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If we lose sight of pleasures and luxuries that intoxicate the senses in the most sensuous and beautiful and simplest of ways, then we`ve lost a lot. ~ Savannah Page
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Savannah Page
Gen. Banks has issued an order for the instruction of Negro children. Schoolhouses are to be built or rented and Teachers hired for this purpose, and the farmers and planters are to pay the Taxes in support of this. ~ Knute Nelson
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Knute Nelson
You cannot explain away a wantonly immoral act because you think that it is connected to some higher purpose. ~ Jean-Luc Picard
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Jean-Luc Picard
Is he crazy? No one has ever told me my doodles are good, not that I flash them around or anything. Gen likes them, but she also thinks vampire romances are literature and sings along to 'Islands in the Stream.' Her tastes are dubious. She's not a reliable source. ~ Jules Barnard
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Jules Barnard
Finally, don't forget that what you want to see happen is thoughtful tinkering. You want to see kids thinking about what they're tinkering with. I assume
that eventually, every kid will do this thinking, but it's good to make a conscious
effort to get them to make a conscious effort to learn as they tinker. "Conscientization" was Paulo Freire's word for a different but related process. Here,
what you want is for kids to become conscious of how they are learning, what there is to learn, and what they know already. Once they 've got this ability,there is no stopping their self-education. ~ Curt Gabrielson
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Curt Gabrielson
She taught me what's important, and what isn't. And I've never forgotten. And that's what mothers do, I say. ~ Steven Herrick
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Steven Herrick
Ve used for years. When the rubber wears out I've got more. On the last ~ Peter Heller
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Peter Heller
one simple kiss? Something must`ve shorted in her brain, because this kiss tap-danced all over simple. ~ Tracey Alvarez
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Tracey Alvarez
The first recorded instruction given to Adam after the Fall dealt with the eternal principle of work. The Lord said: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread." (Gen. 3:19.) Our Heavenly Father loves us so completely that he has given us a commandment to work. This is one of the keys to eternal life. He knows that we will learn more, grow more, achieve more, serve more, and benefit more from a life of industry than from a life of ease. ~ Howard W. Hunter
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Howard W. Hunter
Truman fired the popular Gen. Douglas MacArthur because he disobeyed orders in the Korean War. Johnson knew that he had reached the endgame in Vietnam when Gen. William Westmoreland, the top commander in Vietnam, requested 240,000 more troops in 1968 for the prolonged war that also could not be won. ~ Helen Thomas
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Helen Thomas
Due to their tendency to micromanage, they left little for their millennial and Gen Z children to work on themselves, resulting in the current problem of "adulting" - more so felt by the millennials, often being their eldest children. ~ Cate East
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Cate East
Perhaps you can bring out better in them?"
Eugenides shook his head. "I pulled the carpet out from under them very thoroughly. They will not cross me, but they won't love me, either. I am not Eddis. People do not hand me their hearts."
Sounis wondered. He would have given Eugenides his heart on a toothpick, if asked. He remembered Ion's obvious wince at being rated somewhat less significant to Gen than his boots. ~ Megan Whalen Turner
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
Gen Y is really quite distinct from Gen X; it's really self-involved and very narcissistic - their cameras are filled with pictures of themselves; Facebook, it's about me. It's a generation that's been pampered by their parents and their schools, given prizes for just taking part. ~ Marcus Buckingham
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Marcus Buckingham
Eschewing ceremony, Eugenides said, "You shot the ambassador?"
"You gave me the gun," protested Sounis.
"I didn't mean for you to shoot the ambassador with it!" Eugenides told him.
"Oh, how our carefully laid plans go astray," murmured the magus.
"You shut up!" said Gen, laughing. ~ Megan Whalen Turner
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
Imagine a psychiatrist sitting down with a broken human being saying, I am here for you, I am committed to your care, I want to make you feel better, I want to return your joy to you, I don't know how I will do it but I will find out and then I will apply one hundred percent of my abilities, my training, my compassion and my curiosity to your health -- to your well-being, to your joy. I am here for you and I will work very hard to help you. I promise. If I fail it will me my failure, not yours. I am the professional. I am the expert. You are experiencing great pain right now and it is my job and my mission to cure you from your pain. I am absolutely committed to your care... I know you are suffering. I know you are afraid, I love you. I want to cure you and I won't stop trying to help you. You are my patient. I am your doctor. You are my patient. Imagine a doctor phoning you at all hours of the day and night to tell you that he or she had been reading some new stuff on the subject of whatever and was really excited about how it might help you. Imagine a doctor calling you in an important meeting and saying listen, I'm so sorry to bother you but I"ve been thinking really hard about your problems and I'd like to try something completely new. I need to see you immediately! I"m absolutely committed to your care! I think this might help you. I won't give up on you. ~ Miriam Toews
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Miriam Toews
All I ever wanted...couldn t hold a candle to what I ve been given. ~ Michael McLean
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Michael McLean
Take as an example the wisdom of Joseph and his submission. Do battle in chastity and service until you make yourself a king (cf. Gen. 41). ~ Pachomius The Great
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Pachomius The Great
And let me say this ahead of time, if someone dies in Psycho-Pass 2, it's Ubukata Tow's fault and not mine! ~ Gen Urobuchi
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Gen Urobuchi
His error was in going to Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks's party. At Banks's party they probably had a little too much liquor. Afterward Grant was riding very, very rapidly; his horse shied when it saw an omnibus driving along the city streets. ~ Edwin C. Bearss
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Edwin C. Bearss
They all talked at once, their voices insistent and contradictory and impatient, making of unreality a possibility, then a probability, then an incontrovertible fact, as people will when their desires become words. ~ William Faulkner
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by William Faulkner
So if I'm Gen Y and you're X, then together we are the chromosome code for male," he mused.
"Yes, I am X marks the spot, and you are the dear God, why, why, why. ~ N.R. Walker
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by N.R. Walker
We humans are basically content with a two-dimensional world, which is what we-ve always occupied. We travel mostly on the ground, have traffic jams, parking problems , and we-d do a lot better to look up a little bit because there is that great aerial highway that-s always ready to go, you Don't have to pave it and the benefits are very great. ~ Paul MacCready
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Paul MacCready
In 1991, the latest year figures are available, most Americans, across all age groups, disapproved when asked the question: 'Everything considered, would you say that you approve or disapprove of wiretapping?' Some 67% of all 18-20 year olds gave the thumbs down, as did 68% of the Gen-X crowd ... Boomers disapproved of wiretapping almost 3-to-1 while 67% of those 50 and over disapproved. ~ Brock N. Meeks
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Brock N. Meeks
Ve always believed if you're involved even in a very small struggle - in some sort of infinity in a grain of sand - in your local neighborhood, that every action has universal implications. I believe that if I struggle for the rights of an acequia in Taos, New Mexico that the ripple effect [will spread] from that tiny struggle. ~ John Nichols
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by John Nichols
As if in the other side of his kiss there could ve a new life ~ Alice Sebold
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Alice Sebold
The whole point of Gen X was, and continues to be, a negation of being forced into Baby Boomerdom against one's will. ~ Douglas Coupland
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Douglas Coupland
I believe in one day at a time; you've got TODAY, that's what you' ve got. ~ Al Pacino
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Al Pacino
There's a lot of pain and suffering out there. I think there needs to be more joy, and love, and orgasms in the world. We are a pleasure-negati ve society. Suffering is much more acceptable. And I want to tell women that they are sexually powerful beings, but they often don't get in touch with it because they are socialized to please men. ~ Annie Sprinkle
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Annie Sprinkle
The net of it is, we can't count on any cooperation out of Sergei Yakut. He basically told me to shove it, and that was before I called him a sick fuck in need of a muzzle and choke collar."
"Jesus, Niko," Gideon sighed, probably, on the other end of the line, scrubbing his hand through his spiky blond hair in frustration. "You really said that to him - to a Gen One? You're damn lucky he didn't tear your tongue out before he sent you on your way."
Probably true, Nikolai acknowledged to himself. And he'd have lost more than just his tongue if Yakut knew the kind of lust he had been feeling for Renata. "You know I'm allergic to ass-kissing, even if the ass in question happens to be Gen One. If this was a total public relations mission, you picked the wrong guy."
"No shit." Gideon chuckled around another low curse. "You coming back in to Boston, then?"
"I see no reason to linger. Unless you figure Lucan will look the other way if I decide to go back and put a torch to Yakut's house of horrors. Put him out of business, at least for a while."
He was kidding . . . mostly. ~ Lara Adrian
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Lara Adrian
For the essence of sin is man substituting himself for God [Gen. 3:1-7], while the essence of salvation is God substituting himself for man [2 Cor. 5:21]. Man asserts himself against God and puts himself where only God deserves to be; God sacrifices himself for man and puts himself where only man deserves to be. ~ John Stott
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by John Stott
It"s good to keep wide-open ears and listen to what everybody else has to say, but when you come to make a decision, you have to weigh all of what you"ve heard on its own, and place it where it belongs, and come to a decision for yourself; you"ll never regret it. But if you form the habit of taking what someone else says about a thing without checking it out for yourself, you"ll find that other people will have you hating your friends and loving your enemies. ~ Malcolm X
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Malcolm X
He watched Attolia out of the corner of his eye. She was still cool, like a breath of winter in the warm evening air, but in the last few days he had begun to sense a subtle humor in her chilly words. When Gen had complained earlier that evening that Petrus, the palace physician, should stop fussing over him like a worried old woman, Attolia had asked, archly,"And me as well?"
"When you stop fussing," Gen had said, slipping to his knees beside her couch, "I will sleep with two knives under my pillow."
Allolia had looked down at him and said sharply, "Don't be ridiculous."
Only when Eugenides laughed had Sounis realized her implication: If she ever turned against Eugenides, a second knife wouldn't save him. He almost swallowed the olive in his mouth unchewed. ~ Megan Whalen Turner
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
I do hope we shall meet again. Perhaps we could have a reading club of some sorts. I 've read that one." She leaned in. "Have you reached the part where Mr. Darcy proposes?"
Asriel narrowed his gaze on Cross. "She did that on purpose."
Pippa shook her head. "Oh, I did not ruin it. Elizabeth refuses." She paused. "I suppose I did ruin that. Apologies. ~ Sarah MacLean
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Sarah MacLean
Sin is not a mistake. A mistake is taking the wrong exit on the highway. A sin is treason against a Holy God. A mistake is a logical misstep. Sin lurks in our heart and grabs us by the throat to do its bidding. Remember what God said to Cain about his sin? It's true for us too. In the fourth chapter of Genesis, God warns Cain like this: 'Sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it' (Gen. 4:6). In accepting misrepresentations of the gospel that render sin anything less than this, you will never learn of the fruit of repentance. ~ Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Our forefather Adam ... used his freedom to turn toward what was worse and to direct his desire away from what had been permitted to what was forbidden. It was in his power 'to be united to the Lord and become one spirit with God ... ' (I Cor. 6:15). But Adam was deceived and chose to cut himself off voluntarily from God's happy end for him, preferring by his own free choice to be drawn down to the earth (cf. Gen. 2:17) than to become God by grace. ~ Maximus The Confessor
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Maximus The Confessor
Did you send Attolia to me at the farewell?" Eddis asked.
"Not I," said Gen quietly. "The magus. I thought you knew that you loved him - the two of you have been like magnets drawing ever nearer to each other since you met - but the magus was concerned. He thought the grief of leave-taking might surprise you."
"I feel very stupid." She leaned back into his embrace. "'I look forward to hearing of your adventures.'" She shook her head in disgust and sniffed. "I should have had something better to say, something ... more appropriate."
He couldn't disagree. Sounis had clearly hoped for some message of her affection to carry with him. "You could write him a letter," he said. "A fast horse will catch him before he reaches the pass. ~ Megan Whalen Turner
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
If you achieve good results using a poor method, isn't that a much greater achievement than starting from better methods. - Rider ~ Gen Urobuchi
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Gen Urobuchi
Hope shines through
unsealed blinds
Cobwebs cleared
From overworked minds
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Puja Bhakoo
Your manager wants to believe that you enjoy your job, or at least you won't spit in her coffee when she looks away. At the office, attitude counts for a lot. ~ Terri Tierney Clark
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Terri Tierney Clark
Nephilim, meaning giants, the Hebrew word left untranslated by the Revisers. The Revisers have , however, translated the Hebrew gibborim, in gen. 6:4, "Mighty Men"

Were the Nephilim fallen angels? ~ Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
It won't do to be afraid of failure. Failure is the mother of success; a long journey begins from the ground beneath his feet. ~ Gen Urobuchi
Koularmanis Gen Ve quotes by Gen Urobuchi
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