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So when I was beating the guy, I started thinking, 'What if I was Hannah Montana?' ... And little do they know that that's why I look so insane ... I'm torturing myself with thoughts of, 'How could I actually pull off being a high school student and a pop star at night?' ~ Eli Roth
High School Valedictory quotes by Eli Roth
There are more and more visibly weird and freaky people in the world these days, and it's high time we stop carrying forward the junior high school dynamic of excluding them all from our lives or worse ... nailing them to some cross. ~ Kate Bornstein
High School Valedictory quotes by Kate Bornstein
There's always a high school jerk, isn't there? But I didn't date much in high school, because I went to an all-girls' private school for ten years. ~ Emmanuelle Vaugier
High School Valedictory quotes by Emmanuelle Vaugier
We had to sit there for an hour doing nothing. After about three days of sitting there, I said, "Screw this. I'm going to West Monroe High." I realized I wanted to be in town anyway, so I just transferred schools during the first week of school.
After about a month, the principal from West Ouachita called our house.
"Willie hasn't been to school for twenty-seven days," the principal told Phil.
"Well, he leaves for school every morning," Phil told him. "I don't know where he's going. I thought he was going to school."
When I got home that day, Phil asked me where I had been.
"School," I told him.
"Uh-uh," Phil said. "The school called and said you haven't been there in a month."
"Oh, yeah," I told him. "I transferred to West Monroe. I don't go to that school anymore."
"Okay," Phil said. "I figured something was up."

Korie: Can you imagine a tenth-grader transferring schools without even notifying his parents? Willie just showed up at West Monroe High School and said, "Hey, I'm here." He didn't even think about telling Kay and Phil about transferring. ~ Willie Robertson
High School Valedictory quotes by Willie Robertson
But too many kids get to college and try to collapse it, to make it as comfortable and recognizable as possible. They replicate the friends and friendships they've previously enjoyed. They join groups that perpetuate their high school cliques. Concerned with establishing a "network" they seek out peers with aspirations identical to their own. In doing so, they frequently default to a clannishness that too easily becomes a lifelong habit. ....Open your laptops . Delete at least one of every four bookmarks. Replace it with something entirely different, even anti ethical. Go to twitter, Facebook etc start falling or connecting with views that diverge from your own. Conduct your social lives along the same lines, mixing it up. Do not go only to the campus basketball games....wander beyond the periphery of campus, and not to find equally enchanted realms-if you study abroad, don't choose the destination for its picturesqueness-but to see something else. ~ Frank Bruni
High School Valedictory quotes by Frank Bruni
I was dating my first boyfriend in high school for a long time, and we broke up before prom. I hadn't met anyone else that I really wanted to go with, and my friends have always been amazing. So I went with my friends and got a million photos with them! ~ Shay Mitchell
High School Valedictory quotes by Shay Mitchell
If you put up posters around town for high-school kids, high-school kids will come. If you're casting politicians, you can't put up posters and have politicians come down. ~ Gus Van Sant
High School Valedictory quotes by Gus Van Sant
A high school student shouldn't smoke cigarettes. You can't comfort someone with money either. And fooling around with someone's feelings ... Trying out someone when you're not even interested. That's something you deserve to get hit for. ~ Cheon Eunbi
High School Valedictory quotes by Cheon Eunbi
But I'll bet you money that if you go to our twenty- year high school reunion, you'll see Dalton and me there. Only then, we will have arrived together, and we'll be wearing wedding rings. ~ J. Sterling
High School Valedictory quotes by J. Sterling
I just downloaded '1984' for my iPod, but I've read that before. It just hearkens back to the 'romance' of my high-school days. I really liked the space I was in when I was reading it. ~ Lupe Fiasco
High School Valedictory quotes by Lupe Fiasco
I think I'm one of those guys who was sort of always in comedy. I thought of myself - and other people seemed to think of me - as funny from a very young age. I was a very young comedy nerd and I even did sketch comedy in high school and college. I wrote and shot sketches on video and acted in them. ~ Andy Daly
High School Valedictory quotes by Andy Daly
Still writing tales?" he said. I told him yes and he nodded once, returning his attention to the snake. Very few of the boys I grew up with had finished high school, but they accepted that I was a writer. I was merely doing what other men did - following in my father's footsteps. Sonny was a plumber. The son of a local drunk was the town drunk in two towns. Sons of soldiers joined the army. That I had become a writer was perfectly normal. ~ Chris Offutt
High School Valedictory quotes by Chris Offutt
I had the afro when I was in high school. I had the flattop during a short period in the early '90s. And I've had different variations of dreadlocks. I'll admit to those! ~ Tim Meadows
High School Valedictory quotes by Tim Meadows
I made my first website when I was ten. I flirted using instant messages all throughout high school. I like the Internet. I like cuddling. I like my cell phone. I like awkward eye contact with strangers. I like hearing people's voices. I like parties. I like Craigslist. These things don't seem technologically exclusive to me. ~ Chelsea Martin
High School Valedictory quotes by Chelsea Martin
Were you married?"
"No." No one could compare to the best thing that had ever come into his life - Natalie.
"Did you come close?"
He glanced her way. "Once. Fourteen years ago, to my high school sweetheart."
"You wanted to marry me?"
'It's why I left without talking to you. I knew If I saw you, I'd propose. ~ Donna Grant
High School Valedictory quotes by Donna Grant
source of profound irritation. "Ed, mate! And little, hmmm . . . It's your first day at school too, isn't it?" Nathan could never be bothered to remember Madeline's children's names. He held up his palm for a high five with Fred. "Gidday, champ." Fred betrayed her by high-fiving him back. Nathan kissed ~ Liane Moriarty
High School Valedictory quotes by Liane Moriarty
None of my friends call me L.C. That was just a high school nickname, and nobody refers to me like that anymore. ~ Lauren Conrad
High School Valedictory quotes by Lauren Conrad
I had a '56 Ford, and my first car was a '49 Chevy. I converted it to a stick and used to race with the other high school kids down along the river. ~ Craig T. Nelson
High School Valedictory quotes by Craig T. Nelson
I, for one, struggle a little bit with a $250,000 education for a philosophy degree. They are a wonderful people, but we can't employ philosophers in manufacturing in the United States. We need a one- or two-year technical add-on for a high school. ~ Douglas R. Oberhelman
High School Valedictory quotes by Douglas R. Oberhelman
I am kissing David Drucker. I am kissing David Drucker. I am kissing David Drucker. I Was wrong. I had assumed this would be his first kiss, that it would be fumbling and a bit messy but still fun. No way. Can't be. This guy knows exactly what he's doing. How to cradle the back of my head with his hands. How to move in soft and slow, and then pick up the pace, and then slow down again. How to brush my cheeks with even smaller kisses, how to work his way down my jaw, and to soften the worry spot in the center of my brow. How to pause and look into my eyes, really look, so tenderly I feel it all the way down in my stomach. He even traces the small zigzag scar on my eyebrow with his fingertips, like it's something beautiful. I could kiss him forever. I'm going to kiss him forever. ~ Julie Buxbaum
High School Valedictory quotes by Julie Buxbaum
When I was 16, at night I went to my high school and chucked rocks at the billboard sign and broke the light bulbs. That was fun. ~ Christopher Mintz-Plasse
High School Valedictory quotes by Christopher Mintz-Plasse
I went to Midwood High School in Brooklyn and then to Brooklyn college for 1 1/2 years. ~ Didi Conn
High School Valedictory quotes by Didi Conn
All of my high school issues are resolved! ~ Oscar Isaac
High School Valedictory quotes by Oscar Isaac
The only thing I knew about pickups was this: growing up, I always inwardly mocked the couples I saw who drove around in them. The girl would be sitting in the middle seat right next to the boy, and the boy's right arm would be around her shoulders, and his left arm would be on the wheel. I'm not sure why, but there was something about my golf course upbringing that had always caused me to recoil at this sight. Why is she sitting in the middle seat? I'd wonder. Why is it important that they press against each other as they drive down the road? Can't they wait until they get home? I looked at it as a sign of weakness--something pitiable. They need to get a life may have even crossed my mind once or twice, as if their specific brand of public affection was somehow directly harming me. But that's what happens to people who, by virtue of the geography of their childhood, are deprived of the opportunity to ride in pickup trucks. They become really, really judgmental about otherwise benign things.
Still, every now and then, as Marlboro Man showed me the beauty of the country in his white Ford F250, I couldn't help but wonder…had he been one of those boys in high school? I knew he'd had a serious girlfriend back in his teenage years. Julie. A beautiful girl and the love of his adolescent life, in the same way Kev had been mine. And I wondered: had Julie scooched over to the middle seat when Marlboro Man picked her up every Friday night? Had he hooked his right arm around her ne ~ Ree Drummond
High School Valedictory quotes by Ree Drummond
Americans have become a nation afraid." "Of?" "A shooter on a rampage in a school cafeteria. A hijacked plane toppling a high-rise building. A bomb in a train or rental van. A postal delivery carrying anthrax. The power to kill is out there for anyone willing to use it. All it takes is access to the Internet or a friendly gun shop." Ryan let me go on. "We fear terrorists, snipers, hurricanes, epidemics. And the worst part is we've lost faith in the government's ability to protect us. We feel powerless and that causes constant anxiety, makes us fear things we don't understand. ~ Kathy Reichs
High School Valedictory quotes by Kathy Reichs
Before I was even in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes. Rumor was that I was a junkie. I have dark circles under my eyes, deal with it. ~ Benicio Del Toro
High School Valedictory quotes by Benicio Del Toro
The only thing that kept me out of college was high school. ~ Uncle Kracker
High School Valedictory quotes by Uncle Kracker
Zombie!" Sammy calls. "I knew it was you."
"Where are you taking him?" Ben says to me in a deep voice. I don't remember it being that deep. Is my memory bad or is he lowering it on purpose, to sound older?
"Zombie, that's Cassie," Sam chides him. "You know - Cassie."
"Cassie?" Like he's never heard the name before.
"Zombie?" I say, because I really haven't heard that name before.
I pull off the cap, thinking it might help him recognize me, then immediately regret it. I know what my hair must look like.
"We go to the same high school," I say, drawing my fingers hastily through my chopped-off locks. "I sit in front of you in Honors Chemistry."
Ben shakes his head like he's clearing out the cobwebs.
Sammy goes, "I told you she was coming."
"Quiet, Sam," I scold him.
"Sam?" Ben asks.
"My name is Nugget now, Cassie," Sam informs me.
"Well, sure it is." I turn to Ben. "You know my brother. ~ Rick Yancey
High School Valedictory quotes by Rick Yancey
I came out of high school, where my heroes were, like, Michael Jordan and a lot of local rugby players - and on the movie front, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. ~ Joel Edgerton
High School Valedictory quotes by Joel Edgerton
I'd been an actor in high school, and when I got to college, it was all about film. ~ Scott Adsit
High School Valedictory quotes by Scott Adsit
I think college prepared me at a really high level. High school, you can take some plays off on the defensive end. Not on purpose, but if your man gets tired, you can rest a little bit. But once you get to college, and especially in the NBA, you can't do that. Even if my man gives the ball up, I'm on help side, helping my team out. ~ Trey Burke
High School Valedictory quotes by Trey Burke
Pride is tough. You go to high school, and its 'pride,' 'courage;' it's all these types of words that we use to motivate us. I don't think there's anywhere in the Scriptures through the saints' lives where pride was ever a positive characteristic of anybody. ~ Troy Polamalu
High School Valedictory quotes by Troy Polamalu
The 1957 crisis in Little Rock, brought about by the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School, was a huge part of the march toward freedom and opportunity in America. ~ Vic Snyder
High School Valedictory quotes by Vic Snyder
Is there a date set for the wedding yet?" Muriel asked Shelby. "No, not exactly. We can't figure out when to do it, where to do it. Luke still has two brothers in the Middle East. I think we should wait for them to get home and he thinks we'd better hurry." "What's the hurry?" Muriel asked. "We want to have a baby," she said, smiling. Muriel just frowned. "Shelby, you're so young - you have lots of time. It's not like your clock is ticking." "I know," she laughed. "Luke's clock is ticking. He'll be thirty-nine next month. He's afraid he's going to be going to high-school football games with a walker." "Oh, ~ Robyn Carr
High School Valedictory quotes by Robyn Carr
Polytechnique is a school whose multidisciplinary, very high scientific level curriculum is invaluable. ~ Philippe Perrin
High School Valedictory quotes by Philippe Perrin
I think being mean to people in high school is healthy. It's sort of like you're in this situation with all these other kids and sometimes you need to get your aggression out. And if you'd had people be mean to you before, it really does build character. ~ Lizzy Caplan
High School Valedictory quotes by Lizzy Caplan
I think that's also why it's so exciting. I really believe this play is important these are issues that people don't talk about. Certainly they never talked about this type of thing at my high school. That's what makes it so hard for kids. But it is something that people do go through. ~ Sarah Steele
High School Valedictory quotes by Sarah Steele
I would hate to be in high school now. Psychologists talk about the 'imaginary audience' that teens seem to feel they have around them and that makes them think they have to keep up their image all the time. Now with Facebook and MySpace and 24/7 online access, that imaginary audience has become real. ~ Alexandra Robbins
High School Valedictory quotes by Alexandra Robbins
In high school, there are so many cliques. You're never safe. ~ Blake Lively
High School Valedictory quotes by Blake Lively
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