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It is better to lose your mind than to lose your soul. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Lose Your Mind quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
I want you to let go. i want you to submit. I want to make you lose your mind. I want you to be so far gone that the only word left in your vocabulary is my name. ~ R.K. Lilley
Lose Your Mind quotes by R.K. Lilley
Never get infatuated by pretty things. Never fall in love so deeply that you lose your mind. ~ Ravi Shirurkar
Lose Your Mind quotes by Ravi Shirurkar
We speak about losing our minds as if it is a bad thing. I say, lose your mind. Do it purposefully. Find out who you really are beyond your thoughts and beliefs. Lose your mind, find your soul. ~ Vironika Tugaleva
Lose Your Mind quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
If you lose your mind when in a large group then use someone else's! ~ Stephen Richards
Lose Your Mind quotes by Stephen Richards
When you lose your mind you may as well forget it. ~ Kate McGahan
Lose Your Mind quotes by Kate McGahan
The enemy wants to make you believe that you are powerless over the circumstance of life, that God or no one else loves you and that you are all alone, you are going to lose your mind or that you are not smart enough to get out of this one. I call this the Divide and Conquer Strategy; I believe this one of the enemy's most successful strategies. Simply because, if he can make be feel and believe that you are unloved, not needed, and alone; you become hopeless! But the enemy is a liar! and the Bible calls Him the Father of all lies. ~ Michelle Word Hollis
Lose Your Mind quotes by Michelle Word Hollis
The Buddhists tell us that in order to find yourself, you first have to lose your mind. ~ Sally Brampton
Lose Your Mind quotes by Sally Brampton
May you drink so much that you lose your fear, but not so much that you lose your mind.

May you eat so much that you gain your strength, but not so much that you lose your shape. ~ Shon Mehta
Lose Your Mind quotes by Shon Mehta
What do I call you when I'm making love to you? When I'm fucking you so deep you'll lose your mind?"

~Ryan ~ Sydney Croft
Lose Your Mind quotes by Sydney Croft
How long will I be in here?" I asked.
"Varies," said the guard as he closed the door and locked me in. "Usually until Mrs. Cobrawick thinks you learned your lesson. I hate this job. Try not to lose your mind, girl."
Those were the last words spoken to me for a very long time.
The guard had given me good advice, which turned out to be nearly impossible to follow. ~ Gabrielle Zevin
Lose Your Mind quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
you have to 'lose your mind' before you can come to your senses. ~ Dan Millman
Lose Your Mind quotes by Dan Millman
Now you know I'm a reporter, so you might as well answer my question truthfully, or I'll just keep asking it until you lose your mind. (Susan) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Lose Your Mind quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
If you lose your mind to follow others, you will lose many great things in your life... ~ Yulia Lipovka
Lose Your Mind quotes by Yulia Lipovka
Catch your dreams before they slip away
Dying all the time
Lose your dreams
And you will lose your mind ~ Rolling Stones
Lose Your Mind quotes by Rolling Stones
This isn't about letting you stay in control. This is about making you lose your mind. I say when you're ready, and I plan to take my time getting you there. ~ R.K. Lilley
Lose Your Mind quotes by R.K. Lilley
Each second is a raw drop of blood from your brain
that you must swallow
drop by drop
and don't even start counting
or you'll lose your mind... ~ Luis Valdez
Lose Your Mind quotes by Luis Valdez
You have to really respect your path, or you will lose your mind. ~ Tori Amos
Lose Your Mind quotes by Tori Amos
True love is not practical. True love doesn't always follow the rules. When you are truly in love, you can lose your mind over it. ~ Kate McGahan
Lose Your Mind quotes by Kate McGahan
Follow your heart, but don't lose your mind along the way. ~ Zack W. Van
Lose Your Mind quotes by Zack W. Van
I mean, if you're gonna purposely lose your mind, you want to get it back some day. Don't you? Okay, maybe not. ~ Ellen Hopkins
Lose Your Mind quotes by Ellen Hopkins
And this ain't no place for the weary kind
This ain't no place to lose your mind
This ain't no place to fall behind
Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try ~ Ryan Bingham
Lose Your Mind quotes by Ryan Bingham
We live in a culture that celebrates talent more than integrity, but we've got it backward. Talent depreciates over time. So do intellect and appearance. You will eventually lose your strength and lose your looks. You may even lose your mind. But you don't have to lose your integrity. Integrity is the only thing that doesn't depreciate over time. Nothing takes longer to build than a godly reputation. And nothing is destroyed more quickly by one stroke of sin. That's why it must be celebrated and protected above all else. ~ Mark Batterson
Lose Your Mind quotes by Mark Batterson
You have got to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind ~ Jhene Aiko
Lose Your Mind quotes by Jhene Aiko
They tell you that you'll lose your mind when you grow older. What they don't tell you is that you won't miss it very much. ~ Malcolm Cowley
Lose Your Mind quotes by Malcolm Cowley
It is the conditioned mind that says, 'I'm lost.' Let mind be lost. Lose your mind. Lose your mind inside your heart. ~ Mooji
Lose Your Mind quotes by Mooji
Writers spend three years rearranging 26 letters of the alphabet. It's enough to make you lose your mind day by day. ~ Richard Price
Lose Your Mind quotes by Richard Price
You can't do television shows caring whether or not the network picks you up. You can only do them enjoying the work, because if you're always on pins and needles about whether you'll be picked up, you'll lose your mind. I learned that the hard way. ~ Jon Cryer
Lose Your Mind quotes by Jon Cryer
There's downtime in music, which obviously is necessary or else you'd lose your mind in other ways, but if we're on tour and there's electricity from the audience, if you're getting a good response, then that's the positive side of the mojo where I could feel cocky and just know I'm doing good and then there's a time all of a sudden when you're alone and you just don't know if people will like it. ~ Kurt Vile
Lose Your Mind quotes by Kurt Vile
Lose your mind and come to your senses. ~ Frederick Salomon Perls
Lose Your Mind quotes by Frederick Salomon Perls
You have to lose your mind in order to regain your senses. ~ Dan Millman
Lose Your Mind quotes by Dan Millman
I'm scared, Lane." I let him pull me to his chest and closed my eyes as his arms wrapped around me.

"We'll be ok."

"This isn't one of those Zombie movies. We're not going to find some weird person with a key to the end of this epidemic. If anything, we're probably bunched in with those that are the first to die."

"No way." He pressed his lips to my forehead. "Look. We have the guy who has a girlfriend and a kid, the single handsome guy, when the others get here we'll have the jokers, the one that panics, and the girl who goes off and get herself killed." He frowned. "Only we'll make sure Lizzy doesn't go off on her own." He nodded, satisfied with his analogy. "We have all the key elements of the main cast of characters."

"And what about us? You left us out."
"Well, obviously, I'm the mature and brave one that will keep everyone from panicking." He grinned. "And you'll be the one that ends up rocking in a corner after you lose your mind. ~ Meaka Kyel
Lose Your Mind quotes by Meaka Kyel
Sometimes it's hard to figure out if you are crazy or if it is the world around you that's insane. Sometimes if you don't lose your mind a little bit, there's no way to survive.
You're not broken my daughter, that's what you have to remember. ~ Nadia Hashimi
Lose Your Mind quotes by Nadia Hashimi
To follow the heart, you lose your mind..
To follow your mind, the heart loses ..
Lovingly, let go ..to transcend to a new understanding.. ~ Abha Maryada Banerjee
Lose Your Mind quotes by Abha Maryada Banerjee
I didn't know what to say to her. What do you say to people when they ask how it feels to lose everything? When every planet in your solar system has exploded? ~ Sherman Alexie
Lose Your Mind quotes by Sherman Alexie
There is no other force, no other determining factor, no external cause to the cohesive unfolding of your life's episodes – only your composite inner nature. Change that and you change your life. ~ Thomas Daniel Nehrer
Lose Your Mind quotes by Thomas Daniel Nehrer
The fear in your mind is more dangerous than the tiger in the forest... ~ Radhika
Lose Your Mind quotes by Radhika
If no one answers your call make a stride and walk alone when everyone is closed and shut Open your mind and speak alone If they turn away and desert and the wild path obstacles exerts trample the thorns no matter the hurt And Alone along blood-lined track traverse If no one holds up the light and a fierce storm troubles the night, with the thunder flame of pain ignite your heart, alone,and let it burn bright These ~ David Sunder Singh
Lose Your Mind quotes by David Sunder Singh
All action must be performed with detachment. Regard pain, pleasure; gain, loss; victory, defeat as equal. Battle for battle's sake with your mind completely on what you must do. With this knowledge there is no waster even in the first attempt. There are no impediments. ~ Meera Uberoi
Lose Your Mind quotes by Meera Uberoi
This out-of-body feeling that you've stepped away from the path your species has always tread. Things become dreamlike, essential, Your mind, seeking solace in the familiar, retreats to those things you understand, but those things become so much harder to grasp. ~ Nick Cutter
Lose Your Mind quotes by Nick Cutter
If you are that patient, your mind is more settled, and what you do will be more perfect. If you are unsettled and anxious to get the result, you are already disturbed; nothing done with that disturbed mind will have quality. So, it is not only how long you practice, but with what patience, what earnestness and what quality also. ~ Swami Satchidananda
Lose Your Mind quotes by Swami Satchidananda
I find it [shibari] contagious in its pleasure. The bindings don't limit -- they define your current existence and so relax your mind. Yeah, I know. Sounds weird, but during sex I'm always thinking, wondering what I look like, worrying about how my hair must look, what I smell like, and if the fat roll is rolling. But when you're knotted up in five-thousand pound test rope, you're not going anywhere or doing anything, so you can just relax and enjoy the pleasure he's giving to him and you. ~ Glenn Hefley
Lose Your Mind quotes by Glenn Hefley
Reading aloud is different from just following sentences with your eyes. Something quite unexpected wells up in your mind, a kind of indefinable resonance that I find impossible to resist. ~ Haruki Murakami
Lose Your Mind quotes by Haruki Murakami
Your education experience, talent intelligence, and financial situations don't matter. The important thing is the direction in which you focus your unique, powerful, creative mind ~ Mark Allen
Lose Your Mind quotes by Mark Allen
Reform has to be based on opening your mind and opening the mind does not come from decrees or laws. It comes from a whole set of circumstances, which if you do not have, anything you do will be not productive or will be counter-productive. ~ Bashar Al-Assad
Lose Your Mind quotes by Bashar Al-Assad
You have to try your best to have peace of mind, and whatever happens you know you did your best ~ Demian Maia
Lose Your Mind quotes by Demian Maia
You're bored. Two weeks without someone trying to kill us and you're bored out of your mind.

Leia to Han ~ Greg Keyes
Lose Your Mind quotes by Greg Keyes
I didn't think things through, you know. I just rushed out and rescued you. I caused you great suffering." Her large green eyes fastened on his face. Storm clouds gathered instantly when she felt his faint, mocking amusement echoing through her mind. "What? What's so funny? Some idiot tried to put a stake through your heart, and he didn't even hit the darn thing!"
For which I am grateful. And I am even more grateful that you rescued me. I did not like being imprisoned and in such pain.
"I guess I'm glad I rescued you, too, but the truth is, Jacques, I have watched you healing faster than is possible. You're even more dangerous now. You are, aren't you?"
Never to you, he denied. ~ Christine Feehan
Lose Your Mind quotes by Christine Feehan
No matter what sort of difficulties you must endure and no matter hiw painful your experiences, you must not lose hope. Losing faith is the only thing that can truely distroy you. To conquer yourself and your weaknesses are a greater triumph than to conquer thousands in battle. ~ Colleen Houck
Lose Your Mind quotes by Colleen Houck
Be where you are, and you will find the way. You lose your way when you lose your head. ~ Meeta Ahluwalia
Lose Your Mind quotes by Meeta Ahluwalia
Remember that to change your mind and follow him who sets you right is to be none the less free than you were before. ~ Marcus Aurelius
Lose Your Mind quotes by Marcus Aurelius
You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it. ~ Alex Morrison
Lose Your Mind quotes by Alex Morrison
Those who don't feel this Love pulling them like a river,
those who don't drink dawn like a cup of spring water
or take sunset like supper, those who don't want to change,
let them sleep.
This Love is beyond the study of theology,
that old trickery and hypocrisy.
If you want to improve your mind that way sleep on.
I've given up on my brain.
I've torn the cloth to shreds and thrown it away.
If you're not completely naked wrap your beautiful robe
of words around you, and sleep ~ Rumi
Lose Your Mind quotes by Rumi
Dogs, lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. You know the pain is coming, you're going to lose a dog, and there's going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can't support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion. There's such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price. Maybe loving dogs is a way we do penance for all the other illusions we allow ourselves and the mistakes we make because of those illusions. ~ Dean Koontz
Lose Your Mind quotes by Dean Koontz
When you step into the batter's box, have nothing on your mind except baseball. ~ Pete Rose
Lose Your Mind quotes by Pete Rose
Christ remains primary in your life only when he enjoys the first place in your mind and heart. Thus you must continuously unite yourself to him in prayer ... Without prayer there can be no joy, no hope, no peace. For prayer is what keeps us in touch with Christ. ~ Pope John Paul II
Lose Your Mind quotes by Pope John Paul II
Mind your mind, soon, you will mine from it. ~ Ogwo David Emenike
Lose Your Mind quotes by Ogwo David Emenike
Old myths, old gods, old heroes have never died.
They are only sleeping at the bottom of your mind,
waiting for our call. We have need for them.
They represent the wisdom of our race. ~ Stanley Kunitz
Lose Your Mind quotes by Stanley Kunitz
My grandmother died from Alzheimer's, and it was a big shock. For the families left behind, it is not an easy closure. It's not a gradual fading. The person is losing so much of their humanity as they're dying. Losing your memories, you lose so much of who you are as a person. ~ Rosecrans Baldwin
Lose Your Mind quotes by Rosecrans Baldwin
The world is nothing but your own magnified mind. ~ Osho
Lose Your Mind quotes by Osho
I remember being on the edge of seventeen, that dangerous time between childhood and young adult when the cement is still wet in your mind. That part of your life where things get stuck and form who you are forever, liked or not. Offhand comments, distant laughter, anything a boy's fragile ego could mistake for a slight on the kind of man he will one day become. There is never a time in your life when love is so sweet, or pain cuts so deep, or when memory is so undeniably carved in stone. ~ John Goode
Lose Your Mind quotes by John  Goode
Acting on desire is more like a craft, a science, an art. It takes careful mindful practice. Be patient and quiet. Listen, observe, take notes. Figure out what you want, privately, and then choose to want it, publicly. Put your desire out in the open. I want to go swimming. I want to bake bread. I want to paint a picture. I want to build a chair. I want to write a book. You act and then you fail. Over and over. And it's better to start failing when you're young, when all you lose is an ice-cream cone or a basketball game or an afternoon of fun. When you're older, the stakes are higher. If adults don't know how to want, then they lose a love, a career, a life. ~ David Barringer
Lose Your Mind quotes by David Barringer
It is a mistake to think of the body as a vessel. It is as active as any mind, as any soul. And the more you give yourself to it, the harder your life will be. ~ David Levithan
Lose Your Mind quotes by David Levithan
Searching for truth is itself a big illusion because whatever we term the truth is always and everywhere. We don't have to search for it; we don't have to seek it; it always is. Now the only problem is your inability to experience life beyond what you call mind; or right now your capability to experience life only through the limited dimension that we call mind. That is the only problem. ~ Jaggi Vasudev
Lose Your Mind quotes by Jaggi Vasudev
And for yourself, may the gods grant you your heart's desire, a husband and a home, and the blessing of a harmonious life. For nothing is greater or finer than this, when a man and woman live together with one hear and mind, bringing joy to their friends and grief to their foes. ~ Homer
Lose Your Mind quotes by Homer
Love is the devil in disguise. He sweeps in and seduces you when you're at your weakest, when you've lost all hope. But he gives you a sense of want and desire. He whispers sweet words, wrapping you into a world of existence, because before Love, you didn't exist. Then, when you give in fully, when you're lost in Love and when he has you exactly where he wants you, he takes over completely, possessing your mind, body, and soul.
That's when he snatches your heart, rips it to shreds, and leaves you with nothing left to give. ~ E.L. Montes
Lose Your Mind quotes by E.L. Montes
I had the trade minister in China sit down as we were preparing for trade negotiations. He said, 'Please don't let people in the United States lose their confidence because when you lose your confidence, the rest of the world suffers'. ~ Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Lose Your Mind quotes by Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Leave your mind alone, that is all. Do not go along with it. After all, there is no such thing as mind apart from thoughts which come and go obeying their own laws, not yours. They dominate you only because you are interested in them. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Lose Your Mind quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Have you ever noticed that when your mind is awakened or drawn to someone new, that person's name suddenly pops up everywhere you go? My friend Sophie calls it coincidence, and Mr. Simpless, my parson friend, calls it Grace. He thinks that if one cares deeply about someone or something new one throws a kind of energy out into the world, and "fruitfulness" is drawn in. ~ Mary Ann Shaffer
Lose Your Mind quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
In this fragmented world, with such short attention spans, you've got a couple of episodes to make an impression. And if you don't, you start to lose your audience in a big way. ~ David Walton
Lose Your Mind quotes by David Walton
People say you can tell you're in love with someone when you find it impossible to get that person out of your mind. But it was my eyes that were the first to know. ~ Satosumi Takaguchi
Lose Your Mind quotes by Satosumi Takaguchi
I'd advise you, then, to quickly get rid of your burden; for until then you'll never be settled in your mind or enjoy the benefits of the blessings that God has given you. ~ John Bunyan
Lose Your Mind quotes by John Bunyan
I try very hard not to take work home, but it can be tricky. Sometimes it feels as if you are wearing your costume underneath your own clothes! I suppose things are always ticking away in the back of your mind. ~ Anne-Marie Duff
Lose Your Mind quotes by Anne-Marie Duff
Black and white line is only in your consciousness, these you made it yourself in your imagination.
If you are great, you already on the subconscious level are waiting for something bad, negative.
And if you make up your mind then as a result you'll have this. We devised a such game ourselves on our head of problems. ~ Anastasia Novykh
Lose Your Mind quotes by Anastasia Novykh
If you cultivate your body, your mind, your emotions, and your energies to a certain level of maturity, meditation will blossom. ~ Jaggi Vasudev
Lose Your Mind quotes by Jaggi Vasudev
I had a dream once that Boughton and I were down at the river looking around in the shallows for something or other - when we were boys it would have been tadpoles - and my grandfather stalked out of the trees in that furious way he had, scooped his hat full of water, and threw it, so as sheet of water came sailing toward us, billowing in the air like a veil, and fell down over us. Then he put his hat back on his head and stalked off into the trees again and left us standing there in that glistening river, amazed at ourselves and shining like the apostles. I mention his because it seems to me transformations just that abrupt do occur in this life, and they occur unsought and unawaited, and they beggar your hopes and your deserving. This came to my mind as I was reflecting on the day I first say your mother, that blessed, rainy Pentecost ~ Marilynne Robinson
Lose Your Mind quotes by Marilynne Robinson
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