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I hear a phone ringing through the thick fuzzy air. It's Thunders, asking me to join the Heartbreakers. He says to come over to the rehearsal studios right now. I'm scared but I go anyway. That should be written on my gravestone. She was scared. But she went anyway. ~ Viv Albertine
Heartbreakers quotes by Viv Albertine
And I'm a bad boy 'cause I don't even miss her. I'm a bad boy for breakin her heart ~ Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Heartbreakers quotes by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
I've always loved Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and I watched the Petty documentary 'Running Down A Dream'. I was directly influenced, it made me want to go write. ~ Robert Coppola Schwartzman
Heartbreakers quotes by Robert Coppola Schwartzman
In Mudcrutch we all wrote songs, and when it got to the focus on Tom and the Heartbreakers, I kept writing songs, but it wasn't anything that was up the Heartbreakers tree, I didn't think - and I don't think they did, either. So I kept writing songs for the hell of it, but I didn't want to make a record just for the sake of making a record. ~ Benmont Tench
Heartbreakers quotes by Benmont Tench
I'm not an overly skilled piano player or organ player at all, but I think I'm the right piano and organ player for the Heartbreakers. And I've been the right piano and organ player for a lot of sessions that I've been called on. ~ Benmont Tench
Heartbreakers quotes by Benmont Tench
I love fiction. I like reading short stories. Cupcakes, pop songs, Polaroids, and short stories. They all raise and answer questions in a short space. I like Lorrie Moore. Amy Hempel. Tim O'Brien. Raymond Carver. All the heartbreakers. ~ Laurel Nakadate
Heartbreakers quotes by Laurel Nakadate
Dumpers may not always be the heartbreakers, and the Dumpees may not always be the heartbroken. But everyone has a tendency. ~ John Green
Heartbreakers quotes by John Green
People have all these preconceptions about me. Whereas if you look at the roles, Henry Hill was the nicest guy in 'Goodfellas!' I was a nice guy too in the comedy 'Heartbreakers.' And I was a really sweet father to Johnny Depp in 'Blow!' ~ Ray Liotta
Heartbreakers quotes by Ray Liotta
I'm attracted to heartbreakers. ~ Sam Kinison
Heartbreakers quotes by Sam Kinison
I'd pieced my heart back together and salvaged what little dignity I had left by jumping back in the saddle with a man safer than a Katherine Heigl chick flick. Unfortunately for me, old wounds can be a bitch the same way straying cowboys can be heartbreakers." -Laneyism ~ Jodi Linton
Heartbreakers quotes by Jodi Linton
A truly sensual woman almost never gets heartbroken. Why? Because she doesn't attract heartbreakers in the first place, and not that the men she attracts are perfect, but I think the universe seems to value her a little bit too much. ~ Lebo Grand
Heartbreakers quotes by Lebo Grand
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