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My lyrics come from my experiences growing up in life, trying to find out and express who I am. That's basically it. I'm not trying to be a prophet or anything like that. I'm just reflecting on life. ~ Sean Paul
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Sean Paul
Frank [Zappa] was not a big fan of having lyrics, but sometimes he had things to say that lent themselves to lyrics. ~ Gail Zappa
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Gail Zappa
Country music busts the wall between performer and audience. There's a connection because there's a vulnerability, a confessional quality, to so much of the songwriting. Those lyrics take you in. ~ Hunter Hayes
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Hunter Hayes
I'm a bit of an insomniac. I'm always thinking. I've got a lot of ideas for lyrics and shows. I have a notepad by the side of the bed and voice recorders around the house. ~ Kid Rock
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Kid Rock
If there's a future, we want it now. ~ Hayley Williams
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Hayley Williams
They call her love, love, love, love, love. She is love, and she is all I need. ~ Parachute Band
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Parachute Band
You are my world, my everything
You stupid girl, you're gonna be the death of me
So let me go, just let me be
You stupid girl, I love the way you're killing me
(killing me)
You stupid girl (killing me)
You stupid girl ~ Framing Hanley
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Framing Hanley
We think that we are generous because we credit our neighbor with those virtues that are likely to benefit ourselves. We praise the banker that we may overdraw our account, and find good qualities in the highwayman in the hope that he may spare our pockets. ~ Oscar Wilde
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Oscar Wilde
Bah-Bah-black sheep, have you any soul?
No sir, by the way, what the hell are morals? ~ Set It Off
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Set It Off
And where colours like
A rainbow dance alive, as
Wisdom's arrows rain down
And ages come to pass. ~ Marie Symeou
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Marie Symeou
I wanted to be an artist after all, and my teachers told me these were the best authors the 20th century had to offer. But these books sucked. They were so boring and sloppy and plotless. And Bob Dylan's lyrics seemed nonsensical to me - almost like he had just gotten high and written down whatever random thoughts occurred to him. ~ Simon Rich
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Simon Rich
You have the ability to write melodies and to put lyrics that mean something: to speak about life and what people are going through in their every day ups and downs, the good times and the bad times. Country music has always talked about life, I think; that's what I've always loved about it. ~ Jimi Westbrook
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Jimi Westbrook
My lyrics are my diary - you're hearing every detail of my life. ~ Taylor Momsen
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Taylor Momsen
Add the hippie-rock-drugs atmosphere circa 1970, and you get Clinton's rechristened group Parliament, decked out in weird costumes, singing cosmic lyrics and laying down amazing funk lines - also lines of other kinds. One observer describes Maggot Brain ... one of those guys with super technique that took a lot of acid and just went out from there. ~ Eddie Griffin
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Eddie Griffin
I write lyrics everyday as I go. I'm always taking notes in my phone whenever I am inspired by something. Most of my writing starts out as poetry before I put it into songs. ~ Vic Fuentes
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Vic Fuentes
Lyrics paved my teenage route to loving words. I take those passionate mini-stories with me everywhere. ~ Carla H. Krueger
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Carla H. Krueger
I've read and heard that some of the most inspiring vocal interpreters adhere habitually to one rule: Always think the lyrics as you're singing them, so that the sentiment is always appropriate and heartfelt. ~ Brandi Carlile
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Brandi Carlile
Sometimes I do a Dylan song and it seems to fit me so right that I figure maybe I wrote it. Dylan didn't always do it for me as a singer, not in the early days, but then I started listening to the lyrics. That sold me. ~ Jimi Hendrix
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Jimi Hendrix
Life is as long as you live it. ~ Lashauna D. Hinton
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Lashauna D. Hinton
•What unites them is an almost reckless desire to test themselves in the most extreme circumstances. In many respects the life they have chosen is a complete rejection of the hyped, consumerist American dream as it is dished out in reality TV shows and pop-song lyrics. They've chosen asceticism over consumption. Instead of celebrating their individualism, theyíve subjugated theirs to the collective will of an institution. Their highest aspiration is self-sacrifice over self-preservation. ~ Evan Wright
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Evan Wright
reality has too many heads ~ Bob Dylan
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Bob Dylan
Oh, the truth I must tell
Is I'm lonely as hell
Still looking for myself ~ The Summer Set
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by The Summer Set
Where could I go but to the Lord? ~ Elvis Presley
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Elvis Presley
The lyrics, in English, were meaningless to him, the bass line irresistible. ~ Katherine Boo
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Katherine Boo
This world, I am afraid, is designed for crashing bores. ~ Morrissey
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Morrissey
I visit you in my dreams and you talk to me in songs. Each sentence is a bridge taking me closer to the city that you are. ~ Maria Elena
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Maria Elena
Skies are crying,
I am watching,
Catching teardrops in my hands.
Only silence, as it's ending,
Like we never had a chance.
Do you have to make me feel
Like there's nothing left of me? ~ Demi Lovato
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Demi Lovato
There's a time I can recall
Four years old and three feet tall
Trying to touch the stars and the cookie jar
And both were out of reach ~ Hilary Weeks
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Hilary Weeks
I am the sea and nobody owns me ~ Pippi Longstocking
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Pippi Longstocking
The voice sang on, "I am ready, I am ready, I am fine. I am fine, I am fine, I am fine." I played it again. I was not fine. ~ Kimberly Novosel
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Kimberly Novosel
What kids are doing are killing themselves
They feel they have no control of their prisoner's cell
And if you're one of them then you're one of me
And you would do almost anything just to feel free...- From the song Fake You Out ~ Twenty One Pilots
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Twenty One Pilots
You also use ink to write lyrics that are so private that you smear them in all kinds of figurative ways so people can't figure them out. You bury them in lush Beach Boys harmonies or under landslides of guitar atmospherics, or you stir them together with fragments of literalism and armchair mysticism until it's hard to tell which is which. ~ Charles Homans
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Charles Homans
A lot of my lyrics are approximate meaning without me knowing why they sound right. ~ Matt Berninger
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Matt Berninger
I don't like lyrics that are just thrown together, that were obviously written as you went along, or the song was already written and the guy made up the lyrics in five minutes. ~ Neil Peart
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Neil Peart
The thing about Sondheim is that it does get very cerebral. You do need a faculty with words and a love for the lyrics to not just pull it off, but to have an appreciation for it. ~ Lea Salonga
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Lea Salonga
I never got lessons. I took influence from Chet Baker, Ian Dury, and Joe Strummer. I don't hear my voice and think, 'Yeah, that's a banging voice!' It's more about putting the right emotions into the right words and the lyrics than anything else to me. ~ King Krule
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by King Krule
I'll stay awake
because the dark's not taking prisoner's tonight. ~ Twenty-One Pilots
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Twenty-One Pilots

You hold me so tight that I can't breathe,
You make me feel light that I can't sleep.
Float from our bed, fly away,
Soaring like angels through the heavens and seas.

I wish that we hadn't taken so long,
To realise this is where we belong.
This is the life, that you and I
Have been dying for.

If heaven is this,
This place in your arms,
I'm not afraid of dying,
I want to die tonight.
If heaven is this,
Your lips when we kiss,
I'm not afraid of dying,
Let them kill me tonight.

And I know I'll go to heaven,
Because I made you smile.
Yes, I know I'll go to heaven,
Because you loved our life.
But if they banish me to hell,
You will pull me out again.
You belong in heaven,
And I belong with you. ~ Neha Yazmin
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Neha Yazmin
It's a total big difference between a person that got lyrics and a person that can make hit singles. I'm a person that can make some hit singles. I'm not in no booth trying to be a lyrical genius. I'm preparing to make me some singles, and as I develop as a man, then they'll respect my emcee skills. ~ Waka Flocka Flame
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Waka Flocka Flame
All good people read good books. Now your conscience is clear.
- Twist In My Sobriety - Song Lyrics ~ Tanita Tikaram
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Tanita Tikaram
And each one there has one thing shared;
They have sweated beneath the same sun,
Look up in wonder at the same moon,
And wept when it was all done,
For being done too soon. ~ -- Neil Diamond.
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by -- Neil Diamond.
We take a lot of care with lyrics because we don't want to offend anybody. ~ Bill Haley
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Bill Haley
Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree.

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where the dead man called out
For his love to flee.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree.

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where I told you to run,
So we'd both be free.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree.

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Wear a necklace of rope,
Side by side with me.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree. ~ Suzanne Collins
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Suzanne Collins
Sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part. ~ Jason Mraz
Highwayman Lyrics quotes by Jason Mraz
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