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#1. Socialism is an insurance policy bought by all the members of a national economy to shield them from risk. But the result is to shield them from knowledge of the real dangers and opportunities ... - Author: George Gilder
Multi Insurance quotes by George Gilder
#2. This is something the Democrats have talked about, and a goal we share, getting everyone insured, and solving the issue in a Republican way, which is applying a personal responsibility principle (individual mandate), reforming the market (more strictly regulating the insurance companies), and allowing people to buy private health care insurance that they can take with them from job to job that's entirely affordable. So it's a Republican way of solving a problem that we face as a nation. - Author: Mitt Romney
Multi Insurance quotes by Mitt Romney
#3. At the same cost spent on occasional pizzas or dine outs, one can cover premium costs - for lasting protection - with insurance. - Author: Meera Srinivasan
Multi Insurance quotes by Meera Srinivasan
#4. I do not sell life insurance. I sell money. I sell dollars for pennies apiece. My dollars cost 3 cents per dollar per year. - Author: Ben Feldman
Multi Insurance quotes by Ben Feldman
#5. It's the look you give a well-behaved imbecile, an insurance policy against cosmic malevolence. - Author: Dominic Smith
Multi Insurance quotes by Dominic Smith
#6. I want a dyke for president. I want a person with AIDS for president and I want a fag for vice president and I want someone with no health insurance and I want someone who grew up in a place where the earth is so saturated with toxic waste that they didn't have a choice about getting leukemia. I want a president that had an abortion at sixteen and I want a candidate who isn't the lesser of two evils and I want a president who lost their last lover to AIDS, who still sees that in their eyes every time they lay down to rest, who held their lover in their arms and knew they were dying. I want a president with no air-conditioning, a president who has stood in line at the clinic, at the DMV, at the welfare office, and has been unemployed and laid off and sexually harassed and gaybashed and deported. I want someone who has spent the night in the tombs and had a cross burned on their lawn and survived rape. I want someone who has been in love and been hurt, who respects sex, who has made mistakes and learned from them. I want a Black woman for president. I want someone with bad teeth and an attitude, someone who has eaten that nasty hospital food, someone who crossdresses and has done drugs and been in therapy. I want someone who has committed civil disobedience. And I want to know why this isn't possible. I want to know why we started learning somewhere down the line that a president is always a clown. Always a john and never a hooker. Always a boss and never a worker. Always a lia - Author: Zoe Leonard
Multi Insurance quotes by Zoe Leonard
#7. Understand, this is unemployment insurance. It's not welfare, as a lot of my Republican colleagues like to suggest it is. You pay into it when you're working. You get help when you're not. - Author: Sherrod Brown
Multi Insurance quotes by Sherrod Brown
#8. The money will always be a problem even if you're a multi-billionaire. Be happy with what you do. - Author: Sarvesh Jain
Multi Insurance quotes by Sarvesh Jain
#9. In a world where people are divided by sex, race, religion, patriotism, nationality, bipartisanship, and so-called borders, we need more people who are genuine with others and perspicuous with the way the world actually works, despite all the labels and... rhetoric. We need people who are not bound by any specific creed, nation or state, but who subsume them all and are free to create and destroy the many symbols and ideas that float around them, while moving freely and open-mindedly through their social environment. If we would be authentic with our world we should be as resourceful and multi-layered as possible, cultivating a Renaissance spirit. The more abundant our intent, the more epic our presence will be. The more universal our love, the more authentic our journey will be. - Author: Gary McGee
Multi Insurance quotes by Gary McGee
#10. In short: Readily available low-cost life insurance would be a threat to the industry, and whatever threatens the life insurance industry threatens America. - Author: Andrew Tobias
Multi Insurance quotes by Andrew Tobias
#11. Structured settlements are a common way for people who have been injured to receive an insurance payout. The periodic payments provide ongoing income and reduce the risk of blowing a lump sum through poor financial choices. - Author: Suze Orman
Multi Insurance quotes by Suze Orman
#12. I see a poem as a multi-coloured strip behind peeling plaster, in separate, shining fragments. - Author: Stanislaw Lem
Multi Insurance quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#13. For a long time, the scientists have been telling us global warming increases the temperature of the top layer in the ocean, and that causes the average hurricane to become a lot stronger. So, the fact that the ocean temperatures did go up because of global warming, because of man-made global warming, starting around in the seventies and then we had a string of unusually strong hurricanes outside the boundaries of this multi-decadal cycle that is a real factor; there are scientists who point that out, and they're right, but we're exceeding those boundaries now. - Author: Al Gore
Multi Insurance quotes by Al Gore
#14. Time travel? I believe there are people regularly travelling back from the future and interfering with our lives on a daily basis. The evidence is all around us. I'm talking about how every time we make an insurance claim we discover that somehow mysteriously the exact thing we're claiming for is now precisely excluded from our policy. - Author: Douglas Adams
Multi Insurance quotes by Douglas Adams
#15. I came from a poor family, so working and going to school at the same time was natural. It taught me multi-tasking, although we didn't call it that back then. I learned I could never be idle, I need to be doing many things at once. - Author: Alan Dershowitz
Multi Insurance quotes by Alan Dershowitz
#16. I'd like to see the health care professionals making decisions, not some bureaucrat in Indianapolis working for an insurance company. - Author: Chuck Schumer
Multi Insurance quotes by Chuck Schumer
#17. default swaps on subprime mortgage bonds. Only a triple-A-rated corporation could assume such risk, no money down, and no questions asked. Burry was right about this, too, but it would be three years before he knew it. The party on the other side of his bet against subprime mortgage bonds was the triple-A-rated insurance company AIG - American International Group, Inc. Or, rather, a unit of AIG called AIG FP. AIG Financial Products was created - Author: Michael Lewis
Multi Insurance quotes by Michael Lewis
#18. I'm not prepared to make any multi-decade commitments. - Author: Jeff Bezos
Multi Insurance quotes by Jeff Bezos
#19. Then I told myself that as I never gave the Church a thought when I was feeling happy, I could hardly expect it to do anything for me when I wasn't. You can't get insurance money without paying in premiums. - Author: Dodie Smith
Multi Insurance quotes by Dodie Smith
#20. The poorest in America are the sickets. Poor people can't afford preventive care or insurance. The poor don't see doctors. They show up at our doorstep when things are advanced. - Author: Abraham Verghese
Multi Insurance quotes by Abraham Verghese
#21. I have yet to get sued. My father thinks I should get liability insurance. - Author: Jessa Crispin
Multi Insurance quotes by Jessa Crispin
#22. As an actor, you're constantly searching for that great character. Also, being a history buff and learning about people in our past and amazing things that they've done, I came across a book about Howard Hughes and he was set up as basically, the most multi-dimensional character I could ever come across. Often, people have tried to define him in biographies, but no one seems to be able to categorize him. - Author: Leonardo DiCaprio
Multi Insurance quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#23. I came from a family that sometimes didn't have insurance. - Author: Mark T Bertolini
Multi Insurance quotes by Mark T Bertolini
#24. The United States of America took a giant step toward a totalitarian socialist government when the Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare, allowing the individual mandate for the government to force American citizens to buy health insurance whether they want to or not. - Author: Charlie Daniels
Multi Insurance quotes by Charlie Daniels
#25. How are you doing, Harper?" Trent hadn't touched her yet, but he was standing right behind her. She could feel his warm breath on her skin. "A bit light-headed, to be honest." "Put your head down between your knees. It's either the presence of my greatness-which happens all the time, so don't feel bad-or the adrenaline. Take some slow, deep breaths. What you're doing tonight is a huge step." She did as he said. His scuffed black boots disappeared from her line of sight and reappeared a minute later. "Please don't pass out and fall off the bed-my insurance doesn't cover dental."

- Trent & Harper - Author: Scarlett Cole
Multi Insurance quotes by Scarlett Cole
#26. As New York careens toward the modernity of the twentieth century when Gibson girls were transforming themselves into working women, Clara Driscoll enters the male field of stained glass artistry and builds a lively, multi-national, multi-class women's department within Tiffany Studios. - Author: Susan Vreeland
Multi Insurance quotes by Susan Vreeland
#27. Wake up America!
The insurance companies took over health care!
Wake up America!
The pharmaceutical companies took over drug pricing!
Wake up America!
The speculators took over Wall Street!
Wake up America!
They want your Social Security!
Wake up America!
Multinational corporations took over our trade policies!
Wake up America!
We went into Iraq for oil!
WAKE UP AMERICA! - Author: Dennis Kucinich
Multi Insurance quotes by Dennis Kucinich
#28. If we're going to have any chance of sending stuff to other star systems, we need to be laser-focused on becoming a multi-planet civilisation. - Author: Elon Musk
Multi Insurance quotes by Elon Musk
#29. Look, if you have somebody who doesn't have health insurance, who doesn't have a doctor or dentist, and in order to deal with their cold or flu or dental problem, they go to an emergency room - in general, that visit will cost ten times more than walking into a community health center. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Multi Insurance quotes by Bernie Sanders
#30. Sharecropping is the dirty little secret at the root of America's wealth - along with slavery itself. The immense profits generated by the industrious yet impoverished Black "sharecroppers" and "tenant farmers" financed Europe's and America's Industrial Revolution, including the building of their railroads, factories, mills, and their entire infrastructure. It is truthfully asserted that the major cities of America and the Western world were "built with bricks of cotton." Today the debt traps designed to ensnare the working poor and middle class in a lifelong cycle of debt - the high-cost installment loans that charge usurious interest rates of 100% or more, the "payday" loans that charge 400% interest, the extortionate credit card multi-charges, the subprime mortgages with ballooning interest rates, and the home equity loan swindles - are the bastard children of the sharecropping American South. It - Author: Reclamation Project
Multi Insurance quotes by Reclamation Project
#31. Since 2000, no important technology innovation in the United States has been scaled up to create millions of manufacturing, marketing, and engineering jobs here, as personal computers and related industries did. While selling online and social networking are clearly transformational movements that have created entrepreneurial opportunities, fewer than fifty thousand traditional jobs - those with full-time hours, benefits, and health insurance - have been created. - Author: Doug Menuez
Multi Insurance quotes by Doug Menuez
#32. Gene Colan was like no other artist of his generation. His ability to create dramatic, multi-valued tonal illustrations using straight India ink and board was unparalleled. - Author: Jim Lee
Multi Insurance quotes by Jim Lee
#33. I had a problem with cops pulling me over all the time for speeding. When I was doing Hill Street Blues, the cops said how much they loved the show as they were writing me up; meanwhile my insurance went through the roof. - Author: Jennifer Tilly
Multi Insurance quotes by Jennifer Tilly
#34. At this juncture it is important to say something about Exodus 12:7. This verse implies that we are dealing with a ritual that did not involve atoning for sin, but rather was a rite of protection for God's people, a different though not unrelated matter. It involved a blood ritual to avoid God's last blow against the firstborn. Thus Passover and atonement were not originally associated, though apparently by Jesus' day there were some such associations. Notice that nothing at all is said or suggested here about Israel's sin, or about forgiveness. This ceremony is more like an insurance policy. Yes, the blood is to avert divine wrath, but it is not wrath against Israel's particular sins. In this case they simply happened to be too close to the danger zone, or in the line of fire. We must assume that this blood ritual arose before there even was a fully formed priesthood, for it is highly unusual to have such a ritual without any mention of involvement of priests. - Author: Ben Witherington III
Multi Insurance quotes by Ben Witherington III
#35. I walked into Aquagrill and began my experience of trying to help a new restaurant get off the ground. The owners were talented and lovely, but I felt like an imposter in all of our pre-opening meetings. I wanted to earn a living as an actor, and I wanted to pay off my student loans and maybe get some health insurance. - Author: Amy Poehler
Multi Insurance quotes by Amy Poehler

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