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Somehow everything always came down to time, she realized with perfect lucidity. There was either too much or too little. It either passed too quickly or too slowly. It didn't belong to anyone - it was simply a gift, bestowed by God, and yet eternally taken for granted. She closed her eyes for a moment, wishing Time could be tamed - reigned in - and tethered, synchronized with human needs and wants. But that wasn't the case, was it? ~ R.W. Patterson
Human Needs And Wants quotes by R.W.  Patterson
You don't apologize for this Samm, it's love, and love doesn't weigh it's options and pick the best one. Love just wants things and it doesn't know why, and it doesn't matter why, because love is the only explanation love needs. ~ Dan Wells
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Dan Wells
That is an artist as I love artists, modest in his needs: he really wants only two things, his bread and his art - panem et Circen. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
So are you planning on dressing me in addition to everything else?" she asked once they'd cleared a challenging rise.
"I planned to pack as much as I could this morning, so you could sleep later," he lowered his voice, "or take care of what went unfinished last night." He'd amazed himself by behaving so unselfishly as that. Her unfulfilled desire made it more likely that he'd get her into bed with him, and yet, he couldn't stand to think of her suffering. "I was attempting to be considerate. Though I've little experience with it."
"I'm not talking to you about this. I'm just not."
"I can feel your need as strong as my own."
"Maybe I do have these needs - doesn't mean you're the one I'll choose to help me work them out." Her gaze drifted to Cade, who was greedily chugging water.
His voice low and seething, Bowe said, "You regard him with an appraising eye one more time, Mariketa, and you're going to get that demon killed. All he wants is to 'attempt' you. Do you ken what that means?"
"In fact, I do ken what it means. In the throes, you know. One of my boyfriends was a demon."
"Boyfriends?" He frowned. "You mean lovers. How bloody many have you had?" He stopped. "Are you free with yourself, then? With other males? Because that'll be ending - "
"What'd you think?" she asked over her shoulder. "That I was a virgin?"
"You're only twenty-three," he said, sounding very stodgy, even to himself. "And I try no' to think of any male before me ~ Kresley Cole
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Kresley Cole
As women must be more empowered at work, men must be more empowered at home. I have seen so many women inadvertently discourage their husbands from doing their share by being too controlling or critical. Social scientists call this "maternal gatekeeping" which is a fancy term for "Ohmigod, that's not the way you do it! Just move aside and let me!"...Anyone who wants her mate to be a true partner must treat him as an equal--and equally capable partner. And if that's note reason enough, bear in mind that a study found that wives who engage in gatekeeping behaviors do five more hours of family work per week than wives who take a more collaborative approach.

Another common and counterproductive dynamic occurs when women assign or suggest taks to their partners. She is delegating, and that's a step in the right direction. But sharing responsibility should mean sharing responsibility. Each partner needs to be in charge of specific activities or it becomes too easy for one to feel like he's doing a favor instead of doing his part. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
If you work you will never go hungry. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
A crusade is, simply put, something that's bigger than you are. It's a "cause" with an impact that reaches beyond your personal wants and needs. ~ Arthur L. Williams, Jr.
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Arthur L. Williams, Jr.
The sin of capitalism, perhaps, is to make wants feel like needs, to give to simple silly stuff the urgency of near-physical necessity: I must have it. The grace of capitalism is to make wants feel like hopes, so that material objects and stuff can feel like the possibility of something heroic and civic. ~ Adam Gopnik
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Adam Gopnik
Are you finally admitting that you can sell a man hope? Have I at last succeeded in teaching you that?'
He laughed and flicked his whip again, harder. He was in a better mood than I had seen for months.
'No, Camelot, not hope. Hope is for the weak; have I not succeeded in teaching you that? To hope is to put your faith in others and in things outside yourself; that way lies betrayal and disappointment. They didn't want hope, Camelot; they wanted certainty. What a man needs is the certainty that he is right, no selfdoubt, no fleeting thought that he might be wrong or misled. Absolute certainty that he is right, that's what gives a man the confidence and power to do whatever he wants and to take whatever he wants from this world and the next. ~ Karen Maitland
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Karen Maitland
Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers. It tells people to go out and stick their noses in other people's business. I live by the golden rule: Treat others as you'd want them to treat you. The religious right wants to tell people how to live. ~ Jesse Ventura
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Jesse Ventura
A washing machine needs constant maintenance. It doesn't want any harm. It wants tranquility, and you need someone to - you're not going to harm it by continuously monitoring it and adjusting it. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Supply the needs first and the wants later, for one can only obtain true peace, love and joy when one supplies the needs first and not the wants. ~ David Benedict Zumbo
Human Needs And Wants quotes by David Benedict Zumbo
Stories come from violence, they come from sex. They come from death. They come from the dark places that everyone has to go to, kind of wants to, or doesn't, but needs to deal with. If you raise a kid to think everything is sunshine and flowers, they're going to get into the real world and die. That's the reason fairy tales are so creepy, because we need to encapsulate these things, to inoculate ourselves against them, so that when we're confronted by the genuine horror that is day-to-day life we don't go insane. ~ Joss Whedon
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Joss Whedon
Love is not a businessman who wants to see a return on his investments. And imagination needs only a few nails on which to hang its veil. Whether they are of gold, tin, or covered with rust makes no difference to it. Wherever it gets caught, it is caught. Thornbush or rosebush, as soon as the veil of moonlight and mother-of-pearl has fallen on it, either becomes a fairy tale out of A Thousand and One Nights ~ Erich Maria Remarque
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
I hated him, loved him, wanted him, and yet I wished him away. So many conflicting emotions of wants and needs. So much fear. Not because of him, but because of myself - of how deep my feelings and desires were running, and how much I would fall if I happened to lose my grip. ~ J.C. Reed
Human Needs And Wants quotes by J.C. Reed
The more we keep our mind on ourselves and our wants, the more unhappy we become. God wants us to love others and meet their needs. ~ Joyce Meyer
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Joyce Meyer
Sometimes our wants or needs have nothing to do with being ungrateful and everything to do with making a mistake. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Shannon L. Alder
Everyone needs to be deceived and, provided it doesn't cost too much, wants to be fooled. ~ Lee A. Siegel
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Lee A. Siegel
What am I supposed to do," she says. "Wait?" She wants him to say, Yes, wait. I will be home as soon as I run this one errand. Ben perceives disgust in her tone. Why would anyone wait for him? A boy who didn't know how to be a prom date, a man who knows what he needs, but too late.
He releases her arm. His voice is professional with sorrow. "You certainly couldn't do that." He means because she is precious. Sarina hears that she is snotty and unkind. He means because he is not that lucky; she hears: he is bored.
No one says "I want you to wait," and no one says "I'll wait. ~ Marie-Helene Bertino
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Marie-Helene Bertino
In our society, daily experience teaches the individual to want and need a never-ending supply of new toys and drugs. ~ Christopher Lasch
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Christopher Lasch
The distance between your needs and your wants is contentment. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
He's a stubborn, green-eyed rogue who assumes every woman secretly wants him and just needs to be convinced of it. ~ Lauren Smith
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Lauren   Smith
Yet I know down to my core that I will do anything she wants, anything she needs, anything she asks. I'm pulled, drawn to her. My gut tells me not to let her out of my sight, to take every second I have with her and make it count. ~ K. Larsen
Human Needs And Wants quotes by K. Larsen
Branding is he ability to constantly create a perception in the minds of your audience/market that there is no product/service like yours that meet their needs and wants by providing distinct value ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Cash was running low, so I'd applied for a job as an administrative assistant for a nonprofit arts group. Without question, my organizational skills were as sharp as my vision, and I had no office experience to speak of. Luckily for me, none of this surfaced during the interview.

'Ryan, pretend it's a rough morning for a sec. Handle this situation for me. When you arrive at work to open the arts resource centre, several people are already at the door. Two clients want immediate help with grant applications - you know those artists, they just can't wait! - and a third wants to use our library, which isn't open till noon. Entering the office, you hear the phone is ringing and see the message light is blinking. The fax machine looks jammed again, and we're expecting an important document. Among the people waiting is a courier with a package you need to sign for. Think about it, though. The lights haven't been turned on yet, and the sign put out front. The alarm needs the code within a minute, too. So, wow, rough morning. I'd like to know what you'd do first.'

'First I'd tell everybody how weird this is. I'm in the same test situation from my job interview. What are the chances?'

I started the next day. ~ Ryan Knighton
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Ryan Knighton
Everyone is longing for love, everyone is suffering from the needs and wants, so be loving, kind, and compassionate to everyone. ~ Debasish Mridha
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Debasish Mridha
God's purpose in prayer is not for us to inform or persuade Him to respond to our needs but to open sincere and continual lines of communication with Him. Prayer, more than anything else, is sharing the needs, burdens, and hungers of our hearts with a God who cares. He wants to hear us and commune with us more than we could ever want to commune with Him, because His love for us is so much greater than our love for Him. ~ John F. MacArthur Jr.
Human Needs And Wants quotes by John F. MacArthur Jr.
In order to work and to become an artist one needs love. At least, one who wants sentiment in his work must in the first place feel it himself, and live with his heart. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
We have to find a way to push them together," Minerva said. "You know perfectly well that if Oliver marries, Gran will forget this ridiculous idea of hers about the rest of us marrying. She just wants him to produce an heir"
Hetty's eyebrows shot high. Her granddaughter had a big surprise coming down the road.
"And you're willing to throw him under the wheels of the coach to save yourself, is that it?" Jarret quipped.
"No!" Her voice softened. "You and I both know he needs someone to drag him out of himself. Or he's just going to get scarier as he gets older." She paused. "Did you tell him about Miss Butterfield's being an heiress?"
That certainly arrested Hetty's attention. She hadn't dreamed that the girl had money.
"Yes, but I fear that might have been a mistake-when I suggested that he marry her for her fortune, he got angry."
Of course he got angry, you fool, Hetty thought with a roll of her eyes. Honestly, did her grandson know nothing about his brother?
"For goodness sake, Jarret, you weren't supposed to suggest that. You were supposed to get him concerned that she might fall prey to fortune hunters."
At least Minerva had a brain.
"Damn," Jarret said. "Then I probably shouldn't have exaggerated the amount."
"Oh, Lord." Minerva sighed. "By how much?"
"I kind of…tripled it."
Minerva released an unladylike oath. "Why did you do that? Now he won't go near her. Haven't you noticed how much he hates talk of marrying ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
The secret of surviving housework is simply to do it. Pull the plug on the part of your brain that always wants to negotiate everything. You need to change a diaper, rinse a bottle, clean a spill, fluff a pillow? Consider it done. It's a no-brainer. End of conversation. End of story.
Not postponing chores-and not spending any mental energy equivocating, temporizing, or stalling-is actually a lot more restful than worrying about what needs to be done. ~ Veronique Vienne
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Veronique Vienne
The very first thing I tell my new students on the first day of a workshop is that good writing is about telling the truth. We are a species that needs and wants to understand who we are. Sheep lice do not seem to share this longing, which is one reason they write so very little. But we do. We have so much we want to say and figure out. ~ Anne Lamott
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Anne Lamott
Maybe, it wasn't stuck in my mind. Maybe,just maybe, it was stuck in my heart for so long that it grew wings and wanted to fly, but didn't know how. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Shannon L. Alder
Since we nowadays think that all a man needs for acquisition of truth is to exert his brain more or less vigorously, and since we consider an ascetic approach to knowledge hardly sensible, we have lost the awareness of the close bond that links the knowing of truth to the condition of purity. Thomas says that unchastity's first-born daughter is blindness of the spirit. Only he who wants nothing for himself, who not subjectively 'interested,' can know the truth. On the other hand, an impure, selfishly corrupted will-to-pleasure destroys both resoluteness of spirit and the ability of the psyche to listen in silent attention to the language of reality. ~ Josef Pieper
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Josef Pieper
We are (most of us) embedded in an exceedingly complex network of social relationships, many of which are vital to our well-being. Every day we confront issues relating to the needs and wants of others and must continually make accommodations. And in addressing these conflicting interests, the operative norm is - or should be - fairness, a balancing of the interests and needs of other parties, other 'stakeholders.' ~ Peter Corning
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Peter Corning
Buy straw hats in the winter, when nobody wants them, and sell them in the summer when everybody needs them. ~ Kenneth L. Fisher
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Kenneth L. Fisher
that He is committed to meeting our needs, but not our wants. That concept comes in reaction to those who have taken the wonderful Gospel and made it a self-centered lifestyle, in which we use the name of God, along with His principles, to get what we want. While that is a tragic misuse of Scripture, so is the concept that God cares only for our needs. He is not the director of an orphanage, guaranteeing us three meals a day and a cot to sleep on at night. He is a Father who delights in His children by becoming involved in their dreams. He fulfills dreams and desires out of His nature. It is who He is. ~ Bill Johnson
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Bill Johnson
Why God should want and need us is a mystery. But it is true: otherwise he would not have created us and life would ultimately have no meaning for us. It is good to remember that in God the is a constancy, a consistency of attitude which never changes, irrespective of what we are or how we act: he never changes in is wanting us or needing us. ~ Basil Hume
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Basil Hume
But Katie knew it was a sin, had known from the moment she made the decision to lie with Adam. However, the transgression wasn't making love without the sanction of marriage. It was that for the first time in her life, Katie had put herself first. Put her own wants and needs above everything and everyone else. ~ Jodi Picoult
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Jodi Picoult
The more you understand what somebody wants, needs, and fears, the more you can figure out how to add value. ~ Tony Robbins
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Tony Robbins
All people are, at heart, egocentric. We exist at the center of our own little universes. We believe that we are living out our lives as best we can, and that we have our own sphere of influence which exists of both friends and enemies. They in turn have their own friends and enemies with whom they interact. That is a given. But we, each of us, tend to put ourselves ahead of others because we believe that we are significant. We must attend to our own needs, desires, wants, and aspirations, because each of us is our own greatest priority. No one else cares for us as much as we do, no one else can exist in our skin. We think we're important. It is where our sense of self-worth comes up, where our egos reside, where "we" are. And we believe that each of our lives means something. ~ Peter David
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Peter David
I was rich, for there was nothing else that I needed or wanted. ~ Mark Warren
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Mark  Warren
Mindfulness can create a foundation for emotional bonding that allows you to be fully present and authentic during dialogues or a discussion. A mindful approach to entering difficult conversations keeps both parties out of the heat of emotions and able to explore the needs, wants and interests on both sides. Judgement is suspended and, with a strong bond, the mind is able to focus on and look for the mutual benefit of the common goal. ~ George Kohlrieser
Human Needs And Wants quotes by George Kohlrieser
No matter how close your blood relationship is…no matter what your relationship may be…anyone other you is not you! And so you have to think it over and decide for yourself! Take away other people's wants and needs and decide if this is something necessary for you! It may cause hardship to others…but you want it. That's your free will right there! But you ignore that and decide based on someone else's advice, because decency demands it, because people say it's awful, you will fail to quit. No one could succeed that way! You don't understand what you're trying to do. With that as your background, how do you expect to make a promise to yourself? ~ CLAMP
Human Needs And Wants quotes by CLAMP
We think we have to work because the advertising industry has elevated wants into needs. The newspapers and the television batter us incessantly with the latest 'must-haves', whether that's shoes, videogames or patio heaters. As a result, mums think they 'have' to work at Tesco in order to buy expensive trainers. ~ Tom Hodgkinson
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
The time and intelligence that our ancestors spent on understanding the sovereignty revealed in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are directed by our contemporaries in affirming and validating the sovereignty of our needs, wants, and feelings. ~ Eugene H. Peterson
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
Assumptions can blind you; hypotheses can guide you. Good negotiators expect surprises; great negotiators reveal the surprises. Negotiation should be seen as a process of discovery. If you think you're too smart to discover anything new, then you will be a terrible negotiator. Until you know who or what you are dealing with, you are actually in the dark and should proceed with caution. Listening well does not come easily to most. By truly listening, you will disarm your opponent, giving them a sense of calm and a feeling of safety. Talking about wants gives us an illusion of control; needs are required to survive and make us feel vulnerable. The biggest mistake a negotiator can make is to rush things. By slowing down the process, you are able to calm down the situation. A soothing but confident voice helps in confrontational situations. Mirroring relies on the fact that we fear what's different and are drawn to what's similar. ~ Book Summary
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Book Summary
It seems to me like this. It's not a terrible thing - I mean, it may be terrible, but it's not damaging, it's not poisoning, to do something one wants. It's not bad to say: My work is not what I really want, I'm capable of doing something bigger. Or I'm a person who needs love, and I'm doing without it. What's terrible is to pretend that the second rate is first-rate. To pretend that you don't need love when you do; or you like your work when you know quite well you're capable of better, It would be very bad i I said, out of guilt or something: I loved Janet's father, when i know quite well I didn't. Or for your mother to say: I loved Richard. Or I'm doing work I love ... ~ Doris Lessing
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Doris Lessing
I believe one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed on me (and there are quite a few) is my ability and willingness to learn from all I observe, encounter or undergo. I say this is a blessing because far too often we are so focused on our own lives we overlook the needs and wants of those closest to us. ~ Carlos Wallace
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Carlos Wallace
Don hits rock bottom in the series' finest hour, "The Suitcase," which is essentially a two-character play about Don and Peggy stuck in the office through a tumultuous night. She wants to leave for a birthday dinner with her boyfriend, while he needs company to avoid placing the phone call that will tell him that Anna Draper - the widow of the real Don, and the one person on Earth with whom this Don feels truly comfortable and safe - has died of cancer. Over the course of the episode, Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss are asked to play every emotion possible: rage and despair, joy and humiliation, companionship and absolute contempt. In the most iconic moment, Peggy complains that Don took all the credit for an award-winning campaign she helped conceive. "It's your job," he tells her, his voice dripping with condescension. "I give you money. You give me ideas." "And you never say, 'Thank you,'" she complains, fighting back tears. "That's what the money is for!" he screams. ~ Alan Sepinwall
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Alan Sepinwall
The Lord God is a sacred helper. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Human Needs And Wants quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
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