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You have me, always. You may not want me, but my heart is yours. My life is yours. don't do this to me. ~ Leigh Ann Lunsford
Laibach Life quotes by Leigh Ann Lunsford
I always think everything is going to last forever, but nothing ever does. In fact nothing exists longer than an instant except the thing that we hold in memory ~ Sam Savage
Laibach Life quotes by Sam Savage
Here in Bosnia I had already seen several cases of rheumatic fever and a case we thought was miliary tuberculosis, diseases now rare in America. It was sobering to think that the mundane process of vaccinating these children might ultimately save more lives than any UN-brokered peace treaty. ~ Pamela Grim
Laibach Life quotes by Pamela Grim
The fact that so many people choose to live in ways that narrow the community of fate to a very limited set of others and to define the rest as threatening to their way of life and values is deeply worrying because this contemporary form of tribalism, and the ideologies that support it, enable them to deny complex and more crosscutting mutual interdependencies-local, national, and international-and to elude their own role in creating long-term threats to their own wellbeing and that of others. ~ Margaret Levi
Laibach Life quotes by Margaret Levi
I want to try and portray characters that are in real life, that you see day-to-day. If I were to just stay in my little village in Wales, I would have gotten a very small taste of a very big plate. ~ Joshua Sasse
Laibach Life quotes by Joshua Sasse
In a state of grace, the soul is like a well of limpid water, from which flow only streams of clearest crystal. Its works are pleasing both to God and man, rising from the River of Life, beside which it is rooted like a tree. ~ Saint Teresa Of Avila
Laibach Life quotes by Saint Teresa Of Avila
We have a finite amount of time and energy in our lives. Time and energy spent on soul-sucking cretins is lost forever. That's life wasted. Life is too short to waste it on people who think we need fixing or that we are there to be their slaves. Love yourself enough to spend your life wisely, giving generously to people who deserve it and avoiding people who suck you dry. Your life is no less important than anyone else's, so do not waste it on someone who thinks it is. ~ Tess M. Stevens
Laibach Life quotes by Tess M. Stevens
Pretty soon, the only doubt in my mind was the precise time and method of committing suicide. The only alternative I could see was an eternity of hell for the rest of my life in a mental hospital, and I was going to use my last ounce of free choice and choose a quick clean ending. ~ Sylvia Plath
Laibach Life quotes by Sylvia Plath
Time is an encoded pattern of fabric woven with information & energy. ~ Vishwanath S J
Laibach Life quotes by Vishwanath S J
In his experience, shit didn't need a reason to happen. ~ Helen Hoang
Laibach Life quotes by Helen Hoang
Saro's love, his life and his loss had forged me, softening me to life and strengthening me in the broken places. ~ Tembi Locke
Laibach Life quotes by Tembi Locke
So we each had a piece of chocolate for dessert. I'd almost forgotten how much I love chocolate, how there's something about it that makes life a little more wonderful. ~ Susan Beth Pfeffer
Laibach Life quotes by Susan Beth Pfeffer
It boggles my mind that someone can see life breathed into a baby, watch the grass die and then come to life again, see leaves fall and watch the rebirth of a tree, or gaze on any of the majestic splendor that is this earth and not be overpowered by the presence of an Almighty God! ~ Bill McCartney
Laibach Life quotes by Bill McCartney
Cousins are part of your life so stick with cuz not friends. ~ Claude Shannon
Laibach Life quotes by Claude Shannon
I feel so safe when Im with him, I know he would protect me with his life, from anyone and anything, but he cant he doesn't protect me from himself". ~ YellowBella
Laibach Life quotes by YellowBella
But just like the art of acquiring wealth, the art of struggling for political power requires no special discipline. There is no danger, in our hyper-moralized, hyper-political culture, that our young people will somehow fail to be enchanted by the prospect of making a difference. The danger is quite otherwise: that as all human goods are either put to use or discarded in the struggle for social and political ends, we lose our humanity and the dignity it implies. We lose what makes life worth living, whether that is intellectual life or any of the other unutterably precious human activities that dwell in peace and holy uselessness. ~ Zena Hitz
Laibach Life quotes by Zena Hitz
Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.
-Soothsayer ~ KungFuPandaMakers
Laibach Life quotes by KungFuPandaMakers
Sometimes life-changing moments slip by unnoticed, their significance only becoming apparent in the light of subsequent events. ~ Alex George
Laibach Life quotes by Alex George
I take it, then, Vijay, you are still a virgin?'
Yes, and I find it extremely galling. When Gandhi was my age he had already been married three years.'
No wonder Gandhi turned out to be a great man. When you get your love life nailed down that early, think of all the time it frees up to devote to Great Ideas. ~ C.D. Payne
Laibach Life quotes by C.D. Payne
When you live a life devoid of ritual and convention, with honesty and self-effacement, then you are on the road to freedom. ~ Frederick Lenz
Laibach Life quotes by Frederick Lenz
I belong in America more than South Africa. I can't remember the feeling of living there anymore. It's like it was in another life. That's sad in a way. It is my country. It's where I grew up. You don't know what it's like to have these negative feelings about your homeland. There are roots you can't escape. ~ Trevor Rabin
Laibach Life quotes by Trevor Rabin
I catch my breath but he's not finished. I love you, Annah. And if you're willing to risk everything to be with me, then I'm willing to risk everything to be with you. I'm going to keep fighting for you, every day of my life. If you'll have me. ~ Carrie Ryan
Laibach Life quotes by Carrie Ryan
Bombay is a city where gossip is treated as a commodity. ~ Tahir Shah
Laibach Life quotes by Tahir Shah
It sometimes strikes me how immensely fortunate I am that each day should take its place in my life, either reddened with the rising and setting sun, or refreshingly cool with deep, dark clouds, or blooming like a white flower in the moonlight. What untold wealth! ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Laibach Life quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
In Two Parts You come and go so easily, your life is as you knew - while mine is split in two. How I envy so the half of me, who lived before love's due, who was yet to know of you. ~ Lang Leav
Laibach Life quotes by Lang Leav
A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance. ~ Tom Flores
Laibach Life quotes by Tom Flores
Love is the soul of a divine being. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Laibach Life quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
All sides of life, not just the mysterious and scorned, but the simple redeeming sides as well, could be found in what had seemed to him to be the world's darkest corners. ~ Jonathan Dyer
Laibach Life quotes by Jonathan Dyer
Soul' is not a thing, but a quality or a dimension of experiencing life and ourselves. ~ Thomas Moore
Laibach Life quotes by Thomas Moore
Stop wasting your time with people who don't value your help or who you are. They take with one hand & disrespect you with the other. Move on with your life. ~ Timothy Pina
Laibach Life quotes by Timothy Pina
If you think training is hard...try losing. ~ Davee Jones
Laibach Life quotes by Davee Jones
As we begin this debate, I am confident that we will hear the supporters of this bill argue in the name of Ronald Reagan that this research is consistent with his long-held views about the sanctity of life. ~ Mike Pence
Laibach Life quotes by Mike Pence
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