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I'll never find out now
What A. thought of me.
If B. ever forgave me in the end.
Why C. pretended everything was fine.
What part D. played in E.'s silence.
What F. had been expecting, if anything.
Why G. forgot when she knew perfectly well.
What H. had to hide.
What I. wanted to add.
If my being around
meant anything
to J. and K. and the rest of the alphabet. ~ Wislawa Szymborska
Nato Alphabet quotes by Wislawa Szymborska
You have a job?" I'm paying the girl a fortune and she has another job?
"I did. I was a waitress at Sharkey's." She crosses her arms again.
Forcibly, I move my eyes to the coffee table. "Never heard of it."
"It's a chain. They serve steak."
I roll my eyes. "Sounds like you loved it."
"I made good money there."
"Did Alphabet love it?"
She scowls. "No, why? ~ Erin Watt
Nato Alphabet quotes by Erin Watt
The great question of philosophy remains: If life is meaningless, what can be done about alphabet soup? ~ Woody Allen
Nato Alphabet quotes by Woody Allen
The English alphabet is pure insanity ... , It can hardly spell any word in the language with any degree of certainty. ~ Mark Twain
Nato Alphabet quotes by Mark Twain
The easiest and full of fun way to teach your children alphabet!!. Introducing "The Grocery Cart Spree Writing ABCs" story book by Doris Hankamer. ~ Doris Birdwell Hankamer
Nato Alphabet quotes by Doris Birdwell Hankamer
I don't know anyone who is more admired and respected in the international community than President Karzai, for his strength, for his wisdom and for his courage to lead this country, first
in defeat of the Taliban and now a democratic and unified Afghanistan. And I can tell you I am with foreign ministers and with heads of state all over the world. I sit in the councils of
NATO. I sit with the EU. I sit with people all over the world and there is great admiration for your president and also for what the Afghan people are doing here. ~ Condoleezza Rice
Nato Alphabet quotes by Condoleezza Rice
What I will remember most from my time in NATO is meeting children in the countries where I've gone to, to Moscow and to Kiev, I've met school children. ~ Lord Robertson
Nato Alphabet quotes by Lord Robertson
Look for a wave shaped like an A.

An A.


I saw Zs and H's and Vs. I saw the Hindi alphabet and the Thai alphabet. I saw Arabic script. I saw no As.

Finally I gave up, and chose the next wave that would have me, which turned out to be a poor move.

There is a moment, shortly after one accepts the imminence of one's demise, when it occurs that you could be elsewhere: that if you simply left the house a little later, or lingered over a Mai Tai, you would not be here now confronting your mortality. This moment occurred just as I encountered a very large (from my perspective), rare and surprising wave. A wave that was pitching and howling, and it really had no business being where it was - underneath me.

The demon wave picked me up, and after that I have only a a vague recollection of spinning limbs, a weaponized surf board, and chaotic white water, churning together over a reef.

I decided surfing was not for me. I generally no longer engage in adrenaline rush activities that carry with them a strong likely hood of life-altering injury. (p. 138)
~ J. Maarten Troost
Nato Alphabet quotes by J. Maarten Troost
As long as the Pentagon bankrolls the Pakistan army to fight its wars, and NATO troops remain in Afghanistan, there will be quarrels, charges of infidelity, a reduction in the household allowance, perhaps a separation - but a divorce? Never. ~ Tariq Ali
Nato Alphabet quotes by Tariq Ali
He was fairly drunk, and feeling melancholy about all the sinking he had done in the world. Throughout the rough years the Greek alphabet had leaked out of his mind a letter at a time - in fact, the candle of knowledge he had set out with had burned down to a sorry stub. ~ Larry McMurtry
Nato Alphabet quotes by Larry McMurtry
In Degas's compositions with several dancers, their steps, postures and gestures often resemble the almost geometric, formal letters of an alphabet, whereas their bodies and heads are recalcitrant, sinuous and individual. ~ John Berger
Nato Alphabet quotes by John Berger
It was the sheer force of the letters themselves which brought forth the meaning, since the only link between the Sephirot of non-verbal Wisdom and verbal Intelligence was through the letters of the alphabet. ~ Johanna Drucker
Nato Alphabet quotes by Johanna Drucker
I truly believe the book of philosophy to be that which stands perpetually open before our eyes, though since it is written in characters different from those of our alphabet it cannot be read by everyone. ~ Galileo Galilei
Nato Alphabet quotes by Galileo Galilei
I think what Secretary Ash Carter is seeing, and I'm glad he is, is that we got to get NATO back working for the common defense. We've got to do more to support our partners in NATO, and we have to send a very clear message to Putin that this kind of belligerence, that this kind of testing of boundaries will have to be responded to. The best way to do that is to put more armor in, put more money from the Europeans in so they're actually contributing more to their own defense. ~ Hillary Clinton
Nato Alphabet quotes by Hillary Clinton
The Most Used Alphabet A Dose Not Appear in Spelling of 1 to 999,It Appears 1st Time in 1000 & Continues Forever. ~ Avishek Mondal
Nato Alphabet quotes by Avishek Mondal
If. If. If this all happened! I, F, - he had to hang on to those two little letters, just one tiny two letter word. If. So much hope and dread hung in the balance on those two little blips in the alphabet! A chasm in fact! ~ E.A. Bucchianeri
Nato Alphabet quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
1945-1990 - Russophobia
1990-2015 - Islamophobia
2015- ?? - Russophobia AND Islamophobia.
Isnt it time the MI Complex created a new bogey-man? ~ Arindam Mukherjee
Nato Alphabet quotes by Arindam Mukherjee
And if words existed before matter of any kind, before suns and worlds and seas and human beings and fortune-tellers ... well, then an alphabet must have existed even earlier, so that words could be formed. Therefore letters are more fundamental and powerful than anything else a diviner could use to force the secrets of the universe into view. ~ Dean Koontz
Nato Alphabet quotes by Dean Koontz
doves exist, dreamers, and dolls;
killers exist, and doves, and doves;
haze, dioxin, and days; days
exist, days and death; and poems
exist; poems, days, death ~ Inger Christensen
Nato Alphabet quotes by Inger Christensen
For the first time in my life, I became actively interested in a book. Me the sports fanatic, me the game freak, me the only ten-year-old in Illinois with a hate on for the alphabet wanted to know what happened next. ~ William Goldman
Nato Alphabet quotes by William Goldman
I think that I have less conviction than ever that poetry matters - that poetry changes or saves anything or anyone. But, in fact, that's tremendously freeing. If it doesn't matter much, the stakes are lower and you can't really fail. It's insurrection. It's a tiny alphabet revolution. A secret. A psalm. ~ Daphne Gottlieb
Nato Alphabet quotes by Daphne Gottlieb
We are all the children of Rome, without knowing it. Our months are called after Roman emperors or gods, our summer is July and August, named after Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar. When you people scream fascist at us, you are referring to the rods of authority called fasces by the Romans. The idea of law written down and to be observed equally comes to us from the Romans, and our alphabet comes to us exactly from the Roman. From plumbing to the idea that surrounding someone in battle gives victory, Rome gave them to us. Rome is our common, civilized roots, so deep that many of us in the West do not even realize it unless we are educated to it. Rome is our intellectual father, and we have been living off its remnants for two thousand years. ~ Richard Sapir
Nato Alphabet quotes by Richard Sapir
I think there is a good deal of promise in those discussions as well. I think there is a range of matters that might be discussed between NATO and Russia that can provide a mechanism for talking through these issues, a way to give reassurance on these issues. ~ Warren Christopher
Nato Alphabet quotes by Warren Christopher
Love is like figures,the more you count the sooner you realize it is uncountable because figures has no end but once it has an ending it is an alphabet and that is hatred. ~ Oluwatosin Thomas
Nato Alphabet quotes by Oluwatosin Thomas
Failure in Afghanistan would have profound consequences for our national security. It would undermine the NATO alliance structure that has been the bedrock of Britain's defence for the last 60 years ... I will not allow this to happen on my watch. ~ Bob Ainsworth
Nato Alphabet quotes by Bob Ainsworth
To be an ally is a formal military alliance. And we have a formal military alliance in NATO. But we are partners with other countries all across the world. And they're - they will be a partner. ~ Joe Biden
Nato Alphabet quotes by Joe Biden
I was taught the alphabet by my aunts before I was four years old, and I was reading the Bible in class and beginning geography when I was six. ~ Simon Newcomb
Nato Alphabet quotes by Simon Newcomb
Alphabet soup is my magic eight ball. Served hot or cold, words are delicious. ~ Amanda Mosher
Nato Alphabet quotes by Amanda Mosher
Love has its own communication. It's the language of the heart, while it has never been transcribed, has no alphabet, and can't be heard or spoken by voice, it is used by every human on the planet. It is written on our souls, scripted by the finger of God, and we can hear, understand, and speak it with perfection long before we open our eyes for the first time. ~ Charles Martin
Nato Alphabet quotes by Charles Martin
He who is educated by anxiety is educated by possibility… When such a person, therefore, goes out from the school of possibility, and knows more thoroughly than a child knows the alphabet that he demands of life absolutely nothing, and that terror, perdition, annihilation, dwell next door to every man, and has learned the profitable lesson that every dread which alarms may the next instant become a fact, he will then interpret reality differently… ~ Søren Kierkegaard
Nato Alphabet quotes by Søren Kierkegaard
You're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe. If you look at the entire NATO Europe today, the center of gravity is shifting to the east. And there are a lot of new members. And if you just take the list of all the members of NATO and all of those who have been invited in recently
what is it? Twenty-six, something like that?
you're right. Germany has been a problem, and France has been a problem. ~ Donald Rumsfeld
Nato Alphabet quotes by Donald Rumsfeld
For the United States to be a global leader, we have to have a very tight relationship with Europe. And we've held that relationship since 1949 when we established the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO. NATO is the bond. It's a security bond. ~ Wesley Clark
Nato Alphabet quotes by Wesley Clark
There are only twenty-six letters in the English alphabet. You would think there would only be so much you could do with twenty-six letters. You would think there were only so many ways those letters could make you feel when mixed up and shoved together to make words. However, there are infinite ways those twenty-six letters can make a person feel, and this song is living proof. ~ Colleen Hoover
Nato Alphabet quotes by Colleen Hoover
Although culture is a creation of speech, it is recreated anew by every medium of communication - from painting to hieroglyphs to the alphabet to television. Each medium, like language itself, makes possible a unique mode of discourse by providing a new orientation for thought, for expression, for sensibility. ~ Neil Postman
Nato Alphabet quotes by Neil Postman
Most Americans - professing Christians - for a fairly long time thought that slavery was simply "where people are these days." Is it really loving to set aside the truth about sin and judgment and even to downplay the person and work of Christ as its answer simply because these are not the questions that are being asked by unbelievers? Imagine our elementary school teachers deciding that they will no longer teach the alphabet because the children aren't interested in learning it. ~ Michael S. Horton
Nato Alphabet quotes by Michael S. Horton
Do you know what we call windows in Belgrade?' she asked. All our windows are broken and crisscrossed with scotch tape. 'Windows 99. ~ Jasmina Tesanovic
Nato Alphabet quotes by Jasmina Tesanovic
Conversations with my counterparts in Europe have made clear that many of them recognize NATO's limitations and understand the need for reform. ~ Sergei Lavrov
Nato Alphabet quotes by Sergei Lavrov
I sometimes suffer from insomnia. And when I can't fall asleep, I play what I call the alphabet game. ~ Roz Chast
Nato Alphabet quotes by Roz Chast
If plan A doesn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters - 204 if you're in Japan. ~ Claire Cook
Nato Alphabet quotes by Claire Cook
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