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Difficult trainers were the ones most willing to take a chance with a green jockey, and Bill Chandler was a prince compared to Otto Laing. ~ Bev Pettersen
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Bev Pettersen
My first winner was on Legal Steps, in Ireland, at Thurles, in March 1992. I rode for Jim Bolger, and his stable jockey was Christy Roche. ~ Tony McCoy
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Tony McCoy
She's the queen of the herd."
"May I touch her?"
"If she'll let you. She doesn't take to strangers well."
I took a hesitant step forward and reached out my hand. Terror approached me with confidence, then ducked her muzzle beneath my palm. Once she came closer, for a moment, I feared she was going to trample me. But then she brushed gently against my side.
"She wants you to ride her." Jockey looked at me. "This is an honor."
All thoughts of bailing out quietly went to hell with that statement. Why not? How often did you get a chance to ride a Night Mare? ~ Donna Augustine
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Donna Augustine
I am not one of the people who believe that the main reason why a chap becomes a bookmaker is because he is too scared to steal and too heavy to become a jockey. ~ Noel Whitcomb
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Noel Whitcomb
For 'Prometheus,' I came back to a very simple question that haunted me that appears in the first 'Alien,' and no one answered in subsequent Alien films: who was the 'Space Jockey' - the big guy in the seat? If you really go into that, it becomes the basis for a pretty interesting story. ~ Ridley Scott
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Ridley Scott
I used to listen to the radio, and when I was about 18 years old, B.B. King was a disc jockey and he had a radio program, 15 minutes a day, over in West Memphis, Arkansas, and he would play the blues. ~ Koko Taylor
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Koko Taylor
I used to play - when I first started trying to be professional, I disk jockey from 1949 to 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee, and I was quite popular there as a disk jockey. ~ B.B. King
Napravnik Jockey quotes by B.B. King
Before I was an actor I was an apprentice jockey, and now I'm out there racing against boys, sort of the spokesperson for people over 50 that they can do it. ~ Davy Jones
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Davy Jones
Parker joined him and geared up, fast and efficient. That, and the fact Frazer was sending him out with Matt into a dangerous situation, told him the rumors were true. The guy wasn't your typical desk-jockey, computer nerd. ~ Toni Anderson
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Toni Anderson
Spider Jockey - spider jockeys are spiders that have a skeleton riding them. They rarely spawn, but if they do, unless you have a lot of arrows and a huge space, you need to run for your life. ~ Gerone Adams
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Gerone Adams
When I was 7, I wanted to be a jockey. My father told me women weren't allowed. I couldn't believe it. I was perfectly willing to fail on my own merits, but to be flunked at birth? ~ Mavis Leno
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Mavis Leno
I wanted to be a jockey. ~ Davy Jones
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Davy Jones
Jockey Wilson, he comes from the valleys and he's chuffing like a choo-choo train! ~ Sid Waddell
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Sid Waddell
Falsehood is the jockey of misfortune. ~ Jean Giraudoux
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Jean Giraudoux
There's more than one thing I can't do and there are a lot more things than that that you can't do or you wouldn't be in the newspaper business. You'd be a jockey and a scholar and a connoisseur of femininity like I am ~ Laura Hillenbrand
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
The National is about however long it takes to run that race - eight minutes of fame - but champion jockey is about racing 365 days a year. I actually wouldn't swap any of my winners for the National. ~ Tony McCoy
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Tony McCoy
I don't like to start anything, ever, but if they're going to try to intimidate me, I like to just stand there and say, 'Sorry, it ain't gonna happen.' I'm shy but I'm badass. I'm not shy in a timid way, just shy in a way that I'm not comfortable with people. ~ Rosie Napravnik
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Rosie Napravnik
Acting is something that I always wanted, but I never paid attention to the notion that it might actually work out. You have all sorts of ideas about what you want to do - at one stage, I wanted to be a jockey - but this is the one that's a big deal. ~ Olivia Thirlby
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Olivia Thirlby
The day Spenkelink was put to death a popular Jacksonville disc jockey aired a recording of sizzling bacon and dedicated it to the doomed man. ~ Stephen G. Michaud
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Stephen G. Michaud
Miss Jenkyns wore a cravat, and a little bonnet like a jockey-cap, and altogether had the appearance of a strong-minded woman; although she would have despised the modern idea of women being equal to men. Equal, indeed! she knew they were superior. ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
What's-his-name had started out with all the promise of a wild stallion gallop, but he'd ended up more of a gentle trot. I didn't know if the fault lay with the jockey or the ride, but it had been a long time since I'd seen a finish line. ~ Deborah Wilde
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Deborah Wilde
He was halfway to the house, thinking to set the cabbage inside the kitchen door,when a brown blur thundered past him.
Joanna Robbins tore out of the barn astride a magnificent chestnut quarter horse. She leaned forward in the saddle,hat flopping against her back, hair streaming out behind her in a wild curly mass as she urged her mount to a full-out gallop. Unable to do anything but stare, Crockett stood dumbstruck as she raced past.
She was the most amazing horsewoman he'd ever seen. Joanna Robbins. The shy creature who claimed painting and reading were her favorite pastimes had just bolted across the yard like a seasoned jockey atop Thoroughbred. She might have inherited her mother's grace and manners, but the woman rode like her outlaw father.Maybe better. ~ Karen Witemeyer
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Karen Witemeyer
nine categories of value ideas: Graham-style deep value, Greenblatt-style magic formula, small-cap value, sum-of-the-parts or hidden value, superinvestor favorites, jockey stocks, special situations, equity stubs, and international value investments. ~ John Mihaljevic
Napravnik Jockey quotes by John Mihaljevic
DJs used to be American heroes. No more. Today, being a disk jockey is generally regarded as being slightly more respectable than snatching purses for a living, or robbing graves. ~ Larry Lujack
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Larry Lujack
A jump jockey has to throw his heart over the fence - and then go over and catch it. ~ Dick Francis
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Dick Francis
I do remember in high school I wanted to be a disc jockey. ~ Calvin Trillin
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Calvin Trillin
Did you know that when a guy comes, he comes 200 million sperm? And you're trying to tell me that your child is special because one out of 200 million
that load! we're talking one load!
connected. Gee, what are the fucking odds? 200 million; you know what that means? I have wiped civilizations off my chest with a gray gym sock. That is special. Entire nations have flaked and crusted in the hair around my navel! That is special. And I want you to remember that, you two egg-carrying beings out there, with that holier-than-thou "we have the gift of life" attitude. I've tossed universes ... in my underpants ... while napping! Boom! A milky way shoots into my jockey shorts, "Aaaah, what's for fucking breakfast? ~ Bill Hicks
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Bill Hicks
From the circumstances of my position, I was often thrown into the society of horse-racers, card-players, fox-hunters, scientific and professional men, and of dignified men; and many a time have I asked myself, in the enthusiastic moment of the death of a fox, the victory of a favorite horse, the issue of a question eloquently argued at the bar, or in the great council of the nation, well, which of these kinds of reputation should I prefer? That of a horse-jockey, a fox-hunter, an orator, or the honest advocate of my country's rights? ~ Thomas Jefferson
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Thomas Jefferson
I don't want to smoke cigars or go to stag parties, wear jockey shorts or pick up the check. ~ Shelley Winters
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Shelley Winters
The racehorse, by virtue of his awesome physical gifts, freed the jockey from himself. When a horse and a jockey flew over the track together, there were moments in which the man's mind wedded itself to the animal's body to form something greater than the sum of both parts. ~ Laura Hillenbrand
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
I was a singing disc jockey who heard every type of music there was - and loved it all. ~ B.B. King
Napravnik Jockey quotes by B.B. King
I think one of the most humiliating moments of my life was putting on spandex, personally. It's always nice when four women pull you into spandex when you're in jockey shorts. Yeah. ~ Michael Chiklis
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Michael Chiklis
I've had a passion for horses since I was very young - I used to sit on the floor in front of the races on television and pretend to be a jockey - and I first began reading the racing form on the set of 'The Partridge Family.' ~ David Cassidy
Napravnik Jockey quotes by David Cassidy
Michael Roberts is a great rider and a great tactician; he was always using his brain in a race. His determination to become champion jockey was unswerving. He worked night and day, day and night to do it. You must have tunnel vision to become champion jockey: you must almost block everything else out, and he did that perfectly. ~ Steve Cauthen
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Steve Cauthen
We left modesty in the dust a ways back – around the first time she played jockey on my face. ~ Emma Chase
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Emma Chase
When I was a child, I wanted to be a jockey. I love horses, but it's not practical to have one in London. I also wanted to be an accountant, which isn't glamorous at all, but my dad was one, and I quite liked maths. ~ Lydia Leonard
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Lydia Leonard
I had written a tune called 'Shake, Rattle and Roll,' but the white stations refused to play it - they thought it was low-class black music. We thought what we needed was a new name. But a white disc jockey named Alan Freed laid on it, and he thought up the name 'rock n' roll.' ~ Jesse Stone
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Jesse Stone
When I started off riding, you dream about being champion jockey. Then I wanted to be champion jockey again. Then I wanted to ride 200 winners in a season. Then, when there was a chance of riding more winners than Richard Dunwoody, that was my goal. ~ Tony McCoy
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Tony McCoy
Offering multiple games to reach such a broad audience is a great way to create awareness about horse racing. Obviously, my favorite is the jockey game. It's very realistic. ~ Chantal Sutherland
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Chantal Sutherland
Unsoundness in a slave, as well as in a horse, detracts materially from his value. If no warranty is given, a close examination is a matter of particular importance to the Negro jockey. ~ Solomon Northup
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Solomon Northup
A man can be a hero if he is a scientist, or a soldier, or a drug addict, or a disc jockey, or a crummy mediocre politician. A man can be a hero because he suffers and despairs; or because he thinks logically and analytically; or because he is sensitive; or because he is cruel. Wealth establishes a man as a hero, and so does poverty. Virtually any circumstance in a man's life will make him a hero to some group of people and has a mythic rendering in the culture
in literature, art, theater, or the daily newspapers. ~ Andrea Dworkin
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Andrea Dworkin
Comin thro' the Rye"

[First Setting]
Comin thro' the rye, poor body,
Comin thro' the rye,
She draigl't a' her petticoatie
Comin thro' the rye.

Oh Jenny 's a' weet poor body
Jenny 's seldom dry,
She draigl't a' her petticoatie
Comin thro' the rye.

Gin a body meet a body
Comin thro' the rye,
Gin a body kiss a body -
Need a body cry.
Oh Jenny 's a' weet, &c.

Gin a body meet a body
Comin thro' the glen;
Gin a body kiss a body -
Need the warld ken!
Oh Jenny 's a' weet, &c.

[Second Setting]
Gin a body meet a body, comin thro' the rye,
Gin a body kiss a body, need a body cry;
Ilka body has a body, ne'er a ane hae I;
But a' the lads they loe me, and what the waur am I.

Gin a body meet a body, comin frae the well,
Gin a body kiss a body, need a body tell;
Ilka body has a body, ne'er a ane hae I,
But a the lads they loe me, and what the waur am I.

Gin a body meet a body, comin frae the town,
Gin a body kiss a body, need a body gloom;
Ilka Jenny has her Jockey, ne'er a ane hae I,
But a' the lads they loe me, and what the waur am I. ~ Robert Burns
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Robert Burns
The twins ran as fast as their legs could carry them. The Blissworm held on to Conner's helmet like a jockey clutching the reins of a racehorse. It even slapped Conner's bottom as if that would make him run faster. "Cut it out!" he said. "That hurts! ~ Chris Colfer
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Chris Colfer
Sir Gordon Richards was the most successful jockey - flat or jumps - there's ever been: champion jockey for 26 years. He set a record of 269 winners in the season 55 years before I broke it. That was my greatest achievement. ~ Tony McCoy
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Tony McCoy
At first I wanted to be a jockey. I rode horses in Cleveland but I kept falling off and I was afraid of horses. So there wasn't much of a future in it. ~ Tim Conway
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Tim Conway
I've lived out many of the dreams I had as a little girl, back when I was riding my pony, mucking stalls, feeding cows, aspiring to finally become a professional jockey and racing in stakes races on a worldwide stage. ~ Chantal Sutherland
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Chantal Sutherland
When we ask what ought to be the relative remunerations of a nurse or a butcher, or a coal miner and a judge at a high court, of the deep sea diver of the cleaner of sewers, of the organiser of a new industry and a jockey, of the inspector of taxes and the inventor of a life-saving drug, of the jet-pilot or the professor of mathematics, the appeal to 'social justice' does not give us the slightest help in deciding ... ~ Friedrich August Von Hayek
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
Italy still has a provincial sophistication that comes from its long history as a collection of city states. That, combined with a hot climate, means that the Italians occupy their streets and squares with much greater ease than the English. The resultant street life is very rich, even in small towns like Arezzo and Gaiole, fertile ground for the peeping Tom aspect of an actor's preparation. I took many trips to Siena, and was struck by its beauty, but also by the beauty of the Siennese themselves. They are dark, fierce, and aristocratic, very different to the much paler Venetians or Florentines. They have always looked like this, as the paintings of their ancestors testify. I observed the groups of young people, the lounging grace with which they wore their clothes, their sense of always being on show. I walked the streets, they paraded them. It did not matter that I do not speak a word of Italian; I made up stories about them, and took surreptitious photographs. I was in Siena on the final day of the Palio, a lengthy festival ending in a horse race around the main square. Each district is represented by a horse and jockey and a pair of flag-bearers. The day is spent by teams of supporters with drums, banners, and ceremonial horse and rider processing round the town singing a strange chanting song. Outside the Cathedral, watched from a high window by a smiling Cardinal and a group of nuns, with a huge crowd in the Cathedral Square itself, the supporters passed, and to drum r ~ Roger Allam
Napravnik Jockey quotes by Roger Allam
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