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How do you complete a painting, really? There are paintings by so many different artists that are interesting precisely because they haven't really been completed. ~ Peter Doig
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Peter Doig
There's something in music that fascinates me - how it communicates emotion so immediately. That's something I wanted in my paintings. ~ Elizabeth Peyton
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Elizabeth Peyton
In my earlier paintings, I wanted the space between the picture plane and the spectator to be active. ~ Bridget Riley
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Bridget Riley
Writing plays supplied for me everything that painting didn't, which is the ability to tell stories in real time, in a real space, in three dimensions, in flesh and blood. I realized I had been trying to cram all this narrative into my paintings, but ultimately painting was a static medium. So it just opened up this whole new door. ~ Beau Willimon
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Beau Willimon
My reading and studying and retellings of old stories didn't do anything except help me think better. I was at least thoughtful. Too thoughtful, my friends said. And all I thought about was myths and old paintings that made me feel drunk on wine or struck my lightning but didn't matter to most people. ~ Francesca Lia Block
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Francesca Lia Block
I like to draw, produce paintings, do something with my fingers - but I am very normal, down-to-earth person. ~ Marion Bartoli
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Marion Bartoli
What no one tells the young is to be careful of their childhoods. The memories from those days are the most compelling paintings in the mind
to which, with nostalgia or dread, you must ever return. ~ Gregory Maguire
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Gregory Maguire
I am a Painter. I write in Images. I play all day with Color and Materials and Brushes and Pencils. Sometimes I erase in frustration, or cover up with more layers of paint, or scream and redo, or sometimes it just works the first time I do it, but at the end of the day there is always a Story, and that Story becomes part of my Journey. I don't know anyplace in particular as Home, but my Spirit House is wherever I am. I live Wild right under its roof with Hopes and Dreams and Adventure and Risk. My Spirit House has no foundation and floats freely through Time and Space, traveling through all Dimensions without Obstacle. Sometimes it is Lonely to be that Traveler, but then I realize that it is the Story of the Paintings that is my connection to the Earth. ~ Riitta Klint
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Riitta Klint
Nothing so clearly and inevitably reveals the inner man than movement and gesture. It is quite possible, if one chooses, to conceal and dissimulate behind words or paintings or statues or other forms of human expression, but the moment you move you stand revealed, for good or ill, for what you are. ~ Doris Humphrey
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Doris Humphrey
Now where's this artist?" His eyes darted around the room, landed on Gennie and clung. She thought she saw surprise, quickly veiled, then amusement as quickly suppressed, tug at the corners of his mouth.
"Daniel MacGregor," Grant said with wry formality. "Genvieve Grandeau."
A flicker of recognition ran across Daniel's face before he rose to his rather amazing height and held out his hand. "Welcome."
Gennie's hand was clasped, then enveloped. She had simultaneous impressions of strength, compassion, and stubbornness.
"You have a magnificent home, Mr. MacGregor," she said, studying him candidly. "It suits you."
He gave a great bellow of a laugh that might have shook the windows. "Aye.And three if your paintings hang in the west wing." His eyes slid briefly to Grant's before they came back to hers. "You carry your age well, lass."
She gave him a puzzled look as Grant choked over his Scotch. "Thank you."
"Get the artist a drink," he ordered, then gestured for her to sit in the chair next to his. "Now, tell me why you're wasting your time with a Campbell."
"Gennie happens to be a cousin of mine," Justin said mildly as he sat on the sofa beside his son. "On the aristocratic French side."
"A cousin." Daniel's eys sharpened, then an expression that could only be described as cunning pleasure spread over his face. "Aye,we like to keep things in the family. Grandeau-a good strong name.You've the look of a queen, with a bit of sorceress thro ~ Nora Roberts
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Nora Roberts
People in coats and ties were milling around the Talley gallery, and on the wall were the minimally rendered still lifes by Giorgio Morandi, most of them no bigger than a tea tray. Their thin browns, ashy grays, and muted blues made people speak softly to one another, as if a shouted word might curdle one of the paintings and ruin it. Bottles, carafes, and ceramic whatnots sat in his paintings like small animals huddling for warmth, and these shy pictures could easily hang next to a Picasso or Matisse without feeling inferior. ~ Steve Martin
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Steve Martin
Paintings are too hard. The things I want to show are mechanical. Machines have less problems. I'd like to be a machine, wouldn't you? ~ Andy Warhol
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Andy Warhol
I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature… All of this is art to me. ~ Hunter Reveur
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Hunter Reveur
Sculpture is more divine, and more like Nature, That fashions all her works in high relief, And that is Sculpture. This vast ball, the Earth, Was moulded out of clay, and baked in fire; Men, women, and all animals that breathe Are statues, and not paintings. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
One of her best paintings, Woman Enjoying a Quick Snack at Starbucks, is hanging in their dining room. ~ Meg Cabot
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Meg Cabot
Piazzas, churches named for a teenager who gave life to the Christ. Sculptures, paintings, frescoes devoted to her holiness. But the only thing about her we remember, she was a virgin. ~ Joy McCullough
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Joy McCullough
How does she know what I'm feeling? How does she know anything about anything? She doesn't. She can't. She can't just barge into my most secret world and then try to show me around it. Get out, I want to holler at her. Get out of my room. Get out of my life. Get out of my paintings. Get out of everything! Blow back to your realm already and leave me alone. How can you take this experience away from me before I've even gotten to experience it? I want to say all these things but can't make any words. I can hardly breathe. ~ Jandy Nelson
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Jandy Nelson
[Pablo] Picasso really changed my life. It's strange to say so, but I started to see some Picasso paintings very early. I was very young, and he was not so much known. ~ Agnes Varda
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Agnes Varda
I regretted what a serious teenager I'd been: There were no posters of pop stars or favorite movies, no girlish collection of photos or corsages. Instead there were paintings of sailboats, proper pastel pastorals, a portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt. The latter was particularly strange, since I'd known little about Mrs. Roosevelt, except that she was good, which at the time I suppose was enough. Given my druthers now, I'd prefer a snapshot of Warren Harding's wife, "the Duchess," who recorded the smallest offenses in a little red notebook and avenged herself accordingly. Today I like my first ladies with a little bite. ~ Gillian Flynn
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Gillian Flynn
Actually, I'm glad I'm not rich. I've gotta believe that it's harder to die if you are. Not only do you lose possession of all those assets, all that cash and those stocks and bonds and cars and antiques and silver and paintings and vacation homes, but in those final days and weeks there can be no denying that a tremendous amount of your life was spent accumulating and fussing over all those assets, time that could have been spent with family and friends or fishing or traveling... ~ Jonathan Hull
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Jonathan   Hull
I like all paintings. I always look at the paintings, good or bad, in barbershops, furniture stores, provincial hotels. I'm like a drinker who needs wine. As long as it is wine, it doesn't matter which wine. ~ Pablo Picasso
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Pablo Picasso
I think most paintings are a record of the decisions that the artist made. I just perhaps make them a little clearer than some people have. ~ Chuck Close
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Chuck Close
For one thing, I want gesture-any kind of gesture, all kinds of gesture-gentle or brutal, joyous or tragic; the gesture of space soaring, sinking, streaming, whirling; the gestures of light flowing or spurting through color. I see everything as possessing or possessed by gesture. I've often thought of my paintings as having an axis around which everything revolves. ~ Elaine De Kooning
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Elaine De Kooning
I swing my arms to loosen myself up. Place my fists on my hips. then drop them to my sides. Saliva's filling my mouth at a ridiculous rate and i feel vomit at the back of my throat. I swallow hard and open my lips so I can get the stupid line out and go hide in the woods and-that's when i start crying. ~ Suzanne Collins
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Suzanne Collins
Western man has tried for too many centuries to fool himself that he lives in a rational world. No. There's a story about a man who, while walking along the street, was almost hit on the head and killed by an enormous falling beam. This was his moment of realization that he did not live in a rational world but a world in which men's lives can be cut off by a random blow on the head, and the discovery shook him so deeply that he was impelled to leave his wife and children, who were the major part of his old, rational world. My own response to the wild unpredictability of the universe has been to write stories, to play the piano, to read, listen to music, look at paintings - not that the world may become explainable and reasonable but that I may rejoice in the freedom which unaccountability gives us. ~ Madeleine L'Engle
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
All paintings start with concept, which is another word for image or imagination. The mistake is to isolate the concept as if the idea did not need to be given permanent form. ~ Joseph Plaskett
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Joseph Plaskett
Sometimes I'll dream that I saw a show and then I'll wake up in the morning and realize that I didn't see the show, that it was my dream. And I just remember what the paintings look like in the dream and I think, "Oh, nobody painted those. I can do that." ~ Julian Schnabel
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Julian Schnabel
How much time, after this realization sank in and spread among consumers (mostly via phone, interestingly), would any micro-econometrist expect to need to pass before high-tech visual videophony was mostly abandoned, then, a return to good old telephoning not only dictated by common consumer sense but actually after a while culturally approved as a kind of chic integrity, not Ludditism but a kind of retrograde transcendence of sci-fi-ish high-tech for its own sake, a transcendence of the vanity and the slavery to high-tech fashion that people view as so unattractive in one another. In other words a return to aural-only telephony became, at the closed curve's end, a kind of status-symbol of anti-vanity, such that only callers utterly lacking in self-awareness continued to use videophony and Tableaux, to say nothing of masks, and these tacky facsimile-using people became ironic cultural symbols of tacky vain slavery to corporate PR and high-tech novelty, became the Subsidized Era's tacky equivalents of people with leisure suits, black velvet paintings, sweater-vests for their poodles, electric zirconium jewelry, NoCoat Lin-guaScrapers, and c. ~ David Foster Wallace
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by David Foster Wallace
I began to paint again, even though I could barely hold the brush, but knowing exactly what I wanted to paint, I began three more large canvases ... of large wheat fields under cloudy skies, and it did not take a great deal to express sadness and loneliness ... I believe these paintings say what words cannot. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
Great art has dreadful manners. The greatest paintings grab you in a headlock, rough up your composure, and then proceed in short order to re-arrange your reality. ~ Simon Schama
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Simon Schama
Painting picture by picture, I followed the impressions my eye took in at heightened moments. I painted only memories, adding nothing, no details that I did not see. Hence the simplicity of the paintings, their emptiness. ~ Edvard Munch
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Edvard Munch
For a long time, I kept working at part-time jobs ... my goal was to build up enough savings so I wouldn't be kicked out on the streets if I didn't sell enough paintings. ~ Janet Fish
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Janet Fish
I have followed the procedure of the ancient painter
Zeuxis, who worked in a material temple as I propose to work in a
spiritual one. As Cicero tells the story, the people of Croton asked
Zeuxis to decorate a temple they held in high esteem with the finest
paintings he could devise.

He approached the task with care,
selecting five of the town's most beautiful women to sit beside him
as he worked and model their beauty for his painting. There were
several good reasons for this. Zeuxis, we know, was a master in portraying
women's beauty, which by nature is more elegant and delicate
than men's. But as Cicero makes it a point to explain, he chose
women because he did not think he could find
who was
uniformly lovely in all her parts. Nature, he thought, had never conferred
such beauty on a single woman that all her parts should have
an equal share: nothing composed by nature is complete in all
respects, as if, in bestowing all her bounties in one place, nature
would have none left to bestow elsewhere.
Similarly, in my depiction of the beauty of the soul ~ Pierre Abelard
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Pierre Abelard
It's impossible to predict which paintings will last and which won't. In New Orleans I painted on a dilapidated shop in a street littered with abandoned cars and rotting mattresses, then two hours later the piece was gone. It turned out I'd picked the side of a crack house and the proprietor didn't like the attention. ~ Banksy
Hyperrealism Paintings quotes by Banksy
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