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No-one gets a job at 16 and stays in it until 60 any more; we're connected to more people simultaneously than ever before, whether online or on our phones. We wear so many different hats within one day, one week, a lifetime. ~ Riz Ahmed
Opticals Online quotes by Riz Ahmed
We know better than to compare ourselves with others online. We know a Facebook feed, for most, is a glorified highlights reel, a round-up of our best moments, our funniest selves, our greatest champions. We know not to compare our worst with someone else's best. But ~ Erin Loechner
Opticals Online quotes by Erin Loechner
If you want to make more money by closing online leads, you have to pick up the damn phone. If you have more usernames and passwords than customers you are doing it wrong. ~ Chris Smith
Opticals Online quotes by Chris Smith
We stop at nothing, in offering a quality selection of your pet's everyday needs. Our Fast and Free India wide shipping service extends to +6500 pincodes covering small towns and metros across the country. We bundle up Easy Payment options on most popular pet brands in India with an selection of 3000+ products from all popular brands in dog, cat and fish supplies available in the Indian Pet Care Industry and then some. Our customer service team is a zealous lot to ensure an acme online shopping experience for the pet parents who shop with us. ~ Karan Gupta
Opticals Online quotes by Karan Gupta
I do not think it is any benefit for artists or fans to have all the new, wide distribution channels in the online world controlled by those who have controlled the old, narrower ones, .. This is especially true if they achieve that control by leveraging their dominance in content or conduit space in an anticompetitive way to control the new, independent music services that are attempting to enhance the consumer's experience of music. ~ Orrin Hatch
Opticals Online quotes by Orrin Hatch
I dislike the phrase 'Internet friends,' because it implies that people you know online aren't really your friends, that somehow the friendship is less real or meaningful to you because it happens through Skype or text messages. The measure of a friendship is not its physicality but its significance.
(John Green-Introduction) ~ Esther Earl
Opticals Online quotes by Esther Earl
It's important to think of every customer as an online celebrity with followers, friends, & above all influence ~ Dave Kerpen
Opticals Online quotes by Dave Kerpen
I'm platform agnostic. I've been platform agnostic ever since I went online. ~ Michelle Phan
Opticals Online quotes by Michelle Phan
SEO expertise is a core need for today's online businesses. ~ Tony Hsieh
Opticals Online quotes by Tony Hsieh
The most important job of an editor is simplify, simplify simplify, and that usually means omitting things. ~ Keith Rabois
Opticals Online quotes by Keith Rabois
The promise of happiness through consumption can make us chase after experiences or objects that deplete us even though they are pleasurable, closing of our capacity to be affected otherwise. in a different way, social media trains its subjects into perpetual performance of an online identity, and the anxious management of our profiles closes us of from other forms of connection. rigid radicalism induces a hypervigilant search for mistakes and flaws, stifling the capacity for experimentation. none of these modes of subjection dictate how exactly subjects will behave; instead they generate tendencies or attractor points which pull subjects into predictable, stultifying orbits. resisting or transforming these systems is never straightforward, because it means resisting and transforming one's own habits and desires. it means surprising both the structure and oneself with something unexpected, new, and enabling. ~ Nick Montgomery
Opticals Online quotes by Nick Montgomery
Just this past summer, I took online courses in introductory logic and law through civilization. Often the weight of history, with its facts heaped upon facts requiring complex chains of inference to sort through – I mean complex for someone with the soft brain of a tomato merchant; for me the premises are obvious and the conclusions dire and inescapable – threatened to crush me, and I was ultimately forced to abandon the whole undertaking. By way of recovery, I spent the rest of the summer immersed in a Freudian meditation on some choice tabloids. The mysterious lives of celebrities make for challenging induction. The reasoning process involves navigating many gaps in our knowledge of them. What is certain is that under the iceberg of glitz and glamor lie neurotic, depraved individuals with bizarre habits and hobbies, people who think they're above the law. ~ Benson Bruno
Opticals Online quotes by Benson Bruno
justice, n.
I tell you about Sal Kinsey, the boy who spit on me every morning for a month in seventh grade, to the point that I could no longer ride the bus. It's just a story, nothing more than that. In fact, it comes up because I'm telling you how I don't really hate many people in this world, and you say that's hard to believe, and I say, "Well, there's always Sal Kinsey," and then have to explain.
The next day, you bring home a photo of him now, downloaded from the Internet. He is morbidly obese - one of my favorite phrases, so goth, so judgmental. He looks miserable, and the profile you've found says he's single and actively looking.
I think that will be it. But then, the next night, you tell me that you tracked down his office address. And not only that, you sent him a dozen roses, signing the card, It is so refreshing to see that you've grown up to be fat, desperate, and lonely. Anonymous, of course. You even ordered the bouquet online, so no florist could divulge your personal information.
I can't help but admire your capacity for creative vengeance. And at the same time, I am afraid of it. ~ David Levithan
Opticals Online quotes by David Levithan
People wanna give you a $5 contribution online, but they have a million other things to do. But getting them to just sit still for 45 seconds and go in there and make the donation is, like, the hardest thing in the world. ~ John Sarbanes
Opticals Online quotes by John Sarbanes
It was a lot of hard work, but everyone loved my Amy Childs' Collection, so I decided to have a boutique as well as my salon. I love designing my own dresses, and everyone is loving the collection. I can't believe how well the boutique and the clothing online is going. ~ Amy Childs
Opticals Online quotes by Amy Childs
People think about the world of TV and the world of online video as being different ways to distribute video. But what happens when every TV is connected to wi-fi with a browser? ~ Chad Hurley
Opticals Online quotes by Chad Hurley
I know how to turn it on [computer]. I know where the disc goes: in that little slot but I can't always get it out. And I have three genius-level computer savvy kids who save my ass all the time. I'll tell you what I don't do. I don't watch the news on TV anymore. I get my news online. And like all of you, I Google whoever I want. ~ Bruce Willis
Opticals Online quotes by Bruce Willis
The survey of more than 100 waterways downstream from treatment plants and animal feedlots in 30 states found minute amounts of dozens of antibiotics, hormones, pain relievers, cough suppressants, disinfectants and other products. It is not known whether they are harmful to plants, animals or people. The findings were released yesterday on the Web site of the United States Geological Survey, which conducted the research, and in an online journal, Environmental Science and Technology. ~ Andrew Revkin
Opticals Online quotes by Andrew Revkin
'Christian Mingle' is about a young, modern, single woman. She's trying to achieve it all - a successful career, amazing friends, and finding Mr. Right. She stumbles into the world of online dating looking for an instant 'soul mate solution,' but ultimately ends up taking a personal journey transforming her life. ~ Corbin Bernsen
Opticals Online quotes by Corbin Bernsen
I don't play online games. 'Warcraft,' I've played that, but I mainly play action games. ~ Steven Spielberg
Opticals Online quotes by Steven Spielberg
If You Can Stand It, Play the Long Game ...
What I mean here is that you have to remain committed to the ultimate goal, which isn't to win the immediate approval of the online world, or dazzle a workshop, but to improve your storytelling day by day.
Finding the right balance of feedback - encouragement versus vigorous criticism - will help immeasurably.
But your own commitment has to be to the process of improvement, not to the anticipated reward.
If it's any consolation, I'm still working on this final lesson. ~ Steve Almond
Opticals Online quotes by Steve Almond
I listened to the men's voices outside, muted by my car walls.
" ... went at it with a flamethrower in the online video. Didn't even pucker the paint."
"Of course not. You could roll a tank over this baby. Not much of a market for one over here. Designed for Middle East Diplomats, arm dealers, and drug lords mostly."
"Think she's something?" the short one asked in a softer voice. I ducked my head, cheeks flaming.
"Huh," the tall one said. "Maybe. Can't imagine what you'd need missile-proof glass and four thousand pounds of body armor for around here. Must be headed somewhere more hazardous."
Body armor. Four thousand pounds of body armor. And missle-proof glass? Nice. What had happened to good old-fashioned bulletproof? ~ Stephenie Meyer
Opticals Online quotes by Stephenie Meyer
I like to build places online where readers can have productive conversations about books. ~ John Green
Opticals Online quotes by John Green
The truth is, we're all cyborgs with cell phones and online identities. ~ Geoff Johns
Opticals Online quotes by Geoff Johns
Online life is so delicious because it is socializing with almost no friction. ~ David Brooks
Opticals Online quotes by David Brooks
In the mid–path of my life, I woke to find myself in a dark wood,' writes Dante, in The Divine Comedy, beginning a quest that will lead to transformation and redemption. A journey through the dark of the woods is a motif common to fairy tales: young heroes set off through the perilous forest in order to reach their destiny, or they find themselves abandoned there, cast off and left for dead. The road is long and treacherous, prowled by wolves, ghosts, and wizards - but helpers also appear along the way, good fairies and animal guides, often cloaked in unlikely disguises. The hero's task is to tell friend from foe, and to keep walking steadily onward. ~ Terri Windling
Opticals Online quotes by Terri Windling
The British and French governments have taken a strong stance against 'extremist content' online when addressing their approach to tackling extremism. ~ Maajid Nawaz
Opticals Online quotes by Maajid Nawaz
Well, if you count my phone as an access point (which I do), I'm pretty much constantly online unless I'm at an event or practice or something. ~ Chris Kluwe
Opticals Online quotes by Chris Kluwe
Hey, Noah, I see you're getting back into shape. There is a race north of Atlanta that I just heard about. Look it up. I don't know if you can do it, but if you can, I'd love to do it with you," he said.
I told him I would check it out and call him back. I looked it up online and found out it was a Warrior Dash 5K. People dress up to run the course full of easy obstacles and a lot of mud. It looked really fun. It was even a Scottish event, and the Galloways are Scottish. I called Jerry back immediately. I was all in on this!
"This is awesome. Let's do it! And if we do it, let's grow full beards and wear kilts. I'll find the kilts."
To date, this was the only time Jerry's wife let him grow a beard. We spent three months growing our beards and then showed up at this race in our kilts along with twenty thousand other people. ~ Noah Galloway
Opticals Online quotes by Noah Galloway
We had sex, didn't we?" He couldn't help but smile at her shocked expression.

"Online sex. Yeah, it's coming to me now." He grinned. "Who'd have thought a virgin could have asked me to do some of the things you wrote?"

~Ryan ~ Sydney Croft
Opticals Online quotes by Sydney Croft
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