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I always write a draft version of the novel in which I try to develop, not the story, not the plot, but the possibilities of the plot. I write without thinking much, trying to overcome all kinds of self-criticism, without stopping, without giving any consideration to the style or structure of the novel, only putting down on paper everything that can be used as raw material, very crude material for later development in the story. ~ Mario Vargas-Llosa
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
When we are children, when we are young, it is natural to love our friends, to be generous to them, to forgive their faults.. But as we grow old and have to earn our bread, friendship does not endure so easily. We must always be on our guard. Our elders no longer look after us, we are no longer content with those simple pleasures of children. Pride grows in us – we wish to become great or powerful or rich, or simply to guard ourself against misfortune. ~ Mario Puzo
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Puzo
Usually when you play a team, you want to focus on one line. Pittsburgh is the only team where you have to focus on one player [Mario Lemieux]. When he's coming toward you, all you see is him. ~ Patrick Roy
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Patrick Roy
I had not even thought of running for president until one day in 1991, at a small fund-raiser, completely unanticipated, someone stood up and said, 'Hey, Mario, in all the years we've supported you, we've never heard you talk about the presidency, and we want to know why not.' ~ Mario Cuomo
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Cuomo
Generosity is the only legitimate selfishness. ~ Mario Benedetti
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Benedetti
Although the skills aren't hard to learn, finding the happiness and finding the satisfaction and finding fulfillment in continuously serving somebody else something good to eat, is what makes a really good restaurant. ~ Mario Batali
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Batali
You can't take a vacation from speed. I probably could have taken more time off and not driven in all the different disciplines, but I wanted to drive, drive and drive. ~ Mario Andretti
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Andretti
Oh, what a wicked world it is that drives a man to sin. ~ Mario Puzo
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Puzo
I love technology - yes, I have fallen in love with older cars, but I'm all for new technology. ~ Mario Andretti
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Andretti
Kurt Cilke liked dogs because they could not conspire. They could not hide hostility, and they were not cunning. They did not lie awake at night planning to rob and murder other dogs. Treachery was beyond their scope. ~ Mario Puzo
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Puzo
The disappearance of any minimal consensus about aesthetic value means that in this field confusion reigns and will continue to reign for a long time, since it is now not possible to discern with any degree of objectivity what it is to have talent or to lack talent, what is beautiful and what is ugly, what work represents something new and durable and what is just a will-o'-the-wisp. ~ Mario Vargas-Llosa
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
The 'futures' and 'careers' for which American students now prepare are for the most part intellectual and moral wastelands. This chrome-plated consumers' paradise would have us grow up to be well-behaved children. But an important minority of men and women coming to the front today have shown they will die rather than be standardized, replaceable, and irrelevant. ~ Mario Savio
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Savio
The beauty of the principle idea of string theory is that all the known elementary particles are supposed to represent merely different vibration modes of the same basic string. Just as a violin or a guitar string can be plucked to produce different harmonics, different vibrational patterns of a basic string correspond to distinct matter particles, such as electrons and quarks. The same applies to the force carriers as well. Messenger particles such as gluons or the W and Z owe their existence to yet other harmonics. Put simply, all the matter and force particles of the standard model are part of the repertoire that strings can play. Most impressively, however, a particular configuration of vibrating string was found to have properties that match precisely the graviton-the anticipated messenger of the gravitational force. This was the first time that the four basic forces of nature have been housed, if tentatively, under one roof. ~ Mario Livio
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Livio
I've always supported the DREAM Act. I'm a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act. ~ Mario Diaz-Balart
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Diaz-Balart
After all, life without living is simply death without dying. ~ - Boyd Beaulieu
Mario Beaulieu quotes by - Boyd Beaulieu
No matter what I do, it somehow comes out right - even if it was a mistake! ~ Mario Montez
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Montez
Memory is a snare, pure and simple; it alters, it subtly rearranges the past to fit the present. ~ Mario Vargas-Llosa
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
Millions of Americans are either underemployed or unemployed. ~ Mario Diaz-Balart
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Diaz-Balart
In general, I think my freedom of invention is not limited when I use historical characters. ~ Mario Vargas-Llosa
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
There's something special about racing in real streets. The 'artificial' circuits have a certain sameness to them. But every race conducted on real streets has a character of its own - Barcelona, Monaco, and now Long Beach. ~ Mario Andretti
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Andretti
There are people with a lot of prejudice, a lot of fear of the unknown. They think that immigration is a danger, when really it is a solution. This is an interesting issue, because it will be a central question of our time. ~ Mario Vargas-Llosa
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
Like they say, you can learn more from a guide in one day than you can in three months fishing alone. ~ Mario Lopez
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Lopez
Look, you're either loved or hated. Which is a good thing, as Bette Davis used to say. ~ Mario Cantone
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Cantone
You know, I think Marco Rubio would be a spectacular candidate for vice president. I think he would energize the country. I think he has a great story. He's bright. He's articulate. ~ Mario Diaz-Balart
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Diaz-Balart
I've always been a fan of Nintendo. My first memories of playing games are on my Nintendo 64 with 'Mario Kart,' so when I found out that Nintendo 3DS made a fashion game, I was drawn to it. 'Style Savvy Trendsetters' is great because anyone can play it. ~ Sarah Hyland
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Sarah Hyland
I do not seek it or desire it. If I must, I will accept the punishment for all my sins. ~ Mario Puzo
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Puzo
Roger reached the conclusion that the hero of his childhood and youth was one of the most unscrupulous villains the West had excreted onto the continent of Africa. ~ Mario Vargas-Llosa
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
If it had only been for the immortality gene, humanity would have eventually managed to turn it back on. At one point in history, they would have embarked on a quest to become immortals, like the gods. But they couldn't and the whole of humanity still can't and won't. ~ Mario Stinger
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Stinger
If Laura was so prolific with poems, and in truth she was, then what was the problem with Megan's request? Couldn't Laura, with a little doing, keep stringing together line after line of words and construct, in time, a novel? It seemed logical, but there was the matter of finding an idea and sustaining it. Only fire could do that. The fire of rebellion.
Mario Vargas Llosa had not used the term "fire" exactly, but rather had discussed the presence of "seditious roots" that could "dynamite the world" the writer inhabited. He claimed that writing stories was an exercise in freedom and quarreling - out-and-out rebellion, whether or not the writer was conscious of it. And this rebellion, Vargas Llosa reminded his readers, was why the Spanish Inquisition had strictly censored works of fiction, prohibiting them for three hundred years in the American colonies. ~ L.L. Barkat
Mario Beaulieu quotes by L.L. Barkat
The most famous Diophantine equation in history is the one known as Fermat's last Theorem, the celebrated statement by Pierre de Fermat (1601-55) that there are no whole number solutions to the equation x^n + y^n = z^n, where n is any number greater than 2. When n = 2, there are many solutions (in fact an infinite number). For instance, 3^2 + 4^2 = 5^2 (9 + 16 = 25); or 12^2 +5^2 = 13^2 (144 + 25 = 169). Miraculously, when we go from n = 2 to n = 3, there are no whole numbers x,y,z that satisfy x^3 + y^3 = z^3, and the same is true for any other value of n that is greater than 2. Appropriately, it was in the margin of the second book of Diophantus's Arithmetica, which Fermat was eagerly reading, that he wrote his extraordinary claim-one that took no fewer than 356 years to prove. ~ Mario Livio
Mario Beaulieu quotes by Mario Livio
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