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By no means could I play at the level of these kids who play in the NHL now but as 50-year-olds go, I feel really good and I feel blessed that I'm still healthy. ~ Wayne Gretzky
Healthy Kids quotes by Wayne Gretzky
The only person worth risking everything for is the one person that would never let you risk everything for. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Healthy Kids quotes by Shannon L. Alder
You grow up with somebody, and he is a success, a big-shot, and you're a failure, but he treats you just the way he always did and hasn't changed a bit. But that is what drives you to it, no matter what names you call yourself while you try to stick the knife in. There is a kind of snobbery of failure. It's a club, it's the old school, it's Skull and Bones, and there is no nasty supercilious twist to a mouth like the twist the drunk gets when he hangs over the bar beside the old pal who has turned out to be a big-shot and who hasn't changed a bit, or when the old pal takes him home to dinner and introduces him to the pretty little clear-eye woman and the healthy kids. ~ Robert Penn Warren
Healthy Kids quotes by Robert Penn Warren
Mostly good is enough. Mostly good produces healthy kids who know they are valued and either forget the other parts or turn them into funny stories. ~ Jen Hatmaker
Healthy Kids quotes by Jen Hatmaker
Health is the ability to be fully and consciously aware of all that contributes to your life experience and to effectively exist in that environment. It then means you see yourself as you really are. ~ Rand Olson
Healthy Kids quotes by Rand Olson
I hope that's not so simple that it gets ignored, because it's important. It's such an effective idea that it saves children's lives every day. All the Sternins did was find the mom with the healthy kids. And then they helped the others in the village notice what she was doing. They gave that mom a spotlight, encouraging her to keep it up and, more important, encouraging others to follow her lead. ~ Seth Godin
Healthy Kids quotes by Seth Godin
We should allow them to be who they are, because then we end up with healthy kids. ~ Geena Rocero
Healthy Kids quotes by Geena Rocero
The high IQ has become the American equivalent of the Legion of Honor, positive proof of a child's intellectual aristocracy ... It has become more important to be a smart kid than a good kid or even a healthy kid. ~ Sam Levenson
Healthy Kids quotes by Sam Levenson
Well, Kessa, I am glad to see that you're taking your body seriously. I shudder when I see the girls leaving class and heading for the nearest hamburger, coke, and French fry station.The thought of them pouring all those dead calories into themselves makes me want to cry. You'd think after a rigorous dance class they'd have more respect for their bodies. ~ Steven Levenkron
Healthy Kids quotes by Steven Levenkron
American youth ministry often looks beautiful on the surface, with big youth rooms and conferences full of excited kids, but underneath the shine is rot, for the youth ministry has been more about mammon than manna, more about investment in banked faith than about inviting young people to partake with parents and other adults in the daily gift of faith that comes to us all as we pray and confess, I believe. Help [our] unbelief. ~ Andrew Root
Healthy Kids quotes by Andrew Root
Family is important. Kids are important. Satisfaction at work and having a partner you can talk to is important. Having someone who understands you and loves you anyway is important. ~ Nikki Sex
Healthy Kids quotes by Nikki Sex
The healing that can grow out of the simple act of telling our stories is often quite remarkable. Even more remarkably, this healing is not just our own healing, it is the healing of all women. That's why, as we tell our stories to ourselves, it is also important to share them with others. This sharing brings a sense of kinship, of sisterhood. We understand that we are not alone in our efforts to become conscious, whole, healthy persons. ~ Susan Wittig Albert
Healthy Kids quotes by Susan Wittig Albert
What is the use of physicians like myself trying to help parents to bring up children healthy and happy, to have them killed in such numbers for a cause that is ignoble? ~ Benjamin Spock
Healthy Kids quotes by Benjamin Spock
Learn to love yourself. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Healthy Kids quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
It almost alarms me how free I feel on the ice. I don't think about the hospital or the groceries or the kids
I'm just in touch with myself. It's exciting when your whole body is moving in synchronous motion. ~ Tenley Albright
Healthy Kids quotes by Tenley Albright
I think whatever is going on with my brain, I'm very, very - and I'm not saying this as a positive thing, it's just a fact - I'm very creative. I have a very strong imagination, and have since I was a little kid. That is where a lot of my world comes from. It's like I'm off somewhere else. And I can have a problem in life because of that, because I'm always off in some other world thinking about something else. It's constant. ~ James Gunn
Healthy Kids quotes by James Gunn
The combination of a healthy body and a stable relationship with a self-reliant woman who takes zero shit from me or anyone else has made the continuity of my working life possible. ~ Stephen King
Healthy Kids quotes by Stephen King
I haven't had a big-ass feature, somebody put me on a label, cash money didn't come scoop me up. I've literally put myself into millionaire position. All the stuff I've done and I'm doing has nothing to do with nobody. I don't owe anybody anything. No wife, no kids - I don't owe nobody nothin'. ~ Riff Raff
Healthy Kids quotes by Riff Raff
I think women have always been trying to look healthy. The makeup artists just teach you the quick cheats. ~ Natalie Dormer
Healthy Kids quotes by Natalie Dormer
The early readers are in-between books for the kids who aren't ready for novels yet but are done with my picture books. It's really rewarding to think that they can grow up reading my books at all the different levels. ~ Grace Lin
Healthy Kids quotes by Grace Lin
I used to binge-eat and make myself throw up. I was a fat kid. Obviously I didn't quite master the bulimia. ~ Russell Brand
Healthy Kids quotes by Russell Brand
I'm pretty healthy so I think that helps a lot. I've been that way for a long time - 20 solid years of eating vegetarian/vegan and taking care of myself. That probably helps the preservation process. ~ Jared Leto
Healthy Kids quotes by Jared Leto
If you look at this generation of selfies and selfies and selfies, it seems a little bit scary. I like to see a driven kid, somebody who wants to come from the ground up. ~ Kim Basinger
Healthy Kids quotes by Kim Basinger
Statistically, Portland, Oregon has the most street kids, like kids that run away from home and live on the street. It's like a whole culture thing there. If you walk around on the streets, there are kids living on the streets, begging for money, but it's almost like a cool thing. They all just sit around and play music and squat. ~ Laura Ramsey
Healthy Kids quotes by Laura Ramsey
Kids always think they're coming into a story at the beginning, when usually they're coming in at the end. ~ Joe Hill
Healthy Kids quotes by Joe Hill
A healthy body means a healthy mind. You get your heart rate up, and you get the blood flowing through your body to your brain. Look at Albert Einstein. He rode a bicycle. He was also an early student of Jazzercise. You never saw Einstein lift his shirt, but he had a six-pack under there. ~ Steve Carell
Healthy Kids quotes by Steve Carell
I feel amazing, in my life right now, I have so much motivation. I am so hungry and so determined. I am young, I am healthy and I feel great ... 42 is the new 32. ~ Oscar De La Hoya
Healthy Kids quotes by Oscar De La Hoya
Fame isn't healthy for a writer. ~ Kent Haruf
Healthy Kids quotes by Kent Haruf
She had s feeling the adults were going to let the kids do whatever they could think of short of murder and mayhem.She remembered a term from a program she had seen on television: plausible deniability. This way, if things went wrong somehow, the adults could all say they hadn't known about any of it. ~ Stephanie S. Tolan
Healthy Kids quotes by Stephanie S. Tolan
Bobby Orr had lots of moves and speed. You had to be careful or he would make you look like a fool. Jacques was impresed how quickly he caught up to Yvan Cournoyer one night when the Habs were playing the Bruins. I didn't think the kid had that kind of speed. ~ Jacques Lemaire
Healthy Kids quotes by Jacques Lemaire
The same was true of the most popular girls. They had no empathy, no compassion for more normal kids. ~ Brimstone
Healthy Kids quotes by Brimstone
They were never scared of the kids who might die, or the empty spaces they would leave behind. They were afraid of us-the ones who lived. ~ Alexandra Bracken
Healthy Kids quotes by Alexandra Bracken
Working out is a healthy habit: it helps you stay light and energetic. At least, that is how it works for me, and over the years it has been one of my greatest passions. ~ Rohit Shetty
Healthy Kids quotes by Rohit Shetty
I was drawn to street photography because there are pictures everywhere there: a woman holding a dog, a baby screaming to be put in a pram, kids playing punch ball, stores with huge barrels of kosher pickles outside. I wanted to photograph life, and here it was. ~ Harold Feinstein
Healthy Kids quotes by Harold Feinstein
And then they came, right out of the smoke like a freakin' little kid's nightmare! Some were steaming, some were even still burning ... some were walking, some crawling, some just dragging themselves along on their torn bellies ... maybe one in twenty was still able to move, which left ... shit ... a couple thousand? And behind them, mixing with their ranks and pushing steadily toward us, the remaining million that the air strike hadn't even touched! ~ Max Brooks
Healthy Kids quotes by Max Brooks
Jase took a step around the desk, moving closer, narrowing his eyes.
Rebecca placed her hands on her hips, defiance in her stance and voice. "My kids, too."
Two steps brought him in front of her. "You don't have a job if you leave. Your job is here working the ranch with me. If you want to go, go, but don't take off with my children. You can't even fix them dinner."
When she turned, he took hold of her arm, hating this deceit ... and loss. "Why, Rebecca? I've been a good husband to you. ~ Mary J. McCoy-Dressel
Healthy Kids quotes by Mary J. McCoy-Dressel
When kids know that you refuse to let them fail ... they don't give up as easy. So sometimes they don't have it inside, [but] they're like,'You know, I don't want to do this, but I know my mother's going to be mad.'That matters to kids, and it helps get them through. ~ Geoffrey Canada
Healthy Kids quotes by Geoffrey Canada
The kid makes you sick. He looks the part, he walks the part, he is the part. He's six-foot something, fit as a flea, good-looking - he's got to have something wrong with him ... Hopefully he's hung like a hamster! That would make us all feel better! ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
Healthy Kids quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
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