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Then she heard tiny moaning noises coming from the direction of the object. It sounded almost human. She couldn't leave without knowing what it was.
She approached it, reached out, and lifted the branch. About as long as her hand and pink, it resembled a piece of flesh. She identified it immediately…after all, she'd seen another one just this morning.
It was a penis.
One side had a rounded end, bisected by a gentle indentation with a small irregular hole in the center. On the other end, it still bore its testicles in their dark red sac. If it had ever belonged to a man, the wound had disappeared completely, as Vesper could see no place where it appeared hacked off or scarred. ~ Colleen Chen
Murlock Hacked quotes by Colleen Chen
JOHN: you hacked my dad's wallet?? ~ Andrew Hussie
Murlock Hacked quotes by Andrew Hussie
The ones we choose to love become our anchorwhen the hawser of the blood-tie's hacked, or frays. ~ Tony Harrison
Murlock Hacked quotes by Tony Harrison
If they let you out," Kaltain said, both of them staring into the blackness of their prisons, "make sure that they're punished someday. Every last one of them."
Celaena listened to her own breathing, felt Chaol's blood under her nails, and the blood of all those men she'd hacked down, and the coldness of Nehemia's room, where all that gore had soaked the bed.
"They will be," Celaena swore to the darkness.
She had nothing left to give, except that. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Murlock Hacked quotes by Sarah J. Maas
According to the old joke, married people are often like little boys bathing, who cry with chattering teeth to the boys on the shore, 'Do come in, it's so warm' - it is not always warm. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
We are so scornful when we are young! ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Chopper Read attended a writing school I gave for inmates at Risdon Prison in Hobart many years ago. Even if I hadn't known about his hacked-off ears and his criminal history, I'd have found him powerful and compelling. ~ Garry Disher
Murlock Hacked quotes by Garry Disher
I understand that most iPhone users want a phone that can do other nifty things, not a general purpose computer that happens to make phone calls. Strict control over apps minimizes the chances that someone will find their phone hacked or virus-laden. ~ Jamais Cascio
Murlock Hacked quotes by Jamais Cascio
Private Zombie, you are a disgrace to the species. I've hacked up lugies tougher than you. You make me think the enemy was right about the human race. You should be ground up for slop and passed out a hog's shithole! Well, what are you waiting for, you stinking bag of regurgitated puke, an effing invitation? ~ Rick Yancey
Murlock Hacked quotes by Rick Yancey
It is well-known that there are many faces in the world over the finishing of which nature did not take much trouble, did not employ any fine tools such as files, gimlets, and so on, but simply hacked them out with round strokes: one chop-a nose appears; another chop-lips appear; eyes are scooped out with a big drill; and she lets it go into the world rough-hewn, saing: ALIVE! ~ Nikolai Gogol
Murlock Hacked quotes by Nikolai Gogol
Words aren't just sounds or shapes. They're meaning. That's what language is: a protocol for transferring meaning. When you learn English, you train your brain to react in a particular way to particular sounds. As it turns out, the protocol can be hacked. ~ Max Barry
Murlock Hacked quotes by Max Barry
In Highland New Guinea, now Popua New Guinea, a British district officer named James Taylor contacted a mountain village, above three thousand feet, whose tribe had never seen any trace of the outside world. It was the 1930s. He described the courage of one villager. One day, on the airstrip hacked from the mountains near his village, this man cut vines and lashed himself to the fuselage of Taylor's airplane shortly before it took off. He explained calmly to his loved ones that, no matter what happened to him, he had to see where it came from. ~ Annie Dillard
Murlock Hacked quotes by Annie Dillard
The diversity of sounds rule my ever presence with their highs and blows, encompassing the totality of sensual experience. I'm a child of the sirens of knowledge, a warrior for the truth in a world of washed perspectives and harsh realities. My voice cries the initial cry of the unborn into the perplexing illusion. I long for the realization of the human drama, the defeat of the dogs war, and the unity of existence. The beloved Gods of virtue have been undersold for the bleeding bread of empathy. I now awaist the triumphant roar of destiny, dressed in the inviting hand of a mother, perplexed by discovering, aroused by spirit. The door is open, the road transformed. The exit code to civilization is hacked beyond dispair, chased but the moon toward the freeing sun, on our journey to light. This is an open plea to the beautiful insanity of your hearts. It is time to consummate the kiss of oblivion into the obsidian of love! ~ Serj Tankian
Murlock Hacked quotes by Serj Tankian
Turn on all security features like two-factor authentication. People who do that generally don't get hacked. Don't care? You will when you get hacked. Do the same for your email and other social services, too. ~ Robert Scoble
Murlock Hacked quotes by Robert Scoble
Be loving, and you will never want for love; be humble, and you will never want for guiding. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
The power of being a student is not just that it is an extended period of instruction, it also places the ego and ambition in someone else's hands. There is a sort of ego ceiling imposed-one knows that is not better than the "master" he apprentices under. Not even close. You defer to them, you subsume yourself. You cannot fake or bullshit them. An education can't be hacked; there are no shortcuts besides hacking it every single day. If you don't , they drop you. ~ Ryan Holiday
Murlock Hacked quotes by Ryan Holiday
From top to bottom we have: the seducers whipped by demons ... the flatterers adrift in human excrement ... the clerical profiteers half buried upside down with their legs in the air ... the sorcerers with their heads twisted backward ... the corrupt politicians in boiling pitch ... the hypocrites wearing heavy leaden cloaks ... the thieves bitten by snakes ... the fraudulent counselors consumed by fire ... the sowers of discord hacked apart by demons ... and finally, the liars, who are diseased beyond recognition. ~ Dan Brown
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dan Brown
Those whose own light is quenched are often the light-bringers. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
My phone dings and before I can pick it up, it dings several more times. I catch sly grins and snickers in my direction from my 'friends' and I just know that this can not be good. I check my phone to find that there's several updates on Facebook. Oh, no.

[Bradley Patrick is marrier to Colleen Frasier Patrick)]

[Bradely Patrick likes Colleen Frasier Patrick's status]

My eyes grown wide and I see that all of my 'friends' like my status. But I haven't been on Facebook since we left Boston. What the fuck? And why has my name changed!

[Colleen Frasier Patrick is having lunch with 'the hubs' Bradley Patrick]

Who hacked my Facebook account? I glare around at each of them. I can't tell who did it. They all look guilty. I try to log into my account, but the password has been changed. Who changed my password? I know I'm screaming but I can't stop myself. They all burst out laughing. ~ J.C. Emery
Murlock Hacked quotes by J.C. Emery
Her gaze went with her, into a room with walls of frozen earth, and a floor the same, the latter split from corner to corner, and a fissure opened in it from which a flame column rose four or five times the size of a man. There was bitter cold off it rather than heat, and no reassuring flicker in its heart. Instead its innards churned upon themselves, turning over and over some freight of stuff which she failed to recognize at first, but her appalled stare rapidly interpreted. There was a body in the fire, hacked limb from limb, human enough that she recognized it as flesh, but no more than that. Baphomet's doing presumably, some torment visited on a transgressor. Boone said the Baptizer's name even now, and she readied herself for sight of its face. She had it too, but from inside the flame, as the creature there--not dead, but alive, not Midian's subject, but its creator--rolled its head over in the turmoil of flame and looked her way. This was Baphomet. This diced and divided thing. Seeing its face, she screamed. No story or movie screen, no desolation, no bliss, had prepared her for the maker of Midian. Sacred it must be, as anything so extreme must be sacred. A thing beyond things. Beyond love or hatred or their sum, beyond the beautiful or the monstrous or their sum. Beyond, finally, her mind's power to comprehend or catalog. ~ Clive Barker
Murlock Hacked quotes by Clive Barker
Your company is probably going to get hacked. The velocity and complexity of hacking attempts has skyrocketed, with companies routinely facing millions of knocks on the vault door. ~ Nina Easton
Murlock Hacked quotes by Nina Easton
It is a fairly open secret that almost all systems can be hacked, somehow. It is a less spoken of secret that such hacking has actually gone quite mainstream. ~ Dan Kaminsky
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dan Kaminsky
About the greatest virtue a friend can have, is to be able to hold her tongue; and through this, like all virtues carried to extremity, may grow into a fault, and do great harm, still, it never can do so much harm as that horrible laxity and profligacy of speech which is a the root of half the quarrels, cruelties, and injustices of the world. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Keep your Firewall on: Another tactic of preventing yourself from getting hacked is to keep your computer Firewall on. You may put it on automated mode, so that whenever you turn on your PC, it automatically gets on. Stop trusting wares sites: Most of the malwares born and grows in the dig of the wares sites. So stop trusting such sites. Do not go for any of the bid mentioned on such sites. Avoid the offers offered on such sites. Don't run the exe programs: The used programs often contain malwares and so on. So, stop using the programs ~ The Hacking Boy
Murlock Hacked quotes by The Hacking Boy
My father had once told me the story of how, when he was in the work camp, a truckload of giant logs was brought in to be chopped. He was on ax duty with a gang of twelve. It was a dreadfully hot summer and each swing of the blade was torture. He hacked at a log and there was the unmistakable sound of metal hitting metal. He bent down and found a mushroom-shaped chunk of lead embedded in the trunk. A bullet. He counted the rings from the perimeter to the bullet and found they matched his age exactly.

We never escape ourselves, he said to me years later. ~ Colum McCann
Murlock Hacked quotes by Colum McCann
The world! It is a word capable of as diverse interpretations or misinterpretations as the thing itself a thing by various people supposed to belong to heaven, man, or the devil, or alternatively to all three. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
One lesson I have learned the hard way, and there will not be any such thing in the White House. Although, I am quick to add, there's no evidence that it was ever hacked. And unfortunately, you can't say that for a lot of the government. ~ Hillary Clinton
Murlock Hacked quotes by Hillary Clinton
Hacking is a talent. You won't learn it at school. It's like being Messi or C.Ronaldo. If you were born to become a Hacker, it's your destiny. Otherwise, you'll be Hacked. ~ Amine Essiraj
Murlock Hacked quotes by Amine Essiraj
The Internet opens up so many doors. It's a phenomenal tool for education but also a way for people to be scary and dangerous. We're living in a world where we can be hacked and exposed. ~ Christian Slater
Murlock Hacked quotes by Christian Slater
The rule is: the word 'it's' (with apostrophe) stands for 'it is' or 'it has'. If the word does not stand for 'it is' or 'it has' then what you require is 'its'. This is extremely easy to grasp. Getting your itses mixed up is the greatest solecism in the world of punctuation. No matter that you have a PhD and have read all of Henry James twice. If you still persist in writing, 'Good food at it's best', you deserve to be struck by lightning, hacked up on the spot and buried in an unmarked grave. ~ Lynne Truss
Murlock Hacked quotes by Lynne Truss
She felt him tense again. When he spoke, every word sounded as if it was being hacked from a chunk of ice by a lethally sharp sword. ~ Julia Byrne
Murlock Hacked quotes by Julia Byrne
As we sail through life towards death,
Bound unto the same port
Friend, what years could us divide? ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
All the biggest companies are based on a founder who had a need, hacked it together, and said, 'Hey, other people might want this.' ~ Ron Conway
Murlock Hacked quotes by Ron Conway
Time apparently did nothing but blunt grief's sharpest edge so that it hacked rather than sliced. ~ Stephen King
Murlock Hacked quotes by Stephen King
Though it is folly to suppose that happiness is a matter of volition, and that we can make ourselves content and cheerful whenever we choose a theory that many poor hypochondriacs are taunted with till they are nigh driven mad yet, on the other hand, no sane mind is ever left without the power of self-discipline and self-control in a measure, which measure increases in proportion as it is exercised. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Where men had once howled and hacked at one another, and fought nip-and-tuck with nature as well, the machines hummed and whirred and clicked, and made parts for baby carriages and bottle caps, motorcycles and refrigerators, television sets and tricycles-the fruits of peace. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Murlock Hacked quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
Hackers are breaking the systems for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business. ~ Kevin Mitnick
Murlock Hacked quotes by Kevin Mitnick
A lost love. Deny it who will, ridicule it, treat it as mere imagination and sentiment, the thing is and will be; and women do suffer therefrom, in all its infinite varieties: loss by death, by faithlessness or unworthiness, and by mistaken or unrequited affection. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
It was a cough hacked into the face of the establishment. ~ Hallie Rubenhold
Murlock Hacked quotes by Hallie Rubenhold
And Samuel said, "As your sword has made women childless, so shall your mother be childless among women." And Samuel hacked Agag to pieces before the LORD in Gilgal. ~ Anonymous
Murlock Hacked quotes by Anonymous
No virtue ever was founded on a lie. The truth, then, at all risks and costs the truth from the beginning. Make a clean breast to whomsoever you need to make it, and then face the world. ~ Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Murlock Hacked quotes by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
Body parts really don't like to be cut, stabbed or hacked into sections, and they express their anger by leaking all over the fuck. Jesus, we're, like, seventy percent water or something? And you learn that's so fucking true when you go to a fresh scene. Pools of it. Drips of it. Speckles of it. Then you got the stained clothes, rugs, bedsheets, walls, flooring - or if it's outside, the ground cover, the concrete, the asphalt. And then there's the smell. Blood, sweat, urine, other shit. That juicy bouquet will get in your sinuses and stay there for hours afterward." He shook his head again. "The older cases . . . the smell is worse than the mess. Water deaths, with the bloating, are just ugly - and if that gas that's built up gets out? The stench will knock you on your ass. And I don't know, I wasn't too crazy for the burn deaths either. I mean, you'd think we'd realize we're not different than any other mammal - cooked meat is cooked meat, period. But I've never seen a grown man puke up his coffee and donuts over a medium rare T-bone. ~ J.R. Ward
Murlock Hacked quotes by J.R. Ward
A 17-year-old girl in Australia hacked into my e-mail while I was on it, Then a 15-year-old girl in England did the same thing. ~ Robert Pattinson
Murlock Hacked quotes by Robert Pattinson
A Sag Harbor ship visited his father's bay, and Queequeg sought a passage to Christian lands. But the ship, having her full complement of seamen, spurned his suit; and not all the King his father's influence could prevail. But Queequeg vowed a vow. Alone in his canoe, he paddled off to a distant strait, which he knew the ship must pass through when she quitted the island. On one side was a coral reef; on the other a low tongue of land, covered with mangrove thickets that grew out into the water. Hiding his canoe, still afloat, among these thickets, with its prow seaward, he sat down in the stern, paddle low in hand; and when the ship was gliding by, like a flash he darted out; gained her side; with one backward dash of his foot capsized and sank his canoe; climbed up the chains; and throwing himself at full length upon the deck, grappled a ring-bolt there, and swore not to let it go, though hacked in pieces. ~ Herman Melville
Murlock Hacked quotes by Herman Melville
It's true, I had hacked into a lot of companies, and took copies of the source code to analyze it for security bugs. If I could locate security bugs, I could become better at hacking into their systems. It was all towards becoming a better hacker. ~ Kevin Mitnick
Murlock Hacked quotes by Kevin Mitnick
You need to learn to write on demand, and to get critiqued without flinching. When someone can rip your work to shreds without it feeling as though your arm has been hacked off, you're ready to send your novel off to an agent. ~ Jodi Picoult
Murlock Hacked quotes by Jodi Picoult
The president receives an inspector general's report that the Office of Personnel Management could be hacked into; they had antiquated firewalls; 23 million files have been - are in the hands of the Chinese allegedly, including, by the way, members of the press, it turns out, last week. Maybe that's the only part that's good news, so that you guys can get a feel for what it's like now to see this type of attack. ~ Jeb Bush
Murlock Hacked quotes by Jeb Bush
In the distant past, in what might be described as the Golden Days of War, the business of wreaking havoc on your neighbours (these being the only people you could logistically expect to wreak havoc upon) was uncomplicated. You - the King - pointed at the next-door country and said, "I want me one of those!" Your vassals - stalwart fellows selected for heft and musculature rather than brain - said, "Yes, my liege," or sometimes, "What's in it for me?" but broadly speaking they rode off and burned, pillaged, slaughtered and hacked until either you were richer by a few hundred square miles of forest and farmland, or you were rudely arrested by heathens from the other side who wanted a word in your shell-like ear about cross-border aggression. It was a personal thing, and there was little doubt about who was responsible for kicking it off, because that person was to be found in the nicest room of a big stone house wearing a very expensive hat. ~ Nick Harkaway
Murlock Hacked quotes by Nick Harkaway
Two of us in this room, Ace, two keycards," he said and my eyes went to him. When they did, he jerked his hand, finger extended to the door. "Know what this is?"
"A door?" I asked stupidly.
"A peephole," he bit back then moved his hand to flick the security latch closed. "Know what that is?"
"Captain -"
He advanced and the aggressive way he did it made me retreat. It was dawning on me he was pissed and he wasn't pissed at Brad (that's her ex). He was pissed at me.
I stopped when my legs hit the chair to the desk. He stopped when he was in my space. I tilted my head way back to look at him.
"You got great hair, babe."
"Tate -"
"Tate -"
"Tate," I whispered.
"Shame it gets hacked off with a knife after some guy rapes you with that knife!" He finished on a roar.
My body jolted.
"There's bad guys out there, Ace. Bad. Do things to you that'll make you glad you end up dead. You don't open a goddamned door not knowin' who's behind it."
"I thought it was you."
"Well it wasn't."
"Tate - ~ Kristen Ashley
Murlock Hacked quotes by Kristen Ashley
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