantha Young
Pakistan Defence quotes by Samantha Young
Writing is a defence against boredom, but it's also a cure for melancholy. ~ Bohumil Hrabal
Pakistan Defence quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
The United Nations charter gives every nation the right to self defence, therefore when the American embassies were bombed it was a matter of time before the Americans responded by going for what they suspected were the causes of the attack. ~ Benazir Bhutto
Pakistan Defence quotes by Benazir Bhutto
I decided in '96 to dedicate my life to mostly promoting literacy and education for girls in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan. ~ Greg Mortenson
Pakistan Defence quotes by Greg Mortenson
[Obituary of atheist philosopher Richard Robinson]
An Atheist's Values is one of the best short accounts of liberalism (a term Robinson accepted) and humanism (a term he ignored) produced during the present century, all the more powerful for its lucidity and moderation, its wit and wisdom. It may now seem old-fashioned, but during those confused alarms of struggle and fight between the ignorant armies of left and right, thousands of readers must have taken inspiration from Richard Robinson's rational defence of rationalism.
It is a pity that it is now out of print, when there is still so much nonsense and so little sense in the world. ~ Nicolas Walter
Pakistan Defence quotes by Nicolas Walter
India is the second biggest defence procurer in the world after the U.S. ~ Baba Kalyani
Pakistan Defence quotes by Baba Kalyani
Self-defence is Nature's eldest law. ~ John Dryden
Pakistan Defence quotes by John Dryden
Pakistan could be uneasy on the position of Indian military. But both the countries should take a bold decision, breaking from their past, to transform their relationship. ~ Simon Cameron
Pakistan Defence quotes by Simon Cameron
These trifles are collected and republished chiefly with a view to their redemption from the many improvements to which they have been subjected while going at random the "rounds of the press." I am naturally anxious that what I have written should circulate as I wrote it, if it circulate at all. In defence of my own taste, nevertheless, it is incumbent upon me to say that I think nothing in this volume of much value to the public, or very creditable to myself. Events not to be controlled have prevented me from making, at any time, any serious effort in what, under happier circumstances, would have been the field of my choice. With me poetry has been not a purpose, but a passion; and the passions should be held in reverence: they must not - they cannot at will be excited, with an eye to the paltry compensations, or the more paltry commendations, of mankind. 1845. E. A. P. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
Pakistan Defence quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
I've always maintained terrorism passes through Pakistan, it doesn't evolve in Pakistan. ~ Asif Ali Zardari
Pakistan Defence quotes by Asif Ali Zardari
Bofors was a steelmaker that became a forgings company and then went on to build guns. Companies like Krupp and Thyssen were in steel and forgings before entering defence. There are similar examples in the U.K.; it is a natural progression. ~ Baba Kalyani
Pakistan Defence quotes by Baba Kalyani
Gratitude makes the world a softer, kinder place. It softens that brittle shell of defence. There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how small or simple. ~ Janey Colbourne
Pakistan Defence quotes by Janey Colbourne
In my defence I can only say that her past, too, like mine, like everyone's in fact, was a locked box. Occasionally we allow people a peep, but generally only at the top level. The darker streams of our memories we negotiate alone. ~ Julian Fellowes
Pakistan Defence quotes by Julian Fellowes
Government is necessary to defend communities from miseries from within themselves; from the prevalence of intestine discord, mutual injustice and violence; the members of the society continually making a prey one of another, without any defence one from another. ~ Jonathan Edwards
Pakistan Defence quotes by Jonathan Edwards
Obama was expected to restore an ethical sheen to post-9/11 foreign policy, but he has intensified drone warfare in Yemen and Pakistan, pursued whistle-blowers, and failed to close down Guantanamo. ~ Pankaj Mishra
Pakistan Defence quotes by Pankaj Mishra
Around our enthusiasm, are the ways to surround our destinies. ~ M.H. Rakib
Pakistan Defence quotes by M.H. Rakib
The whole concept of European culture as a cornucopia from which things are freely given is misleading. It does not take a specialist in anthropology to see that the European "give" is always highly selective. We never give any native people under our control – and we never shall, for it would be sheer folly as long as we stand on the basis of our present Realpolitik – the following elements of culture:

1. The instruments of physical power: fire-arms, bombing planes, poison gas, and all that makes an effective defence or aggression possible
2. We do not give out instruments of political mastery [i.e. sovereignty or voting rights]
3. We do not share with them the substance of economic wealth and advantages…. Even when under indirect economic exploitation… we allow the native a share of the profits, the full control of the economic organization remains in the hands of Western enterprise.
4. We do not admit them as equals to Church, Assembly, school, or drawing room… Full political, social and even religious equality is nowhere granted. ~ Bronisław Malinowski
Pakistan Defence quotes by Bronisław Malinowski
I appeal to all Britishers to answer this call to arms for the defence of all the principles that we Englishmen have been the first to proclaim in the world. ~ John Amery
Pakistan Defence quotes by John Amery
Carlton, Sydney (1949-), painter and decorator. Those who argue that bestiality should be treated with understanding had a setback in 1998 when Carlton, a married man from Bradford, was sentenced to a year in prison for having intercourse with a Staffordshire bull terrier, named Badger. His defence was that Badger had made the first move. 'I can't help it if the dog took a liking to me,' he told the court. This was not accepted. ~ William Donaldson
Pakistan Defence quotes by William Donaldson
Many ethnic minorities chafed at the postcolonial nationalism of India and Pakistan, and some rebelled. ~ Pankaj Mishra
Pakistan Defence quotes by Pankaj Mishra
Oft has good nature been the fool's defence, And honest meaning gilded want of sense. ~ William Shenstone
Pakistan Defence quotes by William Shenstone
I have grown up listening to my grandparents' stories about 'the other side' of the border. But, as a child, this other side didn't quite register as Pakistan, or not-India, but rather as some mythic land devoid of geographic borders, ethnicity and nationality. In fact, through their stories, I imagined it as a land with mango orchards, joint families, village settlements, endless lengths of ancestral fields extending into the horizon, and quaint local bazaars teeming with excitement on festive days. As a result, the history of my grandparents' early lives in what became Pakistan essentially came across as a very idyllic, somewhat rural, version of happiness. ~ Aanchal Malhotra
Pakistan Defence quotes by Aanchal Malhotra
There is a ban on Indian films in Pakistan, so that's half of our market gone. ~ Satyajit Ray
Pakistan Defence quotes by Satyajit Ray
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